A First In The Rear


“You sure this won’t hurt?” Mary asked again.

“Absolutely. All you have to do is push back, like you are trying to go, and relax. Things will be just fine. I slide in a little, let you have time to get used to it, and take it easy. You’ll love it.” At least he hoped he wouldn’t hurt her. He had used enough K-Y. If she were too tense, it would hurt. If she relaxed and wanted to enjoy this, it wouldn’t.

“God I hope so. I’ve heard about this enough.”

“Girlfriends huh?” John said as he moved closer and smeared the lubricant all over his hard and ready cock.

“Yea. A few said there was no way that they would ever let a guy up there, and there were a few who said it was really kinky and they loved it – now and then when they were feeling really nasty or wanted to give their husband or whatever a real treat. Some even claimed they got off doing it.”

“And you were just dying to find out who’s telling the truth?” he moved closer.

“Well, sorta,” she said, waiting for him to either enter her ass and thrill or her, or for the pain. She wasn’t sure what to expect. She had her virgin ass up in the air, waiting. Her chest was on the bed. “Mostly I just hope I like it. I hope I can cum. It sounds so nasty.” Thank God, this guy wasn’t hung like a horse.

John had only met her a couple of hours ago in the motel bar. They were driving in opposite directions and were just here for the night. He had seen her at a table off to the side, almost in a corner and had asked to join her. At first, she was hesitant, but had quickly changed her mind. There had been the usual chitchat, what’s your name, where are you going, and so on. Somehow, spouses and sex had come up, and right now, he didn’t remember how, but it had eventually gotten around to not only sex, but also anal sex. He loved it, she had never done it, and her husband wanted nothing to do with it. She had professed a real desire to try it. Sometime later, he had asked her to his room, and somewhat to his surprise, she had accepted.

They had started with the usual preliminaries. Being a typical woman, as she got undressed, wished her body looked a lot better, her boobs were a little bigger, and she weighed a little less. And, she hoped he wasn’t huge.

John, being a typical man, was happy to have a woman willing to get into bed with him, and as she undressed, was even happier with her body; one he thought was just about perfect! And, of course, wished he was in a little better shape and was hung a little better.

“I gaziantep escort hope you like it too.” He was right behind her now, and placed the tip of his hard slick cock firmly against her crinkled little anus. Slowly he increased the pressure on it, watched the swollen head flatten a little against her resisting anus, and then watched the lust-swollen cock head slip – almost surge – inside her as that puckered little entrance to heaven relaxed. He just put the head in, just penetrating her tight little sphincter, and stopped. She was tight and it felt so damn good! “There,” he said, “I’ll hold it right here till you get used to it.” He felt her sphincter give his cock-head a good firm squeeze. If he hadn’t been pushing slightly, she probably would have forced it out. He needed the rest too or he was going to blow his load way too early. Anal sex with a complete stranger, who really wanted it in her ass, was just way too hot. This was the stuff of dreams!

As the cock tip had touched her, she started pushing back, just like he had told her. She was surprised to feel him slip in there so easily, and it didn’t hurt – well, not much anyway. It was a little different, and she was glad he had stopped, or it might have hurt. She felt really stretched back there. Mary lifted a hand between her legs and felt her pussy. This had her dripping wet! Oh, she had been wet and ready for him when they had a short session of missionary sex, but now she was really turned on as he penetrated her virgin ass. A finger started to slowly massage her hard clit. So far, this was great. That initial little pain had quickly subsided. Now, it felt good having John’s cock in her ass. Now she wanted more of it. She felt relaxed, it wasn’t hurting, and she was ready for some more of him. She wanted to feel him – his hard cock – sliding in and out of her ass. She wanted to be fucked in the ass!

After letting her have a few seconds to get used to something in her backside, John began to push again, and slid most of his cock slowly into Mary’s tight little ass. It seemed like she had relaxed now and things would be just fine. He took it easy on her as he started to slowly move his hard cock in and out of her tight little butt. He slowly withdrew until just the swollen head was inside her. Then, he pushed it all the way back into her. He could feel the soft velvety tip just touching the end of her rectum. He just loved the sight of his cock moving in and out of her ass. And, that smooth feeling of being inside her ass, escort bayan yea, there was nothing quite like it. This was really “doing the nasty!”

Mary was surprised at how good this felt – and how wicked and nasty it was too! She started to moan a little as John started going faster. Her finger started going a little faster over her clit. She wasn’t going to last long like this! She wondered if she could time it so that when he started filling her ass with his hot sperm she could cum too. It sure felt like she was going to cum, and it wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge. She had already cum once tonight, and she was ready for another good one.

John had turned out to be a good lover. The first, he paid a lot of attention to her boobs, sucking on one long nipple and pinching and twisting the other nipple just exactly as she liked it. He had complimented her body and seemed enraptured with her boobs. He made her feel like her boobs were the greatest ones he had ever seen. It was like he had been her lover for years. Then he had gone down on her, leaving her boobs and kissing his way down her flat tummy to her well-trimmed little bush. She didn’t have to ask him to, and didn’t have to blow him first – which was just as well, as she really didn’t care much for blowjobs.

Some friends of hers had claimed that they liked blowjobs and that cum tasted okay; she thought the stuff was awful. She didn’t mind sucking on her lover a little. The precum was okay, and even a little sweet. It was the actual cum that about gagged her. Usually she blew the guy until he got close and then finished him off with her hand, holding the cock tightly as her lover started to cum, making the sperm squirt high into the air. A few had wanted to cum on her face, but she wasn’t crazy about that either.

John really knew how to please her. He had gotten her close to cumming, and then teased her several times, almost letting her cum, but stopping short of letting her finish. Instead, he had turned his attention to the rest of her sex, letting her aching clit calm down. He sucked and teased her inner lips, licked her where she peed, and pushed his long tongue into her sopping wet sex opening. Finally, a finger slowly and carefully pulled back the hood of her clit, leaving the swollen wet little pink protuberance fully exposed. His talented tongue had then carefully caressed it, sending her over the edge. She first moaned, then screamed, and then soaked his face for him as a reward for his efforts. After that, she had eagerly spread her sexy legs for him, letting him fully enter her. She was so wet and ready that he had slid slowly all the way into her on that first long delicious thrust. There was always something about the feeling of a nice hard cock sliding into her the first time, that feeling of really being filled. They had happily screwed away for a time before he had suggested that she turn over. She knew what was coming next.

“On all fours, or flat on my tummy?” she had asked. While she was new to this, she had seen enough porn movies to know that it was done both ways, and sometimes even missionary.

“Let’s start out on all fours,” he had told her.

Now he was fully inside her ass, having his way with her, and she loved every minute of it. Slowly she had let her knees slip out behind her until her tummy was down on the bed. She just kept her bottom thrust up in the air, pushing back against him, making it easier for him to penetrate her tight little ass. Her finger was on her clit, going faster all the time, adding to the thrill that his hard cock was giving her bottom. Mary slid a finger into herself and found there was really very little separating her pussy from her rectum. She felt his hard cock moving in and out of her ass. She wondered what it would be like to have two men at the same time, one in each place going at it – two men having their way with her. Just about then, she heard him groan.

“Oh…. Mary,” he groaned, “I’m gonna cum in your ass! I can’t hold off any longer!”

She felt her own orgasm start to wash over her just as she felt the first throb of his cock in her ass. He had stopped trusting for just a second, perhaps in a vain effort to hold off a little longer, as that first spurt of hot pearly-white sperm shot up from his balls and erupted deep in her waiting ass.

John resumed thrusting, more like pounding away at her ass, as squirt after squirt of his thick hot cum sprayed out of his cock and landed deep in Mary’s tight climaxing little ass. He hadn’t had a cum this good in a long time. Yea, there was just something special about anal sex – being in a woman’s ass. He heard her moans turn to more of a shriek as she began to cum.

Finally, he had collapsed on top of her just as her orgasm was subsiding. Neither spoke for several minutes. They just lay there, his cock still deep in her bottom, in that forbidden tight little place, as they caught their breath.

“Was it as good as you thought it would be?” he finally asked, still nearly breathless, as he withdrew from her and rolled over next to her.

“Yea, maybe better. I had a great cum. I wanna do this again.”

Copyright January 2002, by Art

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