A Visual Experience


It was in the early 1950,s and, as a boy of 18, I was staying in a neighbouring town with a friend of my own age (Doug) and his family. He had sisters of 20 and 19 and a brother of 22. His parents were lovely people and it was an obviously happy family even though I was well aware that they were very strict on discipline. During the first few days of the two-week school holiday I was spending with them I saw nothing of this strict atmosphere I had imagined from the tales my friend, Doug., had told me, but it seemed that all the family were naturally well behaved and it was probable that I would not witness any trouble while I was there.

Doug’s older sister, the 20-year-old Suzanne, had been living away from home for several years while studying and working part-time in a major city some 200 miles away. She had recently completed her studies and obtained a job near home and had returned to live with her parents. She had obviously experienced the extra freedom living away had provided and was a lot more self- assured than Doug., even allowing for the age difference. Apparently when she returned home it was made clear that all of the “house rules” still applied to her and she had agreed to this – but she obviously felt that she had some advantages, including age, over the others. One must also remember that this was during a time when it was still normal in most families for young ladies to do as they were told – most of the time at least.

Suzanne was working in a retail shop that closed for a half day on Wednesdays and opened on Saturday mornings. This was not uncommon in those days, especially in seaside areas like this was.

This particular Wednesday, during the second week of my holiday Doug and I together with the other two members of the family spent a good proportion of the day on and around the beach while Suzanne, her mother and her Father had all gone off to work. When we returned home mid afternoon Doug. & I stayed outside throwing a ball around while the two youngest went inside to change. About ten minutes later Doug’s young sister came out and told us to come and see what they had found. We didn’t react immediately but he then went onto say that Suzanne and her boy friend, Mike, were, as he put it “in bed together”. This moved us and we quietly went into the house to see what was going on. Sure enough, Suzanne was on her bed with Mike. Both were in a state of undress with Mike kissing Suzanne’s half exposed breasts and fondling her inside her panties, with her hand obviously working on him inside his trousers. A radio was playing and as the other kids had been quite quiet coming into the house they had not been heard. The bedroom door was just slightly ajar and they had spotted the couple on the bed as they went past. It was quite apparent that Suzanne and Mike had not expected anyone home so early.

We were all having a good look and then Doug suggested to me that he should go and get his camera. (Upon later reflection, I do not know how he would ever had managed to get the film developed in those days, but that didn’t enter our minds then). I went with him to get the camera, leaving the two others looking at the free show. The chance for a photograph never came, however, because while we were away, Doug’s mother arrived home, early, and noticed the kids at the door and, of course, discovered all.

Well, one can imagine the fuss. Mike was dispatched protesting that “they had not done anything” and Suzanne was informed that she was to stay sakarya escort in her room until her father came home. The rest of us were sent to help get dinner ready and to get ourselves ready for the meal.

Doug’s father arrived home at 6 o’clock and we heard the muffled conversation as he was told of the situation. Doug had told me that he thought that Suzanne would be spanked in front of the whole family and that it would probably be quite severe and humiliating but had not elaborated so I was quite unprepared for what was going to happen.

After sitting with his wife and drinking his cup of tea, as he did most evenings on his return from work, Doug’s father went up to Suzanne and we could hear part of the conversation from our room which was next along the hallway. Doug then explained what he thought was taking place and what was really going to happen to Suzanne.

I was told that it was usual in such case of extreme bad behaviour to severely discipline the person, in front of the rest of the family. Usually the miscreate was naked (although there had never been anyone as old as Suzanne spanked like that before of course), and the victim was normally requested to fetch the implement that they were to be spanked with. From what we could hear, Suzanne was loudly and defiantly refusing to accept this and was, rather unwisely, telling her father what she thought about the idea. Her mother went into the room and the conversation continued with Suzanne requesting her mother to punish her and her father agreeing. Her mother, however, did not agree to this and it was decide that father would carry out the spanking and it would done with a bamboo cane that Suzanne would go and cut from outside.

Suzanne was instructed to go and cut the cane and prepare herself for her punishment by stripping and standing beside her bead. All the family would be assembled in five minutes.

When we were all marched into her room by the parents and assembled alongside the other side of the bed it was clear that Suzanne had not moved to do as she had been told. She was still objecting to us being there. She had to be told again that I was to be included as I was at the time “part of the family and had also seen her miss-behaviour. She had not gone and cut the cane and she was still fully dressed.

Doug was sent to bring a cane, which he did with some speed – later telling me he was afraid of missing something. Suzanne was then instructed to strip and with a lot protest and help from her mother, she managed to do while we all watched and she of course was subjected to even more embarrassment than if she had prepared herself beforehand as instructed. She was obviously feeling really upset by this time and pleaded to be able to leave the room to relieve herself, which, accompanied by her mother, she did, having to walk past all of us while going and coming. All very embarrassing for her and arousing for me and, I think, the others.

When she had returned and everything was ready, Suzanne was told by her mother that she would receive 20 strokes of the cane, one for each year of her age. She was to kneel on her bed for this and if she did not stay kneeling she may receive more strokes. Her father was to administer the canning and this brought a further protest from Suzanne, which resulted in her mother stating that for her insolence she would “warm her up” first with the hairbrush. With a squeal Suzanne assumed her position on the bed before anything escort sakarya else could be added to her punishment. This was done without any sign of the modesty that she had been trying to maintain with her hands and arms over her private parts up to that point.

Her mother then proceeded to administer twelve increasingly hard strokes with the back of a long wooden handled hairbrush to Suzanne’s posterior and upper thighs. She started to cry after about four strokes and was sobbing and wriggling with pain before eight had fallen. The tenth caught her just where the leg meets the posterior and she screamed, dropped flat on the bed and rolled over, forgetting to cover herself as she raised her hands to try and stop the next stroke. There was a gasp from everyone as she lay there – the hairbrush poised above her. Nothing was said for a moment and then her mother simple advised Suzanne to either get back into position or take the remaining strokes on the front of her thighs. She lay there looking defiant until, at a nod from their mother, Doug. And his sister each took one of Suzanne’s arms and held them back over her head. Mother brought the next stroke down hard on Suzanne’s left upper leg. This caused her to throw the leg up and out thereby exposing her sex to us all. Immediately the twelfth stroke landed on her right leg and she flailed about swearing and making no attempts at trying to not expose herself. Doug and his sister let go her arms and she just bounced about on her bed rubbing herself all around her legs and backside.

Once she had settled down her father spoke to her and, I think, everyone else there. He simply said that, if she had done as she had been told all this extra punishment would not have happened and that she still had the original canning to come so we had better get on with it or Dinner would be ruined and, as that would be her fault, she may again have to suffer the consequences of her actions.

It was a very contrite Suzanne who pleaded to be let off the remaining punishment – at least for a while – and in the end her mother and father relented and determined that dinner would be eaten first but that she was not to be let off and the discipline would be continued later in the evening. We were all to go and get ready to eat and Suzanne was to wash her face, dress and be down promptly. Well, she did come down quickly, even though she was still very downcast looking, but there was obviously a good deal of discomfort experienced sitting down and there was a three course dinner to consume.

After the meal we all helped wash up and put away the dishes at which stage a call came for the father, who was an electrician, to go to a clients house where they had some problem. Suzanne was trying to put on a brave face and perhaps hoped that if her father would be too late getting back the rest of the punishment would be abandoned. I guessed that she was feeling very churned up inside as well as quite sore outside.

When her mother heard the father returning she immediately instructed Suzanne to go up and get ready to continue. There was no argument, only a pleading look, as she set off for her room.

We were called to the bedroom about a quarter of an hour later and found Suzanne standing with her back to the door, already naked and with a very red and blotchy looking backside. She was standing looking at her mother and father, already crying a little, and covering her front with her hands.

She was instructed sakarya escort bayan to bend over the bedroom chair and to hold the arms. It was explained that this had been agreed as she had thought that she might not be able to stay kneeling on the bed. She assumed the position and her father then told us that she was to receive 24 strokes of the cane in view of her performance at the last session with the swearing and so on and the delay that had been necessary having to stop for dinner. Suzanne gasped but took up the position and held on waiting to count out loud the strokes.

As the first stroke fell I saw Suzanne’s fiery red cheeks tighten in anticipation and her body jerked a little at the cane bit into the centre of her bottom. She hesitated to get her breath and spoke softly “one”. Her mother reminded her to call out a little louder and the second stroke fell just below the first. A yelp and “two” came out.

The strokes continued to fall at irregular intervals – I guess at about five to ten seconds apart – until twelve was reached. By this time Suzanne was sobbing and reached back to touch her blazing red bottom that was streaked with tramlines of purple ridges starting to rise on the battered skin. The next strokes were slower but no less hard and the three-foot cane split on the fifteenth stroke, pinching the soft skin on the lower part of her bum. It was obviously very sore and I wondered just how much more Suzanne would take before she again rebelled. Stroke sixteen landed on the top of her legs and again opened up a split, which pinched. The explanation “Christ”, before she could say “sixteen”, caused another blow to fall in almost the same spot. “That was 16, to make up for the profanity” her father said. Her mother gripped Suzanne’s hands to the arm of the chair so that the canning could go ahead without the interruptions as she tried to rub her legs and the remaining strokes fell regularly from just above the back of the knee to the top of her posterior. Amid yells, sobs and counting.

When it was all over Suzanne had red with purple stripes all over the back and sides of her rear and down her thighs and she stiffly stood up, crying and contrite, to allow her mother to gently work some cream of some sort onto the blazing skin. As she stood up I could see that the front of her legs each a bruise forming from the hairbrush strokes earlier.

We left the room and from next door, with the aid of a glass pressed against the wall, could hear Suzanne apologising to her parents for her behaviour and the forgiveness being given. Doug. told me that a punishment was just that – over and done with – and the incident was not ever mentioned again.

The pain was not over for Suzanne though. We could hear her during the night as she would move onto a sore part and wake up with a moan. The next day there were visitors with a baby of bouncing age and I could see the grimaces as it landed on the bruised upper thighs. When seated Suzanne was very still and I am sure she must have felt like she was sitting on hot corrugated iron.

I had noticed myself (and I found out later, Doug. had also noticed) that Suzanne was quite wet around her sex and her nipples were standing out erect by the time the punishment was over. I know I had my first – very quick – wank in the toilet straight after we left the room and even now the memory brings on a hard. I also believe now, although I didn’t relate to it at the time, a long gasping and almost ecstatic moaning building up over several minutes to a crescendo and then fading a little more quickly, that came from Suzanne’s room in the early hours of the morning, was indeed a orgasm that was induced by the spanking and, perhaps, the thought of the interrupted fondling that was the cause of it all.

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