( 9 ) We show Carol more kink


The weekend so far had gone really well, espically with the new unknow lady who turned up on Saturday, she was proofing to be a good fuck, I had broken in her ass, and got her fucked by one of the dogs, so what else could I get her into.

Last night Carol had tried the poppers, and liked the feeling it gave her, espically when I fucked her ass harder than before, she pushed back and had some great anal orgams, so I was keen to see what she would try once she had got ready and the day began.

Joy and I used the douche, then Carol used it again, saying, she was keen to try more anal, I told her she would end up with more cum in her ass if the guys had their way, as most prefer anal over pussy now.

Steve and us played, Carol now keen to have us fuck her ass and open it up ready for the onslaught we expected later, Joy was already taking one of the dogs and I was next, Carol also now eyied of the dog knowing how it felt last night when he fucked her, I said not yet, he’s going in your ass later once your ready, she looked shy, but said OK.

The guys took turns with us as they turned up, by now word was getting out Carol was doing anal, so she was kept busy, my amyl taking a knocking as she used it more and more, but her orgasm told every one she was into anal in more ways than one now, she even took a good dp from several guys, one after the other.

It was good to see her and Joy put on a lesbian show for the guys too, both taking cocks now in any hole the guys wanted, whilst the other ate the cum that run out. I was taking my second dog for the day, as the girls came over and said Carol was ready to try another one now, we swapped places, once I was free from my dogs knot, and we strapped her in tight.walking the Shepard up to her, I told her the dogs cock being longer than the guys wil push up into new chambers inside her ass.

She looked worried, I told her I will be feeeding you the poppers, each time you feel it hit the next escort service chamber wall, to take several good sniffs and relax, he will do the rest, as his started in, she heaved, a good 6 inchs went in first pop, then he began to fuck her harder and faster than she had taken a cock in her ass before.

I saw her groan as he hit the next chamber, so I made her take heaps of amyl, her eyes rolled and her body relaxed, his cock slipped in several more inchs, then stopped once more, so repeating the amyl more went in again.

Now Carol was just about drunk on amyl, her orgasm going wild as she took all his cock, just the knot left to go in now, so I let her take him for another 5 minutes or so, she was lost in her own world, it was time. I held the amyl for her, saying just the knot to go, take a huge sniff, then I told her to relax her ass while I pull her cheecks apart for him.

Betwen two of us we pulled her open, the dog seemed to feel his chance the knot started to go in, then with one hand on the dogs back and a extra push, he popped in, her scream let us all know. that was it, he held firm, his cock slowed his balls jerking, her ass was taking its first doggy cum, as Carol screamed out, more in bliss than pain.

I kissed her as he stayed knotted with her, his cum held firm inside her butt, I untied her hands, and told her to sit on my face when he pops out, I wanted it all, the Shepard pulled back a few times, then his knot came out, causing Carol to orgasm once more, then quickly I got two guys to help her up, and sit on me, my tongue found her anus, wet and open, and doggy cum running out in blobs, I ate what I could then got up.

Moving to Carol I held her head, then dropped all the fresh doggy cum into her mouth, she took it and kissed me back, sharing her spoils freely with me. When she came down a bit I asked her how she felt, she smiled with a wicked grin and just went Wow. teasing her, I said wait till you get that independent escort dubai horse cock in your ass you will go crazy.

I told Steve I was ready for a horse, laying on the frame the guys used my ass to open me up, then with the mares scent under his nose, the black horse jumped up, his cock slaming into my back, Steve helped him in, Carol now seemed to look on with more interest, her eyes wide as he fucked deeper and deeper, my orgasm growing with each thrust.

His cock was fully home, after taking my 18 inch dildo, his cock fills me nicley, but the flared head, oh that is so nice, his cum forced it way out of his balls and flooded my bowels, Carol intent on seeing it all, was in line for the cum that shot out spraying her face and body, this time, she seemed to rub it in more and kiss me tenderly.

The guys fisted me, then Carol slowly slid her fist in, my orgasm telling her, I was enjoying it, Joy was in front of me, her legs over two guys as a dog fucked her ass, this helped make my orgasm more intense too.

When they let me up, I asked Carol how she felt about trying a small horse, her mouth said no, but her eyes said yes, so with ease, I helped her back onto the frame, at no time did she say no, any more, Steve brought up one of his smaller horses, the guys cheered her on as I gave her amyl.

The fear was building in her eyes as the horse’s legs jumped up next to her head, his cock slapping her back, I said which hole, Carol frooze, I said he will find one soon if you don’t tell us, I said your ass will take it now, with that she nodded a yes.

Steve held the horses cock, as I fed her more amyl by now she didn’t care, his cock found her ass lips and went in, Carol screamed in fear but her body shock and pushed back. As the horse got more cock into her, I held the amyl for her to sniff, she was giving it a good work out as he pounded her hard, orgasm after orgasm now shook her body.

Then the moment Escort Girl Dubai I love, his cock jerked as gallons of horse cum filled her ass, Carol groaned under the pressure filling her bowels, the flare of his cock holding most of it in her, then he pulled back, I got covered in his cum, she screamed, the flared head ripping her ass lips as it came out.

I held my mouth to her open hole, drinking in what I could, then quickly took it to her, her eyes glazed as I turned her head to feed her his cum, she drank it then licked her lips, her orgasm still holding her high, as she shuddered uncontorllably. Carol was now lost in animal lust her body had been fucked by dogs and horses, all within the last day, not to mention her anal fun.

I turned to see Joy with a guys cock in her ass and one of the dogs in with him, the knot trying hard to go in, it wasn’t long before the knot found a way in, her orgasm got stronger as the guy must have cum in her.

All to soon the dog also filled her with cum, some spilled out around the soft cock, I told Carol to get ready and eat her juices when his knot came out, as she waited to eat the juices, guys fucked her swollon hole, mixed cum pooled under her.

When the knot came out Carol moved in quickly eating all the hot cum, then she took it to Joy and shared it in a passionate kiss, my cock found her ass and put another load in her, before I too joined in the cum feast.

We spent all Sunday afternoon and evening fucking, Carol was well into any thing we did now, so when I took her into the shower and pissed over her, she just took it all and enjoyed herslef, a few other guys helped me wash her off and take her back into the play room.

I made sure we had Carol’s number before leaving, telling her, we would love to meet up for mroe fun and kink, her smile and bow legs told us she had been having fun, and would be back. I saw Joy talking to Steve and he handed her a envelope, I knew he was paying her again, as we drove home, she told me, he was more than happy to go half on what the guys paid him, and showed me some $1500, nice for a weekend of fucking, seeing as we like being used, by them all.

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