Alisha Ch. 03


I would like to thank all the readers for your positive feedback. Regarding the anonymous feedback to spellcheck there are two types of spellings. U.K based and U.S based so ‘realizing’ can be spelt ‘realising’ too. It’s not wrong. Danny I hope this is upto your expectation and don’t forget my bet.



The next morning I woke up fresh and happy. I did not get up immediately and was thinking about everything that happened. I was enjoying our new found intimacy and thinking about how to proceed further.

I realised today was the last day to spend with Alisha since my parents were returning tomorrow. Then I remembered that my aunt would be home all day. Being the last day, I wanted to spend it with Alisha but now I couldn’t. Instantly my mood dampened.

I got up and went to the bathroom and freshened. I went downstairs and found my aunt and Alisha having their breakfast. I wished them both a good morning and prepared a bowl of cereal with milk and started eating. Breaking the silence I asked my aunt how her work was going and if she had helped anyone? My aunt launched into what and how she and her group helped people.

I tuned out her conversation and looked at Alisha. When Alisha saw me looking at her, she flashed a smile at me. We finished eating and my aunt went into the living room to read newspaper.

Me and Alisha were rinsing the bowls and as we finished I turned toward her to ask what we were going to do today, when Alisha moved into my arms and kissed me. We both were pretty much lost into the kiss.

After some time we broke for air and took a deep breath. Soon enough, I leaned and kissed her again. Alisha opened her mouth and our tongues dueled with each other. My hands were roaming all over her back and I was inching down toward her ass. Slowly, I reached my prize and pulled her towards me.

As soon as I cupped her ass I heard a moan emanating from deep within her throat. I was thrilled and excited. I knew Alisha could feel my hard dick and she pulled me further into the kiss. As all good things have to come to an end we heard Alisha’s mom asking us what we wanted to do that day.

We paused our heated session. Our lips were raw from all the passionate kisses, our breaths frantic. Alisha went upstairs and I took a deep breath and entered the living room saying me and Alisha planned to laze around the whole day since our week was hectic. My aunt was okay with that and said she had to go out that day and purchase some clothes and food for her organisation.

I was delighted and tried not to show it on my face. I said ‘fine’ and asked her whether she would be back for lunch, to which she said ‘no, her friends had planned some shopping for the whole day but she would take us to our favourite restaurant so she wouldn’t need to cook.’ I hugged my aunt and said “Thank you.”

I ran upstairs and found Alisha reading a book in her room. I told her the plan and saw her face light up. Before I could devour her she warned me that my aunt would come up to change and that we had the whole day to ourselves so I needed to behave.

I told her, “I am going to my room and will check my mail. As soon as aunt leaves you are mine.”

Alisha giggled to this and replied, “Promises, promises.”

I went to my room and switched on my computer. There were some emails but nothing which required any urgent reply so I switched the PC off. I could hear my aunt speaking to someone on the phone and gave an impatient growl. After an hour(can you believe it?) I heard my aunt shouting ‘goodbye’ and the door closing. I was on my feet and ran toward Alisha’s room but was met by her halfway in the corridor.

I pushed her against the wall and with a growl kissed her hard. Alisha wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me into a deeper kiss. We swapped our tongues in a fierce tango.

I could hear Alisha moaning and my hands found their way to those delectable buns. I grabbed and caressed her cheeks. Time seemed to had stopped for us. We were immersed in our lust. It was just me and Alisha.

After a while I pulled off from her and noticed her lips were red and swollen. Her hair was spread unlike her usual hairstyle. Her chest was moving up and down through breathlessness, and I found her alluring.

I smiled and said “Hi!”

Alisha giggled and replied, “Hi. I cannot believe you are such an animal.”

I was embarrassed I never lost my control. I could keep my hunger in check pretty tight but Alisha made me lose it. I gave an embarrassing smile and replied,

“Sorry. I lost control.”

I put her down and we held hands and walked to my bedroom. I sat down and pulled Alisha on my lap.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and asked,

“Is this ok?”

I smiled and replied, “very.”

We just gazed into each others eyes and let them convey our feelings in silence. I could see her nipples were hard and my mouth watered. I realised Alisha read my glance and I wanted to taste her.

I asked, bursa escort bayan “Can I see you?”

Alisha acted coy and said, “I don’t understand.”

I tickled her believing she must have the same sensitive spots as I had. My guess was correct. I found out Alisha was very much ticklish. I rolled her on her back and intensified the tickling and asked,

“Do you understand now?”

I noticed her boobs wobbling side to side and thought to myself ‘she isn’t wearing a bra’. Alisha was laughing so hard she was finding it difficult to speak so I lessened the tickling and she said,

“Yes. I understand please stop.”

I stopped and let her catch her breath and laid down beside her. I moved her hair and tucked it behind her ears and whispered,

“Show me then.”

Alisha sat and while looking into my eyes, started unbuttoning her shirt. The suspense was killing me. I was immersed in her so much that I did not even notice the state of my arousal. Alisha’s smile brought me back and she said,

“Close your mouth or you will eat flies.”

As each button fell open I could see a hint of cleavage which was deepening. At last she opened her shirt and my mouth fell open. I was speechless. I knew she had a good set as I copped a feel to my heart’s content yesterday. Alisha’s boobs were, to put in one word, perfect.

They were neither humongous nor tiny. Her areolae were pink and smooth. The nipples were erect! Her boobs were firm on her chest with no sag at all. I did not know her size but to me it exceeded all expectations. Once again my mouth watered to taste her delicacy.

I must have taken too long in my inspection because Alisha covered her boobs. My mind screamed ‘Oh man!’ and I am sure I looked as if my favourite toy was taken away from me.

I pushed open her shirt and said,

“They are beautiful. I was just mesmerized to say anything.”

Alisha smiled and removed the shirt completely. Looking into her eyes I slowly raised my hands and cupped her boobs. Her boobs were surely the work of God. I massaged her boobs and saw Alisha close her eyes. I flicked her nipple and heard her moan. Using my thumb and forefinger I pulled her nipple slightly.

This was so arousing that I had to use one hand to adjust my hardon. Alisha opened her eyes and licked her lips. I bent my head and lightly blew some air on her left nipple. Alisha shivered. I put my tongue out and licked all over the boob avoiding her nipple.

Alisha moaned and pushed her chest forward trying to catch my lips on her nipple but I was too fast and moved back. I shook my head with a ‘no’ and bent down and licked the valley between her boobs.

Moving towards her right boob I licked all over and avoided her nipple. Alisha growled in frustration and yanked my head by my ears towards her nipple. I relented and took her nipple in my lips. Alisha shivered in excitement.

A thought ran through my mind this was how I used to suckle(weird right?). I sucked her nipple and Alisha purred. While smiling, I started flicking her nipple with my tongue. She pulled my head much closer and moaned. I was enjoying that. With my left hand I cupped her left nipple and tugged on it.

I was curious about her reaction. Alisha rewarded me with a moan. Leaving her right nipple alone, I moved to the left and lightly bit on it. Alisha shivered and this time I was sure she orgasmed. I moved back allowing her to recover. She opened her eyes and kissed me hard.

After the kiss she said,

“I knew my nipples were sensitive but this was the first time I experienced a climax in this way. Wow!”

I was just happy to have given this pleasure to her and replied,

“It was amazing to watch.”

Seeing my arousal she said “Your turn”, and indicated for me to lie down.

I eagerly complied. She tugged on my shorts so I raised myself to help her. I was not feeling any embarrassment now. Alisha gasped as soon as my dick came into view. I looked down and noticed it was red and looking ‘angry’.

I told her, “It has been hard the past hour or so.”

She replied “Don’t worry I will take care of it.”

I simply smiled. Alisha wrapped her fingers and started stroking my cock. I was so aroused that drops of pre-cum had formed. She spread the pre-cum around its head and the sensation it created was phenomenal.

I moaned and warned her, “I am close.”

Alisha started stroking me earnestly. My hips were bucking due to the pleasure and I clenched my eyes and hands shut. Noticing this Alisha stroked me faster and urged me,

“Yes. Cum faster. I want to see you shoot. I want to taste your sweet cum. I want to feel it spurt on my boobs.”

That was the last straw and with a roar I bucked my hips and said,

“I am cumming!”

The first shot fell on my chest and Alisha angled my cock towards her. The second splattered her neck and I heard her exclaim, “Oh my god.”

But Alisha did not stop stroking me. The remaining shots fell gorukle escort on her boobs. I was drained. That was the most intensifying orgasm of my life. And I knew it usually got better. I opened my eyes and Alisha giggled,

“Were you stocking up? There is so much cum.”

I couldn’t reply and so simply smiled. Locking eyes with me, Alisha proceeded to lick the cum of her chest and neck. It was the most erotic thing I ever watched. She seemed to enjoy the taste of my cum because after every lick she moaned. I got my bearings together and realised I was the one getting all the pleasure.

I asked Alisha, “When can I make you cum?”

She remained silent for some time and then asked “Will you?”

I told her why not. She had given me so much pleasure and I wanted to reciprocate.

I could see her thinking and asked, “Is there a problem?”

She replied, “Won’t you find it disgusting?”

I was amazed. This girl did so much for me and she was afraid I would find her disgusting. I realised her past girlfriends’ boyfriends were idiots. I asked her,

“You heard this from your friends too?”

Alisha nodded.

I sighed and said, “Your friends need to date better guys. Not all boys are idiots. There are amazing guys out there who if given a chance will rock their world.”

I gently pushed her down. When she was in position I opened her shorts and pulled them down. I could see the beginning of her white panty. I tugged at them and Alisha helped me by raising her hips. I noticed a wet spot and realised she too must have been on the edge just to have so much wetness.

I could smell her arousal. I could see the outline of her pussy. I noticed my cock was rock hard once again. I tugged on her panty. Seeing her nervousness, I encouraged her with a smile. Alisha raised her hips and I pulled her panty all the way off her legs.

Her pussy was beautiful. This was the first pussy I had seen except in porn. She had a small trimmed tuft of hair and the rest was shaved. Her pussy lips were puffed and red with arousal. There was a gleaming wetness near her entrance.

I smiled and said, “It’s so beautiful.”

Alisha blushed and smiled weakly.

I inched my fingers slowly and touched her labia. It was so soft and puffy. I liked it. I started exploring her pussy with my fingers. I trailed them through her pubic hair. I unintentionally touched her clit and Alisha raised her hips and her body shook.

I could feel her tremors and could see her labia contracting. I thought ‘Wow. I just gave her a major orgasm.’ While Alisha was riding her climax I took a drop of her juice and licked it. The taste was tangy. I loved it.

I lowered my head and started licking her pussy. Alisha moaned and opened her eyes to see what I was doing. The amazement was evident on her face. I had been researching about cunnilingus and knew the basics. I finished licking around her mound and moved toward her pussy.

I spread her lips with my thumb and forefinger and licked her entrance. I heard an “Oh my god” and smiled to myself. I inserted my tongue and jabbed it in her pussy. Alisha was moaning like crazy and I was enjoying that so much.

I wanted to give her an earth shattering climax. I slowly inserted my finger in her. The feeling was so good. Her pussy walls were like velvet and hot. Her pussy gripped my finger and it was as if her pussy was trying to suck it in.

I started moving my finger as well as licked her lips. Alisha gripped my head and pulled me closer toward her pussy. I located her clit and started tonguing it. Her moans were the encouragement I needed and I started tonguing and sliding my finger earnestly.

Alisha tensed her hips and I could feel her muscles tighten indicating her climax. After a while, Alisha screamed in pleasure and I was finding it difficult to breathe as she gripped my head with her thighs and kept me there at her pussy. When she relaxed I rested on my side and took deep breaths.

I could see her shaking and her eyes clenched shut. I was proud of myself. I was content to sit and watch Alisha. She was so beautiful. After some time she opened her eyes and smiled weakly. She tried to form words but couldn’t.

Taking a deep breath she said, “That was too good. It was one of the longest and most intense orgasm. Thank you.”

I smiled and said, “My pleasure,” and licked my lips.

Alisha gaining her strength, sat up and wrapped her hands around me. We leaned and she gave me the most beautiful kiss.

I broke the kiss and said, “Wow!”

She giggled and kissed me again. I was content to just hold her all day long but the stickiness and sweat was getting to me and so I said,

“Let’s take a shower.”

I took her hand and pulled her to the bathroom before she could protest. We entered the bathroom and I switched on the cool shower. We stood close and let the water soothe us.

We didn’t try any hanky panky since our orgasms had drained bursa merkez escort bayan us. I decided to tell her my feelings and so cupped her face and tilted it upwards to meet my gaze. She noticed the serious look and raised her eyebrow.

With tense breath I said, “I love you!”

I waited for her reaction. All thoughts were running through my mind but I calmed myself and waited for her reply.

She locked her gaze with me and said, “I love you too!”

Before my mind could process it she gave me a scorcher of a kiss. I couldn’t believe it. She loved me too. I intensified the kiss. We broke the kiss and stood silently enjoying the silence.

Our skin was getting wrinkled and so I shut the shower and pulled the towels from the cabinet. Drying her was fun but I didn’t keep it up. I dried myself and we left the shower wrapped in the towels to get dressed.

Alisha’s orgasm drained her of energy and so I told her ,

“We should sleep. You are tired. We will talk afterwards.”

Giving her a last kiss I went into my bedroom donned on clothes and laid down thinking of my sweet Alisha. Her words “I love you too,” were ringing through my ears. I was thinking how to break the news to my parents and aunt.

My aunt once jokingly had said she won’t allow me to marry anyone other than Alisha. Even my parents had agreed we were a good match. Were they serious? Would they accept us or break us? I let all my thoughts go and focused on Alisha’s face when she climaxed. It was angelic.

I checked the time and it was 5:30 pm I decided to call my aunt since we usually went to the restaurant at 7 pm. She answered the phone and when I asked she said she was running late and that we could order a pizza or something for ourselves. I assured her I would take care of it and told her to eat something too. I wished her goodbye and hanged up.

I was thinking we still had some time and decided to wake Alisha and ask her about her pizza preference. I entered her room and just stood looking at her. She seemed so peaceful and there was a smile on her face. I realised she must have been dreaming something good. I kissed her softly.

Her eyes fluttered open and she flashed me her golden smile. I kissed her again and she pulled me on top of her. Our kiss deepened. We both moaned into our lips. This was a kiss of love.

Alisha broke the kiss and said, “That was a good wakeup alarm.”

I nodded and said, “Yes it was.”

I told her that aunt was running late and asked her pizza preference. She liked Mozarella cheese just like me and so I ordered a medium sized pizza and two cokes. It usually took 30 minutes for the pizza delivery and so we switched on the T.V.

As usual when you sat down to watch something there is always rubbish going on. I switched to the music section and the latest hits was being screened. I stayed on the channel and we enjoyed the music.

When the pizza was delivered, I paid the guy and gave him a tip. We ate without any conversations, occasionally flashing a smile with the music playing in the background. We finished the drinks and I cleared the table. I came back and settled down on the sofa and Alisha snuggled closer to me.

She rested her head on my chest and listened to my heart beat. I wrapped her in my arms and sighed. That felt good. I knew we had to discuss some things soon but I was enjoying her warmth and smell of her shampoo very much.

After some time she raised her head and I kissed her. We swapped tongues and deepened the kiss. I never wanted that to end. I was happy where I was. We broke the kiss and she leaned on my chest once again wrapping her hands around my waist. After a few minutes she sat up with a sigh and took my hands. I knew we had to face this and smiled.

She asked me, “What are we going to do? We can’t hide it. And if our parents realise this from others they will be hurt.”

I knew she was correct. I was thinking the same thing for the past 2 days.

I replied, “I really don’t know. We will tell them but I don’t know when. It hurts me thinking I will have to act like your cousin in front of others. It’s unfair.”

I was upset and so she hugged me. She told me we would find a way. I believed her. We would. No one was going to stop us.

I felt better and smiled saying, “Thank you. You better stay in touch with me. I am not going to lose you.”

She giggled and said, “You won’t be getting rid of me so soon”.

She stuck her tongue out at me. We stayed snuggled up and just shared the intimacy. Then we heard the keys jingle. Alisha and me separated and acted as though nothing had happened and that we were just enjoying the song. I got up and poured my aunt a glass of water and asked Alisha the same.

She declined. My aunt was tired and her feet were sore. She talked non-stop about a lot of different topics. We let her vent out. When she went silent I suggested her to take a warm bath. She liked the idea and told us we needed to go to bed since we had college the next day. She left and went upstairs wishing us a good night.

I pulled Alisha into a kiss and wished her good night. We climbed the stairs holding hands and separated on the landing. I looked back and waved to her before she closed her door. I entered my room and laid down thinking what tomorrow would bring.

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