A story for Venice. Day 2

A story for Venice. Day 2
The picture above taken just before Venice was subject to her terrible ordeal.

I sat and watched a bit of tele. Dee called and I told her that I had a guest. She was curious and asked me who it was, I told her a girl called Venice, we’d been friends on Xhamster. I asked her what she had been up to and she told me that at that precise time two guys from the office were in bed with her, she had been sucking one before she called, but he had cum too quickly. But the other guy was happily sucking her pussy as we talked and waiting for us to finish so he could fuck her.
“Tell him to lick your ass hole, and take a picture of him doing it” I asked her.
“Ben wants to hear you licking my ass hole.” Dee said to the mystery man.
“OH yes.” Dee purred, “Hang on.” I heard her fumble with the phone and then I heard the familiar click. “I’ll send it to you when we’ve finished.”
“Oh.” She said over the phone, “He’s taking a video now of me talking to you on the phone, you should see his cock, and I can’t wait for him to fuck me.”
“How big is it?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s a good size. He’s about nine inches, but it’s really fat.” Replied Dee.
“Oh go on then.” She didn’t say that to me and I heard the bed creek. “Go on then film it going into me, I know Ben will enjoy that when he sees the video. Oh fuck that feels so good.”
“Oh my god Ben he feels so good.” Dee moaned and purred over the phone.
“Go on then Matt, fuck me harder. I’ve got to go now Ben, I’m going to suck Paul’s cock again.” And as she rang up I heard her lips slurping on what I can only assume was his cock.
I put the phone down and thought of Dee getting fucked by two guys. But then I thought of Venice, I guess she would now be sleeping after her ordeal today. I turned the tele off and headed upstairs.
I didn’t knock, I just walked straight into the bedroom. Venice lay on the bed without covers. Dressed in her little pink nightie, her ass pointing towards me and the black dildo still buried deep in her ass. I walked over to her quietly but quickly. Suddenly I lent forward and grabbed the dildo and pulled it sharply from her orifice. It vacated her hole with a load plop before my raging cock replaced it. She hardly had time to awaken before I was pummelling her ass. She rolled onto her belly as I continued to slam into her abused ass. I pulled her to the end of the bed, her knees slipped to the floor as my cock still buried in her ass held her firmly against the bed and I continued to pound her. The bed banged against the wall as my cock filled then emptied into her, she was at my complete mercy. Her hands gripped tightly to the bed sheets as I continued to hammer into her.
“Time for another filling.” I announced as with one final hard thrust my cock exploded in her battered ass. My seeds filled her and I stopped deep inside her as I continued to discharge my load. Finally satisfied that my entire load was deep inside her bowels, I pulled free. Her ass hole puckered as my cum, and I assume others oozed free.
I once again grabbed the dildo from the bed and without warning pushed it back home, her ass once again plugged, no escape for the cum still trapped in her ass.
I stripped off my clothes, throwing them onto the floor. “You can tidy up in the morning.” I told her as I slipped onto the bed, turned over and awaited my sleep.
As I slowly dozed off, Venice came up behind me, slipped her arm over my waist and reached for my now flaccid cock. She squeezed it gently in her hand and whispered “Thank you.” Before we both slipped off to sleep.

The next morning I was awoken gently as Venice was slurping on my hardening cock. I lay on my back, my legs held apart by her crouching body and her head bobbing up and down on my cock.
As I quickly stirred into life I wrapped my hands around her silky hair and thrust my cock violent into the back of her throat. Taken completely by surprise Venice choked hard and reached violently as I kept the pressure firmly on the back of her head and continued to thrust my hips into her face. She desperately wanted to pull free and tried hard to suck in some breath. Eventually her motions slowed and she was fastened to my cock. I let go of the back of her head and she gasped for some air. Grabbing her by the hips I pulled her round and she lifted her knee over my head, her beautiful clitty now hung down and beckoned my mouth to be filled. She slipped her knees apart and her clitty sank into my mouth. Blissfully I sucked and it hardened quickly to the motion of my tongue. I reached round to the back of her head once more and plunged it back down onto my waiting cock, but this time exploded my load straight down her throat. With her mouth filled with my burning cum she too came quickly and mouth was filled with her scented nectar. I swirled her cum around my mouth and her wilting clitty, before she rolled over to my side. Venice then clamber around and we came face to face. I pulled her towards me and our lips met before her tongue wormed its way onto my mouth and we exchanged each others cum.
We broke free and she stood at the side of the bed.
“Would you like me to get you breakfast in bed?” she asked as she stood demurely at the side of the bed.
“Yes.” I replied and she slipped out of the bedroom.
Venice reappeared a few minutes later, tray in her hands, her pink baby doll nightie made her look incredibly seductive.
“Scones, jam and cream with a cup of coffee sir.” She smiled and placed the tray beside me, before sitting herself on the bed and pulled the duvet from me.
“I thought you might like some extra cream.” And she scooped her fingers into the bowl, before wrapping them round my cock.
“Oops, silly me. I’d better clean that mess up.” She giggled and her fingers trailed between my legs, smearing the cream along my ass crack all the way to my puckering hole. She looked me in the eyes before dropping her head to my hardening cock, licking and sucking the cream from it. She then grabbed me under my knees and pulled them up to my head, exposing my ass to her, and her head once again dipped down and I felt her tongue tickle my ass hole. The sensation was exquisite. Her tongue rimmed my ass before she plunged it deep inside me as her hand pulled on my cock. I came again quickly, my cum spewed from my cock, splattering my belly before oozing down the sides and through her hand.
She looked up to me, her tongue still buried in my ass, her eyes visible above my cock, piercing and shimmering with lust. “I appeared to have made more mess.” Before she wormed her tongue up my balls, licking my cum running over them, up along my shaft, sucking the remains from it before cleaning my belly, her tongue delving into my belly button and cleaning the final remnants from me.
“We’d better get ready for your next public humiliation.” I told her. “Today will be a free for all, I am taking you to a new sex conference and you will be the public exhibition.” I told her.
“What do I have to do?” she asked me cautiously.
“You just have to do whatever they ask you to do.” I replied sternly. “You are going to be their fuckwhore for the day, a cum dump for their pleasure. And no doubt there will be a lot of big black cocks that will need your full attention. I know that is what you really want.”
“Oh yes master.” I lifted up the front of her babydoll and her cute little clitty was stirring in anticipation.
We showered, I wanted Venice to be a pleasure for all the men that were going to abuse her, but she insisted on keeping her butt plug embedded in her ass. Cum was her desire and she wanted to be filled with as many men’s cum as possible.
The conference was in walking distance from the house. I had a black cloth case with the equipment we needed and Venice carried the strap over her shoulder. She looked stunning in her black micro mini and mustard yellow top and her heels clicked along the pavement as she hurriedly walked towards our destination. Several passersby would stop and glare as she minced her way into town, her skirt so short that the cheeks of her bum were clearly on view. I guess her little cocket might just be showing had I been walking in front of her.
We turned towards the river front, the conference was being held in a marquee and in front of it was the large quadrant where Venice was going to perform. It was a hot sunny day, there was little shade but the organisers had placed a sunshade and seat in the corner of the quadrant for me. Venice would be very much in public view.
I opened up the cloth bag and took out the aluminium structure it contained. It clipped together simply, a leather pad and head harness was the final touch and when finished looked appropriately like some sort of BDSM torture assembly. Venice looked quizzically as I stood back to admire the structure.
“What happens now?” asked Venice.
“You must be strapped into place whilst I get the posters out.” I replied.
Venice looked at me nervously, the first time I had seen a trace of fear in her eyes.
“Now climb over the frame work!” Venice stepped over the frame and laid herself down with her thighs and wrists at the points of the straps. I wrapped the buckled straps first around her wrists and then her thighs. Venice had to spread her thighs wider that you would normally expect, spreading her ass cheeks to allow easier access to explore her sex.
Venice was now strapped down and helpless. Her little skirt barely covered her ass and standing behind her I could clearly see all her sex. As I admire the view I strolled around her. Her breasts were pinned down onto the aluminium frame, her nipples prominent through the material, her head rested on the bar below her chin, if she pushed her head forward slightly, she could open her mouth and devour whatever was placed in front of her.
I then unrolled the two banners that would stand next to her. Positioning them slightly back from the frame so as not to hide her total public humiliation.
“Meet Venice, She is here to be abused. Do whatever you want to her. She especially loves BBC.”
I then sat back on the chair and waited for her punters. It didn’t take long for them to turn up. They were mostly men, most of them more than likely dirty old sods and it showed. Nothing really happened to start with, they would look and stare, bending over to look between her legs, some of them openly rubbed their crotches.
But word soon got out and from the marquee appeared three guys, they were all black and wore tee shirts and black thongs, their cocks clearly seen in their tight confines. They were followed by a suited guy who then announced to the gathering crowd that they were the models for a top porn movie company and they were about to give a live show of the action you might see on their movies.
The first of them came up to Venice and bent down before her.
So you’re the dirty fucking cum slut that everyone’s talking about.” He sneered down at her and at the same time smashed his crotch against her face. “How about fucking with this.” He pulled the front of his black thong aside and pulled his enormous cock out. Holding it in his hand he slapped it against Venice’s face, one side and then the other, before he aimed it at her face and thrust it hard into her mouth. Venice gagged instantly as a huge amount disappeared down her throat. He then grabbed the sides of her head and started to furiously fuck her face. Venice was helpless to avoid the attack as the other two black guys made ready to take their place. The second peeled of his thong and then with a pair of scissors reached for the hem of Venice’s skirt. He first cut is crudely before tearing the rest of the skirt in two, now exposing Venice’s ass the baying crowd. He then knelt behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her butt plug and ass hole to him. Grabbing the head of the plug he pulled it out violently and threw it onto the floor before he spat down onto her ass before cruelly massaging the fluid in. He used his thumb to push it in deep. Once it was buried deep he then reached out with his other thumb and pushed that in alongside the other and pulled them apart. Her ass gaped and the crowd came forward to take a closer look.
“Go on fuck her.” One of them shouted. He looked up at the crowd. “I’ve got twelve inches, she’ll never take it all.” He exclaimed.
The crowd now chanted “Fuck her, Fuck her, Fuck her.” As he pulled his huge cock from his thong.
It was massive and I don’t think anyone thought that Venice would be able to take it. And in any case she had no choice, she was completely helpless to their abuse. He spat on his cock and smeared it over the head before lining it up with her ass. The slowly at first, allowing the head to slip past her ring, followed by a hard thrust and his cock disappeared into her ass. The thrust was so hard that the aluminium frame jolted forward, pushing the cock in her mouth even further in.
Venice was now at the complete mercy of their two cocks pounding her at both ends and the third guy looked down in disbelief as he watched his mates pummel her body ruthlessly. He then pulled his thong down to expose his half hard cock. Grabbing hold of it he pointed it at Venice’s back.
“You need cooling down you fucking breeding bitch.” As a stream of piss flowed from his cock. It splattered down onto her back, staining the yellow top and darkening it. His cock the weaved from top to bottom, it splattered into her hair, wetting it, before allowing it to stream between her ass cheeks.
A guy from the crowd came over and knelt to the side of her head, unzipping his fly and he came over and he too then pissed on her. This time it hit her fully on the cheek and as he pissed the black guy in her mouth pulled free and turned her head to face the stream and he pissed his load into her mouth, before he pulled her back and once again thrust his cock into her mouth. Venice was now soaked and the guy fucking her mouth indicated the one beside his to try and push his cock alongside his. His cock was much smaller but soon Venice was fucking three cocks at once. The guy from the crowd came quickly, exclaiming that he was and pumped his seeds into her mouth. This made her gag once more and as she choked his cum splattered from her mouth, dribbling down her chin. He pulled out and his dripping cum covered cock flopped from her mouth. He sat unceremoniously down on the floor beside her.
“Who’s next?” the black guy cried out and there was almost an orderly queue breaking out within the crowd.
As the first man knelt down in front of her, the black guy fucking her pulled out. “And you may as well take advantage of her ass as well.”
The queue then immediately split, and soon there was two lines all waiting to fuck the completely submissive Venice. She was going to be fucked to oblivion, her ultimate desire. Her ass and mouth would be filled with copious amounts of cum. The guys didn’t care, the sight of this helpless body, her gorgeous figure had them all standing in line, their cocks all at attention and they were all going to fuck Venice. I counted the queue as one by one they penetrated her body. Each queue never diminished as they filled her ass and mouth another replaced them, they would stand and leave and as they stuffed their used cocks back into their pants their cocks would be dripping with cum. As Venice’s ass and mouth were emptied of cock their cum would follow. It flowed down her chin and trickled down her clitty. There was even a moment when I caught Venice’s clitty exploded with the excitement. Her cum splashed across the concrete below her, her clitty twitched with the excitement, but as she came another guy would be penetrating her. Most of the guys were small in comparison to the models and it was clear that Venice was desperate to feel their huge cocks once again exploring her beaten body. As the queues subsided and all of the counted fifty six guys had had their evil way with the prone Venice they returned.
“How was that you dirty fucking breeding slut? Have you had enough or do you finally want three men to sort you out?”
One of them stood behind her and swiped his hand over her battered ass hole, scooping up some of the cum drooling from her ass. He stepped towards her head and smeared his fat hand against her lips. “Eat you fuckwhore, lick my hands clean, you don’t deserve to spill any.” Venice lapped greedily at the hand, her tongue curling through his fingers and taking the gooey mess into her mouth.
As she devoured the cum soaked hand the second black guy quickly stood behind her and aimed his massive cock at her ass. He slipped in easily and quickly, taking Venice totally by surprised. She squealed as his cock delved deep inside her bowels, he slammed in hard taking her breath away and then rhythmically fucked her used ass. Pummelling her hard and she loved it. She shouted loudly “Oh yes fuck me hard, I want you breeding cum deep inside me. His pummelling continued for several minutes before he too let out a shriek that he was cumming and as his balls met hers in one final slam, he came, pumping his black breeder seeds deep inside. As he pulled out and stepped to one side the next black guy took his place and instantly filled her ass pussy with his throbbing large cock. The abuse continued and Venice’s ass was subject to another hard pounding. He looked over his shoulder to me. “Hey man, you haven’t had your turn yet, this bitch needs something to suck on, get on her.”
I sat up from my seat, my cock had been rock hard throughout the whole event and as I stumbled towards her I pulled my aching cock from my pants. As I reached Venice’s head it was free and I offered it to her waiting mouth. She did not respond, her eyes tightly shut, concentrating on the punishment her ass was receiving. I slapped her cheek hard.
“Open your mouth, slut!” I commanded. She opened it without question and I fed my cock into her willing mouth. My cock felt no resistance and I felt the head bang against the back of her throat, she convulsed as she gagged on it. My balls hit her chin and her nose mashed into my groin. Venice then tightly wrapped her lips around y shaft and I started to pump in and out of her mouth. Her saliva slicked its progress, her tongue shuffled on the underside. The feelings were intense and I grabbed her hair and pumped her hard. I looked down and watched myself thrusting deep inside her, she briefly looked up and our eyes met, I wouldn’t take long now.
I looked up at the black guy pounding her ass, a grimaced look on his face as he too was about to cum. He yelped as his final thrust filled her battered ass. As his hips ploughed her ass he was clearly depositing a huge load deep into her bowels. He withdrew and his swaying cock poured with cum, it splattered over her ass cheeks and up her back. With a final thrust I came, my cum expelled from my cock and deep into Venice’s mouth and as my crotch thrust against her face I leant forward, reaching out for the cum splattered on her ass and seeping from her ass hole. I scooped it up, massaging some across her ass and up her back. The rest, captured in my palms I spread across her face and anxiously she pulled my cock from her mouth, desperate to tongue what remained in my hands and eagerly lapped them clean.
Finally the third black guy stood behind Venice, I pulled my hands away from her lapping tongue, stuffing my cock back inside mouth and leant forward to spread her ass cheeks apart. Her ass hole gaped and puckered as the guy lined up his cock. It seemed bigger than the rest and he confirmed it “Now you fuck whore, take this!” and he slammed his cock in deep. I looked down and watched his whole length disappear in one long stead motion. As his balls slammed against her the frame work juddered and her mouth was pushed hard onto my cock. He then withdrew his cock from her ass and the framework slid her back and my cock slipped from her mouth. I grabbed my cock and pulled it upwards. “Now suck on my balls.” I demanded and thrust them towards her. She then began to lick and suck my balls into her mouth as my cock slapped against her face, smearing it with her saliva and my cum.
The black guy grabbed her ass cheeks and folded them into his fists and proceeded to slam his cock into beaten ass. He released his grip with one hand and started to repeatedly smack her cheek. With each smack her ass reddened and now Venice began to squirm. Her hair matted with cum, her back sodden with piss she was helplessly fuck and once again his cock slammed its way into her ass and he came violently.
“Yes, yes, YES.” As his cum spewed into her, each small thrust pasting her ass with more cum. He froze, visibly shaking with his exertion. Catching his breath he simply said “Fuck you deserved that your dirty fuck whore breeder.”
He quickly pulled his cock from her ass and again a stream of cum streamed from her ass, bubbling and dripping onto the path below her. He stood raising his arms in triumph, circled to thank the audience still watching the performance, before turning to his associates and walking away into the marquee.
Venice was now left alone. I pulled up my fly and returned to my seat. Venice now left dishevelled and beaten. In groups the crowd came to inspect her. Some swiped their hands over her bare wet flesh to feed her the remains. Then the others came over and spat down on her prone body. “Dirty bitch fuck whore.” And “Fuck slut.” To name but a few comments made at her.
When most of them had left, I got up from my seat and undid her fastenings. She wriggled her wrists to get her circulation back before she shakily pulled herself to her feet. Her yellow top stained with piss and cum, her nipples prominent, her torn skirt fell to the floor. She stood there naked from the waist down. Her limp little clitty hung down as cum ran from her ass and droplets formed on its end before dripping on the floor. I lifted her head and looked at her smeared face. Her mascara was running down her cheeks, her eyes blackened. Cum splattered her face and ran off her chin.
“We’d better get you home and cleaned up.” I said and Venice looked around for her skirt. She bent over in front of me to pick it up and as she did her battered hole came to view.
“Oh and we’d better put your plug back in.” I leant down and grabbed the plug that had been rolling around beside where she had been ruthlessly fucked. I picked it up and without bothering to clean it stuffed it back into her very loose hole. It slipped in easily.
Venice grabbed her skirt and tried to wrap it around her waist, but with nothing to fastening it had to hold it together with her hand.
I told the guys at the marquee that I would pick up the stand later and Venice and I headed off for a shameful walk through town and back to the house.

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