A Halloween’s Deal from Hell


It’s the time of the year again. I used to take Claire to the Halloween store and in the night bring her to our neighbors’ house for a “Trick or Treat” session. But as she grows up, she started to go with her friends instead. And now she is 17, she still celebrate Halloween. Eventhough she skipped the “Trick or Treats” for years now, she will attend any costume Halloween party that invited her. While me, will have my time alone at the house. Have myself a drink and make myself a comfy greasy dinner. Knowing she didn’t like it much.

“Hey dad! I’m off! I’ll go with my friends but I’m afraid you have to pick me up. Is that okay with you?” She asked as she climbed down from the stairs. I am at the kitchen preparing to cook. I turn around and my eyes widens seeing her.

She is wearing a fine green long silky wig reaching her back. On her head I can see a small devil like wings. She is wearing matching green eyed contact lenses. Her 38C rounded juicy breasts barely covered by a black teddy liked latex. Her smooth hands wrapped with a soft hand socks with fine thin white furs just before he shoulders. Her teddy latex follows her waist curve, going down onto her crotch. I bite my lips as under that, she is wearing a purple thin stockings, showing every curve of her thick thighs. Her matching black heels knocks the floor as she walks. And yes, I almost missed that devil like wings which is bigger than on her head, just above her bubbly ass.

“What are you wearing??” I asked in shocked. Previous Halloween, I know she always have been wearing sex clothes but not as, slutty as this. “Oh this? I’m a succubus, daddy.” She said as she pose a bit, naughtily. Then she turn around. My throat went dry seeing her bubbly ass. The teddy “panties” part cover barely half of her ass cheeks, then disappears between her ass cheeks, as the rest only wrapped under that purple stockings. Of course with her devil wings flapped on each side up on the back of her waist, not trying to cover any part of her body.

“I believe this character name is Morrigan from a game… Or anime… I don’t know. I just saw this costume and I love it. I just called it a slutty succubus.” She said explaining. “Well, consider yourself succeed.” I said. I sighed as I know asking her to change would be too much. As this is her favorite holiday after all.

I can feel my bulge throbs under my pants. I shake my naughty thoughts away. “Yeah sure baby. I’ll pick you up. Just call me when you’re done. Oh and don’t let the boys get handy with you.” I said warning. She blushed a bit. “Oh shut up dad.” Before she give me a peck on my cheek and head off. I hear the door closed as a car approaching. Must be her friends. Their giggles and laughs reaches the kitchen. A bit relieved knowing all girls in the car.

“Oh Claire, I wish you would be my slutty succubus.” I mutters as I continue prepping for the dinner. I realized that in years her body has developed into such a fine teen. Apart from jerking off thinking of her every now and then, I succeed in holding myself back, being a good father to her.

With that my phone Beeped on the counter. There’s a text. I put down the knife and grab my phone. Afraid it might be something important. But the sender number is unfamiliar to me.

From +666


For the celebration of the Opening of the Hell Gates, or as the Living called it “Halloween”, we are happy to announce that we will give out a free trial deal! If you would like your wish to come true, just say the below chant. Please be noted that the effects will only last until dawn. Enjoy!

“Daemon, esto subject voluntati meae”

Please be noted too that if you wish to continue your deal, it will last your lifetime and it will cost you just a soul. Just call the number below to continue the deal or for any inquiries.

Have fun!

The damned,


Head of Marketing,


+666 – Extension – 567

“Whoa… I got to say this is the best prank ever.” I chuckles reading the text. I put down my phone and start to make myself my dinner, as I try my best to shove my dirty thoughts on my daughter away and forgot about that text.

A few hours later while I watch a show where a guy search for giant fish in deep forest, My phone rang. I grab it and saw my daughter’s name. I almost forget about what happened just now. I slide the screen to the right, answering it.

“Hello?” I can hear loud music and cheer noises getting fainter as my daughter’s voice getting louder.

“Hey, daddy! Can you hear me?”

“Yes yes baby. I can hear you now. Are you allright?” I asked feeling a bit concerned.

“Yeah everything’s fine. Can you pick me up in 15 minutes? You know the place right?” She asked, clearly she is outside now.

“Yeah sure honey. I’ll be there.”

“Thank you dad! Love you!”

And with that she hung up the phone. I get up and change into something proper. A white tshirt with a plain old jeans. Well, I can’t go out with just wearing shorts that looks like a boxer now can I? I head out, start the engine, and head over to her.

The journey takes barely 15 minutes. I can see her just came out with her girlfriends. My cock stirs a bit inside of my pants seeing my own daughter in that slutty costume. I try to look away but her friends didn’t help much either. I can see a sexy nun, a nurse, and some slutty superheroine.

“Damn…” I mutters.

I can see from inside the car that she hugged her friends and kisses them on the cheek before she climbed in. “Why don’t you join them?” I asked as I start to head us home.

“Well, they are going to another party where… Well, more wild stuffs are going on.” She said as I can see her blushed underneath the passing street light.

“Oh… You mean, sex?” I asked. We talked about sex before but in complete educational way. She nodded.

I nodded back. “So… I take it you are a virgin then…?” I asked as I bite my lips, hoping I’m not go too far. As my eyes keep peaking on her stockings covered thighs. And that bouncing half revealed breasts as the car cruise.

She chuckles. “Please don’t be mad at me… But… No… I’m not a virgin…” She said as she look at me, waiting for my reaction. “Whoa… With who? How did it go? Did he hurt you?” I asked a bit panicked. escorts in london Not mad but just concerned.

She chuckles. “Stop it daddy… Well… The first time is kind of awkward but it’s get better than that…” I nodded hearing her explanation. “Then… Why are you not going with them?” I asked a bit curious. “Daddy, do you like me if I fuck around with strangers…?” She asked playfully shocked.

“Well, no… Not really but I thought it’s what you girls do nowadays?” I asked as I blushed. She chuckles. “Not everyone, daddy… I mean, sure sex is good but I prefer to do it with the guys who I know at least…” She said as she look out to the window. Blushed for talking about sex with me.

The rest of the ride went silence. Glad it’s not a long one. When we get home he kisses my cheek and wish me goodnight and thanks for picking her up. I can see her ass jiggles with the devil wings flopped on her hips as she climb up the stairs and I heard her bedroom closed.

“Fuck…” I mutters. “If only I could…” I shake that dirty thoughts away. Thinking I should jerk off tonight to clear that lust.

And again, with that. My phone Beeped again. My eyes widens seeing the text. It is the text from before.

“What the hell…” The text is highlighted above the others. Showing that it’s a new text. Did they send another one? I tap the text anyway and it opened up.

From +666


For the celebration of the Opening of the Hell Gates, or as the Living called it “Halloween”, we are happy to announce that we will give out a free trial deal! If you would like your wish to come true, just say the below chant. Please be noted that the effects will only last until dawn. Enjoy!

“Daemon, esto subject voluntati meae”

Please be noted too that if you wish to continue your deal, it will last your lifetime and it will cost you just a soul. Just call the number below to continue the deal or for any inquiries.

Have fun!

P.s – You are running out of time.

The damned,


Head of Marketing,


+666 – Extension – 567

I sighed as I crash myself on the couch. “Fine, it’s not like it’s true anyway.” And with that. I read the incantation “Daemon, esto subject voluntati meae”. I know it’s silly but I just remembered I didn’t think of any wish while I read that. And my previous wish was… Hoping that my daughter is my succubus.

I deleted the text thinking it was dumb and I’m even dumber for believing in things like that and then I heard my daughter’s groans. My eyes widens and at the same time another text came in.

From +666

Thank you!

Your request has been approved!

Have fun!

The damned,


Head of Marketing,


+666 – Extension – 567

“No way…” I heard my daughter groans as I quickly climb myself up the stairs and bolted into her unlocked room.

“D… Daddy…” She cried as she is now sitting on the floor. “Baby…! Are you allright?” I reach her and pulls her up and guide her body to sit on the bed with me. “Hey, are you allright…?” I asked. She look up at me and I realized something.

Her wig looks like her real hair now. And her small devil wings on her head flaps softly like its living. Her contacted lensed eyes now fused into her retina and I can see her pupil now elongated a bit like snake’s. Her latex teddy seems still like a cloth to me. But my eyes widens as I can see her cameltoe on her crotch. Not like before. And it’s look like her, real pussy. And instead of stockings, her skins now is light purple with the same shade of the stockings before. While the wings on her sides slowly flaps as she moves.

“W…. What is happening with me daddy…?” She cried. “I feel pain just now and now…. I can’t take any of my clothes off! And… It’s like… They are one with me now… And… The wings… They freaked me out daddy…” My eyes widens. Knowing the text was not a hoax. But I try to keep myself calm.

“I… I’m sorry baby… Just relax… Okay…? It will gone in the morning…” I said as I brushes her shoulders off. I can see a hint of fangs between her teeth, like a vampire. And I can smell something. Something sweet and pleasant. Like… Some kind of flower… And I can feel my cock throbs reacted to it. Remembering that one of the succubus power is turning any man on within her reach. Like I need any of that. I thought. Realizing I’m already horny from the ride.

“It’s my fault… J… Just calm down… Okey…?” I asked as she nodded. She wipe her tears as she wrap her hands around me. “Why… Why you said it’s your fault daddy…?” She asked confused as she wipe her tears. I bite my lips as I show her the text.

Her eyes widens before she hand me over the phone. She blushed. “And… You wished for me to become… A real succubus…?” She asked. “Well… I… I didn’t think it through but… I kinda wish… You are my… urm… My succubus… I would never thought this is real deal!” I said as I put the phone away.

“Your… succubus…? Do you mean… Do you mean you want to… fuck me daddy…?” She asked as I can see her eyes filled with something else now. Her wings spread a bit. Tensed. “I… I’m sorry baby I know it’s wrong…. “ And with that she grab my cheeks and leans in and kissed me. Her tongue shoved into my mouth as we kissed lustfully.

Then I push her off a bit. “Baby… We can’t do this… Its incest!” I said even my cock still hungry for her. She bite her lips. Knowing that. “But… I’m horny daddy… I’m so horny… You made me into this… Slutty… Horny… creature…” She moans as she reach for her pussy. She rubs it for me before she leans in and kiss me again. “You have to be… responsible… for it…” She moans as she shove her juices coated fingers into my mouth.

I suck her fingers instinctively and I can’t deny how good my own daughter’s taste. She grins with her fangs showed and kiss me again. “Fuck… Is succubus this horny all the time, daddy…?” She asked as she keep kissing me. “I… I don’t know baby…” I answered. She smile as she lick my lips and bite it playfully.

Then she pushes me down on the bed as she get on four. She undo my jeans and pulls it down, throwing it across the room. She chuckles as she saw my reaction. “Wow… Daddy… you are bigger than my boyfriend… Fuck…” She moans as she lick my shaft. Her tongue seems Escort in dubai to be longer than usual. She keep licking it and tasting it, before my eyes widens seeing her tongue slither wrapping my cock and stroking with her long tongue.

“F… Fuck…”’ I moans. I admit it feels weird but in a good way. My cock throbs hard. She smiles as she slowly slides my cock into her mouth. Her hands on my thighs as she start to bob her head up and down on my pole. Furiously and sloppily. She take me deeper into her throat, deepthroating her as my cock pounds her throat again and again as she bobs.

“Fuck baby that feels really good… Ahhh…” I groans as she look up at me with her beast greened eyes. I can see the curve at the end of her lips, smiling. Then she fasten her pace as her ass bent up giving me a show. Her green hair sways with her motion. Pushing me to the edge.

“Fuck baby I’m cumming!” I groans. She pulls my cock out just with the head buried in her mouth. I can see her lips wrapped tight at the ring of my cock as she stroke it fast with her hand. Her eyes never leave me but I can see she is begging for my cum. And with that, my cock explodes in her cursed mouth. She moans as I keep unloading and cumming in that mouth. “Umm… Ummmm…”

She keep sucking my cumming cock before she pulls out. She opens her mouth and show me her cum pooled mouth. She play it around with her tongue as she chuckles seeing my reaction. Then she close her lips before swallow it for me.

“F… Fuck… That is sexy…” I groans. She keep stroking my cock, realizing that its getting soft from the orgasm, but still a bit hard. “Umm… Looks like you need some help to get it hard back daddy… Luckily you asked for a succubus…” She tease. She pooled her own saliva in her mouth before she let it drool on my cock.

I can feel her saliva is warmer than before, running all over my head and shaft, before she coat my cock with it using her hand. And keep stroking. With that, I can feel my cock is getting hard again. Harder than before I guess. She smile naughtily as she lick me a bit.

“Umm… Do you like it, daddy…? Do you like your… Slutty… Horny… Succubus… Daughter…?” She tease. I nodded. “Oh fuck yes…” I groans. “Then you would love this…” She smile as she climbed on my lap. She straddle my laps with my cock just and inch from her pussy. I can see she is so wet down there.

“Oh, do you like what you see, daddy…?” She asked teasingly as she rub her own cunt for me. “Ohhh fuckk… I’m so horny…” I nodded to her question. She chuckles before she pushes herself up. Her hand grabs my hard thick cock and aim it to her pussy lips. Realized that her latex suit too merged into her pussy. As I can see her pink wet pussy lips between that black latex mount. “Fuckk!” I groans. Thinking that I’m about to fuck my own daughter.

And with that she let my cock slides into her tight wet pussy in one thrust. I can feel my cock slams her womb, making her body arched and I can see her wings spread tensed. She smile as she pant. Looking at me. “Ohh fuck daddy… You feels so big in me… Ahhh… You are stretching me out… There’s no way… It can fit in me… If I’m not a succubus…” She moans loud.

She then start to ride me. Up and down, bouncing on my cock. Her breasts jiggles with the latex teddy that barely cover her pussy. Her palms on my chest as I start to squeeze her ass. I spank it hard as she chuckles and moans at the same time. I squeeze those bubbly ass hard as my other hand reach for her jiggling tits. Squeezing it too. As she keep pounding on me, her father giving me the most erotic sex I ever had.

“Fuckk baby!” I groans as I let her ride me a few more times. Then I feels my primal lust washes over me. I grab her ass and lift her up. With my cock still in her pussy, I push her up on the walls as I stand on her bed, spreading her legs wide before she wrapped them around my waist.

“Ahhh That’s it, daddy… You want this, don’t you…? You want to fuck this naughty cunt of your daughter…?” She tease. I grins as I kiss her lips. I squeeze her tits hard as my cock starts to slammed back into her pussy. Fucking my own daughter on the walls. Her pussy juices drooling all over my pounding shaft and my balls.

I pulls the latex that covers my daughter’s breasts, glad that the part didn’t merged into her skins. Then I squeeze it hard as I suck her nipple, while my cock keep giving her the ecstasy she never get before. “Ohhh daddyyy!” She moans loud. Her body arched on the walls as her hand wrapped around her head and the other up on the walls. Her wings flapped with my motion as my cock slams deep, knocking the entrance of her womb everytime I thrust in.

“D… Daddy! I’m going to cum! Don’t stop don’t’ stop!! Fuckk!” She moans as her wings stretched wide to the point I can see the veins in the flaps. Her body stiffens as her legs wrapped tighter around me. Her pussy then clenched my cock so tight that I have to use all my strength to keep fucking her. And with that, her pussy explodes in such an orgasm all over my cock. I can feel her sweet warm nectar bursts and bursts all over my shaft as she squeeze me.

“Fuck baby!!” My eyes widens as the juices sends a wave of pleasure to my whole body. My cock throbs suddenly as it explodes into my daughter’s pussy. Fuck I’m not wearing a condom! Her pussy clenches my cock tighter that I can’t pull myself out. Helplessly cumming deep into my own daughter’s pussy. Both of us pant as we keep cumming together. Her wings relaxed, so does her legs.

I slowly lay her down on the bed. Thinking this is it. I am about to leave when she grab my hand. “Where are you going… Daddy…? We have the whole night…” She smile naughtily. She spit on her palm before she coat it around my cock again. Making me hard again. And my strength recovered.

“F… Fuck baby…” I groans. Turned on more and more by my own daughter’s sluttiness. Not sure it’s the succubus lust or its really her.

Then she pushes herself up and get on all four, this time her ass facing me. Fuck… When she bend all like that her ass looks so bubbly, rounded, plump, and thick. My hands start to roams on both her ass cheeks. The latex part there too seems to merged with her skins, as when I spread her ass cheeks, I can see her ass hole between them. I smile knowing what I want to do this time.

I Dubai Escorts spank her ass hard, making her moans and gasp before I thrust my cock deep into pussy lips in one push, feeling our cum coating my cock again. Then I grab her waist as I start to pounds her from behind. “Fuck baby… You are so tight… Ahhh fuckk fuckk!” I groans as I reach down and grab her jiggling tits. She look over at me with her lustful face, bending her ass higher for me as I keep pounding her.

“Yes daddy… Ahhhh fuck… Ummphh Ahhh…” She moans as her pussy being drilled by her own father. Wet sloppy slapping noises is filling up her room as my pelvis hits her ass, making them jiggles with rhythm, and my balls hits her clit, making her moans in every thrust. Knowing that my cock is all wet now, I pulls it out.

“Ohhh daddy… I need it put it back” She moans. I grins as I grab her hair and pulls her head back. I kiss her neck lustfully. “Ohh baby… I’m not going to put it in there this time.” Her eyes widens before she smile naughtily. “Then fuck my virgin ass hole, daddy…”

I need not another encouragement. I push her head down on her bed as she chuckles. Her wings spread giving me a good view of her teen lewd body. Then I squeeze her ass cheeks hard and pulls it wide, as I stroke my cock and slowly push it into her ass.

“Fuck!” I moans with a disbelief that a woman’s hole could be this tight. I keep pushing in as I see my daughter is grabbing her bedsheet tight, Her toes curled. “Fuckkk daddddyyy” She groans as I keep pushing until it balls deep. I gasped as I start to pulls it back. Feeling how tight she is. Her ass lifted high up as I start to pounds her ass.

“Ohh daddy! Ahh ahh fuckk!” She moans as her ass walls squeeze my cock tight. I keep fucking that tight teen ass as I grab her waist and pulls it up, squeezing her tits as I kiss her neck. While my cock keep slamming into her. “Ohh fuck baby I can’t believe you are so tight!” I moans into her neck. Then I push hew down back, keeping her head down on her bed as I spank her bubbly ass. Her purple ass jiggles hard with the motion of me fucking her.

“Fuckk fuckk fuckk baby!” The tightness of her ass pushes me to the edge fast. “Fuckkk! I’m cumming!!!” I groans as I pulls my cock out of her ass hole and start stroking furiously. Just a few strokes, my cock explodes with strings after strings of my thick creamy cum all over her bending bubbly ass. I pant as I keep cumming. Watching my own daughter’s ass coated with her father’s cum.

I pant as I rub my cum drooled cock all over her ass. She chuckles as she pant too.

I just realized how my cum is still a lot. Knowing that is my 3rd orgasm that night. Perhaps the power of the succubus refill my cum sack too? I thought. Then slowly my succubus daughter pushes herself up. “Ohh daddy… That must be hurt in the morning…” She said naughtily. I grins.

She smile as she kiss my lips, feeling she purposely making the kiss sloppy. She slides her tongue into my mouth with her saliva. A bit much as it drools, and drips down onto my cock. Making my cock hard again. She break the kiss as we look into each other’s eyes.

“I love you, daddy…” She said.

“I love you too, sweety…”

We kiss. And we fuck. I fuck her mouth again, then her tits, then her pussy, than her ass… She wanted me to try fucking her thighs so I did. Making a mess all over her bed. But neither of us care. We keep fucking, kissing, and lusting into each other. Neither of us care either it’s the succubus’s lust or our own. At that point we just want to fuck. As long as we can.

“Baby I’m cumming!!!” I moans as I explodes again into her tight succubus pussy. “Yes daddy yess!! Fuckkk! Me too!!!” She groans as both of us reach our orgasm together. Her legs up on my shoulders as I pin her down on my bed. Her tits pressed by her thighs as I push as deep as I can into her. Filling her pussy up again. Lost count on how many times I came. As I can feel her pussy juices bursting all over my cock again.

“Fuck baby… Ahhh…” I groans. She pants as both of us realized that the light starts to enter the room. The first light of dawn touches her succubus body. I pulls my cock out instinctively as she put her legs down, breathing still hard. “Ahhh d… daddy….” She groans as her body starts to glow red. Then I see the clothes is coming back to normal. Her living wings soften into just a plastic props. Her socks now loosen up a bit from the skins, but just as tight like a socks should. And I can see the latex teddy suit starts to swallow her pink cum drooled pussy lips.

She pant as she look at me. “D…. Daddy…” And close her eyes. “H… Honey…?” I feel my body drained out. So tired. Exhausted. I climb beside her and shake her a bit, wanting to sure if she is okey, but before I can confirm anything, my head falls on the bed beside her, asleep.

Hours later, I open my eyes, the room light is still on. And the outside is dark. Is… Is it night…? Then I realized something. My cock is surrounded by a soft wet thing. I look up and see my daughter is riding me. “Claire…? Ahh fuck! Are you still a succubus…?” I asked confused. The curse should have be lifted by now.

She shake her head as I realized her green wig is off. In fact, everything is off. She is all naked on top of me. Bouncing her teen body up and down, on my cock. “No daddy… Ahh fuck… I just love having you in me… Ahhh can we keep doing this daddy…? Please…?” She begged as I can feel her pussy is close to cumming. I grins as I grab both of her ass.

“Of course we can.” She smiles as she ride me hard and when I spank her warm ass hard, her body arched backwards, showing off her lewd luscious body with that firm breasts for me, stiffed from her orgasm.

I smile knowing that our life will be different from now on. A pleasured one.


Inside my phone, in the hidden trash of texts, there is one that I just deleted when we fucked last night.

From +666

Thank you for continuing your deal with us!

Your request for a slight change has been approve too since they are in the same category which is Lust! They are:

1.The applicant’s daughter in her human/normal form.

2.Always lusting over the applicant

3.Super human stamina for the applicant

Please be noted that the payment of total ONE soul will be collected upon your death.

Have fun!

The damned,


Head of Marketing,


+666 – Extension – 567

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