Subject: A Daddy’s Love – chapter 17 A Daddy’s Love � Chapter 17 Nifty is a free web site and it needs to stay free, so you can continue to enjoy the content and for us writers to give us an outlet � SO DONATE. Thanks. This story is as most of my stories posted on NIFTY is from my own imagination. All rights belong solely to me and me alone. Enjoy and please do email and tell me what you think good or bad. I made my way home to Daddy and Luke, I went in the door and Daddy was on the floor with his back against the settee and still dressed in his skinhead gear and Luke was fast asleep on his l was about to remonstrate as to why Daddy was still dressed but soon realised that must Luke fell asleep right after I went out and Daddy hadn’t wanted to disturb him. I went upstairs myself and undressed and came back wearing just running shorts and my box of cigars. I was going to show Daddy but changed my mind and put them away. I picked Luke up and he stirred slightly but clenched me tight and I took him upstairs and he curled up like a baby and sucked his thumb. I went back to Daddy and he was starting to undress, I took his boots and socks off and he was soon naked. I pulled Daddy towards me and kissed him deeply. I moved down and took one of his tits into my mouth and pulled his rings with my mouth and teeth. He moaned and as we were so close I felt his dick start to pulse. I moved to the other tit and did the same. I felt his dick pulse wildly, I knew he needed to shoot a load off badly but for now I would not allow it, I wanted to wait until I was in full skinhead gear and smoking a cigar, as I knew he would cum and I could beat his cute arse nice and red and then it would be ripe for a good fucking. Shit I’m getting horny just thinking about that. “Sir?” “Nothing bitch, just thinking.” I said with a smirk, I pulled Daddy into my chest and held him tight for a moment or two before releasing him and slapping him lightly “get lost bitch, I have some things to do.” Daddy disappeared and I started doing some research as I wanted to find my Grandfather. I knew where he was born and raised as Daddy had told me, and I knew where he lived when Daddy was growing up, I started my search. After a couple of hours I had a couple of leads and an email address, I sent an email off explaining who I was and that I was searching for my Grandfather as a surprise for my Father. I put my laptop away “Bitch.” I called and Daddy came running with an opened beer. I smiled at him “thanks bitch, I will never know how you know what I want, either I am very predictable or you are very clever.” I could see Daddy thinking for a moment or two “you are not predictable Sir and I don’t think that I am really that clever, I just know my Sirs needs.” I grinned “well thanks anyway bitch.” I put my laptop back on the table and followed Daddy into the kitchen. He stood at the sink washing a few plates, I went up behind him and held him tight, and I made sure the mound in my shorts was resting in the crack of his plugged arse. I pulled on his tits as pushed my covered dick against him. I reached down with one hand and felt his dick as I continued the assault on one of his nipples. His dick was pulsing by itself ready to cum. “Mmmm you are so close aren’t you bitch?” “Yes Sir. I need to cum so badly.” “Shame.” I felt Daddy tense his body so he could stop himself cumming. I left his dick alone and went back to his other tit and squeezed both tit very hard, he moaned out loudly but he still didn’t shoot a load off, I hoped that squeezing his tit so hard helped his stop. I left Daddy alone and went towards the stairs, I heard Daddy moan to himself “fucking hell that was close, thankfully I didn’t cum as I only want to shoot when Sir says I can even thought it is fucking difficult.” I smiled to myself and climbed the stairs. I looked in on Luke who was sitting up smoking. I sat on the bed with him and pulled the cigarette from his fingers and took a long drag myself. Luke grabbed another and lit up and we lay together smoking. “You don’t smoke usually.” He said casually. “I used to when I was at school but Daddy talked me out of it, but know I know it turns him on, I am taking it up again as I always missed it.” I turned and smiled and Luke and kissed him on the lips. “Can I suck your dick?” I nodded and pulled off my shorts. Luke took a long drag on his smoke and put it in the ashtray. Without even letting the used smoke out he went down on my dick and sucked on it, only then did he let the used smoke out of his lungs as he took me deeper into his throat. “Oh fuck that’s good.” For some reason I found it very erotic Luke sucking my dick with a mouthful of smoke. I soon flooded his mouth with a hot load of cum. “Mmmm thanks Luke.” And I kissed him and went back downstairs to Daddy naked having chucked my shorts on the bed. Daddy was in the garden tending to the planters. I stepped up behind him and pushed his plug, a moan escaped his lips. “I need a piss bitch.” Daddy turned and got on his knees and took me into his mouth and I started my piss. “Mmmm thank you Sir” he looked up at me waiting to be told that I had finished with him. I nodded and he got up and went back to his planters. I went indoors as my phone was ringing. I looked at the caller’s name and smiled as it was Bob. “Hello Bob, what you up to?” “Well I’m wondering if I can come round, I’ve just left work feeling fucking randy and cannot get Luke out of my mind.” “Well of course you can, he’ll be so happy to see you, I heard him moaning in his sleep calling your name.” “Great, can’t wait to get inside his cute arse.” I ended the call and nearly went up to tell Luke bed decided against it. I checked my emails to see if I had a reply about my Grandfather but sadly nothing had come in. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer and one for Daddy, I crept out to the garden and put the cold bottle to his back and he screamed out. He turned all smiles and took the bottle “thank you Sir, just what I need, but recycled beer always tastes better.” He said looking at my dick licking his lips. “Slut.” “Yes Sir.” “Whore.” “Yes Sir.” “Cunt.” “Yes Sir.” “Bitch.” “Yes Sir.” I pulled Daddy towards me and kissed him. “You’ll do for me.” And Daddy kissed my nipples and gently bit each one once. “Mmmm you know what turns me on bitch.” “A good slut bitch should know what turns his man on.” “Yeah and you do don’t you bitch.” I looked down at Daddy’s dick which was still hard and still pulsing. “And it turns you on too doesn’t it.” “Yes Sir, please let me cum, I need to shoot a load so fucking badly.” “No bitch.” I said sternly “you will not cum as I want to keep you horny and on the verge of shooting a load off. Remember I will beat you if you cum and even though you enjoy a beating you will not enjoy it if you cum without me allowing it.” “Yes Sir” he said despondently looking to the floor. We both heard the roar of a motorbike outside, which for this area was unusual, we both went to look and it was parked outside. A guy got off and pulled off his helmet. “Bob.” Daddy exclaimed. And he saw us, grinned and came to the door where Daddy had opened it. Bob was dressed a full leather suit that fitted his toned body like a second skin. Luke came running downstairs his small dick was hard and leading the way. “I somehow knew it was you.” And he jumped into Bob’s arms. They kissed profusely “I’ve missed you.” “It was only yesterday Luke.” “But I’ve been to sleep since then and I still missed you.” “Actually I’ve missed you as well.” “Come on.” And Luke took his hand and they disappeared upstairs. Daddy and I looked at each other and smiled. Daddy came over and knelt on the floor and looked longingly at the bulge my dick was making. “If you can suck my dick to completion without shooting a load of your own then go ahead.” Daddy looked to the floor staying where he was, he got up and walked off, I heard a small sob as he walked off “Oi bitch get your arse here now.” He turned and came running he stood and put his hands behind his back. “I am impressed at the way you walked off when you knew that sucking my dick would lead to you shooting your own load.” I kissed him shoving my tongue into his throat “Now scoot.” Daddy smiled this time as he walked off. Trouble is I was getting horny and needed to get off myself but I was enjoying denying Daddy and in his heart I think that he enjoyed it too. I went upstairs and got out my skinhead gear. Tight bleachers, brown knee high boots, red socks and laces with a red Fred Perry with yellow piping and yellow laces. I dressed myself and went downstairs. “Money bitch.” “Yes Sir.” He turned and saw me in my gear. “Fuck that’s horny Sir.” And he turned away to stop himself from getting too horny, he looked back and gave me his debit card and some cash. “Thanks bitch. I’ll see you later and remember I’ll know if you have cum when I get home.” “Yes Sir.” And I closed the door and walked towards town. I soon got to where I wanted to be and knocked on the door, there was no answer so I knocked again only this time louder. A window opened and was about to shout when he saw it was me and he released the door and I went upstairs. “About fucking time you came round again.” He said with a grin. “You give a great fuck.” I pulled him to me and we started kissing “Mmmm and you kiss well too.” He leant down and rubbed my dick through the tight skinhead jeans. “Nice and big and hard and all for me.” And we made out for a while tongue fighting. I grabbed hold of his shoulders and pushed him to the floor. He was staring at the huge bulge in my jeans, he looked up “Lick that fucker through the denim.” He put his face to my jeans and started licking and pushing my hard dick with his head. “Now take it out fucker.” He looked up and started undoing the buttons, he released my hard dick from the confines of my tight jeans. “Mmmm so big.” He took the head into his mouth and licked round taking me deeper into his mouth “Mmmm so long.” He took me back into his mouth and descended slowly taking every inch into his tight throat. As soon as his lips were touching his balls I grabbed hold of his shaved head and pulled him onto my dick. He let me face fuck him his eyes never leaving mine. I slowed down and left my dick deep inside his throat and gave him my piss. All I heard was a moan as I pissed deep in his throat. I pulled my dick out of his throat and pulled him up. I shoved my tongue back into his mouth and we kissed. “You are such a horny fucker, I’d never get out of bed, I’d be your plaything and do what the fuck you want when you want, shame you have a bitch of your own.” “Well I’ve got enough gaziantep escort to go round and I’m always fucking horny.” I pushed him down to the floor and he lay on his back lifting his legs high, I got behind him and shoved my dick into his arse. Pushing the whole thing into his lubed arse. “This what you want cunt?” I started ramming in and out “This what you need cunt.” “Fucking, yes Sir.” He moaned “Always need my man cunt filled by a horny guy such as you.” “Yeah I bet you do, you need a real man filling you with his seed to keep you docile.” And I ramped up the fucking, giving him what he clearly needed a good hard fucking. “ARGHHHHH.” And he shot his load all over the two of us covering my jeans with his load. Now it was my turn to moan as he tightened his arse as he shot his load. I soon flooded his arse with my hot load of teen cum. “Oh fuck I can feel every fucking spurt of you hot man cum filling my arse, oh wow that feels so fucking good.” I stayed where I was, deep in his arse rocking back and forwards very slightly, my teen dick didn’t lose its hardness, well perhaps only slightly. After a brief rest I started moving in and out again and built up to a nice steady fuck. “Oh shit.” He moaned as I fucked him for a second time. “Oh yeah give me that big dick.” I pushed his legs higher and raised his arse even higher, as I went with him I was able to give him a long hard fucking as his arse was high in the air. I felt him clench his anal muscles giving me a good ride in his sloppy arse, I was pulling all the way out and dropping in him pushing my dick in. “Come on man, give me another hot load that you have stored up in those big balls of yours.” That pushed me over the edge and he shot over himself and I shot another hot load of teen cum deep inside his arse. “Fuck that was hot.” I said as we parted and fell on the bed. He reached for a butt plug and pushed it into his sloppy arse sealing in my two loads of cum. He leant down and licked my dick clean and was about to lick his cum from my jeans but I stopped him “Leave it where it is.” “Dirty fucker” he grinned and kissed me again. I needed a smoke, I knew he smoked as I saw a couple of packets by the front door as I came in. “Get me a smoke cunt.” “Yes Sir.” He came back with the packet and lit two and handed me one. We lay side my side smoking “Thank for the great fuck.” And he reached over and kissed me giving me a mouthful of his used smoke which I took in.” “Please Sir.” He said begging “Please come round any fucking time you like, I need more of that” and he squeezed my big dick “in whichever hole you want. You are such a fucking horny bastard and you really push my buttons.” I stood up and put my dick away and re-dressed. He got on the floor and licked my boots “Please stay longer Sir.” He looked up at me. “Don’t beg cunt, it doesn’t suit you.” “Yes Sir, sorry Sir” and he looked to the floor. I turned and left taking his lighter and packet of smokes, so I could have another on the way home. “I’ll be back cunt.” He looked up and smiled and I turned back and closed the door on my way out. I headed home as soon as I got indoors I found Daddy in the garden laying in the sunshine, sounds of loud sex were still coming from the upstairs windows. I walked up and stood so he was in shadow, he opened his eyes and looked at me, and his dick went rigid immediately and started pulsing. “So bitch, you didn’t shoot a load then whilst I was out?” “No Sir, I didn’t want to defy you.” “Stand up.” Daddy stood and I kissed him “you have pleased me, I expected to have to beat you.” “You’ve been smoking Sir, you smell nice I love the smell of cigarettes and cigars as much as sweat and sex.” He looked me in the eyes not getting embarrassed. At that moment Bob and Luke came downstairs naked, Bob was carrying his leather suit his long dick hanging and swinging freely. “This boy does know how to enjoy his sex and like me he doesn’t ever get enough. I don’t want to be parted from him and I know he feels the same. I want to take him home with me so we can live as a couple, I want to train him to be a leather boy bitch, we have talked and we agree that it can only happen if you give the okay.” I saw Luke take Bob’s hand in his and squeeze it gently. Bob looked down at Luke and smiled. They both looked at me “I would be foolish to stand in the way of true love. Just look at me and Daddy. I am concerned however that Luke is rushing into this and even though I haven’t known him that long, I worry about him as I know Daddy does.” I took Luke by the hands and pulled him towards me. “Do you really want this Luke?” he nodded. “Bob do you swear you will look after him, if I find out you are hurting him outside the usual S&M sex, you will suffer for it. Luke you will always be part of this family, I will always be your brother and the bitch will always be your Daddy.” Luke grabbed hold of me and hugged me tightly “Thank you for everything you have done for me, I will never ever forget your kindness. I don’t really understand this love thing, but I will do anything to stay with Bob and learn to be the best leather sub-bitch I can be.” “Come on baby bitch. Let’s get you dressed and you can take your first ride on my motorbike.” Luke took Bob’s hand again and went upstairs to get dressed and gather his meagre belongings. “Have I done the right thing Daddy?” “Sir, those two will do well together. In a few months they will become inseparable, Luke will train nicely. I can’t wait to see him when he is trained.” Bob and Luke appeared full dressed. “We’ll have a party soon as you think that Luke is ready to face the world again.” I said with a wink and a grin. “I will invite Juan and Rex too.” We all kissed and Bob and Luke roared off on his motorbike. Daddy got on his knees and looked up at me, before he said anything. “NO” I said sternly. He ran off and came back with a beer. “Thank you bitch” I kissed him shoving my tongue in his mouth and as far in as I could. Daddy moaned lustily. I pulled away and went indoors and got my laptop out and checked for emails as I drank my beer. I noticed one, it was from one of the leads looking for my Grandfather. thank you for contacting us, I will need more information from you before I can tell you anything, but I can tell you I do know where your Grandfather is. He is well and living life to the full details followed about what things they wanted in order for my details to be passed to grandfather, so we could hopefully meet. I wondered what life to the full meant. I straight away found the things that they wanted and got them copied and faxed them straight away. They email back you are eager, thanks for those, I just need to do some checks and speak to your Grandfather to see if he agrees to his information being passed along I closed the emails down and went to find Daddy. He was in the kitchen I went behind him and held him tightly rubbing my denim clad bulge against his plugged arse. “Please don’t Sir, I am on a hair trigger and I don’t want to disappoint you.” I kissed the back of his neck and walked away smiling to myself. I went upstairs and checked all my things for work tomorrow. Daddy had excelled himself my boots were shined to perfection and my clothes were selected especially so show off my muscled body to perfection. I lay on the bed and lit one of my new big cigars and took a long draw taking in the nice smooth flavour into my lungs. “Bitch get your fucking arse up here now” I shouted angrily, except I wasn’t of course. I heard the stairs go and he came in running wondering what had happened. He took one look at me still dressed in my skin gear and smoking a huge cigar and shuddered and shot his cum everywhere. He burst into tears “Just the result I wanted bitch.” Daddy looked at me through the tears “sorry Sir, I am so sorry for cumming without permission, I didn’t expect you.” And he started sobbing again not finishing his sentence. I stood up and went over to the door where he stood sobbing. I held him tightly “Why do you think I wanted to stop you from cumming, I wanted you to see me like this as I knew what would happen. I wanted my bitch to get off by shooting a huge cum load by just seeing me in my gear and smoking a cigar.” I lifted his tearful face and wiped the tears away. “I love you.” And I kissed him passionately. “You’re not going to beat me?” “No of course not. You did exactly as I expected and I enjoyed watching my bitch shoot a load off without even touching himself or having sex.” I kissed him once more “now come on, let’s go downstairs and you can watch me smoke this cigar.” I held out my hand and Daddy took it and we went downstairs. I sat on the settee and Daddy came over with an ashtray, he sat on his knees with the ashtray I his hands watching me intensely. “Is this what you did with Grandfather?” “Yes Sir, except I was never naked.” He smiled. “Do you ever wonder where he is?” “Yes Sir, I’d love to know what happened to him.” I pulled Daddy closer to me and took the ashtray and put it beside me. I pulled Daddy to my lap and he lay his head down and I caressed it lovingly. “Am I forgiven for stopping you cumming?” “Yes Sir, you are a nasty Master sometimes but I do love you so very much.” “I’m only nasty sometimes, mmmm I’ll have to see what I can do about that won’t I?” Daddy looked at me with a worried look on his face, I just smiled back at him. He quickly lay his head back on my lap, using his head to rub my dick inside the tight denim. “Thanks for getting everything ready for work tomorrow bitch.” And I rubbed his shaved head “I’ll make it up to you when we get to bed tonight.” All I heard was a moan from Daddy. “Kiss me bitch.” Daddy got up as I took a long draw from the cigar. I kissed Daddy passing the used smoke into him. He took it all in and down into his lungs. “Thank you Sir, I always wanted to that with Daddy.” And we kissed again. I took my braces off and pulled my Fred Perry off. This time Daddy lay his head on my muscled chest and played with my nipples. “Happy bitch?” “Yes Sir.” The guy in the shop was correct, it really was nice. “All I want” Daddy got up and rushed off and came back with a beer. “Is a nice cold beer.” I said laughing. “Thanks bitch.” Daddy curled up on the settee next to me his head resting against my shoulder. We rested like that until I finished the cigar, Daddy taking the odd lungful of smoke from my lungs into his. My email pinged on my mobile phone, I picked it up and read it Your Grandfather would like to see you, he advises me that he is local and kept an eye on you both from a distance and is pleased with how things turned out. He knows where suriyeli escort you live and will be around to see you at 7pm tomorrow night “We are having a visitor tomorrow night bitch but for now I need a piss.” Daddy got on the floor and I undid the buttons on my flies and hauled out my dick, it was getting hard and Daddy smiled and took it into his mouth and down into his throat. I gave Daddy what he needed and what I wanted. “Who’s the visitor Sir?” “You’ll find out tomorrow won’t you bitch.” “Yes Sir, he said looking to the floor. We sat watching the television late into the night until we went to bed and cuddled until we fell asleep, I woke twice in the night and fucked Daddy hard giving a load each time. Daddy woke me up with a light breakfast in bed before he took me into the shower and washed and dried me off. I sat on the bed and Daddy dressed me for work, when he was please he stood back and looked at me grinning “Very nice Sir.” He looked at the clock on the bedside cabinet “You need to go Sir.” I nodded, kissed Daddy and left to get to the shop. I got there just as Charlie was opening up. He shook my hand as a welcome, he showed me how to use the till and where we could make tea and coffee, he told me of the good and bad places to have lunch. I was taken through the stock on the shelves and how to use the ordering system for anything that we didn’t actually have on the shelves. Charlie said that he or the boss usually measure clients if they wanted anything made-to-measure, I’m sure that he will take you through the process in good time. We had a good morning and by lunchtime I had him eating out of the palm of my hand and he would do anything for me. I will have him sucking my dick by the middle of the week and fucking his arse by the end of the week. A couple of skinheads came in, both of them stank of piss, stink and cum and clearly didn’t give a fuck. They looked round and the guy who was clearly the Master or the two clicked his fingers and the other knelt on the floor and licked his Master’s boots whilst he looked through a rack of rubber t-shirts. I walked over and spoke to the Master “for yourself or your bitch?” “It’s the cunts birthday and he wants some rubber to wear, only I don’t know what would be best. I looked at the sub on the floor “stand up bitch.” He looked to his Master for permission “He’s well trained.” I smiled and he jumped to his feet and stood at attention with his arms by his sides. “He’s fairly well-built and got good muscle tone, have you thought about a rubber apron and waders, it would look horny in those and you both seem to love piss, cum and stink. He smiled at me and nodded “you got some in stock then?” I nodded “strip cunt.” The sub took his clothes off without even a second thought and stood at attention naked and hard. “Just like my own bitch.” I smiled “Loves to be on show and doesn’t give a fuck.” I went out the back and bought out a couple of rubber aprons, one in black, one in slightly see through black. “Have a look at those and see what you think “Size 9 boots?” “Yes Sir.” He said answering me but only after he had got permission to speak from his Master. I went out back and bought 2 pairs, one with yellow piping and one with red piping. He tried on one pair and walked around, I put the slightly opaque black one on him and stood back. “What do you think?” “Nice.” He smiled and shook my hand. “He’ll look good in this walking round the club that I own giving his man cunt to anyone that wants it. I’ll take both the aprons and both pairs of waders.” Charlie smiled and I rang up the sale “you can get dressed now cunt.” He loves me ordering him around you know, never satisfied unless he if getting skull fucked or his man cunt used by either a dick or a fist. You would never have guessed he used to be stock market trader and ready to marry my kid sister until he met me, I soon showed him what man sex is all about didn’t I cunt.” “Yes Master.” “Are you straight cunt?” “No Master, I am a faggot bitch to serve any real man that needs a lowly faggot cunt to use and abuse.” “See what I mean, his dick is rock hard inside his jeans just talking about being used.” “Can I add to his pissed jeans?” “Course you can mate. Least I can do.” He opened his jeans and I took my dick out and put it inside his jeans and took my piss. When I had finished he looked over at his Master who smiled and nodded. “Thank you Sir for allowing this faggot bitch to take your piss.” “Come on cunt, let me find you a fuck or two on the way home.” “That was nice” Charlie said after they left. “The sale or the piss?” “Both TJ.” I smiled and looked at Charley’s extremely low rise jeans, I could clearly see the hard dick lying underneath. I looked up and he saw me looking at his hard dick. I needed a smoke and took a cigarette from the packet and went outside. My new boss walked up “Having a break TJ?” “Yeah had a good sale, so I thought I’d come out for a quick break.” He took the cigarette from my hand and smoked it himself, I lit another. “My Master smokes and occasionally when I have been a particularly good boy he’ll light up a cigar and that sends me into nirvana, I could sit watching him for hours my dick rock hard.” “What’s with Charlie?” I said nodding into the shop. He smiled “he thinks he is straight but he isn’t, I’ve never seen him do anything with the customers but I know he is interested.” I made a bet with myself that he will be sucking my dick by the middle of the week and screwing his arse by the end of the week.” “Nobody has succeeded yet, if you manage to get into his arse by Friday without forcing him, you can have a raise.” “Well now that’s what I call a challenge.” We finished our smokes and went back inside the shop. He looked at the till “Mmmm well done, good start TJ.” And he disappeared upstairs. The rest of the day was fairly quiet and only made a few sales of cock rings, some butt plugs and some rather large dildos. I made my way home as soon as we had closed and as I got inside the front door Daddy was waiting for me, tears streaming down his face, what the fuck has happened bitch?” I said with worry in my voice. “Sorry Sir, but I missed you today. I am so used to you being around telling me what to do all the time it was strange you not being here.” He fell to the floor and worshipped my boots. Licking them all over. “Hey bitch, I’ve missed you too. Now get up here and kiss me.” Daddy stood up and we kissed lovingly and beautifully. I pushed him away and pulled down my braces and took off my shirt. “Now get down and lick those pits then you can chew on my nipples. Daddy got to work eating out my armpits. He licked each one lick it was his last ever meal. Once satisfied he got to work on my nipples gently biting and chewing each one. I pulled him away and pulled his face up to mine “better now bitch?” he nodded smiling. I kissed him and pushed him back to my nipples, my dick would soon need attention and Daddy knew that as he knew as well as I that my nipples were hard wired to my dick. I took his hand and pushed him over the arm of the settee, I took the large plug from his arse and undid the buttons on my jeans. I sank my dick deep in his arse eliciting a lusty moan from Daddy. “Thank you Sir” he moaned out with total lust in his voice. “I’ve wanted this all day Sir.” He pushed back trying to get even more of my long fat dick into his arse. “Yeah bitch, this is what you need isn’t it, my long fat dick filling your arse and sending my load deep inside you.” “Fuck yes Sir.” He screamed out as he continued pushing back meeting my thrusting inwards. I soon flooded his arse with my load of hot cum and followed that with some hot piss. I pulled out and shoved the butt plug in place. “Better now you are filled bitch?” “Mmmm thank you Sir” and Daddy reached up and kissed me his dick hard and pulsing, he wanted to cum I could tell but he was so happy at having cum and piss in his arse he totally forgot about his own dick needing to shoot. “If this is what I am going to get each night I come home from work, I will be one happy Master.” Daddy smiled looking up at me. “How’s dinner going our guest will be here prompt at 7?” “Fine sir, everything’s under control. I just need to finish laying the table, are you and your guest having beer or wine Sir?” I looked at Daddy and liked the way that he said me and my guest not including himself in the alcohol. “Beer I think bitch.” I smiled at Daddy as he turned to check on the stocks in the fridge. I went up behind him and kissed the back of his neck causing him to shudder “you can have as much beer as you want tonight bitch.” He turned to me grinning. “Thank you Sir.” “Go upstairs and get you brown skinhead boots on with red socks and yellow laces, nothing else.” He nodded and ran upstairs. He soon came back with gleaming boots. “Very nice.” His dick still rock hard “how are your piercings bitch?” “Ready to be stretched again?” “Oh yes please Sir.” He reached in and kissed me, his way of thanking me for stretching his piercings. Just then the front door went. Daddy turned and went to the door, as soon as he opened it and saw who it was “Daddy.” And he fainted. I turned the corner and saw my Grandfather for the first time. Surprisingly he wasn’t old like you would expect a grandfather to be, the second surprise was the way he was dressed. Tight denim covered in black leather chaps with Dehner boots that came to his knees and an open biker’s jacket open to show off his well-built body and pierced nipples complete with huge rings through each one. His ears were also pierced multiple times and from the bulge in his crotch I could clearly see a huge Prince Albert piercing through the end of his substantial dick. I showed Grandpa to the lounge and he sat on the settee and I picked Daddy up and carried him in and sat him next to Grandpa. Daddy woke up “Sorry Sir” he said looking directly at me “it was a total shock to see my Daddy standing there.” “You okay Son?” he said rubbing my back. “Yes Daddy, how, what, why.” “Steady on, we can talk all you need later, first off I need a beer.” “Yes Sir.” And Daddy ran into the kitchen and got two bottle of beer on for Grandpa and one for me. “Thanks bitch” Daddy looked at Grandpa with a worried look on his face. “I’m not shocked son, I have been keeping a distant eye on you and your life since that bitch of a wife left you. I still don’t understand why the fuck you married her, I knew you were queer a long time ago, I remember the way you used to watch me intently when I smoked my cigars. I knew back then that you would end up being somebody’s rus escort bitch, I was a little surprised when I found out it was your own son but I soon learnt of the love you have for each other.” “Grandpa why didn’t you make yourself known to us?” “For a start you never call me Grandpa again ever. You can call me Oliver. I knew I was gay long before I married Rita, it was the one thing expected of me, I suppose that’s why my son grew up a faggot even if he didn’t know it till much later.” Oliver looked at Daddy and smiled. “As soon as Rita moved out to live with a mate of mine, my parents moved to Spain to live and I began to live my own life. Daddy had moved from the settee next to Oliver and sat on the floor next to me caressing my boots as Oliver talked. “Can I smoke?” I nodded and he got a tube of cigars out of his pocket, he handed one to me and we both lit up. Daddy just sat and started at the both of us, poor Daddy didn’t know where to turn or who to look at, he was so fucking turned on. “Please Sir, can I go and check on dinner?” I nodded and Daddy ran out of the room. “Watching a real man smoke still turns him on then TJ?” “I found out by accident but it pleases me as I missed smoking, I used to smoke but Daddy insisted I kick the habit, now I know why.” “Can I use him, is that allowed, oh I have my own bitch at home, he had been naughty and is locked in a cage at the moment to ponder his failures.” “Of course you can use him. I can either watch or go out I don’t mind.” “I bet you really want to watch your Grandpa use his son just as I want to watch my Grandson use his Daddy.” “Deal. How old were you when you got married and had Daddy?” “Well as I said it was expected, I was a horny young buck and could never get enough sex, oh it was always the wrong kind but back then sex was sex. I got Rita pregnant at my last year at school and we married soon afterwards. So there is really only 16 years between me and my son.” “Dinner is ready Sir.” We put out or cigars and would finish the later on. Oliver took off his leather jacket and we went into the kitchen. We sat down and Daddy served the two of us and then plated up his own food and sat between us. He looked at us both and closed his eyes and scrunched them tight. “What the fuck?” “He’s trying to stop himself from cumming, I haven’t given him permission to.” “You turned on by two Masters Boy?” “Yes Daddy.” “What happens if you cum boy?” “I get beaten Daddy, I enjoy a beating but Sir beats me very, very hard so that I don’t enjoy it.” He looked away in embarrassment.” “You are very honest Son.” “Yes Sir Daddy, I was bought up that way.” He looked at Oliver and smiled broadly. “Good boy.” And Oliver rubbed his shaved head. “Come on let’s eat.” Daddy cleared the things away and was washing up at the sink with his back to us. “Do you keep him plugged?” “Yes it only comes out when he is being screwed or cleaning himself out, he loves to keep my seed and piss inside him for as long as possible don’t you bitch? “Yes Sir.” But before he turned back he noticed that our bottles were getting low, he opened another two and passed them to Oliver and me. “Thanks son.” “That’s okay Daddy, sorry. Sir.” “Save the Sir for your Master, I want you to continue to call me Daddy.” “Yes Daddy thank you Daddy” he beamed and turned to finished clearing the things away. “Come on Oliver, we can go into the lounge and finish our cigars. Bring us a coffee bitch when you are finished.” “Yes Sir.” We lit up and smoked our cigars, Daddy joined us and sat on the floor in front of Oliver holding the ashtray. “Just like old times boy.” “Yes Daddy.” Oliver stretched out his legs, he was showing a very full crotch now and I noticed Daddy staring at it. I kicked him gently and he got to the floor and started licking and worshipping Oliver’s boots whilst we talked. I was getting horny and in need of a fuck “Get your arse in the air bitch” Daddy did as he was told and took his butt plug out. “Fuck that’s big.” Oliver exclaimed. I took my dick from my jeans and was about to start my fuck “I see that big dicks run in the family, shame it missed a generation.” He said looking down at Daddy. He pulled open his black leather chaps and undid the buttons on his fly, he hauled out a long and very fat dick that had several piercings through the end of it. Daddy looked up and smiled. “Suck son.” Daddy took the head of Oliver’s dick into his mouth and sucked round the head and the piercings, he slowly took inch by inch into his mouth and down into his throat. “Yeah very nice boy.” And Oliver grabbed Daddy’s head and pulled him deep onto his dick. I pushed in and started my fuck. As I was fucking I was pushing Daddy hard and onto Oliver’s dick “Fuck yeah you are good son.” I pushed hard inside Daddy and stayed deep as I needed a piss. “Why have you stopped?” “I need a piss.” And I did just that, I filled Daddy’s arse with my hot skinhead piss and started fucking again when I finished. “Good idea TJ.” Oliver stopped fucking Daddy’s throat and took his own piss deep in Daddy’s throat. “Fuck that’s much better.” And he started fucking Daddy’s throat again. Both Oliver and I were ramming in and out of the hole we were using, I felt Daddy’s dick and he was rock hard so I knew that he was enjoying himself. I soon felt my teen cum start to boil up inside my balls. “I nearly ready to shoot.” “Fuck yeah” said Oliver “I’ll tell you when I’m close, hold off boy.” He ordered. I slowed down my fucking and Oliver smiled at me. I was now slowly fucking Daddy not wanting to shoot too soon. Oliver was fucking Daddy’s throat hard and yelled out “NOW BOY.” We both shot out cum into Daddy at the same time. “Fuck that was good.” I said as we both pulled out of Daddy. Daddy turned and cleaned my dick for me before licking Oliver’s to get the last few drops leaking. I sat up on the settee with Oliver and Daddy sat on the floor looking up at both of us grinning broadly. “That was a dream come true.” He said with sheer delight in his voice. “When my own son took charge of me, I wanted my own Daddy to use me but I didn’t know where you were let alone that you might be gay yourself.” “Get up boy” Daddy stood up in front of Oliver “that is one of the reasons I went away son, I wanted to use you so fucking badly but there was no way on earth I was going to use a 5 year old boy, I know that things were different for you and TJ and I accept that and loved it when I heard that my own son was fucking his son, but I couldn’t get my own head around the feelings I was having about my own 5 year old son. I love you boy, I always have.” And Oliver pulled Daddy into his arms and they kissed deeply. Daddy sat on Oliver’s lap and lay against his muscled and very hairy chest playing with his nipple rings. “Now boy, when I said my own bitch was caged your eyes sparkled, I take it you like the idea of caging my son when he is naughty?” I nodded grinning. “I see you have a spare bedroom, ever thought about getting a sling installed and turning it into a proper playroom?” my face must have given me away “I see from the look you haven’t, but you like the idea.” I grinned and nodded. “Well as my gift to you, I will arrange everything and pay for it too. That is the least I can do, my bitch will do all the work and you can use and abuse him as you see fit too. Don’t be surprised at his age either, I long ago came to terms with the fact that boys turn me on.” Oliver looked down at Daddy “You enjoying yourself with my nipples son” “Yes Daddy sorry Daddy.” And he left them alone. “Well don’t be. You are turning me on again and you know exactly what you were doing don’t you son?” “Yes Daddy” he said with a huge grin across his face. Oliver picked Daddy up in his huge and hairy muscled arms and lowered Daddy onto his huge dick, Daddy took him in easily and he sighed as Oliver’s huge dick filled Daddy to maximum. Daddy started bouncing up and down on the dick filling his arse, my own dick went hard watching the scene before me, I got up and went into the kitchen for another beer and drank that alone in the kitchen. “SIR.” I heard from the lounge. I went back into the lounge “Please Sir, can I suck your dick?” I stood in front of Daddy and offered my dick to his mouth and he took it on right up to my balls taking me easily into his throat. As Daddy bobbed up and down on Oliver fucking himself he was throat sucking me. “You a whore for dick son?” Daddy moaned a reply “You never get enough dick can you son?” Daddy again moaned. “I spawned a fucking sex maniac.” And Oliver started raising his arse of the settee and was fucking Daddy harder. “ARGGGGGGGGGH” and I unload another load of cum deep in Daddy’s throat. “Thank you Sir” he said as Oliver too moaned and stopped his fucking and kept his dick deep as he dumped a load of cum in Daddy’s arse. Daddy turned and kissed Oliver before pulling off the dick and cleaning it for him and replacing his butt plug. He ran and got Oliver a beer and passed it too him. “Please Sir” said Daddy from the floor. “Yes Bitch.” “Please Sir, can you and Daddy smoke another cigar so I can sit here on the floor and watch?” Oliver and I looked at each other and smiled, I reached for my cigars and passed one to Oliver and as we sat side by side we lit up. Daddy moaned as he held the ashtray for us. “Please Sir may I cum?” I nodded and Daddy closed his eyes for a brief moment and shot his load everywhere. “Thank you Sir.” He said pleased that I had allowed him to shoot a load off. “Did you cum from watching us smoke boy?” “Yes Daddy, I have wanted to shoot a load off ever since you arrived but knew better than to ask.” Daddy went red and looked to the floor. Oliver looked at his watch “I must go, I would love to spend a little more time here, but I do need to release my bitch from confinement.” We all stood and Oliver did himself up. We all kissed deeply and Daddy shed a tear as they parted. “Don’t worry son, now that we have found each other again I am never going to let us part again, you will see me a lot from now on.” Daddy grinned and beamed the biggest smile I had ever seen. “Besides, I want to see more of my grandson as I need to find out how he turned from a pussy to a good top that owns his father.” We all kissed again and Oliver made a move to the front door. “I’ll be in contact when I have everything in place for your new playroom.” He kissed Daddy one more time and left. After closing the door Daddy turned to me “Sir that was the best thing that you have ever done for me, I will never be able to put into words how much that all means to me.” “Daddy, I love you so very much I wanted this for you, I didn’t know how it would turn out and certainly never knew that Grandpa was another butch top.” We kissed each other fighting each other for tongue space. “Come on bitch, bed and we can snuggle, until I get horny again that is.” Daddy smiled and we went upstairs. TO BE CONTINUED…

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