A Busy Day Ch. 01


He woke with a start when his arm fell at his side and merely landed on the empty bed. She was already awake and preparing for her day. He glanced over at her side of the bed and saw the clock, it was still early. Throwing the covers off himself, he spun around and sat up, rubbed his cobwebbed eyes and reached for his sweatpants. He grinned as he stood, looking down and thinking that she would enjoy the sight and made his way into the kitchen to greet her.

The scent of coffee welcomed him and she gasped lightly when she first saw him enter. “You’re up early.” She smiled at him and could not help but glance down at him. “Both of you.” She added with a wry grin of her own. He offered open arms to her and she embraced him, still feeling the warmth of the bed emanating from him and a poking feeling on her thigh. She let slip a soft moan and held him tightly. She slipped a hand down and took hold of the bulge in his sweatpants, caressing his erect cock inside them. “What’s with this so early?” She whispered.

He took in the sensation of her grip on him and he grinned at her. “What can I say, it was a nice dream.” She gripped him harder and he too moaned.

“It had better have been of me!” She retorted and squeezed his cock.

He nodded, hiding the tiny sting of pain. “Any dream of this gorgeous body arouses me.” He let a hand slip across one breast and she felt the touch through her camisole.

She tried to step out of his hug and looked over at the stove clock. “Well, unfortunately, we don’t have time for fun this morning.” She watched his disappointment on his face. “I have so much to do today.”

He let her go and his arms fell to his side. “Very well.” He sighed. “Let me grab a coffee and I’ll drive you to work. I need the car this morning.” She nodded and went to prepare a cup for him, still smiling at the earlier pleasure. “Guess I’ll go get dressed then.” He mumbled and tugged lightly on his sweatpants, lowering them slightly and at once the tip of his still erect cock shown. She turned to listen and her eyes fell to it and she gasped. “So much for this thing I suppose.” He continued to lower his clothes and he was fully exposed to her.

“Tease.” She told him and smiled as she finished pouring the coffee.

He walked back to the bedroom and got dressed more appropriately and returned to an awaiting coffee. Seated at the little table, they discussed their day’s plans and when she was about to leave to prepare herself, he reached out and took her by the arm. With a small tug, she was sitting down on his lap. She could still feel the bulge in his jeans and she leaned down to kiss him softly.

“I’ll take good care of that tonight, I promise.” She whispered and he slipped a hand under her camisole, cupping her breast and teasing her nipple between two fingers.

Her moan was the opposite reaction to her intentions; she loved his affection but hated the bursa escort fact that she had no time to enjoy this. “I’ve got to go get dressed!” She whispered, kissing him once more and stood, loosing his hand from her body and he sat back, limp and saddened.

She was glad he would drive her to work today; it gave her some time to finish applying her make-up in the car. He glanced over at her, her eyes fixed to the visor mirror and the little lipstick tube in her hand; he could not help but giggle.

“You know, these roads are in pretty rough shape, wouldn’t want to hit a pot hole.” He laughed.

“So watch where you’re going then!” She told him, nearly finished with her fancying herself.

They neared her office and he gave her a quick glance. “You forgot a button.” He commented, noticing an abundance of exposed cleavage.

“You never mind that.” She glared at him.

He stopped the car as close to the door as he could and she leaned over the transmission and kissed him passionately. Not only was he taken by surprise at the gesture but he failed to notice her hand also came over and she caressed his cock thru the jeans fabric.

He inhaled a soft little moan thru the kisses and let her toy with him. “That’s for teasing me this morning.”

He watched her climb out of the car and before she closed the door, he called out to her. “You’re so in for it when I get back here for lunch.”

She smiled wide. “Promises, promises.” She waved at him and whispered “Love you.” and closed the door, heading off to her office.

He passed the time picking up the needed supplies for a project he had been working on and stopped for a coffee at his favourite little coffee shop. Thoughts of the morning’s pleasantries threatened to arouse him once more and being in public, he would have to be more careful. He grabbed another coffee for the road and decided to return to his love’s office, it was nearing lunch for her anyway and he had to get her back for her earlier teasing.

He parked the car in the underground parking lot and went off to meet her, taking his time and plotting something mischievous. She jumped in his arms when she came thru the door and his arm shot out holding the near empty coffee cup so she wouldn’t get splashed with it while holding her with his other.

“I missed you.” She whispered and gave his neck a soft kiss.

The cafeteria was filling slowly with other employees of the building and the two found a secluded spot all to themselves. Again they talked about their day but their eyeing each other gave away signs of wanting and aching passion.

“Come, I’ll show you where the car is so you won’t get lost later.” He told her after they finished, taking her hand in his and approaching the elevators. Fortunately, they were alone in the little room as they descended to the parking lot. She could no longer hold back and wrapped her arms around bursa escort bayan him, holding him tight and meeting his lips with hers in a passionate kiss that was sure to give both tingling sensations. They started making out in the elevator and when it finally came to a stop, they looked at each other, catching their breath and both started giggling like high school sweethearts.

He gave her the car keys and told her to get in. Confused, she did so and he followed, getting in the passenger side. “You don’t have to go back for a little while yet.” He told her and a finger caressed her cheek. Her head leaned into his touch and her eyes closed, taking in the loving feeling.

She held his hand as it continued to caress her face and she asked, “You brought me down here for another reason didn’t you?” His smile failed to hide the truth. “What do you have in mind?” He leaned closer to her and whispered something in her ear. She was so focused on his voice that she did not hear the quick sound of the shifting of a zipper. Her eyes widened and she gasped loudly. “Are you insane? We can’t do that here!” She told him, looking around out all the windows of the car.

“Yeah, sure we can.” He told her in a soft voice and she led her hand down to his now exposed and newly erect cock that stuck out of his jeans.

She fixed a glance at it and she grinned, it was nice to see despite the awkwardness of their location and she took it in her hand to caress and rub it. “You’re crazy you know that?” She giggled and stroked him. He found the handle on the seat and lowered himself.

“Maybe, but I’ve been waiting for this all morning.”

She quickly reached down for her seat release and with ease the seat slid back, giving her more room to sit sideways and lean over the transmission. She took up his cock again and continued teasing it. Submitting to his wish and daring their location, the notion that anyone could walk by at any given moment merely excited her more and with a deep breath leaned down to take the tip of his cock between her lips. He, while relaxed in his seat, used a free hand to undo the button and with a slight arching, lowered his jeans so she could enjoy him fully.

Once the warmth of her mouth enveloped him completely, he let out a soft moan, enjoying her working him. She teased and toyed with it, with the head, nibbling gently on it and letting him feel her teeth down the length of him, feeling the throbbing against them then she licked her way back up. Her motions were matched by her hand and she was working him more rapidly now, listening for his moans and his breathing, waiting for him to get close to his climax.

When she felt it was time, she stopped and looked over at him. “You really think I’m going to let you come in our car?” Her hand around him slowed but she wouldn’t stop completely.

“Bag.” He whispered through rapid breaths. She again looked escort bursa confused. “Napkins in bag.” He pointed to the back seat and there, from the coffee shop was a brown bag. She reached for it and in it were roughly four napkins.

“Oh my god.” She exclaimed. “You’ve been planning this all morning haven’t you?” She asked him, waving the napkins at him.

He snatched them from her and mumbled a yes. “Come on, please finish me off.” He begged, flexing his erectness in her hand.

“Well, we’ve gone this far.” She grinned and returned to her leaning posture above his throbbing cock.

She exhaled a breath of warmth on it and let her lips match the stroking her hand was doing and she worked him vigorously. He was ready, she could feel the pulsing in his cock and when he arched himself in the seat, he pulled up on his shirt quickly and she let him explode. His seed landed on his abdomen and the remnants dripped down over her hand and she kept stroking him. He let out a loud exhale and sigh, she knew precisely how to work his cock and make his climax intense.

He was about to wipe his seed off of him when she grabbed at the napkins, successfully stealing one for herself. She wiped her hand and after he cleaned himself off, she tossed the damp napkin on his abdomen with a grin. He picked it up and tossed them to the floor. “Wow.” he exhaled, “Told you we could.” He grinned at her and saw she was blushing.

She sat back in her seat and crossed her arms as he re-attached his pants. “Just for that I don’t have to take care of you tonight.” She tried to sound serious but he already knew she would try to squirm her way out of it.

He lifted the back of his seat and leaned over to kiss her. When she would not meet him half way he decided to let her in on the rest. “No, you won’t have to.” She eyed him carefully and thought ‘but’ and she waited. He smiled at her and went on, “I was thinking I’ll take care of you tonight.” He held his breath waiting her response.

She cocked her head to one side. “Oh really. And what if I come home in a foul mood?”

He sat back stunned and looked at her. “Well then, your loss I suppose.”

She sighed. “Ok I’ll try to have a good day then.” The thoughts of his pleasing her later this evening made her smile though she didn’t want him to see it.

She opened the car door and got out. Surprised, he did so as well and met her behind the car. He hugged her tightly and she kissed him. “That was amazing actually.” She whispered.

He grinned and they made their way back to the elevator. “You can take the car home, I’ll empty the trunk then and we’ll have the night to us.” She nodded and the elevator door closed behind them.

She gave him a quick kiss as he disembarked on the ground floor and with a wave he was gone. Her mind raced with what had happened for the remainder of the afternoon and a co-worker dared ask why she was smiling so much. “I had a nice lunch; that’s all.” She told her. The afternoon went on for ages and when it was finally over, she hurriedly but safely made her way home to where a promise could be fulfilled and maybe something more.

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