A New Life With A Mistress

Big Tits

The ad read: I am looking for a male or female who will dominate me, use me and torture me for their own pleasure, I have no job, no friends, no family and I will not be missed. Food for me will not be a major problem as I eat shit and drink piss. I am a female with long blond hair, large 34D breasts, hourglass figure, and shaved pussy. Email me if interested.

Lauren was shaking as she typed that and posted it in a popular DS forum. This was the last resort for Lauren, 1 week ago she had lost her job and 3 days ago she was told by her landlord that she would be evicted by the end of the year (2 months away) if she did not come up with money to pay for the rent.

Lauren had discovered her taste for being a human toilet after her previous girlfriend had forced Lauren to eat her shit which was then washed down with a bladder full of piss.

Within 30 minutes of posting her add she had 10 people email her interested in dominating here, but there was one reply that stood out among the others, it read ‘Dear Lauren, my name is Natalie and I read your ad and was very interested, I am a divorced 35 year old who was given £20,500,000 from my divorce settlement, I live in a large mansion in the middle of the forest, and I can look after all your needs, you will never need to work a single day again, you will not need to clean up after yourself, and you will not need to spend another penny on anything. Please reply if you are interested’. Lauren deleted the other 9 emails and set about writing her reply to Natalie.

‘Dear Natalie,
Thank you for your email, I would be glad to be your slave, you are what I am looking for, please tell me more about yourself and what you would do to me if I did become your slave.

Love Lauren.’

As Lauren awaited Natalie’s reply she went to get her butt plug and favourite dildo which was a massive 3” wide and 10” tall. She stripped naked, inserted her butt plug which made her wince as she had forgotten to lube it in her excitement. She sat on the edge of her desk chair and started toying with her pussy with the dildo.

Seconds later her computer beeped and opened the email that Natalie had sent her.

‘Dear Lauren,
Firstly you did not address me as ‘Mistress Natalie’ which you will be punished for.

Secondly, when you arrive at my house I will strip you of all your clothes, take you down to my basement and explain everything to you, how I will pierce you to my liking, feed you when you deserve it, stretch your cunt and ass as I see fit, leave you in uncomfortable positions, whip and cane you for my pleasure, and how you will service me where and when I want you to.

Love Mistress Natalie’

Lauren came just as she read the last line of that, she shoved her dildo in her cunt as far as it would go, then sat down properly to shove it in even more, now all 10” were buried inside her and as her orgasm subsided she played with her breasts, flicking and pinching her nipples. 5 minutes later when she had calmed down, she set about writing her reply whilst the dildo and butt plug were london escort agency still inserted.

‘Dear Mistress Natalie,
Please forgive me for not addressing you correctly I am not used to calling someone ‘Mistress’. That email made me so horny I came, and got my 10” dildo in my cunt all the way, which I have never done before.

Reading that I would love to be your slave. You included almost everything I want; may I suggest stretching my nipples, clit and urethra as well though?

When is the earliest I could start?

Love your willing slave Lauren.’

Whilst Lauren was waiting for a reply she removed her butt plug and licked it clean, then gave it a quick wash and put it away, just as she did that her phone rang.


‘That is no way to address your mistress; you will be punished for that’

‘I’m sorry mistress, it’s just I wasn’t expecting you to be calling me’

‘You will still be punished. When is the earliest you can leave your home?’

‘If I’m going to sell everything then about 1 week’

‘That is not soon enough, there will be a van parked outside your house tomorrow at 12pm, get everything ready to be put in there, 2 men will help you, then you will get into the limo parked behind it where you will meet me’

‘How do you know where I live?’

‘That is not important, just be ready at 12pm tomorrow’


Mistress Natalie had put the phone down. Lauren started preparing for tomorrow, she removed her ad from the DS website, called up her bank to tell them that she would like to close the account she had, then called her landlord to tell him that she had found somewhere to live and that she will be moving out tomorrow.

She packed up everything except some clothes for tomorrow, she even stripped naked and put the clothes she had been wearing in a suitcase. By the time she had finished it was almost 7pm and Lauren was starving, she called up a local pizza company and ordered her favourite ham and mushroom pizza. After putting the phone down she realised that she was naked and would have to answer the door naked. This turned her on greatly and also gave her an idea.

There was a knock at the door 15 minutes later, she opened the door and the delivery man started to say good evening when he saw her naked body and just stared at her. After 30 seconds of staring at her he was interrupted by her saying ‘if you like what you see would you like to fuck me?’ The delivery man didn’t need to be asked twice, he walked in her flat, put the pizza down on the bed, grabbed her and started to lick her now hard nipples, the man was too occupied to strip so Lauren undid his jeans and slid them off, followed by his boxers and shirt. She took hold of his rock hard 7” cock and started stroking it, he felt this and pushed her on the floor where he was about to fuck her cunt when she stopped him and rolled onto her stomach where she pulled her perfectly flawless ass cheeks apart to show her ass hole which was still a bit lose from the butt plug she had in there earlier. She said to independent escort girls him ‘my ass, not my pussy’; the man very quickly shoved his cock all the way into her ass which released a mix of pain and pleasure for Lauren. The man didn’t last very long, just over 1 minute, after he came in her ass she pulled away from him, turned around and sucked his cock for him, he was hard again and with her expert tongue he very quickly came again, not as much as the first time but enough to make her moan with lust. When he was soft again he got dressed, thanked her, and left without taking any money for the pizza.

She got up from the floor and went to start on her pizza when she got an idea, she thought to herself ‘I love cum, and I love pizza, why don’t I combine them’ she took one of the slices and held it under her ass and pushed, a large amount of cum landed on the pizza which she then went and ate. The only word that came to her mind was ‘delicious’. She finished her pizza and went to get ready for a shower when she came up with an idea; she went over to one of her suitcases and looked around for a pair of plain cotton panties. When she found them she put them on and went into the shower, she didn’t put the water on when she got in, instead she started to strain, a bulge appeared by her ass which grew until her shit was starting to stretch the elastic lining at which point she sat down on the shower floor to spread the shit around a bit. The shit that went forwards towards her pussy was shoved inside her and the rest of the shit was spread about inside her panties, she stood up and got the rest of the shit out of her ass, and spread it about some more, she got some in her hands and spread them over her large breasts and face. The realisation came to her that she was going to have to get the shit out of her pussy somehow, the only way she could think of was shoving her hand in there to get most of the shit out, and then putting the shower head in there. She had never fisted herself before, and the thought of her having to do it made her orgasm which moistened her shit and made it runnier.

Her toilet had broken a few weeks ago and the landlady said that someone would come to fix it but they never did, so she has eaten all her shit and drunk all her piss since it broke. She had finished shitting and toying with her panties so she removed them and put them on the shower floor and got down like a dog and started eating and licking at them. When they were as clean as they were going to be she turned on the shower and started cleaning herself. She liked pain so she decided to try fisting herself with no lube, which she found very hard at first, but her pussy juice acted as lube so slowly it got easier for her to stretch her beautiful cunt until it accommodated her hand. As her pussy stretched she could get further into herself and after 10 minutes of fisting herself she had managed to remove most of the shit that was in her pussy.

As she was showering she realised that she needed to piss, but she thought to herself that she will hold it till tomorrow morning and drink Escort in dubai it all then, so she continued to clean herself, focusing on her pussy and ass then dried herself off and went to sleep.

Lauren’s alarm woke her up at 7am sharp, she was thirsty and needed to piss, she made her way to the kitchen where she got a pint glass, held it to her pussy lips and started to release her bladder, when it was almost full of her dark piss she stopped her flow, and took the glass to her lips and took a large mouthful of it. The taste was quite bitter but she still loved the taste, she walked around her apartment just finishing off things that needed to be done, whilst drinking the rest of her piss.

At 10am she was getting nervous, anxious and impatient waiting for midday to come. To kill the time Lauren had another shower, gave herself a plain water enema which she expelled into a glass and then drank, to her the taste was exquisite and like a rare wine. She finished her enema and out of the corner of her eye saw a toilet brush with a handle that is 1 inch wide and 18 inches long, she walked over to it, and just moved it away from the wall and then began to lower her moist pussy onto it, it slipped right in and only after 12 inches was in she started to feel resistance, a slight adjustment and she got in another 4 inches. After 5 minutes of trying she just couldn’t get the last 2 inches in her. After another 10 minutes of fucking the toilet brush handle she managed to give herself a massive orgasm, and as her legs gave way she fell and got the last 2 inches and half of the brush spikes inside her cunt. She screamed out in pain and was sure that she was bleeding, but after checking she only had a tiny bit of blood leaking out of her. After another shower and more masturbating, she put her mini skirt, a plain white vest and no underwear , 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. Lauren shook with anticipation as she went to the door, as she answered she expected to see the 2 men, but instead it was Tom, her neighbour, he said that he heard her scream and wondered if it was alright, Lauren went bright red and made up something instead of saying that she was masturbating with a toilet brush and she fell on it. She just said to him ‘Yes im fine, I saw a spider and it made me jump, that’s all’ he simply looked at her and said ‘ahh rite ok, well i will see you later then’ and just walked off. Lauren closed the door and got back to finishing sorting out her apartment. At 11:59 there was a knock on the door, Lauren walked towards the door shaking, and as soon as she opened the door 2 well built men barged into the room, one picked her up and moved to the bed where he put here down, and the other handed her a thong which had a 8” dildo for her cunt and a smaller 6” dildo for her ass attached to it, she put it on and it started to weakly vibrate, the man who gave her the thong said ‘Don’t speak, if you cum before you see mistress Natalie then she will punish you’. The first man picked up her heavy suitcase and walked outside, and the other man took Lauren with him to the limo. The inside of the limo was just as expected, black leather seats, darkened windows, black floor and roof, and a small bar to the side. Lauren sat in-between the two men and the limo drove off to take Lauren to her new life.

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