A Question of Sex


About eighteen months ago I was at the airport on my way out of town on yet another business trip. Even though it was a little less then an hour prior to flight departure I was surprised at how few people were in the boarding area, especially since it was midweek and this was one of the last two flights to Houston for the day.

Taking a seat in one of the uncomfortable hard blue plastic chairs I took out my paper and began to catch up on the news. I’d been reading for about twenty minutes when someone took a seat across the aisle from me.

When this person sat the first thing I noticed was they were not unattractive, but there was something else about them too, but what?

Casting a glance their way every now and then, catching glimpses, I casually studied them but just couldn’t get a hold of it. Folding my paper to watch this person surreptitiously I realized after several minutes what I couldn’t quite put my finger on was that it was difficult to determine whether they were male or female.

The mannerisms with which they moved suggested female, but not definitively. This person was very slender, about thirty or thirty-one, not very tall, around 5’6″, had blond hair hanging to the jaw line on the sides and just touching the shoulder towards the rear, but not really cut in a fashion to denote sex. The clothing was nondescript, black pants and jacket and a white shirt. I looked at how the shirt was buttoned and saw it was left over right, a man’s shirt, but again this wasn’t definitive proof of sex. They wore no jewelry, no make-up, no nail polish and nothing could be decided on the shoes being worn because they were deck shoes.

This evaluation took all of three or four minutes and I could arrive at no determination from it. So I gave up trying to decide the issue and went back to reading my paper.

A minute or so later Blondie asked “excuse me, when do you think we’ll board?”

After looking at my watch I responded “it’d probably be another ten minutes or so.”

Blondie’s voice brought me back to the quandary, but hearing the voice didn’t help in determining sex either; it was smooth, soft but husky, like Lauren Bacall’s.

Looking at Blondie as we spoke; those eyes, the eyes were definitely feminine, and a deep green; Emerald green if I had to define them.

Blondie stood, stepped across the narrow aisle and took the seat next to mine then asked almost in a whisper “do you mind flying?”

“It doesn’t bother me, I fly a good bit” I said.

Blondie looked out the window to the plane sitting at the jetway and said “I’m not real comfortable with it, I don’t fly often and only when I have to.”

Seeing Blondie was frightened I suggested “then why don’t we talk about something else so we don’t dwell on the subject.”

Blondie smiled weakly and said “maybe that’ll help take my mind off it, thank you.”

Dropping the paper onto the seat on my other side I extended my hand and introduced myself and with a genuinely friendly smile Blondie took my hand and said “I’m so glad to meet you, my name’s Dale.”

We shook hands while in my mind I exasperatedly screamed “oh come on!! Dale!?!” A non-gender establishing name, the androgyny of this person was maddening.

But the hand I took was soft, smooth, gentle and had a firm grip; I’ve had a thousand similar handshakes from both men and women over the years. As we shook hands I added “a pleasure to meet you too” to our introduction.

Since I have to refer to Dale as something other then “this person” or just “Dale”, we’ll use the adjective “her” based solely on her mannerisms and my impressions so far. That being said I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure of Dale’s sex.

Dale asked “traveling on business?”

“Yes, on my way to Houston. And you?”

“Houston too, then on to Denver tomorrow.”

“Business as well?”

Dale nodded and said “yes. Well teaching actually. I’m an educator, a culinary educator.”

“And you were teaching here in town?”

Nodding again she said “hmm. I was teaching at the local affiliate of the culinary school I work for.”

“And now you’re leaving, going home?”

“No not yet. It’s on to Houston this afternoon and tomorrow I’ll meet up with two other teachers who are coming in on a mid morning flight from Santa Fe and then we’ll all catch a midday flight to Denver.”

We spoke about her work for the better part of the remaining time we had before boarding and apparently being a culinary educator was a big deal, being several big steps up the professional ladder in this field. To be a culinary educator she had to go though several stages of training and be able to demonstrate certain expertise in each stage to reach the level of being a certified chef, which she was and being able to teach the culinary arts. I was impressed.

Booming over the speakers in the mostly empty boarding area the gate agent announced they were ready for boarding and since there were only about thirty passengers for this flight everyone could board adıyaman escort at this time.

Dale and I rose from our seats together and shook hands then I said “it’s been a real pleasure talking with you, albeit for far too short a time.”

Dale responded with a smile “well, I did stop thinking about the flight. Thank you so very much.”

We boarded and took our seats and once we’d taken off the flight attendant announced since we were so light the passengers could sit wherever they liked.

Once in the air I’d leaned my seat back, closed my eyes and was thinking through some items for the meeting the next day.

A few minutes later we hit a little turbulence and had a couple good bounces but then things settled down again. A minute or two later the captain came on the speaker and said we’d hit an unexpected pocket of turbulence but didn’t expect anything more as he’d been given permission to change altitudes.

A little after going through the rough weather I had the feeling someone was watching me so I cracked open one eye and saw Dale standing in the aisle with one elbow on the back of the seat in front of mine, fingers of her other hand pulling at her bottom lip, looking down at me.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you?” she asked her voice quavering.

Seeing her condition I pressed the button to raise the seat, smiled and said “no I was just thinking. Why don’t you sit down here next to me.”

Taking the inside seat she asked “I was wondering how you could sleep though something like that.”

Smiling I said “that wasn’t so bad. And besides what could I do about it, I’m just along for the ride.”

Dale looked at me as if doubting my sanity so I asked “so, you were telling me about your work and teaching.”

As she talked I studied Dale’s face looking for any clue that would give a hint to her true sex. Her face and eyes were truly feminine with high cheek bones and those amazing emerald green eyes I’d mentioned earlier. There was no hint of a shadow on her face, no suggestion there was any hair at all or that the face had ever been shaved. Her mouth was full, lush and sexy with slightly puffy lips. The neck was long with no hint of an Adam’s apple, but again that’s not proof of sex, I don’t exhibit one myself.

I looked at her hands. They were soft and smooth, long fingered, very feminine, but again nothing that would provide a categorical answer.

Downward glances revealed no hint of breasts but that could have been because she was small breasted and the way the shirt hung loosely on her. I knew no more now then I did before.

We talked about our work for the remainder of the flight and just before they announced our final approach to the Houston airport Dale asked “where are you staying?”

“The Airport Marriot.”

“Me too” she said.

I asked “well then would you like to get together for dinner after we check in?”

Dale smiled and said “I’d like that.”

“Good. I’ve only got my carry on with me, you have any baggage checked?”

“No, just have my carry-on.”

After parking at the terminal we deplaned and walked together through the terminal. Dale walked out in front of me once or twice and I noticed the way her hips swiveled as she strode, very nicely I must admit, but a very feminine stride.

Dale asked “where do we catch a cab?”

“Cab?” I echoed.

She questioned “how do we get to the hotel?”

“Well there’s a tram that runs from terminal to terminal and also stops at the hotel.”

“Really?” she asked then added “well that’s neat, isn’t it.”

We went downstairs to the tram station and took the three minute ride to the Marriot. Exiting the tram we rode the elevator up to the hotels lobby.

There was one person in front of us at check-in and only one clerk working so I thought I’d have an opportunity to hear how the clerk addressed Dale and get a clue or maybe even an answer to Dale’s sex.

As we waited for the clerk to call for her to check in I asked “it’s seven o’clock, how about we meet here in the lobby about seven forty-five and then leave for dinner?”

Nodding Dale agreed just as the clerk called “next.”

I motioned for Dale to go ahead and stood waiting next in line just behind her listening as the clerk asked “how can I help you?”

Dale had given her name and the clerk was typing in her computer when a second clerk further down the counter came out from an office and asked “may I help you down here sir?”

I moved to the second clerk’s station and began the check in process while trying to eavesdrop on Dale, but was out of earshot and could hear nothing.

As I’m a regular visitor check in went quickly for me but Dale was still working with the clerk.

I walked to the elevator bank and pressed the button then stepped back and looked over at Dale and could see she was having a very animated conversation with the clerk. Her posture, the way she moved her hands, the look on her face, the escort adıyaman way her jaw was set I could see she must be having some difficulty, but it also occurred to me these motions bordered on being masculine. I was considering going over to help if I could when the clerk nodded and placed the registration form on the counter top for Dale’s signature.

The door opened just then and I stepped onto the elevator and as it rose to my floor and I walked to my room I thought about the asexual appearance and mannerisms of Dale.

As far as I was concerned Dale’s true sex was irrelevant since I’m bisexual, but not knowing positively was kind of fun, almost a game. And what’s more there was no reason to think anything we’d done so far or dinner tonight would lead to sex and realized I may never find out anyway.

Entering my room I undid the Velcro straps that held my small computer bag to the carry on and placed it on the desk. Then after pushing the tow handle back down I tossed the carry-on onto the luggage caddy and opened it, removing my toiletry kit, a fresh shirt and a sports coat.

I stripped off my shirt as I walked to the bathroom and took care of some business then went to the vanity and washed my hands and face. I brushed my teeth and applied some fresh deodorant and cologne before putting on the clean shirt. This had all taken about twenty minutes and still had about fifteen more before I had to meet Dale downstairs.

Sitting at the desk I took out my cell phone and called my wife to let her know I’d arrived safely and was getting ready to go out to dinner with a friend, only a half-lie.

I can admit and freely acknowledge my wife is much too good for me and I don’t deserve her in my life. With the exception of a few years when we were first married my failing has always been my fidelity, and although I know some would consider this a contradiction, I do love her deeply.

I don’t feel guilty about my playing around, not at all, but when, please note I didn’t say “if”, the day comes and she confronts me about it I’ll deserve whatever she says or decides to do about it.

She’s also unaware of my bisexuality, although she may have suspicions about that because our personal sex play includes her regularly using various toys to fuck me.

We chatted for several minutes then I told her I loved her and would call in the morning then ended the call. Grabbing my sports coat I left the room and headed back down to the lobby.

It was about seven forty-eight when Dale stepped off the same elevator I’d rode down which indicated she was staying in the tower too.

As we walked across the lobby towards the exit I asked “so, what are you in the mood for?”

Dale thought a second then replied “well we are in Texas, how about steak or bar-b-que?”

When the cab pulled up Dale slid in first and when I’d closed the door she moved back beside me. Telling the driver the name of the restaurant we settled back and talked quietly for the ten minute ride.

At the restaurant the hostess sat us immediately and as we looked over the menu the waiter asked “and what would you folks like to drink?”

Dale said “I’m not sure yet, give me a minute please.”

“I’ll have a single malt scotch.”

“Tobermory?” the waiter suggested.

“That’s fine.”

After writing down my order the waiter paused a few seconds before asking Dale “and have you decided miss, or would you like to wait until I come back to order?”

Dale though another moment then said “I’ll have a double bourbon neat.”

Quite a drink for a lady I thought, but also noted the waiter had thought Dale was female. And as we spent more time together I found myself leaning more towards Dale being female too.

As we ate we talked and Dale said “I’ll be glad to get home again, I’m so tired of being gone.”

“How long you’ve been gone?”

“Six weeks by the time I do get home.”

“Quite a while to be on the road.”

Nodding she said “yeah it is. I taught at the school in New Orleans for a month and I’ll be in Denver for two more weeks before heading home.”

“Where’s home and work?”

“I live in Danbury, Connecticut and commute to New York for work.”

“Quite a ride.”

“That it is, but its way too expensive to live in the city.”

We talked about where she lived and worked for several minutes then I said to her “you sure don’t sound like you’re from New York or Connecticut; you sound more like you’re from the Midwest I’d say.”

“I was born and raised in Detroit” she said as she sipped from her drink. Placing the glass down, she sat forward in her chair and perkily said “a little trivia.” Then more calmly “if you’re standing in Detroit and began walking south what’s the first foreign country you’d come to?”

I thought a moment then said “Canada.”

Sitting back now she said “wow, you know your geography. Not many people get that one. Most people usually say Mexico or Cuba.”

Smiling adıyaman escort bayan I jokingly replied “yeah and I read and write too” and she laughed in that husky voice of hers.

We finished our meal and asked the hostess to call us a cab while we waited in the bar. We had another round as we waited and once the cab arrived we went back to the hotel, Dale sitting right next to me again. Exiting the cab she insisted on paying the fare since I’d covered the first ride and dinner.

Turning back to me after paying the driver she slipped her arm through mine and looking up at me with those green eyes asked “would you like to come up for another drink?”

“Sounds good” I replied as we entered the lobby and walked towards the bank of elevators.

As we crossed the lobby I heard someone call out “hey, Bill!”

I turned and saw a friend of mine, George crossing towards us. Wearing his ever present wide grin George walked up saying “I’ve been looking for you all evening, thought I’d missed you.”

We shook hands and then introduced him to Dale.

“Nice to meet you little lady and if you don’t mind me saying it them some dangerous eyes you have there” and took her offered hand.

Dale giggled and said “oh, but you are the flirt aren’t you.”

Now even though George has lived in New Jersey for many years, he was born and raised in Texas and still dressed as if he lived here complete with cowboy boots, hat and the requisite 4×4 belt buckle and the way he said “little lady” to Dale is just the way he talks and flirting is second nature to him.

But notably George’s impression was Dale was a woman and this carried some weight with me as you see George is a bit of a world class pussy hound.

George and I have been friends for more then fifteen years and he honestly missed his calling not being a salesman. He is one of those individuals who was born with the gift of gab and can talk just about anyone into or out of anything. He can convince you to sell him something you really wouldn’t want to sell, then turn around and sell it back to you at a profit.

For example once we were in Chicago together and doing some club hopping. At the time I’d been carrying on a long term affair with a woman named Candy. She was President and General Manager of a company which was involved in the same business that I was in and as we attended many of the same industry meetings and seminars it afforded us many opportunities to get together out of town.

Anyway Candy, George and I were in a club and George picked up this brunette and she joined us as we bar hopped. In the third or fourth bar we’d been to George excused himself and went to the restroom. He returned about ten minutes later with another woman, a blonde, in tow and when they sat the brunette got pissed and stormed off.

George told the blonde “sit a minute honey and talk to my friends, I’ll be right back.”

Candy and I chatted with the blonde and amazingly George came back five minutes later with the brunette. We all sat and talked, George giving both of his girl’s equal time, smoothing things over and when we left the bar about ninety minutes later to head back to the hotel they both came with us. We spent another forty minutes or so at the hotel bar before Candy and I left them and headed to her room.

The next morning when I’d met George at one of the meetings I asked “so how’d it work out last night?”

George smiled and said “fantastic.” He added “we had a threesome and I talked them into fooling around together although they both said they’d never done anything with another woman before. They really got into each other and after awhile I just sat and watched. Let me tell you these girls were fucking hot. We had breakfast together this morning and then I put them each in a cab home.”

All I could do was smile and shake my head as he looked at me smiling also and ask all innocent-like “what?”

I didn’t doubt his story in the least because we’d shared other women or had been involved in foursomes together before. Unfortunately for me George is straight so nothing has ever happened between us other then a little cock to cock action once as we both fucked this one gal in her pussy at the same time.

Now back to this night in Houston. After he’d mentioned he’d been looking for me I asked George “did I forget, were we supposed to meet this evening?”

He said “no, but some of us are just heading out and wanted to see if you’d like to come along too, do some club hopping. And please bring your friend along too.”

Looking at Dale I could see in her eyes she didn’t want to go out again so I replied “no, I think I have some work to do here”, adding after a pause “for tomorrow’s meeting.”

George didn’t miss a beat, smiled knowingly and said “ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

He shook Dale’s hand again saying “it was nice to meet you Dale” then shaking his head as he continued to hold her hand added “girl, them are some eyes” then he left us standing alone.

George and I have chased a lot of skirts together so he knew the score.

Waiting arm in arm for the elevator to arrive I looked at Dale who had been staring up at me so I leaned over and kissed her. I felt her tongue dart across my lips before we broke apart hearing the “ding” announcing the elevators arrival.

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