Adventures of a Pakistani Wife Ch. 05


Hi guys — Kulsoom’s story finally concludes, but every ending leads to a new beginning. Your comments will be more than welcome.


It was a cloudy Lahore morning. Kulsoom’s beautiful, sexy body was spread on the double bed. She was half asleep, half awake thinking how her life changed during the last few weeks — from an innocent, frustrated housewife to the woman of such varied, vast sexual experience. A woman, who managed to shed all her inhibitions, unleashed her darkest sexual desires and breaks some major taboos. And all this happened within such a short time. The pace of events was so fast. Her father-in-law had opened the doors of a new bold world for her where yielding to temptations was the strength. She thought of the old man – her lover – who never felt jealous, but encouraged her to make love with younger men. The only thing he wanted in return was his share of cunts. He loved to see Kulsoom being shared and taken by young men – who in this case were her best friend Neelum’s husband and his colleague. In return, Neelum was happy to give some quality time to Uncle Zareef – the father-in-law of Kulsoom.

Kulsoom stretched her body – thinking of all the cocks she tasted. How she wished one pop up from somewhere then and there so that she could start her day on a sated note.

Her thoughts then drifted toward her hubby, Nawaz – the 12-stroke man. What will happen when he returns along with his mother from Thailand? Will it be the end of her freedom? She simply hated the thought.

She closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep again. Her room was still semi-dark with thick curtains covering the windows. The low humming noise of the air conditioner, the singing of birds, the loneliness, – all were making her sleepy.

Minutes past, when she heard her door opening. Some body stepped in the room quietly. “Oh uncle is here for the morning brunch,” Kulsoom thought keeping her eyes closed as she pretended to be in deep sleep.

She could sense a pair of eyes glued to her body as she lay straight with wide-open legs and displaying mounts of her firm boobs under the white cotton dress. Seconds passed, no one stirred in the room. Kusloom was finding it difficult to hold back her smile and keep her eyes shut.

“Why doesn’t he pounce on me? What on the earth he is waiting for. In an hour, the maid will be here. Why is he wasting time?” as Kulsoom thought this she felt a tender kiss on her toe — then another one.

“Oh my darling is playing tekirdağ escort it slow and gentle today,” Kulsoom thought deciding not to open her eyes. She could now feel a moist tongue licking her small, white feet – one by one, slowly, gently.

She controlled her moans, giggles. Then she felt wet kisses slowly moving over her shapely, hairless, white legs. A pair of warm, moist hands had already folded her shalwar (baggy pants) up to the knee. Her lover was now showering her legs with kisses as he kept moving up … now she felt his hot passionate kisses through the cotton fiber over her love box – kisses and warm breath.

“Oh Baba… my darling,” she moaned with pleasure. “You are wonderful,” saying this she opened her eyes, gently dragging the face of her lover to steal a kiss. But she almost froze when she saw the face. What a shock?

“Hi love,” whispered her chubby husband Nawaz.

“When did you arrive,” she managed to say.

“Just now. And don’t tell me you did not know all the time when I was kissing you,” Nawaz said smiling.

“I thought it was a dream … yes a dream, but you are really here,” that was all Kulsoom could say.

“Tell me you are dying to be loved, fucked,” Nawaz said fondling her breasts.

“Yes darling. I want your dick inside me. I am dying for it,” Kusloom said, cursing herself in the heart for the big lie.

She wanted to push him away – the 12-stroke man, who has returned to end her freedom her long party. But she knew it would be a blunder. She wanted to get over with his 12 strokes as quickly as possible and wait for a chance to get some real fucking from Uncle Zareef later in the day – if possible.

Nawaz had by now removed her shalwar. She tried to get up to remove her shirt, but Nawaz pushed her back on the bed. You just stay there, he said as he tore off her cotton shirt from the middle with one mighty jolt, and removed her bra, exposing her white, milky breasts in their full glory.

She was spread on the bed naked — her smooth creamy body glittering like gold. Nawaz gazed at her as a dazed man. As some one who was looking at these shapely pair of legs, narrow waist and juicy breasts for the first time in his life.

“I will make for the lost time,” Nawaz said as he got rid of his clothes and lowered himself and took one of her tits in his mouth. He started sucking them like a child – a hungry child. His both hands were massaging her body, playing with her boobs, tekirdağ escort bayan cunt, hips, neck – all the right spots, putting her body on fire.

Within minutes, Kulsoom felt she was dealing with a different Nawaz this time. He was taking his time – moving his hands – tongue all over her body. Now he had buried his face between her legs and started licking her cunt in such a passionate way which she never experienced in the past. Her love juices were flowing as Nawaz sucked and licked her slit. Her moans for growing louder and louder, she was clutching, and pulling Nawaz’s hair, scratching his back with her finger. Nawaz had managed to insert one of his fingers in her tight asshole and was pushing it in and out of it as he licked the cunt.

“Oh my lover yes….yes. Oh Baba – oh Jani yes … yesss,” Kulsoom wriggled with pleasure as her moans turned into muffled screams of sexual ecstasy.

“Fuck your wife now. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” she demanded. But Nawaz was in no hurry to take the game to the next level.

He was applying all the lessons he learnt from Bangkok and in the soft arms of her mother to his wife who always complained that he never satisfies her.

“This is the day to put all her complaints to an end,” Nawaz said to himself as he licked, kissed her even harder. He was now biting and nibbling her soft boobs – pressing them together to take both her nipples in his mouth — at the same time.

“Jani please fuck me now,” Kulsoom begged. “I am dying for your cock.”

Nawaz, whose dick was now hard as a rock, decided that the iron was hot for him to show his complaining wife his newly found expertise of fucking.

He slammed his cock in the wet cunt with one might thrust. “Aah—lovely,” Kulsoom hissed.

Nawaz lay motionless for a minute with his dick buried deep inside the wet pussy of his wife, who kept moving her hips urging him to move. But he wanted Kulsoom to feel his dick inside her cunt and crave for more.

“Pleassse fuck me dear,” Kulsoom pleaded, fearing that Nawaz would spill his seed anytime now leaving her horny as hell. Nawaz slowly started to pump his tool in and out of his wife’s pussy, which in his absence tasted three or four other dicks.

Kulsoom started counting – one, two, three… 12th stroke. She feared all was over. But her husband not just kept the momentum going, he gradually picked up the pace. She realized that he was now fucking her like a real man. Her tensions escort tekirdağ eased, fears gone and she started to melt – enjoy the fuck, which went on and on — from missionary position to doggie style and back to the conventional one. Both the man and the woman were sweating hard despite the air-conditioner. They were hitting the climax together.

“OH yes – yes. Fuck, yes I am cumming,” Kulsoom shouted as she showered her love juices. Nawaz grunted his teeth and ejaculated his seed –wave after wave.

They both remained clung to each other as they were one body.

“How come this miracle? How you have transformed into such an excellent lover,” Kulsoom asked gently kissing her husband.

Nawaz had decided much earlier that he would speak nothing but truth.

“I learned it in Bangkok from some lovely experts, professionals,” he said.

“Did you fuck other women?”

“Yes – for our better married life. Are you angry?” Nawaz said.

Kulsoom did not respond – she just looked at the face of her husband.

“Tell me are you angry that I fucked others?” he asked again.

“No. Not at all! The result is really great,’ Kulsoom said beaming. “How you dodged aunty when you were out for your training sessions?”

“You should thank her for all she did for me,” Nawaz said deciding to tell his wife the big truth. “She personally supervised my lessons… she even let me make love to her. Few mothers will do this for their sons,” he said.

“What? You are telling me that you fucked aunty as well,” she asked in astonishment.

“Yes. I will not hide any thing from you.”

There was a brief pause as Kulsoom quickly considered the new development and make the best use of it.

She smiled. Kissed her husband. “Congratulations for becoming a mother fucker. I will not mind if you continue to raise her legs even here. Just let me watch you two,” she said with a beaming smile.

What? You say you don’t mind it, Nawaz said relieved.

“Not at all if you don’t mind your father fucking me?”

“I can’t believe this … father fucking you,” that was all Nawaz could say.

“Yes and allowing even some of my friends to join the fun. Your parents are really great,” Kulsoom said

They both remained silent for a few minutes.

“You have any objections?” Kulsoom asked.

“No my love,” Nawaz said kissing her. “Let’s make a new beginning in this house,” he said.

They both got up and walked out of the room. Kulsoom was desperate to take the dick of her father-in-law in her hungry mouth in front of her husband and mother-in-law, while Nawaz eager to take her mother in his arms right in front of father and wife. They wanted to make their parents happy and start a new pattern of life in their house.


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