After the Graduation Party


Austin Wells had a party to celebrate his graduating high school with relatives and friends galore gathered at his house, and while that wasn’t all that unusual, what happened afterward certainly was.


I wasn’t awake when the door opened, but the creaking sound must have roused me out of a very light sleep. At first I assumed it was our cat Dude, because he has a knack of somehow being able to open the door, but when the door closed a few seconds later that eliminated him as a visitor.

My back was to the door, and I fought the urge to turn around or call out asking who it was. Instead I stayed where I was, cowering under the sheet like I used to when I thought there was a monster under the bed or in the closet. Back then I wanted the monster to go away, but in this case I wasn’t sure.

The visitor could be any of seven people, since besides my folks a few people had decided to stay over, having had a few drinks too many at my graduation party. I eliminated my grandmother, although I suppose she might have gotten confused about where she was, and that left four possibilities.

Before I narrowed it down any further, I felt the sheet being lifted up a little, and then the bed moved as my visitor climbed into bed behind me, close enough for me to feel the breath on my neck and the heat of his body. Then I felt the prickly hairs on my visitor’s legs against my skin, and that narrowed the possibilities down to one.


The whisper came along with the feel of a hand on my bony shoulder – a big hand that applied gentle pressure – and then I was faced with a dilemma on whether to answer or not.

“Uncle Lloyd?” I whispered back and my uncle spooned up against my backside, and all of a sudden what I had fantasized about for several years was coming true.

“Did I wake you?” came the voice as I felt the hair on his chest rub against my bare back.

“No – I mean I don’t know,” was my response.

“Were you expecting me?” Uncle Lloyd asked, and I answered that I didn’t know.

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked, and then came what you might call a pregnant pause before he added, “The way you were looking at me in the pool this afternoon – let’s just say that I wasn’t sure but I had a feeling you might enjoy me stopping by to see you.”

Uncle Lloyd, the older brother of my Mom, had always been my favorite, but as I matured my feelings about him changed. I knew what I was by now, and Uncle Lloyd seemed to know as well, since he commented to me that most of the classmates who had attended my party were male.

I had always looked him over when he would visit with my Aunt Sophia, but had no clue that he had noticed me checking him out until this afternoon. Even though he was almost 50, the man was still nicely put together, and when he had caught me daydreaming while staring at him, he couldn’t help but notice that my swim trunks did little to hide how I felt about what I was looking at.

“Couldn’t help but notice that my nephew had really grown up all of a sudden,” Uncle Lloyd was saying, and then the hand on my shoulder was pulling me backward so that I was on my back looking at the shadows dancing on the ceiling.

Uncle Lloyd’s hand was now sliding off of my shoulder and moving over my collarbone and down onto my chest, and my breath caught in my throat when his fingers found my nipple.

I could only make out the shadow of Uncle Lloyd at my side, but I could make out clearly the way that his index finger kept circling around my nipple, and while I wasn’t certain what I was supposed to do, it was obvious that Uncle Lloyd was in no hurry, judging by the way the tip of her finger was teasing my hard little peg.

I had been with a few guys, but they weren’t anything like Uncle Lloyd. With the other guys it was just a case of grabbing each other’s cocks, jerking and sucking in a frenzy, but I had never been with a real man like Uncle Lloyd. A married man, who had apparently left my Aunt Sophia back in the guest room, and that was enough to blow my mind right there.

I had spent a lot of time fantasizing about Uncle Lloyd, but that was done as more like idle wishing. I had admired his handsome features, his bald head and facial characteristics resembling that of Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame, and his muscular body which made him look younger than his age.

I had even rubbed a few out late at night, imagining that I was in this very bed, having his hairy body embracing me instead of his wife Aunt Sophia, who was an attractive women in her own right. Me? I was just a homely, skinny kid fresh out of high school, and while I was of age, actually being with a man like Uncle Lloyd was not within the realm of reason, yet there I was.

“Does this feel good to you, Austin?” Uncle Lloyd was saying as his finger left my nipple and gently rubbed my chest, his meaty paw touching me so lightly it was more like a breeze against my smooth skin.

“Yes,” I squeaked, my chest heaving and my throat dry.

“You aren’t scared, are you Austin?” he ardahan escort was asking, and after I managed to choke out a no, he added, “Mustn’t make any noise. Wouldn’t do for anyone knowing I came to visit you.”

The sheet came down past my knees, which were actually knocking together as my body trembled, and then Uncle Lloyd’s hand went down my chest and over my stomach, stopping at the elastic of my pajama bottoms before sliding back up to my collarbone.

The two of us breathing were the only sounds in the room, and while Uncle Lloyd’s was slow and deep, my breathing was like that of a runaway locomotive. It was lucky I was flat on my back because I don’t think I could have stood up at this point.

Again Uncle Lloyd’s hand went down, only to stop at the elastic. Again and again his hand went down, only to stop. Once his fingers nudged under the waistband and slid a few inches under, only to retreat again. If Uncle Lloyd’s intention was to drive me crazy, he was doing a great job of it.

Finally, I moved my hand from beside my hip and moved it over to Uncle Lloyd. My hand on the bare skin of his hip showed me that he was naked, but then my hand was taken off of him and brought up back over my head.

“Later, Austin,” Uncle Lloyd whispered as he leaned over and kissed my nipple before nibbling his way up to my collarbone, even pausing to kiss the tiny cluster of hairs under my arm. “Mmm… you taste as nice as you smell.”

Since I was now sweating like a pig, that gave me a little comfort along with sending chills down my spine. Uncle Lloyd leaned back and resumed his stroking of my chest, adding a little tweaking of my nipples to the mix.

“Have you ever been with a man?” Uncle Lloyd asked me.

“Sort of,” I replied, although I had never experienced anything like this exquisite torture.

“A woman?” he asked, and while I had made out with a couple of girls and had done a little groping, the only honest answer was no.

When I gave Uncle Lloyd my answer, his hand was on the way down my stomach, but this time when his fingers worked under the elastic, they didn’t stop, instead sliding a bit further downward.

“Hm-mm… no hair down here?” Uncle Lloyd said as his hand slid across the smooth skin under my navel under his finally reached the timberline of my pubic hair. “Oh. There it is. Nice. Soft as a cloud.”

His fingers toyed with the soap pad-sized tuft of curls above my dick, stopping just before reaching the base of my cock, which was hard and pinned between the pajamas and my thigh.

“So smooth,” Uncle Lloyd was saying as he retracted his hand from underneath my pajamas and brought it back up towards my neck, and I was so frustrated that I let out a groan of sorts that made my uncle chuckle under his breath. “So pure.”

“Are you okay?” Uncle Lloyd asked, my legs twitching and wiggling. “Am I going too slow?”

“Yes,” I whimpered as Uncle Lloyd’s right hand kept holding my wrist back by the headboard while his left hand kept rubbing my upper torso, which had a fine coating of perspiration even though it wasn’t that warm.

“Anticipation,” he sighed, his minty breath washing over me. “After all, this afternoon when I walked in on you when you were putting your swim trunks on – that was designed to tease me, wasn’t it?”

“I guess,” I whispered, along it was more my way of wanting Uncle Lloyd to see me naked for some reason, never thinking that he would be interested in me like that.

“It worked,” Uncle Lloyd replied as his hand went down, only this time instead of going under the elastic his hand went outside my pajamas, and went his fingers found the bulge of my cock through the cotton I couldn’t restrain the groan that burst out of my mouth.

“Ssh,” Uncle Lloyd hissed as his hand traced the bulge down the inside of my thigh from the outside. “Nice and hard. Never would have thought a little fellow like you would be so well endowed. Don’t cum yet, Austin.”

“So big,” Uncle Lloyd was saying as his touch reached the end of the bulge before sliding back up. “I think you’re bigger than I am – longer for sure.”

I didn’t think so, the memory of seeing Uncle Lloyd getting dressed through the guest room keyhole one time a while back having formed an indelible image in my mind, but his words made me feel as good as his hand did, and now Uncle Lloyd was sucking on my nipple, licking the nub while I heard a click echo loudly in the room.

It was only the sound of the clasp of my pajama bottoms being popped open, but it sounded loud to me, and then I felt my pajamas being opened up, the cool air now on my pubes.

“Lift your bottom up for me, Austin,” Uncle Lloyd was asking, and as I did he coaxed my bottoms down toward my knees.

The slapping sound that followed came from my cock being freed and violently slapping back onto my stomach. I had an erection unlike any I could remember, and I had a whole lot of them to compare it with. What might have been close to an hour of Uncle Lloyd’s teasing and petting ardahan escort bayan had caused it, and I was on the verge of begging for release.

“Mm-mm,” Uncle Lloyd sighed when his hand reached down between my legs and hefted my scrotum, rolling my swollen nuts in his palm. “What a beautiful specimen of manhood you are.”

“Please,” I whimpered, feeling my cock drooling onto my lower stomach as Uncle Lloyd’s beefy hand kept playing with my balls.

“Soon,” Uncle Lloyd responded, and then I felt his hand move up from my balls, pausing at the roots of the underside of my cock. “Don’t cum yet, Austin.”

I felt a finger at the base of my cock, and then as the finger slid up along the underside of my arching prong I heard Uncle Lloyd whispering, “One… two… three… four..,”

Uncle Lloyd’s finger reached the gooey tip right after his count reached nine. I suspected that maybe Uncle Lloyd was doing some kind of measuring my dick as his digit slid up the length of it. He was way off, because it was only about 7 and a half inches long, but then again it was dark.

“You want to cum, don’t you Austin?” Uncle Lloyd was asking in the understatement of the century as he rubbed the drooling tip of my member, and after I groaned yes he asked me what would happen after I was satisfied.

“Anything you want,” I grunted, and then Uncle Lloyd let go of my wrist and sat up, leaning over me as he lifted my cock upright.

The head of my dick went into a warm and wet place, and as Uncle Lloyd’s lips glided down the shaft of my cock I erupted before he got halfway down. I had enjoyed thousands of orgasms in my 18 years, but if I had any as intense and long-lasting as that one, I couldn’t recall them.

I was biting my hand as my cock kept spurting into Uncle Lloyd’s mouth, while he kept swallowing until I had no more to give, and after I went limp he kept licking and sucking on my dick until my legs stopped twitching.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that,” Uncle Lloyd was saying as he pulled himself up alongside of me, still holding onto my dick and pulling on it lazily. “Very tough having to wait for a boy to become a man, but it was worth it.”

I didn’t know what to say, because a whole lot had just happened in the last hour, but when Uncle Lloyd leaned over and kissed me I offered my mouth to him. I had never kissed a guy before, but it wasn’t much different than the girls I had kissed, except Uncle Lloyd was a better kisser.

“You don’t have to, you know,” Uncle Lloyd was saying as I rolled over to face him, and as I hugged him the warmth of his furry body felt so nice, not to mention the feel of his cock against my body, that I found myself rolling him over on his back like he had me before.

My eyes had adjusted somewhat to the near darkness, well enough to see where my hands were going as I raked my fingers through his chest hair. I was too excited to play the teasing game that my uncle had played with me, so my hands went down to his manhood almost right away.

Uncle Lloyd was almost hard when my hands found his cock, and as I ran my fist up and down I was stunned at how thick his dick was. I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it, and it was getting bigger as it swelled. This was only the fourth guy I had even touched, as Uncle Lloyd was by far the biggest.

I didn’t know whether I could get my jaws to open wide enough to take it in my mouth, but I had to try. My tongue licked the head of his cock, which seemed to be as big as a plum, running my tongue around the ridge of the mushroom-shaped crown, and Uncle Lloyd sighed as he ran his fingers through my hair, telling me that I was doing fine.

My fists were around the shaft, holding his cock like it was a bat, and the head of it was still exposed. Taking care to watch my teeth, I lowered my mouth down over it and moved my lips down to my fist, and after I went up and down a couple of times I was able to take one hand off so I could play with his balls.

Uncle Lloyd’s sac was huge, and as I kneaded the hairy pouch I knew there was no way I could fit one of them in my mouth, so I contented myself with playing with them while my olher hand spun around his fat cock as best I could.

“Oh, you’re quite the cocksucker,” Uncle Lloyd was saying, and I felt his hand reaching around between my legs, grabbing my limp dick and milking it while I tried to get my mouth further down his tool without gagging on the plump member.

“Austin,” Uncle Lloyd whispered after a moment. “I’m going to cum soon.”

I was glad of that, because while I loved sucking on my uncle’s cock, the thickness was so great that my jaws were aching after only a couple of minutes. My lips slid up and down faster, and then when Uncle Lloyd whispered a warning, I braced myself for his seed, blocking the initial blasts with my tongue as his musky semen filled my mouth.

“That’s my boy,” Uncle Lloyd was saying as I let the sap that I hadn’t swallowed slide out of the corners of my mouth, escort ardahan and as he went limp he lifted me off of him and embraced me, pulling me onto his body.

I loved the way his hairy body felt against my smooth skin, and as I tried not to be too obvious about it, I ground myself into him. My cock, already coming back to life thanks to my uncle’s hand, was hard again and dueling with his spent manhood.

“Oh, that feels good, doesn’t it?” Uncle Lloyd remarked. “And you’re hard again already. Have you ever had anal sex, Austin?”

I hadn’t, although I was aware of what it entailed. A friend had wanted to do it to me not long ago but I was afraid and wouldn’t let him, even though he wasn’t very large. The thought of my uncle trying to put that thick tool of his into me was terrifying, and I guess Uncle Lloyd sensed my fear when I gave him an shaky no in response to his question.

“I was thinking more about you doing me,” Uncle Lloyd explained. “I’m afraid that you’ve killed me off for the night, but you’re certainly virile enough, if you would like to.”

“I don’t know how,” I said, but he assured me that I would have no problem.

“I would like to have you one day,” Uncle Lloyd said as he leaned over and picked up his pajamas from the floor, fishing something out of the pocket. “But this isn’t the time or the place. Maybe sometime you could come visit us and we could get better acquainted.”

Uncle Lloyd handed me a tube of some kind of gel, and then got onto his hands and knees, instructing me to put some lube on my finger and work it into him.

I could feel the hair around his anus as I tentatively dipped my index finger inside the tight knot, and Uncle Lloyd whispered that I didn’t have to be shy, and should use two fingers.

“That’s it,” Uncle Lloyd said as my fingers wiggled into him as far as they could. “Prime me up. Now let me have the lube.”

Uncle Lloyd squeezed some into his palm and reached over, spreading the gel onto my erection before going back to his position. I had to get a pillow to kneel on, because I was dwarfed by the hirsute giant kneeling before me, Uncle Lloyd being a head taller and probably 75 pounds heavier.

“Take your time,” Uncle Lloyd whispered as I fumbled around the greased orifice with my slippery cock. “Don’t be shy about it. I want that big cock of yours in me all the way.”

Once I found the opening, my slender prong slid in easily, with Uncle Lloyd groaning as I buried all of it into him. I had to stop, because it was so warm and felt so good that I was afraid I was going to cum.

“Oh! Haven’t had one that big in quite a while,” Uncle Lloyd said. “You’re much bigger than your cousins.”

That comment went over my head, because I was trying to keep from cumming, and with Uncle Lloyd pushing himself back into me that made the effort tougher, but eventually I gained enough control so I could star moving in and out of his hot cavity.

I felt like the captain of a ship, with my hands on Uncle Lloyd’s hips as I began to thrust into him with more confidence. Uncle Lloyd lowered his face into the bedding, muffling his grunt that came with each thrust, and I managed to last a couple of minutes before I lost it and filled my uncle’s bowels with my spunk.

I was leaning over Uncle Lloyd as I came, draped over his hairy back, and I stayed that way until my deflating dick slithered out of his anus. I collapsed to the side of Uncle Lloyd, who was smiling as he asked me how I liked it.

“I loved it.”

“Do you think you would like to come visit us sometime this summer?” Uncle Lloyd said. “I would love to be your first. Just thinking about that sends chills down my spine.”

“I guess so,” I said as I remembered the size of that head along with the puffy ridge. “Doesn’t seem possible because your dick is so fat. Would it hurt a lot?”

“Oh, we would get you ready beforehand,” Uncle Lloyd said. “You would love it. Ever get rimmed?”

“No,” I said, not even knowing what it was.

“Well, I guess I better get back to your Aunt Sophia,” Uncle Lloyd said. “She’s probably sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for me to get back there so I can tell her how you were.”

“Huh?” I said as Uncle Lloyd got out of the bed and put on his pajamas.

“Aunt Sophia and I have no secrets,” Uncle Lloyd explained.

“You mean, you’re going to tell her what you did to me?”

“What we did to each other,” Uncle Lloyd said in correcting me, reminding me to keep my voice down. “Of course. You aren’t ashamed of what we did, are you Austin?”

“Uh – no, but gee,” was all I could say.

“She knows where I went when I left her back in the guest room,” Uncle Lloyd explained. “And since I didn’t end up coming right back she’s got a good idea of what we did.”

“You mean she knows…”

“Of course. She encourages it,” Uncle Lloyd said. “Heck, Sophia was the one who noticed you looking at me out in the pool with your swim trunks sticking out.”

“I don’t get it,” I said, spinning around to sit up on the edge of the bed.

“Your Aunt Sophia and I – let’s just say that we have a very different lifestyle,” he explained as he knelt in front of me with his hands on my knees. “We both have very high sex drives. You’re the youngest of all our cousins, and we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying many of them along the way.”

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