A late night massage. (Part 3)


A late night massage. (Part 3)What a night. I got up around 10:30am, and had a message on my machine. I checked it out and Stef had left a message saying her daughter was in need and wondered if I could show up around 12. Luckily I still had my table there, so all I had to do was eat a bite of breakfast, take a shower, grab some fresh sheets and I was headed back to work. Semi nervous, I knocked on the door and awaited for it to open. I didn’t even know her name.A minute passed by, and I could hear the rustling of footsteps coming down the stairs. Waiting for the door to open, I could feel that all too uncomfortable trickle of sweat run down my back, this was going to be another hot day. The door opened and here was her daughter. Not what I was expecting. Stef was short, and she was quite tall, maybe 5’10” and guessing a weight of 130lbs, her bikini barely contained her very athletic body. Short brown hair, dark tan skin, and a pair of perky tits. She extended her hand, and we introduced ourselves, and she said she needed to loosen up, as she had a softball practice to go to later that after noon. She seemed nice enough, your typical 20 year old. I entered the house and made my way to the massage table. I wondered if she know what had transpired last night, as the sheets still showed evidence of myself and Stef’s late night fun. I quickly changed the sheets, not that Chelsea hadn’t had ample time to look for herself in the past 9 hours. I excused myself to the kitchen to wash my hands, and had her lay face down to start. Unfortunately for me, the light of day obscured my view of her getting onto the table. As I got to the table, it appeared she still had on her bikini. Damn. But it was still hot as hell, so I assumed it was to not use the sheet to be cooler. I pushed play on the CD player and the hour started.I oiled up my hands, and started on her low back. I could feel her tight muscles begin to soften under my touch. I worked my way up to her shoulders, digging my knuckles into her traps. Chelsea moaned just like her mom did. That made me feel a little better. I worked around her bikini straps, but they kept getting in the way of the areas I need to work. As I worked her glutes, she had a few knots, I told her if she felt comfortable enough, she could go with out it during her next massage, to which she grunted. She was just like her mom. I applied some sports massage techniques I had learned to her glutes and legs. Never having worked on someone in a bikini, I got a great view of her crotch as we moved her legs to various positions, in school, this area was always covered by the sheets. I could see a few sparse brown hairs poking out of her bikini bottoms, maybe she wasn’t as much like her mom as I thought, as her mom was completely shaved. The fabric however did a terrible job of leaving anything to my imagination. The fabric pulled tight, her labia protruded, with a big clitoris sitting comfortably in the middle of them. Done with her back side, she rolled onto her back. Continuing with her legs, I pushed my forearm into her quads, working up and down her leg, to which her moaning resumed. I told Chelsea I was going to be maneuvering her leg in various positions for stretches. Another grunt. canlı bahis From moaning to grunting in no time flat. I raised both of her knees up, then rotated her legs so that she was doing a butterfly, or groin stretch. She was pretty flexible, and I placed my hands on both of her knees for a little extra stretch. Her eyes were closed, and I looked down to her crotch, I could a tiny wet spot begin to form between her lips. Taking both of my forearms, I slid them up her inner thighs. Moaning resumed, check. I continued working her legs, stretching her hamstrings, and calves, all the time, her wet spot continued to grow. The music stopped, and I had to tell her our hour was up. I would have loved to continue, but knew she didn’t have much time before her practice started.I excused myself to go wash up. She asked if I might be available for a follow up massage later tonight, as the first few practices of the season were pretty brutal. Of course I agreed, she said to be there after 9 and just come on in. I got home, cooked some burgers on the grill, pounded a few beers, watched some baseball, all to kill time while my mind raced as to what she had in mind for the evening. Her mom was out of town again on business, so it was just going to be the 2 of us. I left my place about 8:30, and got to her place about 10 minutes early. Power was on throughout the neighborhood, and just like the night before, no lights were on. I waited in my car for 9pm. I didn’t see any movement going on inside, and finally just went inside. As I entered, I saw a few candles burning, as well as a few beer cans, guessing they were empty, I went to the kitchen and washed my hands. Chelsea was laying face down on the table, still in her bikini, but it was no where near as tight as earlier. In fact, it just looked like it was barely tied on. I made my to the CD player, pushed play, and set it to repeat again. I turned and as I walked towards the table, I put a healthy amount of oil into my palms, then placed them on her low back. Working the oil into her skin, I could feel some heat coming off, I think she got a little sunburned at practice. As I worked up to her middle back, I let her know that her bikini strings were definitely in the way, reaching for one string, I gripped it between my fingers and made a slow deliberate pull of the string giving her time to object. The knot made a little snap as it came loose, with a little twist, her strings fell off her back, barely tickling her breasts as they fell down. Her arms moved so that they were hanging off the edge of the table. My slicked fingers made their way up the back of her neck, and around the sides of her breasts. She breathed in deeply and cooed with her exhale. My fingers glided up and down her back, leaving a trail of goosebumps like the wake from a motorboat. Finished with her back, I made my way to her calves. I could feel her muscles soften the more I worked them. As I finished her calves and started to work her hamstrings, she adjusted her legs so they were more open, giving me better access to her inner thighs. From what I could see, The few candles she had lit, had shown the wet spot from earlier in the day returned. I knew it wasn’t the oil, as I had not bahis siteleri bumped into her crotch. Yet. I placed the back of my wrist on her tight ass, and said that her bikini bottoms were going to be in the way. I directed my gaze towards her head as I spoke, and I she barely nodded her head. Like I did before, I pinched one of her drawstrings in my fingers, and gave another slow deliberate pull of the string. She began to squirm around a little bit as I untied one half of her bikini bottoms. Feeling a little bold, as well as feeling my cock strain against my shorts, I moved my hand to the other side, and looped the other string around my hand. I told her that these were also in the way. I was referring to my shorts, but let her think that it was her bottoms. I undid my shorts, and untied her other knot. My shorts fell silently to the floor, freeing my cock from its restraints. Her bikini bottoms were just being held down by gravity, I gathered her bikini by the sides, and pulled it snugly between her cheeks, being sure to place just the right amount of pressure against her clit and ass. She could barely contain a high pitched squeal followed by a low, deep “Mmmm”. I applied more oil to my hands and slathered both of her hamstrings and inner thighs. Starting at her knees, I slid both of my hands up the back of her legs, with my thumbs covering the inner thighs, all the way up towards her ass. As my hands glided upwards, she began to close her legs, almost trapping my thumbs between her thighs. Curious to see if she would do this again, I repeated the stroke, timed with her breathing as she inhaled.Working slower than before, my hands dipped lower so my thumbs were almost dragging against the sheets. As they approached her groin, she uttered a shaky mmmmm, all the while her legs kept closing in on my hands, but this time she arched her butt into the air a little bit. I left my thumbs inches away from her pussy, rotating my hands so that my fingers slowly fanned over her cheeks towards her bikini then pulling my hands against her inner thighs back towards her knees, pushing her legs outward. Another deep “Mmmm” came from her mouth followed by a sharp hiss as she inhaled her next breath of air. Starting where I was a minute ago, I repeated the same motions a few more times, her body reacted the same way each time. Her moans growing a little louder with each pass. I noticed as she arched her hips, my finger tips began to snag against her bikini bottoms, slowly pulling them down between her cheeks. My hands, her inner thighs, legs and ass continued their rhythmic dance for what seemed like 10 minutes, until gravity took over and her thin bikini bottoms were laying between her opened legs. Her breathing was very rapid, her rib cage heaved up and down. I applied more oil to my hands, however this time I used a lot more oil than was necessary for the area. Her hamstrings felt loose enough so I began my focus on her cheeks, and inner thighs. I directed the flow of extra oil in between the crack of her ass. Each time she ground down into the table, her cheeks would flex, and the oil slowly spread. I could here her whisper “more” over the music. My fingers crept closer and closer between her cheeks, güvenilir bahis until they were tracing around her asshole. She grunted a “yesss”. With another pump of oil, I held it in my hand heating it up before I allowed it to drip directly onto her asshole.I was able to control the drips so they were able to fall when I wanted them to. When the first drop hit, she cooed as my finger made very slow circles around her anus, spreading the oil around. A few more drops, a few more circles, I must have repeated this for five minutes. Teasing and circling her ass, with each pass, her tension seemed less and less. My fingers were thoroughly lubed and I left my index finger right on her anus. She began to squeeze her anus, then relaxed it, keeping my pressure the same, her ass began to open and relax as my finger started to sink inside her. “Oh yes, fuck yes” she screamed it, and I had been thinking it. Barely a knuckle deep, I pulled out my finger and used my pinky finger as it was a little smaller. I could feel her anus relax, and soon my pinky was 2 knuckles deep. I left my finger in her ass and made a very small circular motion. I took my free hand and began to stroke my cock while I slowly fingered her ass. Her grunts continued, and my finger was all the way in to the knuckle. I pulled it out and slid it back in all the way. I switched fingers when I pulled out, applying a fresh coat of oil to the inside of her asshole. After I had Worked through all of my digits, I began to use another finger and she just moaned louder. I leaned over her head, and whispered into her ear, “Are you ready?” She knew what I was asking and said “Yes, but this my first time for anything with my ass.” My cock was now well lubed, and I crawled up on the table and placed the head of my cock against her anus. I could feel the heat of her ass against the head of my dick. Her ass felt tight, and I had to make sure that I didn’t sink all the way due to all the extra oil that I used. I instructed Chelsea to back into me at her pace. I could feel her ass begin to open as she pushed me inside her. Once I was half way deep, we both went down into the tabletop. She arched her back a little more and soon my cock was all the way in. Her moans were loud and appealing, but I just laid on top of her, feeling her ass grip my cock like a hot slippery glove. Her hips soon began to thrust back against my cock, and as she retracted, I pulled my cock almost all the way out, leaving the head in and slowly sank back down inside her. My balls rested against her lips, and I could feel her warm juices come out of her pussy. My hips began to do little thrusts and her grip on my cock with her ass felt like a hand milking a teat. My balls began to slap against her pussy and her clit. Each slap made her grunt over and over, sending me over the brink. I pushed in deep and felt my balls drain inside her ass. I laid on top of her and felt her body quivering underneath me. I started to pull out, and she said “You can go when I’m not awake.” She definitely took after her mother. I laid on top of her for a while, and my cock began to deflate. As her ass slowly pushed my dick out, when nothing was said, I knew I could go. I washed up, covered her with a sheet, and made my way to the door. I saw an envelope next to the door with my name on it. I picked it up and made my way to the car. Inside the envelope was $300 in assorted 20’s and 10’s. Not too bad for a late nights work.

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