209 A young Soldier returns


209 A young Soldier returns
209 A young Soldier returns
Day 7
The women working together did a meal, over which Ellie explained that Jed only worked in the morning`s now, so the place was theirs for the rest of the day once one-pm had passed, Jed never setting foot at the place.
Mother said that she “would like a look around later, for old time`s sake” John asking “why, did she want a roll in the hay over in the barn?” to which her sister cut in with “why not we have before” which had the result she had hoped for of making mother blush.
Again, there was laughter, then Ellie explained that “Tim had her playing games at various times, in the old barn, the dairy, the loose boxes, even the orchard!
Now the dam had broken both of them, explained that at various times they had played with one another and as a trio, remembering old Tim as being a real experimenter, bondage, spanking, whipping, hucow, golden showers, lesbian, with a strap on, even on one occasion with his dog! Ellie related that she had “spent the night on one occasion naked and staked out in the orchard with the loose pigs, worrying that you [john]would look out of your window and see me, as you were only young then…”
He said that “my dad said I was to be Tim`s stand in, so…” “yes” Ellie said, “your mum told me Sam had given you the go ahead, she also said you had a party trick which I can`t wait to try, she tells me it`s awesome.” Mother grinning again said that “perhaps you aught save some things for after I`ve gone home if you are planning a whipping or spanking session as Sam would not be happy if I went home marked.”
Grinning he said that “if aunt Ellie was happy he would stay on a couple of days and do some jobs for her and they could play those games then, if that’s what Ellie wanted as well, but what games would they like to play before you go home mum?”
The two women exchanged glances, then as one they said “hucow!” To which, Ellie added his “party trick”, and perhaps a bit of orchard bondage if the weather was right.
The time was near two when Ellie rang Mary, asked if they were going shopping that afternoon, which she was told they were and that she had just caught them, as they were just leaving, she asked them to collect a bag of flour for Jed to deliver in the morning and thanked them before ringing off.
They looked at her with interest, and she explained that “she had some flour, but she now knew that they were away all afternoon and would not be able to hear the milk parlour pump!” mother called her “a crafty cow” and she said, “no today she was a hucow for her nephew if he wanted to play just like his uncle Tim did!”
He said he had no experience of the things she had suggested, but Ellie said “she would show him how to go on” and “he would soon ‘pick it up!”
Grinning they both scampered away upstairs giggling like a couple of schoolgirls.
In ten minutes, they were back dressed in two old brown work-coats, and wellingtons, carrying a soft canvas bag. Together the three wandered to the old dairy wash-room. Here from her bag Ellie brought forth two pairs of hand cuffs, and a tin of lubricant, saying that “he would soon see why it was something, like a lot of things on their list, that were impossible alone!”
She pressed a switch on the wall and a distant pump started up with a clatter, settling to a regular thump, thump, thump, in the background. The old 4cow stall dairy, struck cool as they entered, Ellie turned to her sister, I will show him how to go on, on you s*s then he can play.
Mother removed the coat, she was naked except for the welli-boots, Ellie fastened her wrists behind her bent her forward, over a bar that Tim had fitted across the stall, and with a strap from the bag fastened the now helpless woman in place, the victim`s breasts swinging under her. Ellie pointed out the four teat cups for cows had been lengthened to become two pairs, each with taps, she oiled her sister`s breasts, gently slithering her fingers over the now stiff nipples, then she oiled the first pair of cups, showing him how to turn on each tap.
She kissed the lad, slipped her coat from her shoulders, and stood magnificent and naked for him to see for the first time, her hair like a main in the sunlight, now beaming through the dirty old windows. He slipped the cuffs onto her wrist then secured her arms behind her, led her to the bar and had her secured with a second strap in seconds. His errection was painful, here in front of him was the two women in the world he most had coveted during his lifetime, and both had willingly submitted themselves were secured, helplessly bent over a bar totally at his mercy and were now waiting for him to do whatever his perverted mind wanted to do to them, it was beyond all reason. He softly lubricated Ellie`s breasts, those giant soft orbs he had wanted to play with since he was old enough to know what a breast was, the nipples began to stiffen at his touch, and she groaned, then he fondled his own mother, one hand to either sister, they began to groan in unison. His mother hissing for him “not to tease and to get on with it!” he oiled the cups once more then pushed the cup to her left teat, flipping on the tap, the suction began to pulse and the cup grasped the nipple with a slight jerk, her eyes began to close with the sublime feeling of the suction`s regular, gentle, pulses. He attached the second cup and now alternately the cups jostled those two breasts his mother groaning gently as each pulse dragged at her nipples, the rubber seal caressing the nerves of the areola`s in a way that she knew would soon have the orgasms rolling through her in waves.
He turned to Ellie perhaps an inch or two more in the bust stakes the cups slid into place in the same way, each cup beginning its work in regular sequence as soon as the tap was opened, the pump in the back room quietened a touch as each cup began its work.
He kissed his mother running his hand over her shoulders as the first minor orgasm shuddered through her body and she shifted her weight from one leg to the other, attempting to make the fantastic effect even more effective. Ellie too began to enjoy her first climax, panting as her body shuddered, it was to be the first of many, as laughing he said they “were his to enjoy and that they would be pumped till he was sure their bodies would stand no more!” which caused Ellie to protest, so he kissed her once more running his hand over her butt and into her wet sex. The effect was startling, her next orgasm broke like a wave, her eyes rolling , her breathing now in deep gasps, , he stood between them, fingering both clitorises simultaneously, a grin like a Cheshire cat on his face, enjoying the power of fetching his mother and his aunt to the boil almost at will, the feelings almost indescribable as each in turn climaxed in an almost continuous rolling orgasm.
Soon it was just too much for his mother, she began to beg for him to switch off the pump, he reluctantly shut off first one and then the other tap as she flopped over the bar, allowing it to support her nearly collapsed body.
Ellie slightly younger soon followed, the cups as he shut the taps clattering to the floor the red and stiff nipples tender now, but the straps preventing the women standing or leaving their secure positions.
He slipped his erection deep into Ellie, and to her shock he began his party trick, her belly began to distend as the pressure built, her eyes rolled, as another orgasm burst like a firework deep in her guts. His bladder emptied he began to fill her with his semen after a few strokes, still together she came yet again, and only then did he withdraw, urine sprayed from her well filled sex cascading onto the floor in a golden spray from his beloved aunt, it was both a relief and spectacular for the woman. As he undid the securing straps and the cuffs the two women stood, rubbing their wrists, and stretching leg muscles that had stood supporting their full orgasmic bodies perhaps for twenty long minutes.
He asked if he should turn off the pump but was told not yet, both women as if by telepathy turning grabbing him, kissing him and distracting him while slipping the two handcuffs one on each of his wrists, snapping the loose ends on the bar. A little bemused he asked” what was occurring?” and laughing his mother said it was his turn. They undid his shirt, dropped the trousers round his ankles and smothered his chest with the oil.
A cup apiece they soon attached a pair to his nipples, the taps open the pulsating began, and his errection stiffened once again as the nipples received the stimulation.
Oily hands gripped his manhood, the feeling sublime, but too late he realised their intention and the third cup slithered into place his mother turning on the tap which promptly sucked him deep into the all-embracing suction cup. Now the pulses began their gentle caress, the women laughing as his face contorted, not sure if the pulsing on his nipples or the stiff todger were going to be bearable, the feeling unbelievable, as again his balls, loosed their supply into the milk lines, the two women putting on their coats once more as if to leave, enjoying the power they now were wielding over their helpless victim, now pleading for the thing to be removed Together they left the dairy, but to his relief he heard the pump switch off and peals of laughter echoing round the old hollow building. Of course, they returned, mother easing the one remaining cup still attached to his now slackening tool by the last remnants of the vacuum, as Ellie released the cuffs. They returned the cups to the hangers, and together they returned to the house, as she went Ellie remarking on the party piece she had endured or enjoyed, explain to her sister what a fine effect it had had, though it was a case of her sister having already had the pleasure!
They were all tired from the long rolling orgasms, and were soon collapsed in that big warm kitchen, tomorrow would be another day.

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