A True Story About Ann

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A True Story About Ann
Ann was a beautiful brunette with large hazel eyes, perfect smile and a body to die for. She had large firm breasts with a cleavage so inciting you wanted to kiss her and bring her great sexual pleasure just by looking into her eyes.

Ann had a look that would follow you into your dreams. The only problem was that Ann knew it! Ann would tease and bring you right up to the point of thinking, just maybe she will let me into her world with great kisses and the promise of better things to come.

One night while helping her move to a new apartment, things just kept heating up between us. Our conversation would lead up to, what if we were to…. then Ann would change the subject and just leave me hanging with a hard on. Finally after we finished and everyone had left, she began to get serious.

Ann told be that she would give me the greatest sexual pleasure of my life, but only if I did what she said. Ann said that she had several very strict rules and that if I broke any one of them she would stop what she was doing at that very moment and I would have to leave.

I wanted her so bad, I would have agreed to anything! Ann said the first rule was, that I had to understand that she was in total control at all times. If I laid a finger on her, anywhere at anytime without her permission she would stop. If I touched her hair or tried to run my fingers through it, she would stop. Then she said that I was to take off all my cloths and sit back on the couch with both hands over my head, legs spread wide and just enjoy.

While I got undressed, Ann left the room. I was starting to get a little nervous. When she returned, she was wearing a real pale pink, almost see through blouse with a white lace bra and panties. The blouse was unbuttoned about half way down exposing her tanned body and full, firm breast. This was almost enough to get me off. I thought to myself, ‘all she has to do is just touch my swollen dick and it’ll explode!’ I didn’t know what Ann had in mind for me, but I felt like this was going to be something I would never forget!

After what felt like hours, she knelt down between my legs and began caressing me. She ran her soft warm hands up my legs and slowly wrapped her fingers around my penis. It was harder than I ever remember it being.

All I could do was lay back and watch as my dreams come true. I had spent hundreds of lonely hours dreaming of those lips and how it would feel to have them wrap around my aching manhood.

Ann never broke eye contact with me as she slowly began blowing her hot breath across the head of my dick. Then she would stick out her long red tongue and as it would dart out and contact the head, electric sensations would race through my body.

Without warning, Ann engulfed the head of my dick and began working her tongue and lips around it and slowing up and down. All the time, never breaking eye contact. Just looking into Ann’s eyes was enough to make me cum, I knew that I was about to fill her mouth with a gallon of hot cum and couldn’t wait to see the expression on her face when it happened.

Then, without any warning, Ann stood up and left the room! I couldn’t believe it, I began to beg and plead, please come back, you can’t leave me like this! Then she returned, laughing and telling me to, “Shut the Fuck Up.” Ann said, “I’m in control here remember!” She said, “You were about to cum, I’ll let you know when you’re going to be allowed to cum.” I apologized and told her it wouldn’t happen again.

Ann knelt back down between my legs and slowly began working her fingers and warm mouth up and down the length of my rock hard shaft once again. Just as before, staring me in the eyes with a look that let me know she was getting a great deal of pleasure out of watching me squirm. I could feel my hot sperm staring to boil. It felt as if it was coming from the bottom of my feet and rolling up my legs! The muscles in my back were beginning to arch and I couldn’t look Ann in the eyes any longer.

Oh God, I had to cum… If Ann didn’t allow it soon I would die! I began thinking; I should try and hide the signs, try and relax. If Ann knows I’m about to cum she will stop again and this time I’ll spend my greatest moment of pleasure cumming in my own hand! I began to think just much joy Ann would get from watching me, totally humiliated with my cum all over my hand, being denied the one thing I had dreamed of for years!

So, I relaxed my back and thought of nothing but starring into Ann’s eyes. This didn’t work, it was too late and Ann knew it! Oh God what would she do! Just as I was about t have a heart attack I noticed Ann slowly closing her eyes! She looked like an evil snake about to swallow its prey. Then, it began; I started cumming out of control. Ann shoved herself down as far onto my stiff erupting cock as she could.

I was cumming straight down her esophagus. Ann was swallowing as much as she could as I watched in total disbelieve. Then she backed off and allowed me to fill her mouth with cum. So much in fact that she couldn’t hold it all in. As her checks would bellow out, she tried to hold her lips tight around the shaft. Then, just as my hot cum began to pour out around the shaft she opened her eyes, looking straight at me with almost a hurt look in her eyes.

She lost control at the very moment she had tried to deny me my greatest joy. Watching my cum run down her beautiful face was my dream and she knew it! She was so shocked she just froze for a moment, allowing me to finish what had been the greatest climax of my life. As Ann knelt there almost in a daze my penis began to soften in her mouth allowing more huge globs of white sperm to slowly trickle out of the corners of her mouth.

Ann stood up and just stood before me like a goddess. My cum was dripping from her mouth, on her chin and down onto her now heaving and swollen breast. As the streaks of hot cum rolled under her white lace bra, I began thinking about the need to return the pleasure and just rip those white lace panties off and spend the night with my dick deep in her pussy, making sure she received at least one orgasm as large as the one I just had.

However, without saying a word, Ann went into her bedroom and locked the door. She wouldn’t answer my pleading to let me in, so I got dressed and went home.

The next day at work Ann asked me to tell her how I felt about our night together. I couldn’t pretend, I told her about how I went home a jacked off several times just thinking about her, I told her that it was the single greatest sexual event in my life and that no one could ever satisfy me again. I was in love!

That’s when she began to laugh and call me stupid. Ann said that she had planned it that way and that I wasn’t the first man she had ruined. She said that from now on the only way I could ever have her would be in my dreams. Ann said, “No woman will ever satisfy you now, I own your sole! Every time a woman tries to satisfy you, you’ll think about last night and she will fail!” Ann began to laugh out loud and looked me with those big beautiful eyes as if she were looking through me. Then she said something that would hurt me even worse. She said. “If you’re real good to me and do everything I say, just maybe… I’ll let you… watch as I fuck your best friends!” Then she added, “You can at least see what you’ll never have, that’s more than most men will ever get!”

I was so deflated and hurt I clocked out and went home. I cried and tried to think of a way to win her love. Then I decided, two could play at this game! If she has ruined me for all other women, I’ll do the same to her. I knew I couldn’t bring her that much pleasure. So, I’d find another way!


I waited several weeks, then one night I knocked on Ann’s door. When she opened it, she had a surprised look on her face. She said, “What in the hell do you want?”

I said, as I pushed in the door, I’m here to get even!

Ann began to shout, “Fuck you, get out.”

That’s when I slapped her across the face so hard she fell to her knees. I picked Ann up and carried her to the bedroom. A place I had been dreaming about for years. I tied Ann to the bed and began to slowly cut away her clothing. I used her pretty little white panties, the same ones she was wearing the night she had blown me, and shoved them into her mouth!

I told her that I had called the office and convinced them that she had taken another job and for then to just mail her check. I told Ann, your mine now bitch, I’m in control! I told Ann to just lay back and relax because I was going to fuck her until I was sure I would never want her again! I didn’t tell her how, but I assured her that I would be the last man she would ever bring any pleasure to.

I began by kissing her picture perfect pussy lips. I told Ann that it was a shame that her pretty little pussy was never going to be the same again! As I began to lick up and down, her pussy would open up a little more each time. Soon, I could tell Ann was about to cum. So, I returned the favor she had one given me by just standing up and watching her squirm. I got right down in Ann’s face and looked her in the eyes as a tear began to trickle down her check.

I kept on looking her in the eyes while I slowly began to finger her pussy. Ann began to beg, “Please stop, I’m going to cum!” I removed the panties and told her to ask me real nice. I told her to beg me to either make her cum or to just stop and leave.

Ann began to cry and beg me to just leave! That’s when I slapped Ann across the face again, shoved the panties back into her mouth and said, “Wrong answer bitch!” I began to eat her pussy until I could feel her back start to arch off the bed, her legs started to quiver and her firm b**st began to swell. I could tell Ann was almost out of control, so, of course I quit. Only this time I slapped Ann’s pussy so hard she just froze and began to cry out loud! I told her, who do you think you are? I didn’t say you could cum, have you forgotten who’s in control here?

By now my dick was so hard I thought it would burst! I pulled Ann’s legs apart and slowly began to part the lips of her swollen pussy. As I entered her, it felt just as I had imagined, so soft and warm. I could tell that Ann had never had a large man, she was just too tight. Soon I could tell that I was where no man had ever been and I still had more to give her. I slowly began to work my dick in and out all the while looking into Ann’s eyes. If she tried to close her eyes or look away I would slap the shit out of her.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. As I began to cum I asked Ann, have you ever seen this look on my face before? I then said, “Guess what bitch? This is only the beginning!” When I began pumping my hot cum deep inside Ann, she couldn’t control herself and began cumming with me.

We lay there for a while as I enjoyed feeling my sperm slowly oozing out around my deflating cock. Soon, Ann began trying to talk and asked me if I would please leave now. I told her that it was good to hear her say please, but that it was way too late for that. I told Ann, you haven’t received you surprise yet!

I tied Ann to the bed spread eagle, took her door key from her purse and laughed while walking out the door.

The next night I came back with Ann’s surprise. When I walked into to bedroom I could tell by the bleeding around her wrist and ankles she had been trying her best to get loose. I told her just how surprised everyone at work was by her leaving. I told her about how I laughed when I overheard some of the men say how bad they wanted to fuck her before she left. I told Ann that I had her surpass waiting in the living room, but before I brought it in I thought I should fuck her just one more time. Being how after this night, no one would ever want her pussy again!

Ann still smelled of the night before, I got a towel and wiped away the dried cum that had been dripping from her cunt. I told her that she wouldn’t receive the same treatment as the night before. This time I was just going to fuck her and I didn’t care if she ever had another climax. Although, I knew she was about to have more than she could stand.

I began by rubbing my dick across her swollen lips, pressing it into her moist pussy just far enough to get some left over cum to cover the head. Then I removed the panties from Ann’s mouth and made her lick it off. I forced my hard dick between the very lips I had once only dreamed of kissing and began to fuck her mouth hard as I could. Ann began to gag and beg for air. I propped her head up on a pillow and pulled my dick out just before cumming. Ann looked relived until I reached into the bag I brought with me and pulled out a pair of hair trimmers!

The shock on Ann’s face was worth a million dollars. Ann began to beg, please not my hair, I’ll do anything, Ill be your slave, just mention it, but please, don’t cut my hair! Ann began to cry as I plugged up the shears. I said, remember that night when you said I couldn’t even touch you damn hair, well now I’ll just take it with me! I got on top of Ann and sat across her chest mashing those large firm breasts flat as possible. I told her to start sucking my cock. The faster she could make me cum the less hair I would cut off! I forced my dick into her mouth and turned on the shears. Ann began sucking like a whore on a mission. Every time she stopped for air I cut another long hand full of hair off and let her watch as I threw it in the bag.

Soon I was cumming in Ann’s mouth even bigger than before! I made her drink all she could then I just left my soft dick in her mouth while I continued to cut her hair. I climbed off and just looked at the pathetic site that had once been a goddess. I told Ann it would be hard for me to even get another hard on looking at her. I closed my eyes and slowly managed to get another erection. I got down between Ann’s legs and forced the entire length of my cock into her dry pussy.

I fucked Ann for about five minutes and then just stooped, Ann looked at me with surprise as I told her, you just don’t do it for me anymore. Your an ugly bitch with good pussy, but that wasn’t going to last much longer. I jumped up as said; it’s time for your surprise!

I left for the living room and came back with five large black men. Michael being the largest with a cock larger than a baseball bat. I told Ann that I had given her to these men and that they had promised to stretch her pussy so big that no white man could ever enjoy sex with her again! Ann began to cry and shout, begging me not to let this happen. I told Ann that not only was Michael going to be last, he was going to get her pregnant just to make sure that her pussy and tits both would be worthless from now on! Just the thought of a large black baby crawling out of Ann’s pussy was too much.

I watched as the first four well endowed black men used the woman I had once loved and dreamed of as a piece of meat. Soon Ann’s pussy was stretched so big I could have put my fist in it. The four men took turns fucking Ann’s mouth and pulling her once well- formed tits so out of shape they too were beginning to sag and droop to her sides. Just looking at Ann with short hair, cum gushing from her mouth and cunt and all those huge black dicks working in and out of her holes made me want to throw up.

I had just about accomplished my goal of destroying Ann! I could no longer look and started to leave the room when I heard a blood-curling scream! They had turned Ann over and started to **** her ass. Even I hadn’t thought of that. Soon the four black men were in a line and all talking about filling her bowels with their cum! About the time the second man shoved his huge black cock up Ann’s ass she passed out. This didn’t stop them; in fact, I think that even made them fuck Ann harder.

Soon they were all through and I heard Michael say, my turn. He looked at me and said, “You want to clean dat bitch up a bit?” Michael said, “Wake da bitch up, she’s gonna want to see dis!” So, I woke Ann up with some wet towels and looking her in the eyes told her, it’s time! Michael is fixing to rip your pussy apart and plant his black seed deep in your womb. I told Ann to look as I held a mirror so that she could see her now gapping pussy dripping with cum and her lack of hair.

When Ann first saw Michael’s huge dick she began to cry, saying, there is no way that thing will fit inside me! I held the mirror as Ann watched Michael slowly part the swollen lips of her pussy. Oh God, Ann cried out, your killing me! Michael’s cock must have been four inches across and over f******n inches long. It was the ugliest damn thing I had ever seen. Huge veins pooping out and black as coal. As the head made it in, Michael just stopped and looked at me.

He said, “Are you sure you want me to finish her off, once I start there ain’t gonna be no stopping till this bitch is well fuck and pregnant!”

I paused for a moment looking into those big beautiful hazel eyes. Thinking back to all the nights I had tossed and turned just thinking about Ann and those damn eyes. I could see Ann looking at me as if she was begging me to spare her. I bent down over her swollen cum covered face, several loads of black man seed oozing from the corner of her mouth and held her eyes wide open.

Looking at Ann in a way to make her believe I would let it go, Ann began to relax as I softly caressed her face and softly told her, “Remember when I told you I loved you? Remember what you said?” Then I shouted, “FUCK HER, FUCK HER GOOD, fill her with a black baby so she’ll never forget this night and how I ruined her for all men!”

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