Alice, My Uncle, , Me Ch. 04b


This continues the account of the of five days and nights that studly 18 year old Mikey spends together with Mike, the 24-year old uncle he idolizes, and Mike’s fascinating and beautiful 22-year old fiancée Alice. The beginning of their story is told in “Cross-Country with My Uncle,” and continued by “Alice, My Uncle, and Me,” day 1 and day 2, and Day 3, parts 1 and 2, and “My Uncle’s Bachelor Party,” parts 1 and 2, wherein Jeff, Mike’s old college roommate and lover, is introduced.

My uncle again turned to Jeff, who had, during Mike’s sexual interlude with me, quietly lain on the left side the bed, inches from us, watching with intensity. Now it was his turn. Mike, now standing at the foot of the bed, grasped Jeff’s right hand and pulled him up, and they resumed their sensual embrace, and, once more, even in my dreamy state of satiety, I was fascinated by the beauty of the matched pair, and their artful, no doubt well-practiced interplay. Across Jeff’s beautiful broad and powerfully muscled back I saw Mike’s big forearms with their ropy muscles thickly covered in golden fur, and his big hands, slowly glide, now a firm embrace, now a delicate touch, a fingertip caress. And I watched as again Mike’s hands descended to Jeff’s fuzzy butt. With each hand he firmly grasped a buttock, and kneaded it gently, and then released it, as again his fingertips played through the dark hair.

They shifted slightly, and now I could study their enduring kiss. Jeff’s lower lip was between Mike’s lips; and now, with Jeff’s head slightly tilted, their mouths were open and pressed together, their tongues, no doubt, as intimately interplaying as their big bodies.

Eventually, as before, Jeff broke the embrace, and again began a long series of kisses on Mike’s neck, and then his broad breast, lingering over each of his nipples, nestled in his golden chest hair. And then, as before, he slowly worked his way down Mike’s trunk and abdomen, now following the thick trail of hair that marked his midline above his navel, now wandering to right or left for kisses and licks. Mike looked down seraphically, and his hands were easily resting on Jeff’s shoulders.

For a few moments he reamed out Mike’s navel with his tongue, before he began his descent into Mike’s heavily furred belly. Now Mike’s big hands were on Jeff’s head, gently stroking his dark hair, and Jeff, now kneeling on the carpet, began an elaborate lovemaking to Mike’s big, rigid cock, standing upright, almost cleaving to his belly.

At first Jeff took the big phallus in both his hands, and applied delicate kisses to the swollen cockhead, now at its fullest extension, and virtually glossy. After some little time, he moved his left hand to grasp Mike’s balls. Though his hand was large, it was not large enough to enfold Mike’s dangling testicles, and he was only able to hold them in an open hand. With his other hand he caressed Mike’s lower belly, and with his practiced mouth he engulfed more and more of Mike’s imposing shaft, one veiny quarter inch after another slowly disappearing between Jeff’s wide stretched lips. Up and down, he slowly went again and again, and again and again. The expression on Mike’s face was a thing of beauty. It wasn’t the rictus of a grin; it wasn’t a look of victorious triumph; it wasn’t a priapic leer. It was a beatific smile that engaged his whole face. His dimples were deep, his eyes were crinkled and smiling, there was a certain tilt of the head: all indications that he was looking with deep love upon his dear friend whose intimate sexual ministrations signified the same deep love in return. Tears came to my eyes. Not now of jealousy, but of simple appreciation for this beautiful mutuality between these two heroic friends.

And now Jeff returned his right hand partially to encircle Mike’s phallus, and he added slow, firm stroking to the artful work of his lips and tongue. On and on it went, until Mike’s tender smile was succeeded by an unmistakable look of urgency, and finally Mike gave a gentle push to Jeff’s head, almost imperceptible to me, but sufficient to signal to Jeff that he must desist.

Mike took Jeff’s right hand in his, raised him up, and led him to the bed, and following Mike’s artvin escort indication, Jeff lay down on the left side of the big king bed, and as soon as he had lain down, Mike joined him, both of them now mere inches from where I lay in fascinated repose.

Once again it was Mike positioning himself over the large and powerful body of the object of his amorous attentions, now Jeff instead of me. Jeff lay on his back, and Mike, supporting himself on his knees (between Jeff’s powerful hirsute thighs), and on his hands, placed on either side of Jeff’s big chest, began to kiss the features of Jeff’s remarkably handsome face, beginning with his eyebrows, eyelids, nose, and ears, and continuing along his jaw line, cheeks, and chin. And then he covered Jeff’s neck with kisses, and worked his way along Jeff’s shoulders, starting with his traps. And so it continued, slowly and deliberately as Mike covered Jeff everywhere, it seemed, with kisses, and nowhere more than his chest, his nipples, erect and poking through the dark hair.

On and on it went with Mike smothering Jeff’s midsection with passionate kisses, while Jeff’s long and powerful fingers gently stroked Mike’s hair and ears. He murmured almost ceaselessly, “Oh, Mike, Mike, you’re wonderful, you’re killing me with pleasure; Oh, Mike, Oh, oh, Mike. Yes, Yes, God, yes. Oh, it’s been so long.”

Finally Mike arrived at Jeff’s cock, hard as marble, the cockhead standing well above his navel. At this point, Mike grew more deliberate, abandoning the caprice he had used in covering Jeff’s trunk with kisses. He was infinitely delicate at first, blanketing the cockhead and shaft with tiny kisses; then licks, and only then did he grasp the shaft gently but firmly in his hand, and slowly forced his moist lips open as they slid across the taut and smooth surface of Jeff’s glans. He used his hands and his mouth in close coordination, in a slow ritual no doubt long practiced between them, perfected over years and years of loving experience. At times there was no obvious up and down motion at all, but clearly Mike was working his tongue over the most reactive and sensitive parts of Jeff’s phallus, and Jeff was trembling with the intensity of it all, no longer able to speak or even murmur. But he could ball his left hand into a fist, and relax it, and repeat.

Jeff’s right hand had long ago sought my left arm, as I lay beside him, and he’d grasped my wrist firmly. But I had shifted his hand from my wrist to my hand, so that my left hand was enfolded in his. Apart from curling and uncurling his toes, and balling and unballing his left hand, his rhythmic pressure on my hand was virtually the only motion he allowed himself, otherwise wholly giving himself up to Mike’s tender mercies.

How much longer Jeff could stand Mike’s hugely artful fellation? I strongly suspected that Mike knew exactly how to ease up, and move on to less excruciating stimulation, so as to extend their lovemaking over an indefinite period of time.

Eventually there came a point where Mike pulled his mouth away, and once again I could see Jeff’s beautiful phallus in its marmoreal splendor, all of it.

Mike, now erect upon his knees, began to stroke Jeff’s large and hairy thighs, his right hand on Jeff’s left thigh, his right wandering over Jeff’s left, making now lazy circles, now longitudinal strokes, and eventually arriving at Jeff’s knees, and then his strikingly defined calves, working his fingers through the dense dark hair.

Mike moved back a bit in an easy motion, and murmured, “Turn over, buddy.”

Despite his best will, Jeff could not obey instantly, still ensorcelled and almost paralyzed by Mike’s gentle, deliberate lovemaking; but he managed to shake off Mike’s spell enough to roll over, easily and slowly, so that he was now on his elbows and knees, his cheek against the pillow. From long experience, he knew exactly the posture to adopt.

Mike, still on his knees, drew very, very close to Jeff, and covered him with his body, placing one arm on either side of Jeff’s legs, and blanketing Jeff’s broad and heavily-muscled back with kisses and licks. As he did so, the tip of Mike’s erect escort artvin cock teased and massaged Jeff’s balls, hanging between his furry legs. Mike took infinite care and no haste. But bit-by-bit he moved from Jeff’s shoulders to the middle of his back, and then the small of his back, and then he moved into the area of dense silky hair that covered Jeff’s buttocks, kissing and licking. As close to the action as I was, it was easy to hear Jeff’s quiet sighs.

As he worked on Jeff’s rear, Mike was no longer bent over Jeff’s back, and he no longer needed to support himself with both arms as before, and he added tender stroking to his continuous kissing all over Jeff’s butt. By now Mike had begun to focus on the Jeff’s furry crack, and deliberately worked his way down to Jeff’s anus with his tongue, even as he used his right hand gently to grasp and stroke Jeff’s scrotum.

As Mike grew ever closer to Jeff’s puckered rosebud, Jeff’s sighs became moans. “Oh, Mike, Mike, Mike.”

Finally, Mike had arrived at his target, and he used first tiny darts with the tip of his pointed tongue. Only with the fullness of time did his actions grow a little larger and more generous. Jeff went, “Oh Mike, I love you so much. I’ve missed you so much. You’re killing me, just killing me. I love you so very, very much.”

Mike paused only briefly enough to mutter, “Me, too, Jeffy, me too.”

And he resumed. Actually, as close as I was to the action, and absolutely entranced, I could no longer apprehend the exact details, for Mike’s actions were not gross and large-scale, but continued to be rather delicate, and so entirely intimate that I could not view the contact point at all directly. All I could see was Mike’s beautiful face, or part of it, the rest buried in Jeff’s fundament. I could not quite tell just how invasive, how intimate, were the actions of Mike’s tongue. But I had some pretty direct evidence. I could see Mike’s head movements on the one hand, and, even more dramatically, I could hear Jeff’s ever more insistent moans and little cries, and it was clear that Mike was totally focused on his target.

“Oh, Mike, I love you, I’ll always love you, you’re killing me, just killing me.”

And then, urgently, “Mike, fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I’m begging you, I can’t take it any more, fuck me, please, please, please, PLEASE.”

This continued for long minutes, and finally, finally, Mike pulled away a little from Jeff’s butt, now with the thick dark hair wetted and plastered down to the skin, and he merely touched him on the buttock with the forefinger and middle finger of his right hand, gently, twice in rapid succession.

This time, Jeff was amazingly prompt to react to their old signal, and he rolled over at once, raising his big left leg high in the air to avoid hitting Mike, and then settled quickly onto his back, with Mike now kneeling between his legs.

Stroking gently and lovingly, Mike grasped Jeff’s legs by the ankles and set them on his own body, so that Jeff’s legs were bent at the knees, his feet were more or less supported partly by Mike’s pecs and partly by his biceps – in effect almost in Mike’s armpits.

He already had lube handy and he’d expressed a generous dollop into his left palm. With the fingers of his right hand he applied a fair amount to Jeff’s anus, using a gentle swirling motion, and then applied the rest to his big cock, spreading it all over from the tip to the root.

The inevitable sequelae to these preparations began at once, as Mike introduced his cockhead slowly and deliberately into Jeff’s body. By easy and measured stages Mike advanced and withdrew, each stroke a fraction deeper than its predecessor, until all of Mike’s cock had disappeared. With his now very slick right hand, he grasped Jeff’s cock, but carefully now, to avoid an unwanted early approach to the point of no return.

After several strokes, which had left a wide grin pasted on Jeff’s face, Mike quietly remarked to me, “Mikey, dial Allie’s number, and then hand me the phone.”

* * *

“Hi, Sweetie! Just wanted to call and let you know we’re back safe, and we had a great time.”

I artvin escort bayan think Jeff was dumbfounded at Mike’s action, calling Allie right in the middle of their extremely passionate and long-delayed sexual reunion. But he said nothing, and lay quietly, even as he was penetrated completely by Mike’s big phallus, right up to the hilt; and even with Mike’s big furry paw grasping his own big, insistent cock. I studied his face, and the expression of near ecstasy had been replaced by a strange quizzical look, and I thought I saw evidence of moisture in his beautiful dark eyes.

“Oh, wow, it was incredible. I’ll give you chapter and verse tomorrow, every single detail. And by the way, you vixen, there’s only one way Matt could have gotten that tape from English Crafty Hands! That was a big surprise!

“Well, yeah, they all did enjoy it. But it was still something I never had thought would see the light of day.”

“Yes, he arrived right on time, and we’ve had a super great time catching up. And he and Mikey are getting to know one another. As a matter of fact, I’m fucking him this very second, and it’s very, very sweet, especially after all this time. I’ve missed him so much. You know how very much I love him.”

At this, a new expression played across Jeff’s face. Even though he had been near to weeping, now there was instead a broad smile, and the crinkling of his now smiling eyes forced out and down his cheeks the tears that had been welling there.

“Yes, sure, of course, Allie,” Mike said, and he passed the phone to Jeff.

Jeff murmured, “Hi, Allie. It’s been a long time.”

Then, after a moment, “Thanks, Allie, that’s very kind of you to say. I feel the same way.”

And then, after another pause, “Sure, Allie, I’d love to.” And then, “Do you want me to put Mike back on? OK, take care.”

And then, passing the phone back to Mike, he lay back, still profoundly impaled by Mike’s big cock, and his own cock, in Mike’s gentle hand, which had been moving only very, very subtly during the conversation, as rock-hard as ever.

Mike, back on with Allie, said, “Okay, darling, Love you. See you soon.”

With this, Mike handed the phone to me to hang up, and then bent down to kiss Jeff’s right nipple, and then his left. And then, as he resumed his very slow, deliberate pumping of his cock up Jeff’s rear, he stroked Jeff’s furry right calf with his left hand, and with his right hand, resumed working Jeff’s cock with somewhat larger strokes. Meanwhile the two dear old friends and practiced lovers locked their eyes with a passionate intensity. Passionate, yes, but it was a passion that was a true compound of engrossing affection as much as sexuality.

I watched, absolutely fascinated, as Mike fucked his dear old friend with a tender love. It was a slow and generous reaming, really remarkably slow and deliberate. Mike suspended stroking Jeff’s phallus, and even slowed his fucking action more and more until it was exquisitely deliberate. Jeff, his eyes as ever locked with Mike’s, whispered “Oh, Mike, I love you, I love you. I’ll love you no matter what. Always.”

Mike ceased all action, smiled even more widely, and said, “And Jeffy, I’ll always love you, more than you can even imagine.”

Then he resumed his lovemaking to his dear old friend, a more serious look upon his face, one of intense engagement with Jeff. And began working Jeff’s cock a little more steadily, as they began to approach the inevitable.

But Mike once more ceased stroking Jeff’s phallus, and slowed his fucking almost but not quite to a standstill, and their lovemaking was then concentrated mainly in their focused gaze. Presently, Mike again resumed a steadier flexing of his butt, and then for a final time, grasped Jeff’s amazing cock with his hand, and within another 90 seconds Jeff profoundly exhaled, he deeply sighed, “Oh, Mike!” and a stream of cum spread over his fuzzy washboard abs, and then another, under Mike’s ever so practiced and deliberate grasp; and with a still deeper plunge of his great cock into Jeff’s body, Mike trembled, almost to the point of spasm, and he too was done, and slowly withdrew.

Mike crawled into the bed between his old friend and me, and bid me turn out the bedside light as he engaged Jeff in a full-body embrace, clasping his head to Mike’s chest, their legs in a fuzzy tangle.

As for me, tangent to my uncle’s long body in half a dozen places, I was extremely comfortable and cozy and now overcome by sleep.

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