A Valentine’s Date Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of my Valentine’s Day story. In this episode, the two ladies continue their voyage of love and fulfilment, finally realizing their lives have changed forever.

A Valentine’s Date, Chapter Two

As Sally and her boss settled into their private compartment on the high-speed train, they kissed and caressed but didn’t make love because they were both exhausted from their exploits of the previous night and earlier that morning. When they were finished discussing how despicable Monsieur was, and how enchanting Brigitte was, Jacqueline filled her in personal assistant about the facility they were traveling to visit, and the family who operated it.

Jacqueline slipped back to being Jackie, and said, “I first met Carlos and his brother Eduardo ten years ago in Barcelona, when I was visiting their father Manuel. The family patriarch was preparing them to take over the family business. Their grandfather was one of the finest bootmakers in Catelonia, having apprenticed under his father on the Island of Majorca, and passed the skills down to the next two generations of the Enrile family.”

She continued, “I had been introduced to Manuel, years before early in my modeling career, after a fashion show in Madrid. We were immediately drawn to each other and spent a wild weekend together in his hotel suite. For three days, we tried to fuck each other to death, two months before he married a rich heiress, who used her influence with the local bankers, to secure financing that allowed him to open a modern automated factory in Barcelona. He planned on using the skills he had learned, apprenticing under his father and grandfather, to eventually mass produce high quality boots and shoes in this new facility.”

She finished her story, “Over the years, we continued our affair, meeting whenever we could, while his wife was enjoying the company of another man. When Carlos and Eduardo came of age, Manuel had his two sons apprentice under him at the family shop, still operated by his father, on the Island, until their skills were sufficient, before sending them to business school. The older man retired several years later, and left the company to Manuel, who is now planning on leaving his empire to Carlos and Eduardo, sometime in the future. We will be visiting the factory today before we spend the weekend with the brothers at the family’s private villa, on the coast of the island of Majorca, near Port de Soller.”

“Oh, by the way,” Jacqueline added, “both of the brothers, like their father, are hung like horses, are constantly horny as hell, and are amazing lovers. I hope you are in the mood for some serious fucking, because after last night’s disappointing session with Francois, I need a real cock. Do you feel the same way my dear?”

Sally smiled, kissed her boss, and said, “It has been a long time since I’ve been fucked by a good man. My last boyfriend was only six inches, and turned out to be gay, so I can’t wait.

The two women cuddled each other, and slept nearly the entire trip, not even waking up when the train stopped to discharge and take on passengers, in Madrid. Just as the train started to slow down for its stop in Barcelona, the alarm on Jacqueline’s phone sounded. By the time the train stopped in the station, Jackie had again become Jacqueline, as the two ladies straightened their clothing and retouched their makeup.

When the door opened, they were greeted by a tall, handsome, well-dressed man who appeared to be in his late twenties. Jacqueline smiled, as Eduardo greeted them in perfect English, with only a slight accent. When the older woman answered him in flawless Spanish, Sally wondered, ‘I wonder how many languages she knows?’ He escorted them through the station to a waiting chauffer driven stretched black Land Rover, while their garment bags and suitcases were handled by a porter.

The limo took them to a large, modern looking factory, where Jacqueline was embraced, by perhaps the most handsome older man Sally had ever seen. He was as sexy as Riccardo Montalban, and just as suave. Sally immediately recognized the familial resemblance, as Eduardo’s father gave them a personal tour of the factory where they saw machines that were producing men’s and women’s shoes and boots. These items were nearly impossible to tell from the handmade ones they saw later in another part of the facility by craftsmen, using tools and skills that appeared to be from the last century. Manuel explained that they had been producing ‘passible’ replicas of their company’s ‘hand-made’ items for the last fifteen years.

They were treated to a late lunch in the facility’s private dining room, and soon after, Eduardo escorted them to the waiting Land Rover, that took them to the harbor where a large, luxury hovercraft was waiting for them. As Jacqueline, Sally, and Eduardo boarded the craft, the ladies’ luggage was also brought onboard by porters that were waiting for them. Once onboard, kuşadası escort they were greeted by Carlos, Eduardo’s younger brother.

He was wearing only a pair of swim trunks, that were having trouble concealing the large bulge, that grew larger, when he hugged Jacqueline and Sally. The younger brother said, “Hello Jacqueline, who is this lovely lady?”

Jacqueline smiled and said, “This is Sally, my new personal assistant.” As she observed Eduardo undressing, and noticed that he was wearing swim trunks under his suit, she added, “It looks like we are a bit overdressed.”

Carlos handed Jacqueline a small gift bag and said, “I have taken care of that, senoritas, you may change in the in the room below deck,” and pointed to a door at the aft end of the main cabin. The two ladies went through the door, down a stairway, and into a small room, where Jacqueline set the bag on a shelf and said, “Undress us.”

They heard the engine start, and as they revved up, they felt the craft rise, and move down the concrete ramp it was sitting on when they boarded it. Sally did as her boss had commanded, and when they were both nude, Jacqueline reached into the small bag, and retrieved two if the smallest bikinis Sally had ever seen.

She blushed when she saw them, but Jacqueline motioned for Sally to put the tiny swimsuit on her. The top covered her boss’ tiny nipples, and the bottom managed to cover her large meaty vulva completely. When Sally tried hers on, the top barely covered her much larger nipples, but because her boobs were smaller than Jacqueline’s, it worked.

By the time they emerged from below deck, they realized the hovercraft had left the shore, and was well on its way on the 2 1/2 hour trip to the Enrile family’s private villa on the north coast of Majorca.

As the southern coast of Spain disappeared behind the craft, the two brothers smiled when they saw the two beauties before them. The two ladies noticed that the men were becoming more aroused, and as they adjusted themselves, the heads of their cocks started to emerge from the legs of their trunks. The brothers looked at each other and smiled, as their tumescence was now extending half-way to their knees.

Sally looked at her boss, who smiled and removed her bikini top. The younger woman followed suit, and smiled when her boss nodded. The two women walked over to the brothers and knelt in front of them. Jacqueline pulled Eduardo’s trunks down to his ankles, took his now completely erect manhood into her mouth, holding onto it with both hands, and started sucking on it like a hungry baby at its mother’s breast. Sally did the same to Carlos, and soon both brothers were moaning loudly, and holding the women’s heads in their hands, trying to urge them to swallowing more of their cocks.

The two ladies continued their ministrations until both brothers erupted at the same time. While Jacqueline had no trouble drinking all of Eduardo’s emissions, Sally struggled with Carlos’s load, allowing some of it to leak out of the corners of her mouth.

When she let the softening penis slide from her mouth, she used her fingers to gather up the errant semen and licked her fingers clean.

The two men collapsed to their knees, and kissed the two women passionately, tasting their own juices on their lips. The two ladies then stood, removed their bikini bottoms, and grasped the men’s faces, pulling them toward their vulvas. The men understood and dined on the ladies until they were both satisfied, drenching the men with their juices.

When the brothers released their grip on Jacqueline and Sally, the semiconscious ladies slid to their knees, and kissed the men, lazily licking their emissions from their faces. When the four of them finally regained their composure, the men stood up and pulled their trunks back on.

When the ladies stood up, they understood why the men had redressed, when they saw the coast of a land mass looming on the horizon. The both put their bikinis back on because they realized that they would be reaching their destination very soon.

About fifteen minutes later, the craft slowed, eased past a long dock that extended into the small bay they were now in, and up a concrete ramp exactly like the one on the mainland, where it settled to a rest in front of a beautiful gothic looking stone structure that was built into the cliffs of this secluded section of the north coast of the island.

Jacqueline explained to Sally “Carlos and Eduardo’s grandfather bought this property in the 1920’s, and spent years having this hillside villa constructed using stone quarried from immediately behind the cliffs. There is no access to the property from the main part of the island, and the only way anyone can access the villa is by sea. The four of them walked out of the hovercraft, and down the ramp onto the walkway, each woman on the arm of one of the brothers.

They walked the short distance to the villa, and once inside the men took off their trunks. Carlos then said, “Pasaremos todo nuestro tiempoaqui’ en el nude”.

Sally didn’t need a translation to understand that they were going to spend their entire time at the villa NAKED. She had her bikini off before Jacqueline did, and smiled as she held out her hand for Carlos, who wrapped his arm around the younger woman. Eduardo and Jacqueline did the same, and as the four of them walked further into the home, the two women reached down and gently fondled the men’s semi-flaccid penises, the entire time they were given a private tour of the villa by the brothers.

Eventually, they walked into a large dining room with windows that overlooked the bay, where a large table was set for four, and covered with all kinds of fresh seafood and tropical fruit. As soon as they were all seated at the table, two nude, dark skinned women started pouring wine into the glasses in front of them.

Then two nude, dark skinned men started serving them the bounty that was in front of them. When they had eaten their fill, the brothers led Jacqueline and Sally up a spiral staircase to a large bedchamber, immediately above the dining area. This room also had windows that overlooked the bay, and had an immense round bed in its center, that was twelve feet in diameter.

The two men picked up the ladies, and deposited them on the bed, with their heads in the center, and their feet near the opposite edges of the giant, custom made mattress that was covered with custom tailored silk sheets. Carlos and Eduardo started kissing and licking their way from Jacqueline’s and Sally’s toes to their upper thighs. By the time they were licking the ladies’ vulvas, the two women were on the verge of orgasms.

The two men reached under the women’s knees, lifting them over their shoulders, and as Carlos drove his manhood deep into Sally’s vagina, Eduardo drove his into Jacqueline. The two brothers spent the next half hour skillfully bringing the women slowly to their release, and when they finally got there, both ladies realized it was worth the wait.

The two women screamed in ecstasy as their orgasms overtook them. The brothers continued to fuck Jacqueline and Sally through three more orgasms each, until they both exploded into the wombs of the two, now unconscious ladies. When the two women awoke, they discovered that the men had traded places, with Carlos drinking his brother’s juices from Jacqueline, and Eduardo doing the same to Sally.

The two ladies took the heads of the men currently dining on them, coaxing them to climb up onto them, and the brothers complied. They both whispered to their present lovers, “Please fuck me now.” The men complied, and for the rest of the night, the four of them continued swapping back and forth, until the men collapsed and fell sound asleep at the edges of the massive bed. Jacqueline and Sally finished the night making love to each other, falling asleep an hour later in each other’s arms.

When the ladies awoke in the morning, they were alone, but the aroma of breakfast was wafting up the staircase. Jacqueline led her young friend to the bathroom in the rear corner of the bedchamber, where they took care of their necessities, before descending the staircase and joining the brothers, who were already eating voraciously. The two women ate their fill, and when they finished, the brothers escorted them out a side door, and down a narrow stone path, that had been hewn into the cliff, that led to a beach in a secluded cove with a lagoon where the water looked as blue as the sky.

There were two large, nude, dark skinned men waiting for them, who had spread four large beach towels on the sand. The brothers lay prone on two of the towels, and encouraged the two ladies to join them. Jacqueline laid on her stomach, and suggested that Sally do the same.

As soon as they were settled, the two large men knelt beside the women and started rubbing lotion on their bodies. They heard Carlos say, “We can’t have you pale skinned ‘Chicas’ getting a sunburn, now can we?” Jacqueline nodded, and Sally understood.

About a half hour later, Jacqueline turned over, and suggested to Sally to follow suit. When they were settled, the two large men repeated the process on their fronts, only this time the men paid particular attention to the ladies’ boobs and nipples when they were working on their upper bodies, and when they were finished massaging their legs, the men used their large fingers to bring both ladies to satisfying orgasms, as the brothers watched and masturbated. Jacqueline and Sally drifted off to sleep after the large men were finished.

When they awoke, they saw that the brothers had gotten up and had walked into the azure colored waters of the lagoon. The women joined their companions, and the four of them swam and played for several hours. Sally had never had sex in the water before and found the semi-weightless feeling of fucking in the ocean, to be one of the most erotic experiences of her life.

When they were afraid they were becoming waterlogged, the four of them went back to the beach, and dried off. The two large men took their towels, and walked back to the Villa, as the two couples walked around the lagoon and through the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. Once there, they walked along the beach until they reached the bay where they had arrived the day before.

When the brothers saw the sixty-five foot yacht moored at the dock, they yelled, “PAPA, PAPA!” and started running toward the dock.

“Papa?” Sally asked.

Jacqueline smiled, and started walking faster, as she answered, “Yes, that is their father’s yacht. This is an unexpected surprise, I didn’t expect Manuel would be able to join us. By the way, Manuel is an even better lover than his sons are.”

Sally could see how excited her boss was and walked faster to catch up with her. When the two women reached the dock, they saw the two brothers embracing their father at the edge of the main deck of the yacht, and then undress him, before the three of them walked down the gangplank.

As Sally stared at the older man, who was now nude, she recognized the similarities and differences between the father and his sons. Although the hair on his head and body had a smattering of grey, they were all build similarly, but there was one obvious difference. The father’s cock was longer, and much larger than his sons were.

Just then, Jacqueline whispered to Sally, “We are going to be spending our time with Manuel. We hope you do not mind dear. His sons will take very good care of you.”

Sally smiled and kissed her boss, saying, “Thank you Madame, I’m not sure that their father’s ‘monster’ would fit in me anyway.”

The two women hugged and waited for the men make their way down the gangplank. When they got close enough, Jacqueline wrapped her arms around Manuel, and kissed him passionately, causing his cock to become partially erect, and emerge from between her legs, sticking a full five inches past her ass cheeks, and lifting her onto her tip-toes. The older man wrapped his arms around Jacqueline, and returned her kiss her passionately. As they all walked down the dock toward the Villa, she took hold of his cock, and fondled it until she had him completely erect.

The two brothers walked behind their father and Jacqueline, on either side of Sally, who reached down and grabbed a cock in each hand. She did the same to Carlos’s with her right, and Eduardo’s with her left as Jacqueline had done to their father’s. When they reached the dining room, a huge meal was ready to be served, and the table was set for five. They ate their fill, and when they were finished, Manuel stood and held out his hand to Jacqueline, saying. “My dear, I believe it is time for a siesta.”

They walked up the staircase to the upper floor, followed by his sons and Sally. When they reached the main bedchamber, one floor up, Manuel and Jacqueline continued up a smaller staircase which led to a smaller bedchamber on the top floor of the villa, immediately above where his sons and both women had fucked the night before. The upper chamber, although half the size of the one below it, was no less luxurious than the other one, and had windows that also looked out over the bay. The round bed was smaller, but more than large enough for any amorous couple. Since there were only two of them, an ‘orgy sized’ bed was not necessary.

Manuel picked up Jacqueline and carried her to the bed, where he lay her in the very center. He started kissing and caressing her ankles, and slowly made his way to her upper thighs, and when he got to her leaking vulva, he said, “Tienes la vagina mas Hermosa que he visto.” just before he buried his tongue deep in her wetness and started to dine on her.

After he had brought her to two orgasms he sat back and watched as she came down from her euphoria. As soon as Jacqueline opened her eyes, she grasped his cock and said, Tienes el pene mas increibleque he visto”, and started to worship this incredibly large, beautiful cock that she had been craving for the two years since they were last together.

Jacqueline was only nineteen years old the first time she and Manuel first met. They were introduced by a friend after a fashion show in Madrid led to a weekend of wild sex at his hotel suite. She knew he was engaged, and that their union was to be a financial merger of the two families’ businesses. Over the intervening years, even though he was married, they managed to meet when they could, including the times when she relieved his sons of their virginities.

Since his wife’s untimely passing the previous summer, Jacqueline had not been able to visit Europe because her expanding her business empire kept her too busy to be with this incredible man. She hadn’t shared this with Sally, but it was one of the main reasons for this trip. Manuel was the only man who ever made her feel loved, and she wanted to feel his warmth as much as she craved his incredible cock.

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