A Story for Susan – Part 3


A Story for Susan – Part 3Susan was delighted at being appointed to Chief Buyer for Sex Toys at Amazon and set about building her team to improve the products and achieve her annual targets. Her first recruit was of course Bindi – the beautiful, busty, Indian who devoured men and women in equal numbers – appearing to be innocently hetero-sexual one minute and then deeply-lesbian the next. Susan strode into the board room, delighted to see her old boss Mike fully clothed this time, with the new Head of HR, Mary, sitting very close, with his hand on her stockinged thigh. Bindi outlined her ideas for the new male masturbator product range, standing up at the whiteboard to draw some sketches. Mary removed Mike’s hand from the inside of her moist panties, walked over to the whiteboard, standing very close behind Bindi. Her hands cupped Bindi’s breasts from behind, breathing gently into her neck “I’m impressed –the job is yours, when can you start”?Bindi put down the whiteboard marker, turned and kissed Mary full on the lips, one hand straying between her legs “Anytime you want me, baby; perhaps we should give Mike and Susan a show”.Susan already had her tongue down Mile’s throat; her tits spilling out of the low-cut top. She pushed him back in the chair, now sucking on his manhood, while he watched Bindi and Mary clamber up on the table to eat pussy. The sight of Mary’s long, pale pink fingers probing Bindi’s dark brown pussy lips was too much – he started pumping sperm into Susan’s mouth almost before she had formed a tight seal – it splattered over her nose and cheek. Bindi leant over, wiping her friend clean, before attacking Mary’s arse with a whiteboard marker pen. Team BuildingThe email arrived simultaneously at the 4 youngest members of the sex toys department:‘Get your ass into the Board Room in 2 minutes; leave shoes and pants at the door. Signed: Susan and Bindi’Bob and Charlie stood there in their black boxer shorts, Derek slightly embarrassed in his young sister’s ‘My Little Pony’ panties, Eddie decided today was not ideal for going commando. Bindi was sprawled out in the leather executive chair – one leg over each arm – both hands inside her white panties: “Come here, lover – let me taste that lovely cock”.Susan watched Bindi open her mouth wide to take in Eddie’s erection; his hands naturally on the back of her head, already fucking her throat.“OK you lot, stop staring – you’ll all get to fuck her soon enough. Get your cocks out – let me see you masturbating”. Bob, Charlie and Derek perched their butts on the edge of the table and took a firm grip on their cock shafts. Susan inspected them carefully, licking her lips, then the tip of each penis. It was only when Derek dropped his spare hand down the front of her dress that Susan realised she was rather overdressed: “Here, help me off with this”.Bob came around behind her, lowering the zip, then pulling the dress over her head. Susan’s tits fell out into his hands – she could feel his erection pressing into her buttocks. A quick wiggle and he was inside – her pussy juicing up nicely. Susan leant forward to suck Charlie – Bob pounding her from behind – this was all happening too quickly – how could she maintain authority if she came first like a naughty teenager every time?Susan spat out Charlie’s cock and reluctantly un-mounted herself from Bob; pussy juice dribbling down her thighs: “OK, now we have work to do. Eddie stop face-fucking Bindi and get back on the table. Bindi – get the masturbators – one each – I want a proper review – good points and bad. These are the 4 best-selling models this year – I want to know how we can improve”.Bindi handed out the masturbators: grown-up pussy models to Bob and Charlie, anal-type to Derek and the teen-fucker to Eddie. “Swap them around if you prefer a different type. There’s lube here if you need it. Get your cocks in them – we need to see spunk”.Susan had prepared a comments grid on the whiteboard: Pros and Cons, vaguely expecting the boys to grab a marker and write with their spare hand while wanking the masturbators. “Write it for me, luv” demanded Bob “I can’t read my own left-handed scribble. Put up ‘good smooth pussy lips for number 1; inside is a bit rough, difficult to get a good grip. Not the best wank I’ve ever had – get Bindi to turn round – I want to see your fingers in her arse – that should make me cum’. Charlie held up his empty box: “Have you read the drivel on here? Says it should feel like your cousin’s first time. I don’t know about yours, but my cousin cried right through me taking her cherry, şehitkamil escort but the second and third times were fabulous. She really learnt fast how to milk the sperm out. But this piece of silicone is nothing like her tight little body. I don’t rate it all”.“Come here babe” cooed Bindi “let me grip your cock hard at the base and then lick all around the tip”. Bindi pulled back, showing the glistening cock head to Susan “shall we both suck him”?Meanwhile Derek had taken the whiteboard marker and had written up ‘Rubbish – feels more like a bag of frozen sausages than raw steak. Anyway I don’t want the image of my cock inside a cow’s backside – I want a pretty maiden, skipping lightly through the sunlit meadow. I want her bare cunt accidentally landing on my face and her hot mouth devouring my erection. I want her tits spilling out into my hands. I can feel the spunk erupting into her mouth – she swallows it all down with a smile, then cums on my face as I eat her out. That’s what I call a proper wank fantasy’.Susan “OK, now I want you all to try this Anal Annie”.Bob: “I like the soft outside – nice round hole – slips in easy”.Charlie: “But once you’re thru the ring, there’s nothing inside – just a big empty space.”Derek: “You need to feel her flesh – she needs to be properly ribbed to give a real wank action.”Eddie, laughing nervously: “I’ve never had a real grown-up ass to compare it with. Bindi, why don’t you bend over”?Eddie sunk his length into Bindi, while Bob and Charlie tried to double-fuck Susan’s rear-end. Not to be left out Derek jacked his last drop of sperm between her tits.DesignBack in her office, Susan checked the sales figures for male and female sex toys. Lots of people looked, but not many bought – she needed to know why. She had brought Bindi into the conference room that morning to help run a toy buyers workshop. All the young blokes tongues hanging out, trying to catch a glimpse of her ass.“OK, you horrible lot – who wants to fuck Sasha Grey? Here, catch” – Susan flung the flexible masturbators at half a dozen of her male colleagues. “Report back here tomorrow – I want photos”. The team didn’t need much encouragement to share reviews – the best ones were posted up onto the huge electronic wallboard for all to read.The team couldn’t decide between modelling their new toy on Susan’s pink cunt or Bindi’s brown arse, so they proposed both – a double ended masturbator. Once that had been decided the rest of the design was straightforward: outside to be shiny black, inside obviously deep pink, slippery and full of breasts, simple postal-tube packaging, name to be ‘Hand Job’.Once the development order had been placed with the Chinese manufacturer, Susan set about upgrading the Board Room to her personal sex toy fiefdom. The conference table was replaced by a huge leather circular bed, from where she could sit up and direct operations – mostly with one of her male staff fawning between her thighs. Conference room chairs had gone in favour of a number of massage tables and Bindi’s favourite – a proper gynaecological examination chair. The padded stirrups held her pussy open just how she liked it – the ceiling-mounted video cameras recording close-ups of every sex toy and boy she tried.BreakfastOver the days and weeks Susan found her work attire getting more risqué – skirts getting shorter, jumpers tighter across her heavy bust –sometimes forgetting to wear a bra. This morning she was wearing a skimpy tee shirt, very short grey skirt and black shiny open-crotch tights. Her step-s0n Andy caught her bending over the worktop, plugging in the kettle, showing a delicious rear end.Laughing “Mother – look at you! What a slut! You can’t go into the office like that”.Susan turned into his arms, kissing him lightly: “Oh, but I can –I’m in charge of the Sex Toys department – I need to look the part”. Andy’s hands found her backside; kneading the soft flesh, raising one leg up between his step-mum’s thighs, lifting her skirt, exposing bare pubes.“On your knees, s0n; give your step-mum some loving”.Andy obeyed, running his tongue between her meaty lips, savouring the flavour, sucking up the glistening juice leaking from deep in her body.“Harder, baby!” Susan opened her legs wider, grabbing hold of Andy’s head shoving it further towards her arse “eat me out, make me cum on your pretty face. We’ve just got time before you go to school”.Much later, in the office, Susan stroked her soft pussy lips under the desk, remembering her promise to Andy ‘make me cum and I’ll bring home a sample Hand Job for you to try’. SamplesThe day the samples arrived, Bob naked, as usual, eating out Susan – she loved watching his pert bottom bouncing up and down as his tongue and fingers excited her pussy.Susan tore open the box, 4 perfect ‘Hand Jobs’ nestling in bubble wrap – she couldn’t wait: “OK Bob this is for you – get over to the Video Booth and tell us what you think. We need a detailed blow by blow account of the sensations inside”.The Video booth was specially modified to raise the stool and lower the cameras to crotch height, a monitor to watch the image from the cameras or select a porn video by voice control to avoid interfering with the masturbation. Bob barked “Up and Left” a few times to select the video folder on screen discovering one called ‘Susan & Bindi Experiment’.“Oh shit” muttered Bindi, watching through the curtain “I knew we shouldn’t have left those files on there.”Bob luxuriated in the sensation of Susan’s soft pussy lips at the Cuntal end of the new Hand Job, just dipping his cock tip in and out. Then pushing deeper between the rows of wet smooth breasts with hard nipples rippling against his shaft. Meanwhile on screen Susan was tightening the straps of the dildo around her thighs, then easing the enormous black erection deep into Bindi, perched on this very stool. Bindi pulled off Susan’s bra, dropping a breast into each hand, crushing her nipples in a way only another woman can. Susan and Bindi kissed open-mouthed – you could just see their tongues flashing under the bright video lights. Susan withdrew the cock almost all the way, paused and slammed it back in, further into Bindi’s snatch on each stroke. Bindi moaned, twisting Susan’s breasts into grotesque shapes, then sucking hard on the nipples as the climax started from her thighs, moving up to her stomach, then screeching “Shit, shit, shit. You absolute Bitch – you made me cum on camera – I must have looked a fright”.Bob disagreed “You looked lovely babe” increasing his masturbation speed ”This Wanker is fuckin’ awesome – I’m cumming for you babe – this spunk is all yours.”PhotosCharlie, Derek and Eddie vied for Susan’s attention – jacking themselves off with the Hand Jobs in every possible position. Bindi loved to hold Eddie’s balls from behind as he jerked using the Bindi arse-hole end; but they were too hairy for the photos she had planned.One of the advantages of working over the largest warehouse in the state was instant access to any product they needed. Bindi placed an order for shaving foam, razors, some soothing cream and a little extra especially for Eddie. Susan told her to specify ‘Special Delivery-AA’ and wait 10 minutes. Sure enough ten minutes later a young woman with bright blue hair, on her first day of Work Experience, stood outside their outer door, nervously pressing the intercom button. Her stepfather had brought her in that morning, warning her against the strange women in the Sex Toys department. Her pretty face was all that showed on the video monitor, but Susan guessed that she was exactly what they needed. Claire had been told to deliver this small, light-weight box up to ‘Department ST’ on the top floor and then follow instructions.The intercom buzzed and then Susan’s gentle voice told her to push the door open, and leave her clothes on the hanger inside. After the endless brightly-lit, but featureless corridors, Claire was now in a small intimate room – quite dark except for rows of sex toys on shelves, illuminated by spot lights. Deep plush carpet on the floor, a wonderful scent she couldn’t quite place and piles of clothes- men’s and women’s, neatly folded with underwear placed on top. Claire shivered, even though it was warm enough to be undressed. Looking around and seeing no-one she popped the box on the floor, took off her shoes and undid the straps on her work dungarees – letting them fall to the ground.That lovely warm voice again, seemingly right behind her “Bend over baby, grab your ankles – let’s take a look at you”. Claire now saw herself in the full length mirror, spot-lit from all directions. It had still been dark when she got dressed that morning – Dad (as she called him) had laid out the clothes on her chair for the day, like he always did. After kicking the dungarees away, she was down to a short white cotton vest that barely hid her dark nipples and – oh shit those red panties – they were almost transparent. Claire could clearly see her own tight pussy lips and narrow landing strip of pubic hair exposed through the thin fabric. Daddy had only bought her those yesterday – he must have planned this. Oh how embarrassing – she wondered why he looked so smug at breakfast.There was nothing for it – brazen it out – Claire smiled back through her legs at the mirror (and hidden camera). The inner door opened and this gorgeous nearly-naked woman took her hand and led her into the over-heated interior. Claire did her best to hold the box in front to cover her pouting pussy lips, through her damp red panties. “Don’t worry baby – nobody’s going to eat you,…yet”.Claire was no prude, but the sight of 4 naked blokes on the sofa jacking themselves off with short black masturbators made her blush and look away. But then all she saw was Bindi tearing open the box and handing her the shaving foam to coat their bollocks. Bindi carefully shaved Bob – showing Claire, kneeling beside her exactly how to wield the blue plastic safety razor around his manhood: “Hold his cock head tightly baby, make sure you don’t slip”.Claire was allowed to shave Charlie entirely on her own – not having a free hand she pulled off the masturbator and held the cock head between her teeth – not sucking you understand – just gripping. Bindi now had both hands free to explore inside Claire’s tee-shirt – delightful tiny boobettes – no more than ‘AA’ cup. Claire moaned when Bindi tweaked her nipples, then moved down the line on her knees to start shaving Derek.Susan looked up from her laptop, propped against her breasts, answering the boring admin emails to see Bindi’s thumb disappearing up inside Claire’s arse. Her thumb ring came to rest just outside Claire’s ring, then with a wriggle slipped inside. Claire was now openly sucking on Eddie’s cock, slavering spit up and down his shaft, while jacking him with both hands – he stroked her long blue hair – clearly this was going well.Susan’s attention was caught by something small and shiny in the discarded delivery box – Bob brought it over – a tiny jewelled anal plug – just the perfect size for Claire. The ‘Special Delivery’ note on the box proclaimed ‘A little present for my daughter – please return her with any virginities intact’. It was Dad’s little joke – he made all Claire’s boyfriends promise. All four boys were now cleanly shaven – not a pubic hair to spoil the masturbator publicity photos. Then Claire spotted the single pink razor – oh shit – another of Dad’s little jokes – they were going to shave her.Bindi asked her to slip the red panties off, she turned away shyly, hooking both thumbs into the waist band and tugged them down her thighs. The damp crotch stuck slightly to her pussy lips, obscenely pulling them open, then Claire turned to face the sofa. Claire thought that lifting the hem of her tee-shirt to expose her tiny breasts might distract the boys from her dyed-blue landing strip.“Oh a natural blue-head” Bindi laughed “come here baby, don’t be shy – nobody’s going to shave off that gorgeous pubic hair – it defines you”. Susan was suddenly behind Claire, slipping the moistened anal plug in where it belongs. Claire melted into her arms, kissing the older woman firmly on the lips, holding her breasts, slipping one hand down into Susan’s overheated crotch.“OK baby, this is where you cum for us. Sit down between Charlie and Derek; pin your legs back, hold this little vibrator against your pretty clit and dream of your latest boyfriends cock pumping sperm all over your pretty little tits. This should make a smashing addition to our photo collection”.Luckily Susan was quick with the camera, zooming in to Claire’s crotch just as the first few dribbles of squirt started erupting. She was in full flow within seconds, covering Susan in her warm wetness: ”Lovely ch1ld – that looks like a virginity lost”. Susan edged closer to Claire’s gorgeous adult pussy, opening her mouth wide to suck in the swollen labia, pushing her tongue deep, sucking out the last few drops of squirt. Claire creamed more, hating the way she could be manipulated so easily, trying to push Susan’s head away. Susan just slid both hands under Claire’s hot, wet buttocks, thumbing her lips further apart, now eating her out, licking all around the hard little clitoris, making her cum again and again.Eventually Susan pulled back, her face coated in pussy cream: “welcome to the team, baby blue Claire, we love you. Perhaps we should call ourselves Team Baby Blue, what do you think?”Then the four lads edging towards their own climaxes, whipped off the Hand Jobs and finished off by coating her face and chest in burning hot sperm: “There – your first bukkake session too”.Claire dabbled her fingers in the sperm, rubbing some into each nipple in turn, hoping to make her AA cup tits bigger for her new team.

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