Abby: Davis and Madelyn Part 1


Abby: Davis and Madelyn Part 1The Chronicles of Abby: Davis and Madelyn Part 1(Madelyn’s Perspective)Synopsis: This story is the continuation of the episode ‘Davis Getting More From Abby’.Since the day Madelyn spread for her teacher, Mr. Davis, she noticed that he would take occasional peeps at her panties whenever she sat at her desk with her legs slightly parted in her skirts and dresses. There was even once he dropped his pencil in front of her desk deliberately and then he squatted down, pretending to look for it and at the same time, he took a good close-up look at Madelyn’s accidental widely parted thighs with her soft baby pink panties with a Barbie character in front. The spread was quite wide so the white scallop-edge side trim of her panties could be seen clearly too.Davis was enthralled by that sexy sight. After a few seconds, Madelyn caught him staring and she quickly pressed the front helm of her light blue dress to cover her panties from her teacher’s lustful eyes. Then Davis just casually picked up his pencil and pretended that he wasn’t doing anything mischievous under her desk. After the class ended, Madelyn waited for everyone to leave the class before approaching Davis who was sitting at his desk.‘I’m going to tell Mommy!’ said Madelyn.‘About what?’ asked Davis while hiding his nervousness and fear.‘You looked at my panties!’ said Madelyn.‘Well, that’s because you opened your legs so widely!’ said Davis. ‘But you can remind me to close my legs and not look at my panties!’ argued Madelyn.‘Madelyn, my dear. But your panties look so pretty just like you,’ said Davis.‘I’m still telling Mommy,’ said Madelyn.Davis quickly thought of the promise that she made and now it’s the perfect time for him to use it against her.‘Remember the gaming device that I will be getting you? Remember the promise that you made? Don’t you want to get the device? If you break your promise, I will give it to Abby,’ threatened Davis.Madelyn’s heart sank all of a sudden and she looked down at the floor She didn’t know what to do next. ‘So, Madelyn…… If you keep showing me your panties, you’ll get be able to get the gaming device that I promised to buy for you and I might give you more gifts in the future too. Is this fair enough?’ asked Davis while he held on to each side of the lower end of her skirt with his fingers and lifted it up to her belly, exposing the full-frontal view of bolu escort bayan her sexy light pink Barbie panties. Madelyn froze for a few seconds as this was the first time ever someone had lifted her skirt to see her panties. Then she felt Davis’s hands rubbing her panty-clad butt cheeks.‘You don’t want me to tell your Mommy that you spread your legs so widely in your dress, showing your panties to me the other day just to get the gaming device, do you?’ threatened Davis further as he continued caressing and massaging her panty-clad butt cheeks lustfully.After a few seconds, she quickly pushed Davis’s hands away and took a step back.‘Mommy won’t believe you but she will believe what I say! She had also warned me before to be careful around male teachers especially you,’ said Madelyn.‘Mommy wouldn’t believe me? Oh really, Madelyn?’ asked Davis sarcastically. Then Davis took out his phone, keyed-in the password to unlock the secured folder in his phone and played the video that he took of her and showed it to her.‘My dear…… See this? Who do you think Mommy will believe now and I wonder what will Mommy do if she sees this video? Look at you in the video, you looked so happy to be showing your panties to me. Look how big your spread was and look at that beautiful sexy white panties!’ said Davis.Madelyn watched the video with her face reddened with embarrassment.‘So, would you tell Mommy now?’ asked Davis.Madelyn shook her head with tears flowing down her cheeks.‘Now, now, my dear. You don’t have to cry. Take a look at this,’ said Davis as he showed her proof that he had already placed an order and paid for the gaming device on his phone.That successfully cheered Madelyn up and Davis wiped the tears off her cheeks. Then he switched back to the video of her showing her panties.‘Madelyn, I can’t help it. You look so cute and pretty every time you show your panties. Not only that, your panty looks so pretty and sexy. Every time when I see your panties, it makes my thing grow so big hard and I got to play with it because it feels so, so good!’ said Davis.Madelyn felt Davis’s hands sliding up and down her thighs, lusting for her.‘Can I see your panties again? Please? I know your Mommy told you not to show anyone your panties and you don’t have to. But you may only show it to me. Please, Madelyn? I want to see your pretty, sexy panties and escort bolu now I want to feel good so badly ……,’ asked Davis lustfully.Madelyn stood there, thinking for a few seconds. As each second passed by, Davis’s hope began fading. Then, Madelyn lifted her skirt up to her belly, showing her panties to her teacher. Davis’s cock sprang to life instantly.‘Madelyn, my dear. Why not you spread widely like the other day? Do it on the desk, okay?’ suggested Davis.So, Madelyn sat on the desk and placed both feet on each side of the desk and spread her knees widely apart. The front helm of her dress fell and covered her panties so she lifted it up with both hands so that Davis could see her fully exposed panties.‘Oh, fuck! Barbie pink panties! So fucking pretty and sexy!’ said Davis while snapping a few photos of Madelyn sitting in that pose.Davis left his jeans on, he just unzipped and slid his hard cock out of his white underwear, setting it free and exposing it to Madelyn’s innocent eyes.Davis started stroking his hard cock while staring at the beautiful widely exposed panties spread of an innocent girl right in front of him.‘Oh, wow! Sexy little panties! Ohhh……, feels so fucking good! Wow, what a big pink panty spread! Oh……, Madelyn’s showing panties, Ohhh……,’ groaned and gasped Davis in so much pleasure.He kept stroking faster and faster as his cock became even harder and harder. ‘Madelyn, tease me! Open and close your legs repeatedly just like how you want me to punish Abby!’ instructed Davis.Madelyn did as she was told. Then she noticed Davis’s stroking became even faster and more intense than before. His moaning and gasping became louder and more frequent as well. At that time, Madelyn knew that Davis was about to shoot his white sticky thing as she remembered that was exactly what happened with Abby on the other day right after his breathing and moaning became faster and louder. Madelyn was prepared for her teacher to spurt his messy load all over her but she was nervous at the same time.‘Madelyn, can you spread your legs the widest you can?’ asked Davis.So, Madelyn perched her butt forward and lied on her back, holding both her widely parted knees with both hands, getting ready for her teacher to blow his sticky load.‘Can I shoot on your panties, my dear?’ asked Davis as he stroked his hard cock so intensely and violently.Madelyn nodded bolu escort and right after that, she heard her teacher moaning and groaning so loudly and then she could feel hot sticky liquid being splattered all over her pink Barbie panties and her thighs.Right after around six to seven splatters, she felt some of that warm sticky liquid leaking down her thighs and it got onto the desk as well. Then, she looked at her panties in between her legs. It was a total mess! ‘Do you have an extra pair of panties?’ asked Davis right after he took a few photographs of the mess he made on Madelyn.Madelyn nodded and went to her bag and took out the pair of fresh white panties that her Mommy told her to keep it in her bag in case of any accidents. ‘After you’ve changed into that, give this panty to me and I’ll wash them for you,’ said Davis while pointing at her semen smothered baby pink Barbie panties.Before Madelyn went home, Davis reminded her again to keep her promise and he promised her that she’ll get the gaming device on the next class. He put Madelyn’s semen stained panties into his pocket and brought it home after work as one of his trophies.Author’s Remark:If you enjoy this story and would like to read more. I can continue writing more parts. Just leave a comment in this site. I love horny comments too!Abby’s Chronicles in Chronological Order:1: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby’s Early Curiosity of Her Panties2: The Chronicles of Abby: That’s How She Started Wearing Safety Shorts3: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby Lifted Her Skirt Up for Daddy4: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby, the 1st Grade Panty Tease and Her Perverted Teacher4.1: The Chronicles of Abby – Part 1 Went For Davis’s Class With Just Panties Underneath4.2: The Chronicles of Abby – Part 2 Went For Davis’s Class With Just Panties Underneath4.3: The Chronicles of Abby – Shopping For Panties & Modelling For Daddy.4.4: The Chronicles of Abby – Part 3 – Went for Davis’s Class with Just Panties Underneath4.5: The Chronicles of Abby – Part 4 – Went for Davis’s Class with Just Panties Underneath5: The Chronicles of Abby: Jeff, the Horny Teenager Had His Fun with Abby6: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby’s Alone Time with the Horny Teenager7: The Chronicles of Abby: He’s So Heavy. What is He Doing to Me?8: The Chronicles of Abby: He’s So Heavy. What is He Doing to Me? – Part 29: The Chronicles of Abby: He’s So Heavy. What is He Doing to Me? – Part 310: The Chronicles of Abby: Daddy Came Back11: The Chronicles of Abby: Davis Having His First Fun with Abby12: The Chronicles of Abby: Davis Getting More from Abby13: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby, Matt and Jeff on a Holiday14: The Chronicles of Abby: Davis and Madelyn Part 1

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