A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 11


Jingle Bells

I would like to thank Jane Doe (LesbianLitChic) for reminding me just how much fun a good bondage story can be.

I also want to thank Ryan (Fetishand) for the awesome artwork that helped inspire this story.


Sweat ran in rivers off Alex’s face to join the stream the made its tickling route down her spine. Any other time the sensation would have thrilled her, but unfortunately today her mind was too preoccupied. She had been pounding away on the running machine for some time. Just how long, she wasn’t really sure, as time was playing tricks on her mind.

It had been like this for over a week. Basically the length of time Zabina had been away for. Normally they had gone everywhere together. Even when Alex had been spending time on the beach with Jinn, relearning to surf, Zabi had been there constantly watch and fussing over the two water babies. Alas Zabina and Dominic had needed to visit Italy on family business and Alex had been unlucky enough to have a backlog of work to get through. Jinn had volunteered to look after the Ascension club, so Dominic and Zabina had ended up going alone.

Of course Alex hadn’t actually considered how much she would miss her lover. It had started out quiet fun, as Alex took the sudden quite to chew through her black log of projects. That lasted for less than a day. By the time the evening came around Alex was bored. She hadn’t realised just how much Zabina had filled her life, and now she wasn’t there Alex was finding it difficult to adjust to being alone.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Or in her case, absence made Alex realise she had taken Zabina for granted.

Half-forgotten memories broke the surface of Alex’s mind as she pushed herself in to a punishing sprint. Images of her on this very same running machine while Zabi had spanked her bare backside with a crop. A totally sexual situation, but one with an underlying motive to lift Alex out of her wallow of self-pity to embrace life once more.

With her breathing coming in laboured rasps, Alex wound the speed of the machine down and slowed to a halt.

There would be no sensuous warm down after the gruelling work out. Something else she remembered, and missed painfully.

Alex staggered towards the shower and turned the water on as hot as she could bare it, then stripped out of her sweaty running gear.

No nude working out.

Alex sighed once more.

No shower sex either, she thought as she let the scalding water ease some of the tensions from her body.

Zabi always had a way of making the most tedious chores fun and interesting.

She missed Zabina more than she had missed the ocean. “When she gets back I’ll make her realise just how much I’ve missed her.” Alex told the steamy air.

An idea washed over her like the scalding water from the shower.

She had promised herself more times than she could remember, that she would learn how to be a little more dominating with Zabi, so she could scratch the itch that Zabi occasionally had to be used sexually.

It was time to go to school.


Jinn had been a little puzzled when Alex had phoned, but one thing she had learned about Zabina’s and Alex’s relationship, was to expect the unexpected. Needless to say, she had dutifully made a list of everything Alex had asked for, then spent a good couple of hours packing things for transportation. She had raised her eyebrows at a couple of the things, then shrugged her shoulders. They were both sensible adults. Well, they were both adults… most of the time… okay, sometimes they were a little adult. Maybe she had better spend a little time talking to Alex about whatever she had planned.

A couple of hours later, Jinn pressed the buzzer to Zabina’s and Alex’s apartment and the speaker crackled to life.

“Is that you Jinn?” Alex’s voice sounded tinny through the speaker, and slightly breathless.

“Yeah, it’s me, I’ve got a delivery for you.” Jinn replied feeling more and more curious.

“Be right down… fuck, crap. Why the fuck did I leave that there. Give me a minute, got something in front of the door.”

As she stood waiting, Jinn began to wonder if Alex being left on her own was a good idea. Normally Zabina was the catalyst of the wild things the two got up to, and Jinn had assumed that Alex would have been fine left to her own devices. By the sounds of it, Jinn may have overestimated her ability to cope.

The door jerked open.

“Jesus Alex. You look like shit.” Jinn exclaimed as she was greeted by a dishevelled looking Alex, dressed in old paint splattered sweats. Her eyes were wide and darted about like she was wired to the mains.

“Yeah, yeah. I know. I’ve been a little preoccupied. Did you bring the stuff? Can you give me a hand with it? Everything needs to go to the spare room.” The words tumbled out in a raging torrent as Alex hopped from one foot to the other.

“Whoa, slow down.” Jinn instructed. “You’re going to blow a fuse.”

“Sorry.” Alex bursa evi olan escort took a breath, then started off again. “Actually, not sorry. Too much to do. Can we get the stuff in? I’ve got a lot to do.”

Jinn shook her head. It was going to be one of those days.

Alex had taken the first box and raced back up the stairs to the apartment. Jinn had sensibly ensured she passed the hyper Alex the lighter of the two boxes, while she hefted the heavier one.

As she entered the flat Jinn stopped dead in her tracks. The normally immaculate apartment looked as though a small war had been raging in it. The main living space was taken up by a stack of bedroom furniture, and what looked like every item of clothing the pair of women owned piled in to a mountain of jumbled material. A stack of packing boxes containing shoes and boots filled the entrance and Jinn had to turn sideways to squeeze past the unstable tower.

“Fuck, Alex.” Jinn gasped. “Did you get robbed?”

The whirlwind of Alex darted back in to the living space, Jinn was a little surprised to see her wearing a pair of high heeled shoes, something that Alex steered away from as she struggled to walk in them.

“No, no, no, no. I thought I would do a little decorating. I wanted to surprise Zabi. She gets back soon, so I can’t stop. Got to get it all done.” Alex babbled, her eyes a little unfocused.

Jinn placed the box she was carrying on top of a chest of draws that was currently blocking the doorway to the kitchen. As Alex buzzed past, Jinn snapped out a hand and snagged Alex’s arm.

“Okay enough.” Jinn commanded. “You’ve got to slow down.” She could feel Alex trembling in her grip. She was wound as tightly as a guitar string. “What have you been doing?”

Alex’s eyes blinked rapidly. “Drinking coffee. Decorating. More coffee.”

“When did you last eat or sleep?”

There was a pause for a second.

“What day is it?” Alex asked a little slower.

“Okay. That answers that question.” Jinn sighed. “We need to unwind you a little.”

For a second Alex tried to resist, then Jinn lifted her off her feet like she was a toy doll, carried her to the bathroom, then after dumping her in the cubicle, she cranked the cold water on.

A shrill scream echoed around the tiled room. Jinn had to admit the water that sprayed on to her was like ice, but that was exactly what Alex needed.

Jinn gave Alex five minutes then shut the water off. “How are you feeling now?” She asked.

“Fuck, Jinn. What was that for.” Alex replied her teeth chattering, but voice a little more normal.

“Okay, I think that worked.” Jinn said with a grin. “You get dried and changed, I’ll sort some food. Then you can explain the sudden need to decorate.”

A sulking and shivering Alex gave a resigned nod.

Half an hour later, between mouthfuls of steak sandwich, Alex explained her plan and reasoning to Jinn, who surprisingly, nodded in agreement.

“I like your plans Alex. Not too sure of your methods of execution though, and why do it all in heels?”

Alex shrugged. “It seemed fairly straight forward when I started. Then the idea sort of got out of hand. I was wearing heels to get used to walking in them, I just want to surprise Zabina.”

“Right.” Jinn took a breath as she did some mental calculations. “We have five days before Dom and Zabi get back, and a shit ton of work to get through. First job for you is make some sketches of what you want while I make some calls.”

For a few seconds Alex was tempted to protest at Jinn taking charge of her project, then reality dawned. There was no way she could achieve what she had planned in the time she had remaining.

“Thanks Jinn, for helping and for not making fun of my idea.”

Jinn stepped in close to Alex and gave her a hug a grizzly would have been proud of. “Hey you two are the closest thing I have to real family. I fully get what you’re trying to do here, and why you want to do it. So if you want to surprise Zabi, we need to bring in a professional.”

Feeling a little more stable and in control of herself Alex cleared some of the debris from around her work station. Being able to actually think instead of attempting to do everything herself, Alex let her imagination run a little and expanded on her original ideas.

For the first time since Zabina had gone away, Alex began to grin happily.


Zabina’s flight had been uneventful, so she had managed to doze nearly all the way to LAX. Seeing as they had been away on behalf of the company, Dominic had charged the tickets to the company account and they had flown first class. Definitely something Zabi could get used to.

After filing through the arrivals area, Zabina’s eye hunted the awaiting crowds for Alex. She had missed the sexy blond a lot more than she thought possible and was seriously looking forward to seeing her again. It had only been fifteen days since She and Dominic had left for Italy, but it had felt like a life time. The slightly altıparmak escort bad side of her hoped that Alex has missed her as much as she had missed Alex. She had promised herself that she would make a special effort to show her lover just how much she had missed her.

Jinn’s head with its short cropped hair was the first thing Zabina spotted. Then she saw Alex stood next to her and Zabi’s heart jumped for joy. She looked more stunning than Zabi remembered, and bizarrely dressed totally differently to her normal casual look. She was wearing a smart trouser suit with a double breasted jacket. A broad V of bare skin from her neck down to where the jacket fastened, indicated she wasn’t wearing much beneath the jacket, and the trousers fitted snuggly around her thighs and hips. As well as the slightly sharper look of the suit, Zabi saw that Alex was wearing the sexy ankle boots she loved, but noted she had graduated to a slightly higher pair of heels. The combined look was extremely stunning on the athletic Alex, and Zabina’s heart skipped a few beats.

‘I think need to go away more often, if this is what I come back to.’ Zabina thought and she practically ran in to Alex’s open arms.


Once they were settled in the rear seats of the limo and the car was pulling out of the parking zone, Alex slipped over and straddled Zabina’s lap, kissed her softly on the lips.

“I’ve missed you so much Zabi.” Alex said as she nuzzled in to her lover’s neck.

Returning the embrace Zabi breathed in the scent of Alex’s golden hair. “Missed you as well baby. I’ve got some interesting news for you.”

Alex paused her kissing. “Is it important? Because I have got a surprise or two for you.”

Zabi was slowly loosing herself in Alex’s embrace. She had to admit, after two weeks away she was as horny as a rhino playing a trombone. “Nothing that can’t wait a while.” She said as she returned a kiss.

“Awesome.” Alex said as she began to unbutton Zabi’s jacket.

“I guess we’re not waiting until we get back.” Zabi commented as her suit jacket was pushed off her shoulders.

“Why don’t you just be silent. I want to be in charge for now.” Alex told her as her fingers went to work on the silk blouse.

A tiny quiver tickled deep inside Zabi. This was something she hadn’t expected. Although she did love fulfilling Alex’s fantasies and she was more than satisfied with the games they played, there were times when she wanted Alex to take charge and be a little more forceful. She closed her eyes and inhaled Alex’s perfumed again as she felt her blouse fall away from her body.

“I want you to know, I realise I have been a little lax in fulfilling your desires Zabi.” Alex whispered as her tongue flicked at one of the steel bars on Zabina’s nipples. “I want to make that up to you.”

Zabi heard the words plainly. She also heard the tone the words were spoken with. One that spoke of a deep longing to please someone. A memory of how Alex had trusted her totally when Zabi had walked her around the Strip handcuffed and practically naked came to her mind. “I’m yours to do with as you please Alex.” She said in echo of that moment as a sultry smile touched her lips.

“I’m so glad you said that.” Alex replied holding back a laugh. “I would have been a little sick if you had been too tired.”

It was good to be home, Zabina thought as Alex undid her suit trousers and slipped them over her hips.

“Do we time for this?” She asked breathlessly as Alex’s tongue traced a line along the inside of her thigh.

“Mmess.” Alex mumbled in reply as her teeth fastened on to the material of Zabina’s panties and pulled them off.

Allowing herself to be moulded by the incessant Alex, Zabi closed her eyes, luxuriating in the sensation of being undressed in the back of the limo as they drove past the unaware pedestrians. The feeling was a lot more erotic than she had imagined, and she began to realise Alex’s arousal in being stripped where there was a risk of being seen.

“We have plenty of time.” Alex informed her as she dropped the black lacy briefs on to the growing pile of Zabina’s clothes. “I asked Tony to drive around the city until I told him otherwise.”

A subtle grin spread across Zabina’s lips. “No rush at all then.” She said and arched her back to push her breasts forward, in a slutty fashion.

Alex’s devilish eyes smiled back as she nipped at the skin of Zabina’s inner thigh. “Just to let you know this is only the entrée. I have bigger plans for later.”

This snippet of information plucked at the edges of Zabi’s imagination. She sensed a slight shift in Alex’s demeanour, and although she loved every little facet of her sexy beach girl, she was enjoying this new slightly more unpredictable Alex.

Silently she watched as Alex reached in to the car’s cool box and withdraw an ice cube. A little trepidation entered her mind as to what Alex was going to do with it and she purposely arched her eyebrow, knowing that Alex loved seeing the facial movement, then smiled as Alex nearly melted.

“You do realise what that does to me don’t you?” Alex asked in a sultry tone as she rubbed the ice cube against Zabina’s pert left nipple.

Zabi gasped at the shock of the contact against her sensitive skin. “Every time.” She managed to reply.

“Good, because I am going to tease you a little more because of that.” Alex grinned wickedly, then popped the ice cube in her mouth and reached for another.

A series of short moans emanated from Zabi’s mouth as one ice cube caressed her breasts and nipples, while Alex’s tongue, cooled by the ice, flicked up along the length of her warm opening.

“Oh, that’s very nice.” She finally managed to say, then gave a shrill squeak as the ice cube in Alex mouth brushed against her clit.

Alex adjusted her position and again straddled Zabina’s legs. “I could get used to having you naked and in my control.” Alex whispered as she breathed in to the perfect ear lined with tiny sliver rings.

Their lips crushed together, seeking the desire they had been missing in each other.

“I must admit it is very sexy being the naked one for a change.” Zabina managed to gasp when they finally parted.

“Maybe I should throw your clothes out of the window then.” Teased Alex.

“Are you kidding?” Zabi retorted with an exaggerated tone. “That suit cost me a fortune.”

“Oh in that case I will hand it in to a charity shop.” Alex taunted a little more. “After all, I can’t see you jumping out of the car to stop me.”

A wave of excitement mixed with Zabina’s arousal, and she actually began to understand why Alex enjoyed being toyed with in their normal roles.

“Is this how you feel?” She asked quietly, wanting Alex to know she was enjoying the moment.

A pink tongue flicked a nipple bar again. “You have no idea.” She said wistfully remembering how many times Zabi had undressed her and teased her that she would expose her.

“So what do you plan to do with me?” Zabi asked demurely.

Alex’s fingers traced a path from Sabina’s lips, over her chin and down her neck, they lingered momentarily between the exposed breasts before continuing downwards to brush against the damp mound between Zabi’s legs.

“Firstly I am going to make you scream my name while I make you cum like a virgin. Then I am going to take you home and show you the improvements I have made to the apartment.”

Zabi closed her eyes wanting nothing more than Alex to torment her to climax. “Sounds like a good plan.” She breathed as the wandering fingers began to tweak the nipple piercings again.

Alex reach down a plucked another ice cube. “What’s my name?” she asked quietly as she rubbed the frozen lump against Zabi’s swollen mound.

“Alex.” She moaned in reply.

The cube slipped in between Zabi’s lips and nestled against her very sensitive clit.


“Alex.” Zabi said a little louder as she first peak of orgasm began to climb.

Another ice cube was added in to the hot patch inside the squirming Zabina, rapidly followed by another.

“I can’t quiet hear you.” Alex whispered as her tongue flicked in to Zabi’s ear.

“Gods.” Zabi moaned as Alex massaged the ice around her insides. “It’s Alex, your name is Alex.”

“I want you to ask me to make you cum.” Alex instructed.

“Oh please Alex.” Zabina gasped. “Please make me cum, I need it badly.”

Alex reached back and lifted the remain handful of ice out of the bucket. She showed the assorted cubes to Zabina, and raised her eyebrow in imitation of Zabi’s own expression.

“Guess where this little lot is going.” Alex grinned wickedly.

Zabi had enough time to take a slight inward breath as the handful of ice was firstly rubbed around her dripping mound then slipped inside her. The shock made her convulse. The convulsion made the ice move inside her, and that began a landslide of sensations, as Alex kept her hand clamped over Zabi’s opening.

“What’s my name?” Alex asked, trying to hold back a giggle, Zabi squirmed under her hands.

Tremors contorted Zabina’s insides, each one tumbling in to the next as her climax exploded in to a wondrous display of flashing lights and rolling thunder.


Alex leaned in close and drank the gasps of climax from Zabina’s lips in a hot passionate kiss.

“I am so going to get my own back.” Zabi panted as the rolling orgasm began to fade away, a very contented smile on her face.


“Wow.” A roughly dressed Zabina commented.

When she had sufficiently recovered from her ordeal at Alex’s hands, she had dressed in her suit trousers and Jacket, omitting the blouse. Then they asked Tony to drop them off at home. When Alex has shown Zabi the alterations that had been done to the spare room Zabi was speechless.

Where there had been a bed and a row of fitted wardrobes, there was now a bed and a row of fitted wardrobes. Okay the bed was now a sturdy wooden affair instead of the plush king-size divan, and the wardrobe doors had been replaced with heavy looking wood to match the bed. The walls had also been repainted a calming apple green. Other than that, it wasn’t what Zabina had expected.

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