A walk in the park


A walk in the parkAs the sun was shining bright and the sky was clear blue, nothing much else to do, I was sitting around at home, wondering to myself, what to do? Doing the typical chores and being bored, I was relieved when the phone rang, that sweet sexy asian voice on the other end of the call.”Hey babe, what you up to today?”, wasn’t much else to say except “Nothing”. “Feel like coming out today, just chill for a bit?” She said. And how could I refuse?, It was a sure sight better than simply sitting around at home. “Sure” I said, “sounds like a plan, what were you thinking?” After the ever present pause of silent contemplation she replied, “Just feel like checking out some stuff, walking around, nothing flash”. I sensed that there could have been something else, though without expectation I agreed, got off the phone and got myself ready. After about 20 minutes, I was ready to go, dressed neat though somewhat rough, smelling good, just the way I knew she liked. She arrived about 10 minutes later, typing away on her phone as always as I got into the car, I couldn’t help but notice the low cut blue top she was wearing, as she brushed her hair to one side. The smell of her perfume, captivating my nostrils and the sweet, yet cheeky, lipstick covered smile on her face. She was looking great. “Hey, how you doing? Good to see you.” she said to me. “Ready to go?”In the back of my mind, the first thought was, that I was simply ready to take her inside, rather than simply say directly what was on my mind I casually replied, “I’m alright, great to see you too” and after a slight pause cheekily I said “let do it then, hey?” She smiled at me and I could see a cheeky glint in her eyes as I smiled back. She started the car and off we went.About 10 minutes into the drive, casual conversation and a few laughs, things started to take a turn, they got quite sexually charged and the fleeting exchanged glimpses at each other, soon got physical…still on the way down to where ever we were headed, she reached over, at first and to my surprise rubbing my leg while she was driving along, as we reached a red light, she beckoned me over to her, “Come here.” she said leaning across the center console. I wasn’t going to say no, slowly and teasingly, I leaned over, sharing a soft and slow, yet passionate kiss before we moved along. Her hand slid further up my leg as the drive continued, before slowly rubbing her hand over my crotch. “You cheeky woman…” I said to her with a smile, and with a cheeky grin she simply replied with “What?? Hehe, you know karşıyaka escort you love it!”I couldn’t disagree, she continued to rub my crotch, before she let me know straight out, just how horny she was. “I’m so horny!” she said without hesitation, “I’ve been so frustrated!””Oh really?!” I replied “I never would have guessed.” I said bluntly with a smile, as my cock got harder and harder, until she returned her hand to the wheel. What a tease, I thought to myself…..however I could be just as cheeky. Sliding my hand over her thighs, I proceeded to rub her through her jeans while she drove, the biting of her own lip and the soft moans she was giving, were more than enough to keep me going, only I wasn’t stopping and about 5 minutes later we had reached our destination. Parking behind an office building, just off the street, she had enough. “I just want to suck on your hard cock…..you naughty boy!” she said lightly panting, almost purring…..and who was I too say no? “Come here then, suck my cock….” I said with a cheeky grin, before she pulled her seat back and climbed half over the console, her low cut top hanging loosely showing off her lace bra and her sweet breasts, while she proceeded to pull open the buttons on my jeans and take out my cock. Laying half across the console and my lap, I could only feel it as she started stroking my cock, so sensitive as she slowly proceeded to lick the tip, stroking it gently, before taking me in her mouth, starting slowly and working her mouth deeper and deeper down my shaft.She worked up a little bit of speed and momentum before I heard her softly gag herself, coming up for a short gasp of air. I could feel the strings of saliva slowly gliding down to reach my shaft and balls before she went down on me for another run. The sunlight shimmering softly on her hair, as she maneuvered herself up and down, with her ass lifted up I grabbed myself a handful and gave her a little bit of a spanking which made her moan, louder and louder, which seemed to make her suck harder and deeper. “Oh yes, suck that cock, just like that” for lack of words to find through my own excitement. Thrusting myself upwards getting deeper in her throat, got her even more excited….coming up again “Mmmmmm oh yeah….fuck my mouth” she said slightly gasping and panting at the same time. I was more than happy to oblige, as she once again brought my cock deep once again, turning my head slightly only to find that one of the office workers was out to their cars for lunch, watching karşıyaka escort bayan with a smile. I didn’t let on, rather I let her continue, she was quite happy sucking my cock and I was loving it. I spanked her again and after vigorously taking me as deep as she could, she pulled back, doing her best to catch her breath, before she herself realized she was being watched…..and with a bashful look and cheeky smile, put my cock back in my pants, fixed herself up and gave me a long wet kiss, before looking back at the guy who had been watching, simply saying to me “Guess its time to go then, hey?” All I could do was smile and laugh as I buttoned myself up. Getting out of the car, I gave the guy a nod, before we started walking off to the shops.After about 20 minutes of browsing and a few laughs about what had transpired, we went back to the car, driving along and not doing anything. We arrived at our next destination early, for what was supposed to be a small gathering. After a little deliberation, I suggested that I’d drive us somewhere in the meantime, she was tired and I figured it was the nice thing to do, considering she had already made my day, I’d do a little something for her. Sun was still shining, though it was headed toward dusk, I figured a nice walk through the botanical gardens might be an idea. We left the car and she took out a picnic blanket. “I’m so tired, I couldn’t be bothered walking around” she stated quite firmly. “Well…we’ll just find ourselves a spot and take it easy, if you like.” I replied”You pick a spot.” I said to her in compromise. After about 5 minutes of walking around the gardens in the sunshine, she finally chose a shady spot, under the branches of a Pine tree. She laid out the blanket and beckoned me to lay with her. I sat down for about 2 minutes, just taking in the view and watching others walking passed before she turned to me and said softly “Come lay here with me, I want you to hold me”.I lay down beside her, on my side, looking at her, admiring those soft brown eyes and those sweet lips that were earlier wrapped so eagerly around my shaft. I wrapped an arm around her, thinking she was just going to nap away, though upon turning her back to me, she started grinding her sexy ass up against my crotch. With a soft moan she turned to me, saying plainly in her soft sexy voice “I need…to be fucked”….and I didn’t hesitate. She turned to face me, kissed me softly as she slid her hand down my side, down my leg and unbuttoned my jeans, while escort karşıyaka I got busy removing the tight jeans she was wearing. Working my hand into her panties after unzipping her, my fingers sliding over her slight bush, before I started rubbing her clit, working my way down and teasing her wet lips. She was stroking me nice and steady, as I dipped my fingers into her tight wet hole, tickling the inside of her pussy with one finger then two, before giving her a pussy a little stretch with a good fingering. She was getting so wet as I continued to finger her, I was wondering if she was going to cum instantly there and then, Though she quickly turned and started voraciously sucking on my cock, seemingly no longer shy to the people who were only meters away. Suddenly it became much more risque, as she pulled open my belt and took my jeans down, stating with demand in her voice “Fuck me now! I want that hard cock of yours inside me…..Give it too me!”I pulled off her jeans and turned her to her side, sliding my cock deeper inch by inch, into her pussy until I was balls deep, there was no mistaking that we were laying there fucking, however the world seemed to dissipate around us, between as I got deeper inside her. Her sweet tight pussy gripping my shaft, getting wetter and wetter with each thrust. So pent up from earlier, I nearly filled her up after about 5 minutes, so I took a pause, redirecting the orgasm, while massaging her tits and watching as we were being watched. I started again to give it to her, somewhat harder than I had before, trying to keep her moans to a minimum, they came through as very slight though that didn’t last long, as my balls slapped against her clit with each pussy stretching stroke before I once again paused, still holding my load. “Why’d you stop again.” She questioned, to which my only reply was, “I don’t want to cum all over your top…” half talking, half catching my breath. “I want you to cum” she said alluringly…..”Cum for me…” She continued as she started rubbing herself….I got up on my knees, and she took my cock deep in her mouth, sucking it as she continued to play with herself. I was half looking at a middle aged woman who was watching us, before I felt my cock ready to erupt in her mouth, this time I wasn’t stopping, “?Cum for me!” She said before taking my cock back in her mouth, taking load after load, shot after shot and continuing to suck me off….”Mmmmmmmmmmmm” was all I could hear before she asked me…..”Are you satisfied now?” “I’m definitely satisfied” I said with a smile as we both started to get dressed….looking at the woman was watching us, it seemed like it was time to go. She had gotten out her phone and certainly wasn’t happy, so with smiles we both left, jumped back in the car satisfied and headed off to the gathering without a hint of our little rendezvous.

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