Afternoon and Morning


His dick was already at full-mast when he let himself into the hotel room. He’d been running late and sent a text message brimming with instructions for his sweet little fucktoy. Then, he’d had to spend the next twenty minutes until he could get away from the office with a full erection in his pants. He was pretty sure his executive assistant had gotten a nice eyeful before he’d disappeared into the elevator.

He slammed the hotel door, locked all the locks, and spun around, his dick all but leading him to the window. Where he’d told Kate to pose. Naked, with the heels he’d bought for her the week before.

And there she was, like a gift from God. No, not God. It had to be the devil. Only the devil would have put her in his path, for him to take and use.

“Good girl.”

Her body shuddered at his words. From the tight expanse of her shoulders to her feet, in those stiletto platform heels. They were red, and gave her enough height for what he was going to do.

God, she was utter perfection standing there, with the afternoon sun streaming in through the wide-open window. He’d wondered on that first afternoon, a little more than two weeks ago, if anyone could see inside the room from the surrounding buildings. Just the same as that first afternoon, he didn’t give a fuck. In fact, he hoped someone saw. He hoped someone saw him ravage the young woman in front of him, that someone would see her heavy tits bobbing as he fucked her, or her face twisted in anguished ecstasy as she pleased her Daddy. That’s why he’d told her to pose like this, naked but for the shoes, hands on the glass by her head, back arched and ass out.

He tossed his jacket on the couch as he passed by and undid his pants, grinning with wild pleasure when she shuddered again at the sound of his belt clinking. Reaching out with his other hand, he smacked her ass and groaned aloud as his red mark appeared on her pale skin.

“Such a good fucking girl, aren’t you?”

She whimpered as he laid another stinging slap to her other ass cheek, all while he shoved his pants down and kicked them off. He was on her a second later, bending over her and wrapping a hand around her throat.

Under his palm, her throat worked on a swallow, her pulse thrumming beneath her skin.

“Lift your leg.”

She did, shaking the whole time, resting her foot on the low window casement. He reached between her trembling thighs and laughed against her wavy dark hair when he found the slick evidence of how badly his little fucktoy wanted this.

“How long have you been like this, sweet thing?”

“Um… ten minutes?” Her throat worked again under his hand and he squeezed, drawing a gasp from her lips. “I did what you said, Damon.”

He squeezed harder and she choked out a gasp, shaking all over under his hold. “What did you call me?”

Her voice was strangled — literally — as she responded. “Daddy.”

“That’s better.”

He withdrew his hand from her overflowing honey pot and replaced it with his cock. He didn’t hesitate or draw the moment out. He needed to bury his rod in her wet channel and get himself off.

So he did. He plunged deep, and hard, squeezing his hand and groaning in response to her strangled cry. One hand came off the window in an instinctive reaction, her little fingers clawing ineffectually at his wrist.

“Daddy… please…” she rasped, her body shuddering and jolting with every hard thrust of his hips. “Breathe… can’t…”

He let her go and grabbed her loose wrist, pressing her hand back to its place on the glass. “Don’t fucking move again, you hear me?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“That’s fucking right, my little whore.”

She hung her head on a sob, her body jiggling with each move his made.

For a few hard, deep thrusts, he held her hand against the window and his other clutched at the mound of her ass, spreading her open. Then he angled himself back, both hands clasping handfuls of her fat rear end, pulling her reddened cheeks apart so he could watch his thick cock disappearing into the flush, soft expanse of her cunt.

“Fucking look at that.” He groaned and shoved hard, pushing a harsh exhalation from her. “You’re fucking soaked, Kate.”


He grinned and released her flesh to swing another hard slap to her ass. It rippled with the contact, she screamed, and he did it again, again and again, timing it with the humping motions of his body.

For long minutes, the only sound in the room was the percussive connection of his palm on her ass, and the wet sucking noise of her pussy.

Then he lost all control. He needed to come, to fill his sweet, little schoolgirl to the brim. The devil had certainly given him this fucktoy and he used her however he wanted. Like now, as he tossed his head back, his fingers sinking hard into the sides of her ass, his dick pulsing and flooding her insides with a torrent of his come.

He had no idea if she climaxed and didn’t care. He stepped back, his still half-hard dick slipping from her over-lubed çankaya escort hole, and he grabbed her pony tail.

“Turn around.”

She did and he got his first look at her tear-streaked face and the red marks at her throat.

“On your knees.”

She sank down.

“Open your mouth.”

She did.

What he did next didn’t require instruction. He fed his dick to her open mouth, shoving past her tongue and hitting the back of her throat. Tears spilled over her cheeks and she gagged and he groaned in happy relief as he started to fuck her face, holding her pony tail in one hand, his other palm hot on the cold glass of the window.

“Yes. That’s it, sweetheart. Take it. Fucking swallow my cock.” He looked down at her, watching as her wide eyes stared back at him, her innocence still so apparent on her face.

He fucked her mouth for a while, going deep at times, pulling back and making her slather her pink tongue all over him at others. Then he shoved deep as he got close again, cupping her head and thrusting hard.

When he came, she swallowed, getting better at it every time. She was a quick study.

At last, he stumbled back from her, his spent dick flopping out of her red and swollen lips. A string of spit and come trailed from the end of her panting tongue to his cockhead and he smiled. Reaching down, he tugged on her hair and drew her to her feet.

She wobbled as she stood before him, still in those impossible heels. He chuckled as he took her in, trying to stay upright, her eyes unfocused and glazed over with the lust that still beat between them like a living thing.

“Take off the shoes and go over to the bed. Kneel on the bench, like the first time.”

Her cheeks burned even deeper with color at the mention of their first time. Her first time. When he’d fucked her gorgeous, unused cunt, claiming it for himself. The only man to have ever plundered it. So far.

She stumbled once as she kicked off the shoes and hurried to the bench at the end of the big bed. He watched her, as he crossed to the couch, loosening his tie and tugging it and his shirt off over his head. He reached into his suit pocket, pulling out the implement he’d meant to introduce her to the night before. But alas, his wife — her mother — had monopolized his time, keeping him from checking on his fucktoy later as he’d planned.

He walked over to the bed and grabbed a handful of her luscious ass, bending low to take a light bite out of the other side. She gasped, making him laugh, and he did it again, a little harder until she cried out in pain. As he rubbed his thumb over that spot, he knew there’d be a mark. A fresh one to go with the others that lingered on her pale skin.

“Beautiful. So good at following instructions, aren’t you, Kate.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He hummed in approval and gave her two light taps with his palm, eliciting that blissed out gasp from her that he enjoyed. She’d been so good for the first half hour this afternoon, he didn’t mind rewarding her.

“You were naked last night, like I asked, weren’t you.”

It wasn’t really a question, but she exhaled and bobbed her head in an eager nod. “Yes, Daddy.”

“I knew you were. You wouldn’t have wanted to displease me, would you?”


He grinned and lifted the item in his hand, running the soft end of it over her ass in a circle. She tensed at the touch, clearly curious at what it might be.

“I was going to do this last night, but your mother spent hours telling me about a new job she’s thinking of taking.”

She froze and he knew she was confused. They never spoke of her mother — his wife — when he was toying with her like this.

“It involves some travel.”

Her breath started to come in harsh gasps at that. She knew what that meant, and could probably guess how he’d have responded.

“I’m a supportive husband, as you know.” He trailed the tip of the item over her ass on the other side, then down the back of her thigh. “So I told her she should do it. I assured her I could look after you myself whenever she was gone.”

“Daddy…” She sounded like she was on the brink of coming right now, at the mere thought of being at his mercy at home. At their home, in her bed, or his, where they lived as a happy family.

“You think I did the right thing, sweet Kate?” He trailed the item back up the inside of her thigh and held it poised at her hole, weeping even more fluid now, her own mixed with the load of come he’d dumped in there a short while before. He swirled the head of the item in her juices, spreading them up to her tight asshole, then back down for more.

She moaned, her body heaving with each rasping breath as he toyed with her. At her continued silence, he slapped her ass with his free hand, once, twice, and a third hard time.

“Answer me, Kate. Did I do the right thing?”

“Yes, Daddy! Yes, you always do!”

“Good girl.” He worked the item in and out of her swollen cunt lips, escort çankaya getting it nice and coated in her slick juices. “Now, this is something I was going to give you last night, but that’s fine. Now is fine, right?”

“Yes.” Her voice was so weak, her body all but ready to fall to pieces as he drew the moment out.

“It’s a butt plug.” With that, he slicked it up between her ass cheeks, pressing until the tip spread her open and popped inside her hole.

She screamed, her back arching and her ass jiggling with the effort it took for her not to squirm away.

Grinning, he worked it into her hole, then back out, then back in. “You’re going to wear it out of here, and keep it in while you ride the bus home. And all through dinner at home later.”

She was gasping, heaving for every breath as he spoke, issuing her evening’s instructions.

“You will keep it in your sweet virgin asshole until I take it out tomorrow morning, do you understand me, Kate?”

She sobbed in protest, clearly unsure about sleeping with the plug filling her up.

He spanked her, making her whole body jolt. “Do you understand, Kate?”


He smoothed a palm over her heated ass and tapped his knuckles on the blunt end of the butt plug sticking out of her asshole. She gasped and arched her back.

“How does that feel, Kate?”

“Um…” She wiggled a bit, her back arching and her butt pushing back into his hands. “It’s strange.”

He tapped the plug and laughed as she undulated with the sensation again. “I knew you’d love it. Just wait until I tear you open with my cock.”

“Uhh…” She dropped her head between her outstretched arms, every inch of her trembling. With exertion, with unfulfilled lust, with fear maybe. All of it, was intoxicating to him.

“Turn around and sit down, Kate.”

She whimpered but moved to obey, her body shaking as she did. As she sat down, her thighs clenched together and her gaze dropped to his cock, pointing directly at her face again.

“You’ve got me all worked up again. Do something about it.”

She did.


Her body was on fire. Her nipples were so tight, they felt like they were going to burst any moment. Her throat was raw, inside and out from his attentions and grip. Her ass burned with his spanking and inside… She couldn’t quite grasp what had happened. He’d put a thing inside her ass and her pussy was overheating and pulsating with… something. It was like the day before, almost. When she’d been blasted into ecstasy by Damon’s fucking. But not quite. It was like she hovered on the brink, like if she touched one inch of her pussy, she’d go off like a rocket.

Except he hadn’t hold her to, and now, he wanted her mouth and lips to get him off, so he wasn’t going to fuck her pussy this time. Maybe later? If she was good?

She opened her mouth and swallowed his dick, savoring the familiar salty musk of him. This, she liked, even as he buried his hands in her secured hair and started thrusting into her mouth.

She gagged, wriggling her tongue around until she got a better position. Then she relaxed her jaw as he’d instructed that first time, and let him fuck her face. She stared up at him, taking in the strong lines of his body. He was such a muscular man, so strong, and fit, it filled her with a burst of pride that she was allowed to please him like this, that he desired her mouth and lips and cunt. And ass.

She squirmed, whimpering around his cock as he pummeled her throat with it. Bliss blurred her vision around the edges as she continued to squirm on the bench, her ass full of the plug, her cunt so slippery and sensitive. Even though words were impossible, she gazed adoringly up at her Daddy — not stepfather, not now, with his cock filling her mouth and pulsing the closer he got to getting off — and she begged him. For what, she wasn’t quite sure. But she begged anyway.

As if he knew, Damon bent over her, one hand closing around her swaying breast, and he pinched her nipple.

She screamed around his cock, her eyes rolling back in her head and undulated on the bench, her body coming apart at every nerve ending, coming alive, and burning her up from the inside out.

He roared his satisfaction, his come splashing down her throat, choking her for one alarming second until he pulled out. His next jet of semen hit her chin, then her throat and finally spraying across the tit he still played with. He pinched her nipple, twisted it, and flicked it with his thumb, drawing out the sensations until she had no choice but to collapse on the bench, curling in on herself and whimpering as the feeling overwhelmed her.

“Such a good little whore, Kate. My Kate.” He released her nipple and she gasped at the rush of heat to the tip.

Straightening, he ran his hand down to her ass and smacked her right on the plug protruding from her hole, making her cry out.

“Now, get up and lick me clean so I can get dressed.”

With some çankaya escort bayan strength she didn’t know she had, she slid upright again and lapped up the come from the tip of his dick. He hissed, clearly still sensitive from her attentions. She eased her tongue and lips over him, sliding down the limp length and back up, cleaning every inch of him.

When she was done, he patted her head and gave her an indulgent smile. “I’ll see you at home, my sweet Kate.”

She nodded, still dazed.

As the world came back into focus a short while later, alone in the hotel room now, she got herself cleaned up and dressed again. Her asshole started to throb with every move she made, especially as she wiped her tender pussy clean and slipped into her panties.

The bus ride home was agony. She struggled to remain still but every jolt and bump of the bus sent sensation zinging through her veins. Her pussy started to leak again, becoming all soft and hot and wet once more. Wearing this plug as instructed was going to be torture.

Still, she did it, enduring dinner with her mother and stepfather chatting across from her.

“I’ll head into work early tomorrow to talk to Phil about the new position,” her mother said as she stood to clear the dishes from dinner. “They’ll need to post an ad to replace me sooner rather than later.”

Damon turned wicked eyes to his stepdaughter and licked his lips. She bit her bottom lip, holding back a gasp, as if that split-second sight of his tongue had a direct line to her pussy.

“Sounds good, honey.”

So domestic. So normal. Except Kate had a plug in her ass that Damon had put there. Her stepfather. And she wanted to climb into his lap now, mother or no mother, and ride him until they both passed out.

“You look flushed, Katie.” He tilted his head one way and gave her a mock-frown. “You coming down with something?”

Kate shook her head and squirmed, the plug jolting inside her as it tapped on her chair. Her mother walked over and laid a cool palm on her forehead. “You are a little warm. Why don’t you go to bed early, sweetie?”

Glancing at her mom, Kate nodded. “Good idea, Mom. See you guys in the morning.”

“Good night, Katie. Sweet dreams.”

Damon’s words chased her up the stairs and she stripped out of every stitch of clothing before collapsing in her cool bed. She writhed there, spreading her legs and humping a pillow, doing anything to get enough friction to her pussy to end this lingering, dangling tease of sensation.

Hours may have passed, or minutes, but she eventually fell asleep. Wild dreams of Damon fucking her on the kitchen table filled her head and she woke sweaty and unfulfilled in the morning.

Groaning, she rose from bed, wincing when the plug shifted in her ass. It sent pulses of heat to her pussy, which woke up along with her. With another groan, she took herself to the bathroom where she washed up and drank several cups of water.

She was leaning against the bathroom vanity, wondering if she should look for Damon to relieve her of the pressure in her ass, when the door opened behind her. Her eyes went wide with shock as he walked into the small space, stark naked.

His eyes trailed over her own naked body, down her back to her ass. He grinned, a dirty smile full of white teeth, and reached down to tap the plug. She moaned and fell forward against the vanity.

“What about my mom?”

“She left for work early, remember.” He stepped close to her, his hard dick rubbing against the rubber end of the plug. “I am so pleased that you obeyed my orders, my little fucktoy.”

She panted as he reached down, sliding his fingers between her ass cheeks and pulling the plug from her ass. She cried out as it left her body, leaving her feeling raw and empty.

“You have no idea how much I want to fuck this ass now.” He held her ass in his hands, prising her open.

She watched him in the mirror, watched as he worked his mouth and dropped a dollop of spit to her body. It hit right above her tired asshole and he rubbed it in with his thumb. She squirmed back against it, wanting at once for him to stop and for him to push the digit inside her.

“Come here.”

Without another word, he reached around and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her from the bathroom and down the hall. She was barely aware of anything except the incessant needy pulse between her legs. She hardly noticed at all when he pushed her facedown onto the bed he shared with her mother.

She wasn’t aware of much until he climbed on her, pinning her legs down and together, and then his big hard dick was sliding into her begging cunt and she let out a long, low moan of satisfaction.

“That’s my good little whore.”

She didn’t even protest. She was his, body and soul. That he could make her feel these things, even as she ached all over from his pinches and spanks, it honestly blew her mind. And made her beg for more.

“Daddy…” she whined, arching her back under him. She pushed her ass back against him until he rewarded her with a stinging smack that brought tears to her eyes. “Ah! Yes!”

“You want more, my innocent little Kate?”

“Yes, please…” She planted her palms on the bed beside her head and would have pushed up, but he dropped his weight over her back and pinned her down.

“Don’t. Fucking. Move.”

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