A Cousin’s Misery


A Cousin’s MiseryBy Dunchad©Sometimes it is really good having such a large family. After my recent accident on my motorcycle my family had been taking care of me. Especially my cousin Tabitha, she was one of the last cousins to come over and keep me company. But when she did, well things happened that I would have never thought to have happened before. Tabitha wasn’t the only cousin to make a late appearance. My cousin Stephanie just had her baby about two months before my accident. The baby was beautiful and looked a lot like her father. I had heard that Stephanie was very depressed and some of the family was concerned about her. My mother was the most concerned and I got to hear about it a lot when she was over helping me in the morning.One morning mom came over and told me that she couldn’t come over the next day because of some issues at work she had to be present for. She apologized immensely to me but said that she had made arrangements for Stephanie to come over. She lived close by and her mother was taking the baby for the day so Stephanie could get out of the house. Mom had asked her to come over and make me breakfast and make sure I was set for the day with my meds and such things that my mother did, with the exception of the morning shower.I was a bit surprised to hear that Stephanie agreed, Stephanie was a great girl, but we just didn’t get along all the time. To be honest she was a spoiled brat and almost always got what she wanted. But since the birth of her baby, well her life had changed and the family decided it was time for her to do some growing. So from what mom told me the family didn’t do a lot to help her out like she demanded. Her family made the difficult decision to not step in and help. Now it was almost six months later and they were finally starting to do things to help her out. From what mom told me before she left, this was the first time anyone had taken her daughter for an extensive time frame.My mom finished cooking and got started on the cleaning. By this point I was able to get around a bit more. I could sit at the kitchen table for longer periods with my leg down and when needed to I could put it up onto a chair. Mom finished cleaning and got all my snacks put onto the table next to my chair. My dad had found a dorm refrigerator and put it on the other side of my chair so I could store cold water and sodas or anything else cold I would desire during the day. So mom stocked up my water and couple of sodas for me; as well as a container of dip for my chips later in the day.I talked to Tabitha that day and she was busy at work and would not be able to come over that night. I was disappointed, but didn’t let it get to me. I could go a night without her and her attention, I hoped. So I spent the rest of the day watching senseless TV shows and surfing the Internet as I always did. That night mom surprised me and brought over dinner and told me she would help me with a shower tonight since Stephanie was coming over in the morning. So I ate and showered and mom headed home.I was still asleep when I heard someone knocking on my door. I yelled I would be right there and pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt. I hobbled to the front door and saw Stephanie standing there with a small gym bag over her shoulder. I unlocked the door and let her in. She smiled and gave me a hug. I waved towards the kitchen as I returned to my room to put on more appropriate clothes. I also went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and all those fun morning things.I went into the kitchen and saw Stephanie bent over in front of the fridge with her ass in the air. I had not looked at her that way before, but after everything with Tabitha I didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity. She stood up almost as if she knew I was in the room, of course she probably heard me. She looked up and smiled again.“Sorry I came over so early. Your mom didn’t tell me what time you got up and I wanted out of the house so badly. I don’t even know what I am going to do today.” She stood in the doorway of my kitchen and I swear her breasts were a size or more bigger then when the last time I saw her.“No worries Steph, it’s not like I can’t take a nap later. So how have you been? How is the baby doing? How are you adjusting to being a mother?” The next thing I knew she was crying. I didn’t know what I had said or what to do. I hobbled forward on my crutches and put an arm around her and gave her a hug. She leaned into my shoulder and almost knocked me over. I quickly moved my crutch and caught myself. She pulled away and started crying harder then ran into my living room.I recovered and followed as best as I could into the room, she was on the floor crying. “Steph what’s wrong? What did I say?” She looked up at me and looked pathetic with tears streaming down her cheeks and her make-up running. She wrapped her arms around my good leg and hugged me. I reached down and helped her to stand then sat down in my chair.She sat on the floor next to me and continued crying. I didn’t know what to do I was never good with such things. I just ran my hand over her shoulders as she cried and waited. After a few minutes she stopped and I handed her a box of Kleenex I had nearby as she blew her nose and tried to clean her face. She sat on the floor a few minutes fethiye escort composing herself. She looked up at me and smiled and then got up and sat in the chair across from me.“I am so sorry. It has been a very difficult few months. I am such a wreck and depressed. The baby is fine she is so cute and looks like Greg. And being a mother has been fun, most of the time. Well if you take away all the puking, the getting peed on, the stinky diapers and getting little sleep. And the worst of all is the soreness.” She then looked down at her ample breasts and smiled oddly.I looked at her then at her breasts and was a bit confused. I guess the confusion showed and she smirked a little. “You are such a man. I am talking about my boobs and you are clueless. Because I have been nursing Jessica my boobs are swollen with milk. If she doesn’t feed from me every so often the swelling gets to be too much and they get sore. I have started to express my milk and freeze it so Greg or I can use it at night and just warm it up, or when someone takes her for a couple hours. But they are still sore and well other things too.”I looked at her and kind of turned my head, I had a feeling I was about to get involved in a part of her life I may not necessarily want to be involved in. I adjusted myself in my chair and listened, it seemed the best thing to do was to sit and listen. I looked at her and she squirmed a little and started telling me about the pregnancy and how Greg was great all through it. Then the birth of her baby and how everyone in the family was so excited. They helped out when she first brought the baby home, but then stopped.She admitted that she was spoiled and had a hard time adjusting. She had asked for help and her family helped out some, then they started helping her less and less. She said she knew why and wasn’t upset with that. But was upset when she stopped asking for help and wanted company or someone to talk to and no one wanted to do so. She finally stopped asking and started to deal with it. She knew she was depressed and Greg told her she was depressed yet he didn’t want to do anything to help her either.Finally her mother realized that they had gone overboard and needed to help before it got worse. So they had started by taking the baby every once in a while. She renewed her gym membership to help get back into shape. Greg still didn’t seem to have an interest in anything but the baby and what little Steph did to take care of her. Her needs were not being met and she kept asking Greg for attention and he just ignored her or told her he didn’t have time.Tabitha had told her that I was still needed some help and wanting company so Steph volunteered when she heard my mom wasn’t able to help me this morning. Since Steph had nothing else to do and wanted company, she was glad to help. As she was still talking about her life changes, I couldn’t help to wonder what else Tabitha had told her. I knew that they were close. And I found myself getting erect and wondering what it breast milk tasted like.“And what are you thinking?” Came from Steph as she stood before me I was lost in my own thoughts and didn’t realize she was in front of me. I looked her in the eyes and then at her breasts and back to her eyes. She smiled and pushed her chest out some. I was sure I was reading her right. She was horny and wanted, no needed a release. As she relaxed her chest she let out a slight moan of discomfort.“Are you ok Steph?” She looked at me and I could see the discomfort in her eyes. “You can use my bathroom if you need to.” I got up and hobbled into the kitchen to start to get my meds figured out. I had watched my mom and I knew what I still took and what I didn’t. I got them all together and was reaching over for a glass when Steph came in and stood in my dining room, completely naked. Her breasts were so swollen I grimaced a little. She stepped forward and took my hand and placed it on her left breast.I could feel how hard her breast was but I didn’t squeeze it at all. She looked into my eyes and I saw a tear slide down to her cheek. “Don’t you find me attractive at all?” I stepped forward as easily as I could and kissed her hard. I grabbed her other breast and took it into my hand as well and squeezed both of them gently. She moaned in my mouth and leaned into me. I pulled from her kiss and looked her in the eyes. I could see the lust and desire in them.“Steph I think you are gorgeous, always have. But is this what you want? I don’t want you to regret this later.” She looked at me and her eyes smoldered with want and need. She pressed herself further into me and said nothing. I wrapped my hands around her waist and started to make my way to my room. I know she could feel my cock pressing against her and she pushed her thigh hard against it. I moaned a little and walked her to my room.As soon as we were in my room I stopped and pushed her forward a step and then dropped my shorts. I wasn’t wearing anything under them and then pulled my shirt up and off. She smiled when she saw that my cock was not only hard, but also throbbing. I stepped forward and kissed her again, hard and passionate. As she leaned into me I did my best to keep my balance and felt her bare nipples touch my chest.As we kissed my hands roamed over her back escort fethiye and down to her ass. She did the same and pulled my waist into hers. I pulled back and looked into her eyes, “I need to go to my bed before I fall down.” I pushed her in that direction and we fell onto my bed. I winced when my knee bent too much and she moved quickly. I positioned myself on my bed better and motioned her to come back to me. We continued kissing and my hands started roaming more of her body.Before I knew it my hands were at her swollen breasts and this time I squeezed. She winced and then moaned then I felt a liquid trickle over my fingers near her nipples. I stopped kissing her face and looked at her breasts and nipples. They were amazing looking and her nipples were so hard. I leaned down and took one into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. That was all it took for the milk to start flowing into my mouth. It was somewhat sweat, yet a little sour too. All in all it tasted great and I could understand why a baby craved them so much.She moaned with the release of pressure from her breast. I didn’t have to suck a lot after it started flowing, the sheer pressure of her milk kept the flow going and I continued to suck lightly and swallowed all that I could get. I let my mouth fill with milk then swallow as it filled again. I was amazed at how much milk she had. My mouth filled with her milk five times before I started sucking harder again and then got two more mouths full.I pulled my mouth from her nipple and could see the difference between her breasts. She looked at me and smiled. I let my hand slide down her smooth and trim stomach and between her legs. She had a small amount of hair that I ran my fingers through. As a finger touched her hood and outer lips she moaned and pushed her hips upward. My finger was instantly wet and slide along her lips further. I moved it up and down her lips and around the hood at the top. She arched her body and moaned loudly.As I fingered her wet pussy with one hand the other was busy squeezing her other swollen breast until I found the nipple and gave it a good pinch. She squealed with the pinch and moaned as her nipple squirted its milk. Her milk squirted out onto her stomach and my hand. As I squeezed and rolled her nipple more milk shoot forward and I even got a couple of streams to my face. I was lowering my head to between her legs, since her milk tasted so good I couldn’t resist tasting her other fluid too.I could smell her pussy and my mouth watered. I kissed and licked at her flesh until I was between her legs. I looked up to her face and could see the lust radiate from like a beacon. I blew over her exposed labia and then pushed my head between legs. As soon as I could, my tongue flicked out and touched her hood. I could feel a slight swelling and smiled to myself. I hoped that her clit reacted the way I wanted and grow would nice and large.I swirled my tongue all around her hood and then pushed it aside to tongue her clit. As soon as I touched it she moaned lustfully and her hands grabbed my head. I adjusted my body so my leg was on my bed once again and started to suck on her clit. I pushed it around with my tongue and felt it swell a little with the attention. Her moans started to get louder as I attacked and sucked her clit. Her hands wrapped within my long hair.I stopped sucking on her clit and started to run my tongue along her engorged labia. Her moans again got louder and her hands pulled my head into her pussy. “Suck my cunt you nasty bastard!” She screamed as my tongue pushed into her labia and flicked along her opening. I sucked on her labia and then pushed them around with my tongue. My nose pressing against her swelling clit as her legs wrapped over my shoulders. Her hips were bucking as she tried to get me deeper into her cunt. My cock was so hard that it hurt as it pressed against my bed.I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and she screamed and her body started convulsing. I knew she was having her first orgasm and I continued to attack and suck at her exposed parts. With one hand on her hard nipple I continued to squeeze the milk from her swollen breast as I sucked and tongued her pussy. I licked at her lips and then sucked them into my mouth to taste her juices on her flesh. I sucked them into my mouth and flicked my tongue over them as she moaned in pleasure from the attention.She continued to buck her hips up and down and push my face all over her pussy. My nose was rubbing from her clit to her slight bush of hair and back. My one hand was squeezing and pulling on her nipple and milking her breast. With my other hand I lowered it to her pussy and as I licked her clit I slowly pushed a finger into her opening. She squealed with delight as my finger wiggled inside of her. I sucked her clit harder into my mouth and twitched my finger against the spot inside of her pussy that is rumored to derive the most pleasure. As I moved my finger quicker and sucked harder on her clit once again I felt her body stiffen and her pussy gripped my finger. Her moan filled the room as her second orgasm crashed against through her body.Her hands released my head and grabbed the sheets of my bed. As she did that I grabbed her hips with both hands and lifted her up so I could devour her fethiye escort bayan dripping pussy. Her juices were all over my face now and dripping off my chin. As she came down off of her orgasm she started to push my head away and I lowered her back to the bed and moved out from between her legs. I rest on the bed to let my jaw and neck relax some as my hands slide over her body. I brushed across her still swollen breast and her milk shot from her nipple and covered my hand and her chest.After her breathing slowed I moved back between her legs and once again started to gently lick at her. I let my tongue take full long strokes across her wet flesh as I collect her juices into my mouth. She purred with delight and as I touched her engorged pussy lips my nose brushed over her exposed clit. She almost screamed and pulled my head forcefully from between her legs. She breathed out, “Too sensitive!”I moved away from her pussy and clit and started to lick the milk from her belly and chest. Once I was at the milking breast I took it into my mouth and started to suck and drain the milk from her body. As I did this her pelvis pressed against me and she again moaned in pleasure. One hand drifted down and brushed over her sensitive clit and she bucked her hips. My hand dipped down and I started to massage and rub her ass cheek.I drained her breast of all its milk and licked across her chest. I looked into her face and could see a state of ecstasy in her eyes. I lifted up and kissed her gently. As she responded the kiss became more passionate and urgent. As I kissed her hard, my cock pressed against her thigh and she pressed against harder and harder. Finally, she broke the kiss, “I want that hard flesh inside of me, and I want it now.”I didn’t hesitate and moved myself around and tried to get in position. As I tried my knee protested and I was not able to assume the missionary position. Instead I moved around so we formed a T position. I moved between her legs and placed my raging cock against her wet opening. As soon as my cock touched her lips she moaned and pushed down onto me. I was able to guide my cock a little and entered with ease.As soon as I was completely inside of her she started bucking and pushing against me. Wanting all of me inside of her at the same time I let my hand glide down her legs and to her exposed clit. It was amazing seeing her as engorged as it was and I loved it. I ran a finger over her clit and she started to moan louder and press against me harder. We were fucking each other as hard as we could. As I looked up to her face I saw her grabbing her breast to keep them from flailing against her. As she pressed on them milk squirted from her nipples and landed on her chest and even some on my leg.I grabbed her left leg and pulled her hard against me. She moaned and pushed back, my cock was throbbing within her as I pushed as deep as I could. Her juices were flowing all over our legs and pooling beneath her ass. I rolled my body up and over and was able to press further into her. As I got onto one arm I was able to force myself in deeper and pound into her pussy.Her moans and screams filled my room and I was grateful that I had a house and no neighbors nearby to disturb. I pounded into her and she screamed louder and telling me to fuck her like a slut. I did as hard as I could and could feel my balls start to tighten. I told her I was about to cum and started to pull out. She moaned no and wrapped her leg tightly around mine and grabbed my arms with her hands. Her breasts started bouncing furiously against her chest and chin. Her milk was squirting out all over the place now.She pressed herself down onto my cock and her pussy started to tighten around me. I knew was in the midst of her orgasm so I fucked her as hard as I could. Within a few seconds I felt my cum boiling up and into my cock and then jettison out into her waiting pussy. She screamed even louder when she felt hot blast after blast explode within her. My body started jerking as my orgasm rocketed out of me. As our bodies relaxed we both feel back onto the bed and let out sighs of pleasure and contentment.We both drifted off to sleep and I woke up an hour or so later with my knee hurting a little from the position I was in on the bed. I rubbed my hand against Steph’s leg and she slowly woke up. She smiled at me and then helped me to get up off the bed. We then hobbled over to the shower and she helped me in the shower and got me nice and clean.After the shower we got dressed and went into the kitchen to eat some breakfast. We were quiet while eating then when we finished I looked at her and said, “I hope you are ok with what happened. I don’t want you to think badly about any of it.”She looked me in the eyes and responded, “I regret nothing, and do you think Tabitha will be okay with sharing you? Because I want it to happen again!” Her eyes were lit up with lust and joy and I smiled back at her.“I guess we will just have to ask her huh. I knew you two shared everything, I guess you can share me too.” As I said that thoughts of the three of us together started to fill my mind and my cock started to thicken and grow once again. As I looked at my cousin Steph, she seemed to be lost in thoughts too and I wondered if they were the same.“A penny for your thoughts?” I said and she smiled a wicked grin and said “Wouldn’t you like to know?” She then cleaned up the kitchen and made herself up and left without further discussion. I had a feeling there was going to be some fun times ahead.

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