3013: Anna’s First Perfomance



Anna didn’t know what to think, or what to say, as the dozens of people moved around her, giving advice and tips. Two of them, her mom and dad, stood closest to her, and watched the three stylists work with incredible speed to get their little girl ready.

“Don’t be scared baby, we’ll be right back here.” Her mom told her. Her father didn’t say anything, but instead Anna saw his reassuring smile reflecting in the mirror. She only saw it for a split second, when the stylist standing in front of her moved. Anna managed a nod. Her face was pale, and she could not smile, which made the stylist repeat:

“Keep smiling, keep smiling…”

How could she smile though? She was only a little girl… at least that’s what she felt like. Her father was protective of Anna, but even he would think differently and her mother had been telling her for almost a year now that she was old enough for this. Anna trusted her parents more than anyone or anything in this world so why didn’t she feel old enough and ready like they told her countless times that she was? Maybe because fourteen shouldn’t be the year a girl loses her virginity.

When the tattooed female stylist with dreadful ‘beautiful’ bright pink hair walked over to the table a few feet away from Anna’s chair, the entire dressing room was now visible to Anna, reflecting in the large mirror directly in front. She looked at herself and didn’t recognize the girl reflecting back. Her hair had never looked so golden and perfect. The make up around her eyes made her ordinary blue eyes look like an ocean of innocence. Sadly, Anna thought, that innocence was about to be legally taken away. Anna looked at the crowded room behind her. Standing right behind her chair was her mother and father, both now smiling at her. The rest of the people Anna had never escort kocaeli seen in her life. They were reporters and journalists, the stylist had told Anna. Anna knew that hidden behind all those people was the stage where it would all happen. The thousands of chattering voices made everything feel so… real.

She remembered being part of that same audience only a week earlier, watching the city’s main attraction take place in front of her innocent eyes. She was as pale watching as she was now, getting ready to perform. Her father was with her that day, and he was very uncomftorble himself, so he could do little to comfort Anna, if anything, him looking so freaked out made her feel worse. He wasn’t like many of the fathers these days.

Back in the dressing room, Anna’s legs felt numb hanging from the chair as the announcer started to talk signaling that she had maybe two more minutes before she would be walked out to the stage by her father and mother.

Sometimes Anna hated living in this city, being born in this time. In school she was taught about a time where this sort of thing would be out ruled and anyone participating hunted down and sent to prison. Anna secretly wished she lived in that time. Some girls she knew from school despised their parents for allowing such a thing to be done, but Anna knew better. She knew her parents were legally obliged to make their daughters participate, unless they wanted to be hunted down, like the people from the old times.

Anna was happy she had the parents she did. The older girls at school talked about fathers that volunteered to be part of the show as well, fucking their own daughters and some even cumming inside their pussies even though it is prohibited to do so. Usually no one said anything when it did happen, as there was no way of telling which kocaeli anal yapan escort one of the guys did it. Nowadays, a father getting his own daughter pregnant wasn’t uncommon. In fact, it was so uncommon Anna could name three girls from school whose father and grandfather was the same person.

Her father wasn’t like that. Many households’ practised incest but her father never even looked at Anna that way. Even after ten years of marriage, he seemed very much in love with Anna’s mother. He seemed very opposed to the idea of incest too. There were times when he would come home from work absolutely furious because of an argument he had with a fellow co-worker about the subject. But even though he was against it, he didn’t hide it from Anna. He explained it all to her and answered any questions she had.

The cheering grew louder as the crowd was now reacting to the men entering the stage one by one. Usually a girl would have to satisfy anywhere between ten and fifteen men in this special (and forced) moment in her life. The men were anywhere between sixteen years of age and thirty six years of age. The girls weren’t the only ones that HAD to be part of the show, any male baby born after the year 3000, had to be part of the show when they turned sixteen. This was the law and there was no way around it.

When a baby is born, male or female, the parents must register it with the National Birth Registry and failure to do so is punishable by death. Even so, there were a few families that would keep their kids in hiding, shunning them from the norm of society. The richer families would find a way to get fake identities for their kids so that they could still attend school and later get a job and get married, but the families that barely had food on the table izmit yabancı escort would take their chances.

Anna felt a little better, remembering those kids. The kids that were kept inside most of the time, and that had to live in fear of losing their parents every time someone knocked on their front door. Anna was glad her parents did the right thing and registered her when she was born. This show after all, was only mandatory once. Of course, some girls end up making careers of being the main act on stage and end up being very rich at a young age. Anna went to school with the nation’s biggest sex star at the moment, before she became famous. She was a year older than Anna and always bragged about how her daddy loved her more than her mom, and how she was always able to drive him crazy walking around the house and teasing.

She would talk about these things when she was only eight years old; everyone knew she would be the biggest slut the stage has ever seen. Anna was brought back to reality and out of her thoughts when she felt the cold collar clip around her throat, fitting perfectly so that it didn’t choke her. The chain that it was attached to was a good ten feet long, and it was given to Anna’s mother to hold. The mom was the one in charge of walking their little girls out.

The gay guy let her shining blonde hair fall back down over the collar and run down her back like water. The tattooed woman that did her make up started to tear up, Anna’s beauty too much for her to handle. Anna didn’t feel beautiful. She felt like a freak dolled up to lose her virginity and satisfy cocks in front of a cheering crowd. She hoped they liked her though, because that would mean more money for her family. Anna stood up, felt her panties and bra get taken off by someone, took her mother’s hand while her mom held the long chain, and walked out into the blinding light and deafening sound of the stage shaking from head to toe.

The End(?)

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