A Trip to Remember

Big Dicks

Ever wondered what would happen if you just let go? I mean really let go! Who gives a fuck what the world thinks. Be yourself not who or what they want you to be. I want to let go, I want to fly free and be myself and I want to be able to full fill my own fantasy and my boyfriend. I want to whiter and gasp and beg him to never stop. Leave claw marks on his back, have sex when ever not just before we crawl in to bed. So I decided that I would, but it is a long journey to get to that point.

My name is Lena I am 26 and madly in love with the most wonderful guy. Matt is 28 and works for the same advertising company as me in Pittsburgh. Our jobs are actually the reason we met. And that was two years ago. So let me bring you up to speed on what has been happening…

2 years before

I am not much to look at, at 5’2″ I have blue eyes and auburn hair. I am passive, shy and try very hard not to attract attention to myself and I have done a very good job of it so far. That was until I met Matt. Or maybe I should say until I laid eyes on him. He (besides being male ) is the total opposite of me. He is social, can talk to anyone with out hesitation of what to say, so confident, powerful. He is a Adonis…standing probably about 6′ with piercing gray eyes, when he speaks he has a deep sexy voice and with just a hint of a southern accent. Oh yea he was definitely fuckable! Not that he would ever notice me. But maybe if I want it enough I can change that.

So I went shopping bought all the new clothes that I could afford. The newest fashions, skirts that left little to the imagination, blouses that you didn’t even have to use your imagination to try to figure out what is under it. I already had nice legs but I fell in love with a pair of heels that I just had to have. I ran over to the salon and had my hair colored and cut. My new style shaped my face perfectly and the color made my green eyes brilliant. As I walked towards the mall exit I could feel the eyes on my body, checking me out. Searching tuzla escort me from head to toe. It got me really excited and I decided that I needed to go to Victoria Secrets to buy all new underwear and bras. And boy did I ever.

The sales associate that noticed me first was a petite girl maybe 20 years old. She looked like a model straight off the runway. She was definitely going to help me find what I needed!

“Can I help you?” her voice was pure east coast money. Wondered what she was doing working here.

“Yes you can, I am looking to replace all of my lingerie with something new and sexy. I thought that this might be just the right place to come to do so.” I knew that if I laid it on thick she would be so easy to use for what I wanted.

“Well lets get you to a dressing room and I will bring you the latest styles in your sizes.” She walked away as I began to strip down.

“Here you go, lets see how these fit you.”

She stepped into the room with me and began to expertly help me try on the clothing. I was not shocked at all to find my self get excited as her hand brushed the side of my breast, to fasten the bra. And I knew that she would be able to tell that I was excited because her hands would have to brush up against my pussy. And when they did her hand stayed there a little longer than we both knew was necessary.

Pulling her hand away and standing up she asked what I thought. “So what do you think? I think that the color is prefect for your creamy skin color and your eyes.” Creamy skin…I wondered if she said that to all her customers?

“You’re right I love it…it fits perfect in all the right places. Only there seems to be a problem with the panties.” I was reeling her in and she knew it. We were playing a dangerous game but we didn’t care.

“Oh? Well we don’t want you to be uncomfortable do we? Let me see what you are talking about.” She came around to stand in front of me and kneeled down, her hand sliding inside the thong tuzla rus escort and running down the length of it. My legs seem to spread a little further apart as she searched farther down.

“I don’t feel anything. Maybe you could show me.” Her eyes begged me to let her move farther down. And I knew that if I didn’t let her it would be torturing us both.

“Well it seems to be right here…just a little bit lower.” I held her hand in mine as I moved it lower between my legs. By now my pussy was wet. I let go of her hand as she brushed up against my clit.

“Oh my! I see what you mean. We can’t have you being uncomfortable in these now can we?”

I closed my eyes and let her take control. It felt like heaven as her hand moved in circles around my clit and she had a finger inside of me. I shuddered when she started to move faster. I knew that I was about to come and I wanted to give her something also.I wasn’t ready for that fall yet. Grabbing her hand I pulled her to stand up and put her finger in my mouth and licked my juices off of it. I captured her mouth in an arousing kiss. We began to pull off my remaining clothes and what ever I could get at that she was wearing. Not caring if anyone heard us.

By the time we laid down on the floor of the spacious room and began a 69 I was naked and she was fully clothed with her skirt up around her waist; that wouldn’t last long but would leave us satisfied. She straddled my face and promptly placed her wet pussy on my mouth. I licked and sucked for all that I was worth. While my mouth was busy working on her clit I had managed to get a finger inside her.

“God you are so tight and wet” my voice may have been muffled but she knew what I said.

While I was working on her she was finger fucking me to what was going to be the best orgasm in a long time. Her tongue was doing something wonderful to my clit. And it made me life my hips off the floor and bury my mouth in her pussy so I didn’t scream out tuzla sarışın escort loud.

“AAHHHHHHHH…oh god….don’t stop….you are going to make me come.”

And she finished her assault on my body by pulling her finger out and removing her tongue and using her teeth to bite and nibble on my clit. And that was all it took.

“Jesus…god…don’t stop!!!!!!!!!Eat my pussy and suck on my clit baby!!!” I tried to be quiet but it was so difficult. Eventually my orgasm subsided and I stopped shaking; that is when she sat up and sat right down on my mouth. She had given me what I wanted and now I had to give her what she wanted.

“mmmmm god yes… just like that. Don’t stop what ever you do don’t stop eating me out. Feels…soo damn good.” I remember being impressed that she managed to keep her voice steady and low as she went higher and higher. I wanted to come all over my face. She wasn’t about to disappoint me.

“ohhhh here it comes…shit…” She softly screamed and rubbed her clit on my mouth

I stuck my tongue inside her and reached around to squeeze her breast and pinch her nipples while she played with her clit. I could feel her body tense as she neared that edge she wanted to go over..

“oooooooooo shit yes god…uhhhuhhhuhh now! Don’t stop.” That last part she actually screamed. And I felt a sudden gush of something warm and sweet cover my face. I lapped it up like a cat drinking milk.

She shuddered a few times and rolled over to the other side of me and laughed. ” Well to bad we don’t work on commission! This would be the mother of all sales…” she glanced at me “don’t you think?”

I knew what she meant and I was willing to buy the hole damn store for the great tongue fucking she just gave me. I walked out of the store with over a grand in underwear…ranging from thongs to g-strings to pairs of see through hi and low cuts…and bras and garter belts and stockings. I definitely had a nice time on my shopping excursion. And when the clerk at the counter of Victoria Secrets asked I told her I had never had so much fun or such wonderful help!!! I left the store with a big smile on my face and I knew that I was glowing.

And I knew that tomorrow at work Matt would have to notice me…but that is another story for another time.

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