Always a Fun Time with Daddy-in-law Pt. 03


Hello hello!

I return with more exciting stories of me and my father-in-law.

If you enjoyed the last story, you’ll love this one! This takes place directly after my last story. Again, I’m recalling this as best as possible, and soon enough we will be up to date.

Over the next several days I sucked Mark’s cock every chance I could get, albeit with a house full of other people that would otherwise HATE us if they were to find out. But never a time that seemed good enough to really enjoy ourselves. Between our work schedules and his wife being a stay at home wife, a quickie blowjob was the best we could do. Now don’t get me wrong, I love sucking dick, and I LOVE sucking his dick. To this day there are times i just happily give him head and go off on my merry way, but I wanted to see what he could really do. What he was capable of doing, and how loud we could get while finding out.

Luckily his wife goes to see her sister every other month for a long weekend, and if Mark needs to work he stays home. Well someone may or may not have lied. We had been working out via text throughout the week how he was going to get out of going. We decided he’d cut his weekend short to “work” on Monday.

It worked out perfectly, I had off from my own job, and Brian had to go to his. So the only thing standing in our way was his two hour drive home. He texted me when he was about twenty minutes away, meanwhile I had already gotten myself cleaned and dolled up. I figured on this day to wear my finest lace bra and panties. From there, I did the only logical thing that cam to mind, I set up a chair about two feet from the front door and patiently waited. And fuck did it feel like forever, and that forever made me drenched. It had been forever since I had been this turned on, and that makes me a dangerous tunceli escort cum fiend.

Then I heard his car come up the driveway, and by that point my mouth was salivating, my nipples were hard, and I could already feel my pussy juices dripping down my leg. I was so fucking ready for his cock, and I could only hope he was ready for me in return.

He opened the door seeing me saying, a bit startled saying, “oh whats this?” He stepped in and before the door was even closed behind him, I was dropped to my knees, not even saying a word, pulling down on his pants. He was already rock hard, and without hesitation I started sucking hard on his dick. Usually I lead myself up to deepthroating, vut I was so fucking horny that I was immediately gulping down his dick into my throat. Because in doing so, it hit my gag reflex hard, drool pooling in my mouth and overflowing onto my tits. Such a sloppy blowjob and I was loving every second of it. He gripped the back of my head firmly and started pounding my face hard, creating more spit to flow, dripping down between my tits and down my belly.

After a couple minutes of him fucking my face he pulled my head up off of his cock. “Are you ready to get fucked?” he said looking down at me

“Oh fuck yes, please I’s so fucking wet,” I responded.

He lifted me up by my hair and turned me around smacking my ass hard. “Go pick the room.” He ordered. Barely putting his pants back on, he followed me to his sons room. I figured it be the safe bet as it was around the corner down the hall, and the bathroom was right across the way if someone happened to come home unexpectedly. I opened up the dresser drawer where we kept all the condoms and pulled one out.

“Didn’t expect you to actually use those,” he said laughing. pulling gis pants tunceli escort bayan down again and placing them on the chair by the bed, his dick still rock hard, twitching a bit as he stepped.

“Well, I’m on the pill, but your son still insists. Plus, you know, figured you’d want to.” Shrugging. “But it’s up to you though I guess.”

“No, that’s definitely up to you,” he replied.

“Well I’m on the pill sooooooo,” I said longingly, putting the condom back in the drawer, “don’t fucking pull out.”

I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him to the bed, he pulled my arm and pushed them aside, turning me around and bending me over. He tugged my panties down around my knees and smacked my ass hard again, afterwards caressing the sting, sliding his fingers over my pussy, pushing in. “Fuck you’re wet.”

“I’ve been waiting all fucking morning, olease fuck me.” I was begging at that point, I couldn’t wait any longer.

He smacked my ass once more before gripping onto my hips and pulling me down into his cock. A few mispokes before his cock found its mark, instantly filling my pussy. I gasped and moaned loudly and he slowly started fucking me. Thrusting deep into my pussy each time. He found his groove and began thrusting faster and harder, smacking my ass after every 4-5 strokes. I moaned louder and louder, until finally I was just audibly screaming. It felt so fucking good. I thightened my pussy as best as I could around his cock, rocking myself back and forth with his motions.

“Fuck don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m going to, I’m going to fucking.” I couldn’t even get the words out before my back arched and my legs started to quiver. I was cumming all over his cock, and I couldn’t stop. My pussy was being filled so fucking good, and I was so fucking wet I escort tunceli couldn’t contain myself any longer. I felt my cum flowing down both of my thighs, but it wasn’t stopping him. He kept fucking me harder and harder, my elbows gave out and I was full ass up with my face in the pillow. I kept screaming, “Fuck me,” like I was thinking he was going to stop, but he didn’t.

He found it easier to drill into me and relentlessly pounded my pussy. After a few moments I felt my legs starting to shake again. I knew I was about to cum, so I gripped the blanket next to me tight just as I began to spasm. This time I came hard on his dick, I felt myself squirting all over his dick and felt it flow down my legs. My screams were inaudible at that point, I couldn’t even talk straight.

“Yeah you love this fucking dick don’t you? You fucking slut,” he started yelling while still pounding into me. “I bet my son can’t fuck this good.”

“N-no h-he d-d-,” I barely got the words out as I came for a third time. Not nearly as intense as the second time, but the grip on his dick from my pussy was so fucking tight, and I couldn’t even speak anymore.

Suddenly he stopped thrusting, holding down as deep as he could fit his cock into me. I knew what he was about to do, and I could feel his cock twitching (one of my favorite feelings by the way. Only because it feels like there is definitely that ‘no I don’t want to cum right now’ struggle) until finally I felt a hot flow of his cum deep inside of me. “Fuuuuck,” he said in a long grunted exhail, as he spurted a couple more heavy shots into me before pulling out. He pushed me off to the side. “God damn that was good, huh?” He asked, smirking.

“Uh. Uh huh,” I replied, as I was basically the only noise I could make. It was absolutely incredible.

“Well I’m going to catch a quick nap,the wife shouldn’t be home for a few more hours, maybe we can get in another round.”

“Yes please,” is basically the only response I could muster.

And with that he grabbed his pants and left the room, leaving me to his son’s bed next to my wet spot.

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