My wife made a new friend, her name was * and she was a curvaceous dark haired beauty, usually I don’t have much time for her friends, but for * I always made an exception and would find myself staring at her body and fantasing about her, as we both had families I thought that is as far as it would go…

On this occasion she was staying over for the night as my wife and her were having a few drinks, she had never stayed over before and I noticed we exchanged a few glances throughout the evening, she was sat opposite me in the living room and ‘adjusted’ her tight fitting black dress a couple of times so I could clearly see more of her legs and underwear without my wife noticing, a couple of times I nearly spat my drink out and was asked by my wife why I was smiling, which I made up some lame excuse about, and got away with. I couldn’t believe my luck that someone as desirable as * was teasing me right there under my wife’s nose.

The time came for bed, we all retired at the same time, the spare room is at the back of the house and despite our bedroom having an en suite, I made sure that I popped to the family bathroom when I heard movement so I could see what * would be wearing to bed, I timed it just right as she went into the bathroom, she noticed me too and made sure she left the door open so he could see her bending over the sink to brush her teeth, her short nightie lifting up so I could see her bare ass and keeping eye contact with me in the mirror. She smiled as I gulped and of course her eyes tracked to the bulge in the front of my trousers, I stood just outside the doorway and she walked past me, making sure her ass brushed past my cock and smiled as she half closed the bedroom door.

My wife was waiting for me in bed, so I tracked back to the room to find her laid out, gently snoring, the drinks must have had the usual effect, she is usually a heavy sleeper, so I pulled back the covers, got ready for bed, turned out the light and went for the door….

I walked into * room, she started up but I put my finger on her lips and told her to be quiet, we were nearly safe, and I wanted to have her, I pushed her gently onto her back and said she must be quiet, but I can help her with that, her eyes were a little confused…the back room had been decorated recently, and there was some tape lying around still, I reached for it, opened it up and gently covered her mouth, ‘to stifle the moans’ I said, her eyes smiled as I covered her mouth with the tape.

I went next to her ear and whispered ‘I’m going to make you cum and cum and cum, not for you but because it turns me on to see someone as sexy as you cumming for me. As you’re gagged you need to point with your left index finger if you want me to stop, I can stop anytime from that finger’.

Her eyes smiled, I stroked her face, and flowing black hair, savouring how I was going to use * as my orgasm slave, thoughts of my wife far from my mind. I lifted her amazing tits out of the nightie, my hands and mouth all over them, with one hand running down the inside of her legs, which opened with no question, but I avoided the pussy for now, I wanted to make her squirm. There were some clips in the room left over from decorating, which I clamped onto her nipples, her body raised up as they tightened on the nipples and the gag just about stifled the moan…no finger so carried on…

I laid next to * so I could see her body laid out before me, and I put one finger onto her clitoris and gently rubbed, her pussy was so wet already I could easily run my finger over her clit, started to rub my finger quickly and looked into *’s eyes saying ‘cum for me, cum quickly’ her legs tensed up and I pulled my finger away, the gag just about stifled the moans and I said ‘not that easy’, waiting for the feeling to subside in her, before again teasing the clit, this time I took it more slowly, gently bringing her to the edge of orgasm before pulling away again, her pussy was so wet by now my hand was soaked, and I thanked her for having such a wet pussy as she squirmed on the bed.

She pointed to her bag, and I took the hint, looked inside and found a vibrator, * really was a perfect orgasm slave for me…I ran the vibrator down her whole body, over her clit and pussy before sliding it into her ass. She was so wet down there it slid right in, I watched it slide in, and then put my mouth against her pussy, licking all around and focusing on her clit. I switched on the vibrator and * nearly jumped off the bed, with my tongue on her clit, clips on her nipples and vibrations in her ass she moaned and moaned as she came.

By now I was about ready to explode, but I wanted to savour *, I couldn’t hold back and climbed straight on her, sliding my cock inside her, all the way up, feeling her tight pussy and vibrator tickling my balls…I whispered in her ear, how I wanted to fill up all her holes, and just laid there, not moving with my cock gripped in her tight pussy, whispering in her ear, hand stroking her face and pulling her nipples, she was humping against my cock but couldn’t move very much as I had her pinned down, the movement though was making it harder to hold on as her pussy is so tight…I pulled her hair and said, ‘be still, I decide when you cum and when I cum’ she closed her eyes and was still, with that I started to fuck her nice and hard, slowly at first using my whole length, I pulled her legs into the air so I could get nice and deep, the vibrator still in her ass, and the furiously pounded her tight pussy, the bed was shaking but I didn’t care, her tits bouncing as I fuck her, I bite my lip to keep quiet and as I feel her pussy start to get even wetter as she cums I empty my load right inside her.

I pull out and * is laid before me, her beautiful face looking red, tits clamped, legs spread, with our juices around her pussy and vibrator still in her ass. My cock was still hard, despite cumming, it hadn’t kept hard after cumming for years, the sight of * was all it needed. I rolled her onto her tummy and pulled her ass toward me, she responded by getting onto her hands and knees. I swapped the vibrator to her pussy and slid into her ass, it was even tighter than her pussy, and her juices had spread so well I slid right in, the vibrator in her pussy still tickling my balls as I slid in and out of her ass. I reach and pull her hair and angle it so her face is just on show, and then I fuck her ass, slowly building up, telling * how she is my orgasm slave, and she will be cumming again on my cock, I start to fuck her ass harder, stifling my moans to as to keep quiet, and I feel * shaking, moaning again in orgasm from the vibrator in her pussy and cock in her ass, I cum again right into her ass.

I collapse on the bed next to * and take away the gag, I kiss her slowly and deeply, knowing that she is still being stimulated from the nipple clips and vibrator in her pussy. I stroke my hands over her body and she squirms at the touch, and suddenly climbs over me….moves her head to my cock and starts to lick and suck, it’s so sensitive from using it on * and seeing her beautiful face on my cock brings it back to hardness, it’s hasn’t been used so well for years! * has her face so I can see it, keeping eye contact with the tape gag still attached to her cheek, I don’t need to touch her as she takes all of my cock deep into her mouth, then licks the end and rubs it all over her face, the sight of this makes me want to cum, then I remember the vibrator. I sit up and reach round to her pussy and rotate the vibrator in her pussy, stroke her asshole with my thumb and with the other hand hold onto her magnificient tits. * starts to cum again, my cock buried in her mouth, I feel her spit running onto my balls and she starts to moan ‘* use my cock as your gag’ and she forces her mouth onto my cock as she cums again, this of course makes me cum and whatever is left in my balls shoots into her mouth. She sits up and I get to see some of my cum trickle from her mouth, mixing with all the juices on her face, she has such a beautiful face and I will never forget how good it looked to see her red faced, with a well used mouth.

I was completely spent, but didn’t want it to end yet, I laid her down again, closed her legs so the vibrator stayed in her pussy and I gently stroked her body, pulled her clamped nipples and told her how much I enjoyed cumming in her pussy, ass and mouth, she then came again from the vibrator in her pussy.

I took out the vibrator, unclipped her nipples and gently removed the gag, and laid there for a while just enjoying the feel of her body, thanking her for being my orgasm slave, apparently no thanks were needed but I always aim to be polite, and I was extremely grateful.

It had to come to an end, so after kissing her again I slid out of the room and climbed back into bed next to my wife, she was still sleeping, which was good and I know that * will keep quiet, so I slipped off into sleep, smiling at the thought of * face cumming on the end of my cock.

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