A Cream Come True


A Cream Come True
NOTE: The below is another completely fictional story of my own personal fantasy of submitting to a fellow Hamster user: the sexy, spunky, fun, linguistically and orally talented, kind-hearted yet badass slut (she embraces the term :-)) and total Domme princess, Ms. Angelica Cream (https://xhamster.com/users/ms_cream_puff).

There are 10 million users on XHamster, and according to the The Official 2019 Trend Report, almost 30% are women. So around 3 million profiles tagged as female. Now I’m probably being a bit conservative in my assumptions, but I figure about 50% of those profiles are fake/bots, and another 2/3rds are now inactive. So that leaves up to around 500,000 active women on XHamster…that’s actually a pretty good number.

Of course, few of those are truly interested in actually interacting with other users, and even fewer still will post their own content to facilitate said interaction. And then there are a very minute number, of which you can probably count on your hands, who are so wonderful that their frequent interactions bring genuine happiness and thought-provoking insights to those lucky enough to know them. The top 0.0001% of all users.

Ms. Cream definitively falls into this top category. This amazing woman has taken the time to thoughtfully respond to EVERY comment left for her. And there are certainly plenty of reasons to leave her nice comments, as she’s constantly writing interesting new posts…whether they be hot recaps of her many sexcapades, naughty fictional stories that are both funny and sexy, summaries of recent developments in her cool hobbies like video-gaming, and much more.

Aside from her great writing, Ms. Cream (or Angelica/Annie/Ann if you’re not submissive like me ;-)) is also very open-minded and not judgemental at all, just accepting everyone for who they are. So please don’t be shy to show her the additional praise and compliments she deserves on her profile! I can tell you from personal experience that my interactions with Ms. Cream have left me always extremely happy, and often extremely horny ;-), after reading her thoughts. And when noticing that’s she’s posted a new blog, comment or message…well, it’s like being a little girl on Christmas morning, filled with excitement to rip open her packages and see what contained in them. Ms. Cream will make you feel incredible.

?And of course, to the badass princess herself: I’d sincerely like to thank you so very very much, Ms. Cream, for accepting me as your friend and for helping me to be happy as the person I truly am :-). Thank you as well for inspiring me and allowing me to write this for you. You have been a very positive influence on me, and while I couldn’t possibly fully repay you for this, I hope that the following story is able to please you and make you feel every bit the beautiful, powerful Domme goddess we all know you are! :Kisses: <3 <3?? - Ella A Cream Come True WHAM! WHAM! Ms. Cream's glove-covered fist slammed into the boxing pads I was holding, forcing me back a little with the power she was putting into her crosses. I tried giving her a face to tell her to take it easy, however, I could tell by the stern, focused look in her eyes that she meant business this morning. "Sorry, Ella darling. You know I need to get some good practice in to make sure I kick Kim's ass again in our next fight." She paused for only a moment after speaking, before continuing to throw more punches in my direction. "Yes, ma'am", I replied. "I'm just intimidated by you when you're fighting, that's all." As Ms. Cream stood a couple inches taller than me, and was certainly stronger than my petite frame thanks to all her MMA training, I knew that she could do some damage to me physically, if she wanted to. Luckily for me, she had shown herself to be a very benevolent Domme since I had become her personal assistant and submissive subslut. Still, she could invoke quiet the fear factor when she had her mind set on kicking ass, as she obviously did today! We had awoken at the crack of dawn for her to get some kickboxing practice in at the local gym. My reflections on my powerful Domme were quickly interrupted by a swift kick of her right foot against one of my pads, so strong that it knocked me over backwards, landing on my ass. Ms. Cream just laughed at what she'd done. "Careful, Ella. You need to pay attention - I require my assistant to be capable of holding my boxing pads for me to practice." She continued, "That's enough for one morning though. Let's head back to my home. I'll need a good cool down and a cleanse." She winked at me as I gathered up her equipment and packed her bags, lugging everything myself as we went back to her place. After a few minutes we had walked through her front door, and I put her bag and equipment away in the closet as she made her way to her bedroom. She hadn't brought a towel along to the gym with her, however. Cleaning her up was to be my job now 🙂 She stood next to her bed, the sweat from her MMA workout still glistening against her smooth, sexy skin. Her black hair was tied up in a ponytail behind her head, and rested against the back of her sports bra, which was now damp with her sweat. Also damp were her black leggings, which clung tightly against her fit legs and bum. She had slipped off her trainers after arriving home, so that her feet were now only covered by athletic socks. Looking down at me as I stood before her, she smiled, raised her arms and said, "You know the drill. Get to it." "Yes, ma'am", I replied. I began lapping the sweat off her body with my tongue, starting with her underarms, and then making my way across both of her arms and down her back and torso. She had built up a lot of sweat, and it tasted SOOO good off her body. What really enhanced my enjoyment of the task was not just the pleasure of licking up some yummy sweat, but the fact that it was HER sweat, that I had facilitated her generating. I hadn't earned the privilege of lapping my tongue against her bare breasts, so she simply took off her damp sports bra and handed it to me to launder afterwards. I then dropped to my knees and serenaded the leggings-covered part of her body with lots of sweet little kisses, picking up the sweat on my lips along the way. I spent a particularly good amount of time placing lots of kisses on her tight bum. She then took off her leggings and socks, giving those to me as well to launder, allowing me to run my tongue all along her silky-smooth legs. I must say I cleaned my Mistress up rather well 🙂 I could see that she was also starting to get a bit horny from all the loving attention being paid to her body, so it was obvious what was going to happen next. She then sat down on the edge of her bed, motioning for me to come closer to her. I crawled on my knees until I was right in front of her, as she peeled her knickers off, leaving her completely naked. She gave these to me as well to put with the rest of her dirty workout gear. Ms. Cream has such a perfect, gorgeous body that even though I had been her submissive for some time now, I still got nervous around her when she was naked like this, feeling as though I didn't deserve to be in the presence of such feminine perfection. At the same time, I also knew that I had a job to do for her. So, blushing as I was, I was still determined to put my embarrassment aside in order to properly please the woman I served. Spreading her legs and resting them on top of my shoulders for support, she simply pointed at her womanhood for me, and laid the upper part of her body down on the bed. I was going to go to work while she relaxed and received her pleasure. She certainly deserved a nice reward after her hard workout, and I was intent on making sure she got her reward. Ms. Cream had given me lots of opportunities to practice and perfect my cunnilingus skills lately, for which I was extremely grateful to her, and I also fortunately had gotten to learn all the little details of how she likes it too. I put my newfound knowledge to good use, enthusiastically licking and rubbing her, and consuming her sweet, tasty juices, as she began to moan and grabbed the back of my head to ensure I stayed in place for her. She soon climaxed in what seemed like a very pleasurable, wonderful orgasm, as she took a while to recompose herself from all the dopamine swimming around in her head. Finally recuperated, she let out a deep breath and spoke to me while still lying on the bed. "Prepare my shower and lay out my outfit, girl", she muttered. "Yes, ma'am", I responded. Delicately placing her legs off my shoulders and resting them against the side of her bed, I got up and went to her bathroom, turning the shower faucet on. I let the water heat up to just the right temperature that I know Ms. Cream likes it at. Feeling the water to make sure the temperature was fine, I released the nozzle to turn the shower on and went back to her bedroom. "Your shower is ready, Mistress", I called to her. She rose up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her for privacy. After readjusting the sheets on her bed, which had been a bit ruffled by her body while she received her pleasure, I then opened her drawers to lay out the outfit we had agreed earlier this morning on the way to the gym. While I love making Ms. Cream's life easier by preparing things for her, like setting out her clothes and often suggesting them, I also understand that she is the sole decision-maker in our "relationship", and so any outfits I lay out of course need to be approved by her first. As the weather was getting warmer and she had a day of mostly leisure activities at home planned, we had agreed on a simple T-Shirt and shorts combo for today. I also laid out a pair of bra and knickers on the bed as well, though just a comfortable cotton pair to go with the outfit. I placed her workout gear from the morning into the laundry basket for me to clean later, and also retrieved a fresh towel from her drawer. I popped the towel in the dryer and waited for Ms. Cream to finish her shower. She had become accustomed to being greeted with a warm towel to dry herself after getting out of the shower. Once I heard the water stop, I made my way to the bathroom door. "Towel for you, Mistress?", I asked. "Bring it in", she ordered. I opened the door and averted my gaze, so as not to gawk or be overwhelmed at the sight of her gorgeous body, completely wet and naked now. She took the warm towel and wrapping it around her body, started to dry herself off, more properly now than when I had done it in her bedroom earlier 😛 "You may take your shower now too, Ella. And I want to see you in your maid's uniform for your duties today." Upon saying that, she went to over to her sink and bathroom mirror to get started on her hair and makeup, while I was left to clean myself in the residue of her recent shower. She was gone from the bathroom by the time I stepped out of her shower. What can I say? She's very efficient, especially being a hairdresser, and it can take a while for us sissies to get fresh and hairless. After drying myself as well, with a normal temperature towel of course, I made my way to her bedroom to fetch my uniform and get dressed. My maid's uniform was a classic little black dress, lined with white frills and a white apron. I also had a black choker I wore with it, with black silk bra and knickers underneath. The look was complete with black fishnet stockings and a pair of black pumps with 4" heels. Even though the heels put me slightly taller than Ms. Cream, I still felt vulnerable next to year due to the smaller steps I would have to take. With my uniform finally on, I went to the kitchen to prepare Ms. Cream her morning tea. I had learned to make her tea just how she liked it - with a little milk and two sugars. Learning to do things to her preferences and standards was very important to me, as I of course wanted to make her as happy and satisfied as I could with my services. I brought her cup of tea to her in the living room, where she was seated on the sofa, playing one of her current favourite video games (what else would one expect her to do? ;-P), Jurassic World: Evolution. She was building her very own dinosaur park in the game, with the main attraction being the king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex 🙂 "Your tea, Mistress", I announced with a curtsy, setting her tea cup and saucer on the table next to her sofa. Looking at her, I realised how stark the contrast between us was today. She of course looked gorgeous as always, especially now with her hair and makeup done, but she was clearly dressed for a day of leisure and comfort. She looked every bit the cool, casual chick, her T-Shirt and shorts fitting comfortably on her body, and her relaxed stretched-out pose on the sofa, with the game controller in her hands, indicating how she didn't need to do anything besides have fun today. I thought she looked incredibly sexy even though, or rather perhaps because, she didn't need to try to appear sexy. I, on the other hand, was obviously dressed to work for her, my pump heels not allowing me much room for comfort. My uniform did help to put me in a very subservient mind set, reminding me that I belonged to her and therefore needed to obey her orders, which of course included chores she had set aside for me. Ms. Cream took a brief pause from her game to look at me. "Thank you, Ella. You may get started on your chores now. I also want to inspect your work once you're done, and you don't have much time until my guest arrives, so you'll need to be very efficient today. No breaks or slacking off." With that she dismissed me, turning her attention completely back to her dinosaur park. The guest she was referring to was a special friend of hers, so candidly nicknamed Rent-A-Cock. He does have a very sexy, talented cock, and he was coming over in the afternoon so that they could hang out and * have some fun * together ;-). Ms. Cream and Rent-A-Cock have quite the history with each other, and she told me on no uncertain terms that I was not to be invited into their fun as a third party this afternoon. I was actually going to be out of the flat completely, running some errands for her, allowing them some privacy together in her flat. Still, I needed to clean the place before he came over, both so they could enjoy a clean place and to help her create a good impression on him. I also expected there to be some new clean-up duties after he had left ;-). Vowing not to waste any time, I thanked my Mistress for her orders and gathered my supplies to clean her flat while she continued enjoying her video game. I started by dusting and vacuuming the living room, including a cleaning of the windows, being careful not to disturb Ms. Cream's game playing too much. I then made my way to the kitchen, wiping the counter tops and stove, cleaning out the oven and fridge, and moping the floor. After vacuuming the hallway, I dusted and tidied up her bedroom before finally turning my attention to her bathroom. This was the area of her place I knew she would inspect particularly closely, so needed to do a really good job. I rinsed her shower, wiped down her sink and bathroom counter, and cleaned the toilet with some product. I was almost out of breath by the time I mopped her bathroom floor, but was reasonably happy with the progress I'd made. The high heels gave me a nice feminine sway as I hustled back to the living room, although my feet were now hurting after working in them for so long. Glancing at the TV screen, it looked like Ms. Cream had been very successful in building and managing her dinosaur park - there were a lot of customers and activity going on. Her success was no surprise though, as she's an enterprising and creative young woman, and one heck of a gamer 🙂 Making another curtsy in her direction, I asked, "I don't want to interrupt you from your game, Mistress, but would you be able to inspect my cleaning?" "Give me a minute", she replied, her eyes glued to the TV, concentrating on finishing the fun activity she was currently engrossed in. I kept my head bowed before she eventually paused the game and got up from her comfortable sofa. "OK, my little maid. Let's see how good of a job you've done for me cleaning today." With that she led the way around her flat inspecting my work by putting a close eye to everything and running her fingers along her possessions, to check for any stray dust or dirt. She seemed happy with moat everything, which had me beaming with pride until we finished the inspection tour in her bathroom. "How did you clean it?", she asked, her nose wrinkling to give away an obvious sense of disapproval. I told her what J had done, and she just shook her head. "No, no. I appreciate the effort but that's not how I wanted it done. I want you to properly scrub the bathroom with a sponge, not rinse and mop it. That way you make sure to clean up everything between the tiles. You understand, don't you?" "Yes, Mistress", I replied, a bit disheartened but genuinely grateful to her for explaining how she wanted it done, so I would know better next time. "I apologise for cleaning it wrong." "That's OK, sweetie", she consoled me. "I know you were in a hurry to get everything cleaned in time. But you need to understand that the bathroom requires attention to detail, and you can't rush that." My wonderful Mistress continued, "Now, you still have a bit of time before Mr. Rent-A-Cock comes over, so you can clean it again properly this time, can't you, my little subby?" "Yes, Mistress. I'll get right on it for you." "Good girl!", she giggled. "Now kiss my feet and thank your Mistress for correcting you." Kneeling down to get on my hands and knees before her, I puckered my lips and placed two sweet kisses on her lovely bare feet. What a privilege that was! "Thank you for inspecting my work, Mistress. And thank you also, Mistress, for taking the time to correct me on how I should clean your bathroom. I promise to work to meet your standards the first time around in the future." "Great, you really won't like it if I have to correct you again", she warned. But then she smiled down at me, saying, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll learn well." And with that, she turned around on her heel to go back to the pleasures of her video game, leaving me to clean her bathroom again. I put my mind to the task at hand, diligently scrubbing every inch of her bathroom with that sponge until it was spotless. I was just grateful that much of the work kept me on my hands and knees in her bathroom, as I was dying to get out of those heels at this point! Once I was finished with the bathroom, it was almost time for Rent-A-Cock to arrive, so I needed to wrap up the preparations and disappear rather quickly. Retrieving some alcohol from the kitchen, I brought it over to set down on the living room table, along with a couple glasses and coasters, so that they could easily pour themselves some drinks when they were ready.  Knowing Ms. Cream, I also left a bottle of water for her on the living room table. She would almost assuredly be partaking in one of her favourite activities with him, her old (and still present) past-time of cock-sucking lol. And while she loves to swallow his yummy cum afterwards, I remembered her telling me that swallowing cum also makes her quite thirsty, presumably from the sticky texture drying out her throat. So, I thought it would be a nice little gesture to help her out with that and make sure she had easy access to water after her fun. It's doing these little things for her that I cherish the most. With only a few minutes left to spare, I stripped out of my maid's uniform and put on some more normal clothes that I could go out in public in. With everything now ready for Rent-A-Cock's visit, I stopped in the living room to say goodbye to Ms. Cream before running her errands. She was still playing her video game. "Goodbye, Mistress! I hope you have lots of fun with your friend today! Feel free to write me if you need anything." "Thanks, slave. But I think I'll be rather too, ahem, preoccupied...to contact you", she said with a wink. "Yes, Mistress. See you soon!" And then I was out the door. There were a few errands which I ran for Ms. Cream over the next few hours, including picking up her dry cleaning, buying her some new video games she was excited about, and buying her groceries for next week. I had rented a car as there was a lot I needed to pick up and take back for her! Arguably the most important errand, however, I saved for last, right about when Ms. Cream was due to be done with Rent-A-Cock. I finally arrived at the nice Italian restaurant across town, where I had previously placed an order for her absolute favourite pizza: a pepperoni pizza with diced chorizo, red and green peppers and sliced mushrooms. She also really loved the pizza's mozzarella cheese and pieces of creamy goat cheese dotted around it. It was going to be a surprise for her, as I only told her I would bring back lunch for her, but did not tell her what it was. I still hadn't figured out what Ms. Cream loved consuming more, cum or pizza. But she was in all likelihood getting a warm, tasty helping of one of those right now, and would be getting the other very soon! 🙂 With her clothes, video games, groceries and hot pizza in tow, I made my way back to her place. Carrying the pizza and video games in with me first, I buzzed for her to let me back in, and relished seeing the beautiful smile creep on to her face once she saw what I had brought for her. She also had a radiant, 'freshly fucked' glow about her which just added to her already sky-high gorgeousness. "I hope you're still hungry, Mistress." While I knew that digesting cum usually satisfied her appetite for a while, I also figured she could still find room for some delicious pizza. "Oh, what a wonderful little slave you've been! Thank you, Ella!", she sparkled. "Anything for you, ma'am. I'll get a plate, napkins and cutlery for you", I said, opening the pizza box on the table next to the sofa and making my way to the kitchen. After laying out her supplies for her in the living room, I made my way back out to finish bringing in her clothes and groceries as she dug in to the pizza. Once I was finished and had returned the car, I sat down in the living room with her to eat my lunch: a small salad. This was the first time all day that I wasn't doing some kind of work for her, and yet the contrast between our positions still struck me. Here she was, fully enjoying a large, meaty pizza, with all the amenities being taken care of for her. I, on the other hand, was left to nibble on a small vegetarian salad that barely gave me enough nutrients for the energy I needed to replenish, let alone fill my hunger. Yet suffering for my Mistress was something I was more than willing to do. Even with her head start, I still managed to finish my lunch well before her. She sure was taking her sweet time to savour all of that pizza. When she noticed I was done, she turned to me in between cheesy and meaty mouthfuls and said, "Ella, be a dear and come soothe me, will you? I'm feeling rather worn out from this afternoon's...umm....events." She let out a very mischievous giggle with that last bit. I understood exactly what she wanted me to do. While she didn't always tell me all the details of exactly what she got up to with her hunks, I imagined that she and Rent-A-Cock had had some rather a****listic, rough intercourse. As dominant as Ms. Cream is with me, she also has a VERY submissive streak that comes out when she's with sexy alpha men. I noticed some faint markings on her wrists as well, giving away the fact that she had been restrained, and his cock had probably shown her poor vagina no mercy. After Ms. Cream has sex, her genitals feel extremely sensitive, and she appreciates the feeling of a soft, warm tongue against her while she recovers. It's an easy way to make her feel good, after she's been feeling really good ;-), and a task I genuinely enjoy performing for her. I crawled over to the area between her legs as she raised up, unbuttoned her shorts, and slid them off her body, along with her knickers. Placing the back of my head on the part of the sofa where she'd been sitting, I stretched out my arms for balance so that I could keep my feet on the floor and my torso straight and parallel to the floor. It wasn't exactly a comfortable position, but Ms. Cream's pleasure took precedence over my comfort. With my mouth open and tongue extended, she sat back down on my face, my tongue flush against her slit and my nose buried between her butt cheeks. She let out a long sigh of satisfaction once fully seated, and grabbing her plate of pizza, placed it between her legs and onto my stomach, acting as a kind of table for her. I moved my tongue very delicately and slowly around her sensitive womanhood as she continued eating, continuously making sounds of "YMMMM!", perhaps both from the pizza and my tongue. The obvious eroticism of my activities and her pleasure became too much for my clitty to handle, as it came to life and started straining against my little knickers. She noticed my predicament, which made her start giggling in between bites of her pizza. The sound of her cute giggling only caused me to become even more aroused, which increased the volume and frequency of her giggles in a vicious circle. Ms. Cream eventually finished her pizza. I was incredibly impressed at how much she could eat and still maintain such a gorgeous figure. Well, I couldn't exactly see her finish from my rather restricted but lovely vantage point at the top of her perfect bum. I just assumed she finished when she took the plate off my chest and set it back on the table next to the sofa, on top of the empty pizza box. She quickly replaced the empty space on my chest with her stretched out legs and feet, transforming me from her table to her footrest. My aroused clitty was still not going away, so Ms. Cream decided to have a little fun by teasing me through my knickers with her bare feet. She flicked her toes against me, pressed her soles down on me, and ran her feet along the front of my knickers to see how I would react, laughing and giggling all the while. Although I was frustrated and embarrassed to be in such a situation in her presence, I was at least glad that I could provide this goddess with some amusement. Ever the intelligent young woman, my Mistress knew that allowing me to cum would risk reducing my eagerness to serve her so devotedly. So, as she'd already had her fill of cum for the day, she eventually halted her teasing and got up briefly to commence the start of a new fun activity for her. Playing another video game, of course! Ms. Cream is a very easy lady to keep satisfied...any combination of cum, pizza and video games should do the trick 😉 This time her game of choice was The Sims 4, which is a classic go-to for her, and one that she has been playing regularly for quite some time now. Once the game was loaded, she resumed her previous comfortable position on my face, with her feet kicked up and resting on me, and started playing. I just kept my tongue flat against her womanhood as she played her game over the next hour or so, slowly dragging it back and forth and up and down against her. Most of the area of my tongue, of course, was focused directly on her tender clit, as if I was giving it a nice, gentle hug. The feeling of her clit throbbing against my tongue was such a pleasurable one for me as well. Plus, she tasted so, SOOOO good! Her sweet juices completely filled my hunger, and I gladly would have accepted that as my only meal for the day. After having time to completely recuperate from her earlier endeavours with Rent-A-Cock, Ms. Cream moved from wanting a gentle tongue to soothe her, to wanting a more vibrant tongue to stimulate her. The periodic placement of one of her hands on my head gave me the signal to start moving my tongue faster and more methodically across her lovely clit. I flicked my tongue over her clit as she began moaning and grinding on my face, the video game controller put down and her mind now completely directed on continuing the pleasure she was receiving. With her legs spread-eagle and feet on the floor, she placed her hands on my chest for leverage as she grinded more aggressively on me now. My tonguing and her grinding soon culminated in a wet, forceful orgasm from this beautiful, sexy woman. I delighted in the feeling of her juices on my face, and the delicious taste of those that had made it into my waiting mouth, and she calmed down from her excitement. After a few minutes of silence, Ms. Cream finally regained enough energy to speak. "I need to lie down, Ella." Very grateful to be able to get out of my uncomfortable position, I stood up so that she could claim the entire sofa. Tired, she flopped face-down across the sofa, her arms d****d above her head. "I still want your tongue", she said, this time pointing with one of her fingers towards her slightly arched bum. While Ms. Cream is not OK with any cocks in that area of her body, she does still enjoy some nice tongue attention. I also saw it as an effective way to continue pleasing her while her vagina recovered from all its activity today. Kneeling beside the sofa, I separated her perfect butt cheeks with either hand to open up access to her hole. Putting my face next to her bum, I started by planting sweet little kisses all around both of her cheeks, working my way from the outside of her cheeks towards the centre of her bum. I then licked the areas around her hole, building up her anticipation for my tongue directly on it. Once I had made my way there, I gave her a nice steady rimming in, along and around it. She actually tasted quite lovely back there, and I tried to put a lot of enthusiasm into my rimming, just to let her know how much I loved and savoured every single part of her body, including that one. She laid on the sofa in silence, just enjoying the nice sensation of my tongue on one of her most intimate areas. Before long, however, her phone alarm rang, signalling that it was time for her to get ready for her date tonight. She was going out to dinner and a club with her friend and lover from work, Anastasia. I interrupted my rimjob to offer my support in her preparations. "Would you like me to run your shower again, Mistress?" "Yes, Ella. I'll be over in a minute", she responded, a bit perturbed that she didn't have more time to enjoy my tongue on her hole. As I had done for her in the morning after her MMA workout, I excused myself to go heat up her shower. And once she had entered the bathroom and hopped in her warm shower, I picked up her T-Shirt, shorts, bra and knickers from the living room to add to the laundry basket. It was near full now, so I planned to wash, dry and iron her dirty clothes while she was out on her date. While she was still in the shower, I also laid out her outfit we had previously settled upon for her date. She was to be a lady in red this evening, decked out in a shiny red minidress that hugged her gorgeous figure in all the right places, red heels that accentuated her long, smooth legs, and a dazzling red clutch. The look was complete with a matching red satin bra and knicker set, and she'd of course wear some red lippy and complimentary makeup as well. Finally, I again heated up a new towel in the dryer, and brought it to her when I heard her come out of the shower. After she had dried off, she sat down in front of her sink and mirror to do her hair and makeup. Normally someone in my position might assist her Mistress with this, but as Ms. Cream is a beautician, she was capable of doing a much better job than I ever could.  Knowing that she'd be spending several hours tonight in her heels, including plenty of dancing, I instead offered her my services as her foot massager, so that at least she could start the night with very relaxed feet. Kneeling down between her legs, I rubbed and kissed her bare feet as she sat applying her makeup and doing her hair. Finished with her beauty routine, she got up and went to her bedroom to put on her outfit. She re-entered the bathroom a few minutes later, with her outfit and heels on. "So....how do I look, slave?", she said, spinning her body around with a giggle. My jaw practically dropped to the floor as I just kept kneeling there, completely blown away by how drop dead gorgeous she looked. I was absolutely speechless and lost for words to comment on how beautiful she looked to me in that moment. Fortunately, she relieved me from my trance. "Hehe, I'll take that as a positive sign", she said while grinning at me. "I'm sorry, Ms. Cream. I hope you have a really fun time with Anastasia tonight! She won't be able to keep her hands off you!" "That's the idea, my dear", she winked. "Are you clear on your chores tonight?" "Yes, ma'am. I'm doing your laundry and setting out drinks and snacks for you and Anastasia to enjoy when you get back from the club." "That's right, slave. Don't wait up for us. We'll be back rather late, and I doubt we'll be in a chatty mood. Our mouths will be busy with....other things." 😉 She continued, "You've been such a good girl today, Ella. I'm very pleased with your submissiveness and servitude towards me. If you keep it up tomorrow, I'll give you a nice little reward for all your efforts." I gushed, "Oh, thank you SOOO much, Ms. Cream! It has been my pleasure. I feel so lucky to be able to serve you." "Right, well let's talk about it tomorrow. I really must be going now or I'll be really late. Now kiss my arse goodbye." She turned around to have her back to me, and crawling over to where she stood in the doorway, I puckered up and gave the centre of her arse the biggest, most passionate kiss ever, right over her shiny red dress. "Goodbye, Ms. Cream! I'll have breakfast for you and Anastasia ready at 10am", I announced as she walked out of her flat. Once she had shut and locked the door behind her, I got up to work on my chores. The day had worn me out, and as I needed to wake up in time tomorrow to prepare breakfast in bed for Ms. Cream and Anastasia, I wanted to make sure I could get to bed (or in my case tonight, the sofa ;-)) early enough for a decent night's sleep. Starting the laundry, I reflected on how lucky and grateful I felt to be Ms. Cream's submissive. Not only was she sexy and fun, but what I really appreciated about Ms. Cream was that she was a good person. I got the feeling that she genuinely cared for me and my well-being, which definitely increased my motivation for serving her well. I kept thinking about her until I was finally able to fall asleep that night, and vowed to try to serve her even better tomorrow. As a Domme princess, it's only what she rightfully deserves.

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