An Arresting Development


The theme from “The Sweeney” startled Louis into life as his mobile phone danced a jig as it vibrated on the bedside cabinet next to his pillow. He hit the off button on the phone and silence returned to the bedroom. He lay there for a few seconds until a warm bum nudged him, encouraging him to get out of the bed.

Louis looked at the bedside clock and saw it was just past eleven. He had time. His shift began at two, and it was only a quick twenty minutes ride on the tube to work. The thin curtains were pulled, but the strong July sunlight still permeated the room. Dust motes danced in the light reminding him to clean the place on his next day off. Again, he felt the taut buttocks bang against his thigh.

Rolling onto his side his hand moved under the thin sheet and grasped one of the smallish breasts that belonged to the same body as the buttocks.

He was pleased that his hands were not immediately slapped away, and on the contrary, the bum that had been so insistent on him leaving the bed a minute earlier was now being pushed against his stiffening penis. Louis continued to explore the breast in his hand. His fingers ran over the small pink nipple with a featherlike touch and he felt it react. Hardening as he increased the pressure until he was pinching them gingerly. The bum became more insistent, only this time he sensed it was wanting him to stay, rather than leave the bed. A soft moan escaped the naked body next to him.

A hand snaked down between them and encircled his cock. Louis moved his hand downwards, freeing the nipple from its grip. Down over a muscled tummy and came to rest on the shaved mound above the opening that had given him so much pleasure in the past six months. Pausing to enhance the teasing he was once again nudged by the buttocks. This trapped the hand on his cock between them and his tummy.

Slowly he let one finger access the top of the slit below the mound, gently moving it in a small circle and a quiet, “Aaaaaaah!” left the lips of the head that was still turned away from him. The finger became more active, dipping further down and pushing between the thin lips of the labia. His fingertip could feel the moistness there. He pushed harder and his finger sunk up to the first knuckle in the warm, moist tunnel.

Louis felt the body move as the legs attached to the bum slipped slightly apart and granted him better access, and the finger was now enveloped completely to the third knuckle. The hand was now moving quicker on his dick, and when he sank another finger to join the exploratory first one, it pulled down hard and stretched the foreskin to its limit, and the body rolled over to face him. The hand still wrapped tightly against his rock hard erection as his fingers were pulled free of their warm hiding place.

The body smiled up at him. Even though she had just been woken from a deep slumber following her night shift Jessica was beautiful. Green eyes shone in the dim light and her smile was radiant. The short cropped brown hair was tangled and mussed, but this just added to her allure. Louis kissed her and Jessica responded. Their tongues fought a battle in their mouths like a fleshy sword fight, and her arms encircled his waist, pulling him into her.

Rolling onto her back and pulling Louis on top of her, Jessica never broke their kiss. Her legs raised and wrapped around his waist, her ankles digging hard into his buttocks like a jockey in the final furlong at Ascot. He used his hand to guide the rock hard six inches of his erection into the lubricated, waiting vagina and saw those gorgeous green eyes clamp shut as Jessica accepted the throbbing invader and adjusted her position to accommodate it.

Slowly at first, Louis pulled himself out of the sucking embrace of Jessica`s vaginal muscles. With just the tip still embedded between the lips of her pussy he hesitated before pushing his penis forcefully inside to the hilt. Another, “Aaaaaah!” This time much louder, greeted this action as it was repeated four or five times, and Jessica thrust her pelvis hard against him with every violent penetration.

Louis increased the tempo and stopped the pauses. He just rammed into Jessica at speed. She was now clinging to him like a limpet and her teeth were biting into his shoulder and as his seed erupted inside her she climaxed and a drawn out, “Yeeeeeeeees!” spat from her lips and her heels tried to push him deeper into her.

They were both blowing heavily as Jessica`s legs released their grip and Louis rolled over onto his back. Jessica propped herself onto her elbow and ran her fingers over the youthful face of her lover. “You were great Mountbatten!” she said grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Louis had always hated his name. He had been named after the late Louis Mountbatten. However, when Jessica called him by that nickname he never seemed to mind. She had used the nickname ever since their first date and now very rarely called him anything else.

“When do you have to leave?” she asked him as they lay in the esmer gaziantep escort bed luxuriating in the afterglow of their mutually satisfying coupling.

“About an hour,” he replied whilst staring at the ceiling.

They lay together for a few minutes until Louis sensed her move in the bed. He felt her soft brown locks brush over his navel and then the delightful sensation of his flaccid dick being swallowed into her talented mouth. Her tongue flicked gently over the head and Louis had a brief thought that he must taste of her pussy and his last ejaculation. Jessica didn`t seem at all put off by this fact and was now sucking his hardening cock with vigour.

Her hand joined the attack on his member. She ran it gingerly up and down the shaft, with just her fingertips maintaining contact as she bobbed up and down. Louis took a huge intake of breath as her mouth managed to engulf him completely, before holding him in her mouth for several seconds while her hand massaged his balls. He felt her tongue swirling about inside her mouth causing him even more pleasure. As she released the pressure from her mouth and he slipped slowly out, her finger tips returned to running up and down his thick veined shaft. Louis was breathing heavily now and knew he would come soon. He tried to pull Jessica up to him, but he was easily shrugged off and he felt himself being swallowed completely once more.

As he felt the tighter constriction of her throat muscles around the engorged head of his penis it was just too much, and he spurted four large spasms of his seed into her throat and mouth. Jessica continued to move her head, albeit slower, and devoured every drop of his deposit before letting his limp cock fall from her lips and grinning up at him.

Louis was now under serious time pressure, so he bent down and kissed her before springing from the bed and making his way into the bathroom to shower and shave. By the time he emerged twenty minutes later Jessica was already snoring softly, and so he tiptoed from the room and went downstairs to make some coffee, before leaving the house to catch the tube to work.

Sitting on the tube surrounded by strangers he had that stupid smile on his face of the “I just had a great Fuck!” man. He was nearly giggling to himself as he replayed the morning’s events.

Jessica had been his girlfriend for six months now. They were both police officers. Louis was a PC at Hammersmith and Jessica was a WPC at Fulham. They had met when detailed to the charge room for a Chelsea game. Chelsea had been playing Crewe in an FA cup game so there was precious little for them to do. They had processed one drunk Crewe fan just before kick-off and that was it.

When he had first seen her Louis didn`t pay that much attention. Her short hair and small breasts gave her a tom boy appearance and the dark blue uniform wouldn`t have been flattering on Eva Green, so he just accepted that this would be just a working afternoon.

As the afternoon was so boring, they had got to chatting to at least make the time pass. They found out they had both been police for six years, they were both twenty eight. In fact they must have been at Hendon Police College at roughly the same time, although a few weeks apart.

The more they chatted they found out that they were both single, both of their families were London born and bred. Louis from the South and Jessica from the East. They both hated discos and loved Springsteen. They both hated jogging, but liked playing squash. Both sets of parents were still alive and they both had one brother.

When the tedious afternoon eventually came to an end and the drunk fan was recovered enough to be released, it seemed only a natural progression for Louis to ask Jessica if she wanted to go for a beer somewhere. After a brief pause she agreed to meet in one of the pubs near the Fulham flat that she shared with another WPC.

After going home to get changed and showered they both arrived at nearly the same time. One minute before the time that they had agreed. This was a good sign for both of them and they spent the evening talking and drinking, then to local Indian restaurant and eventually, at well past twelve, Louis`s bedroom.

The sex was amazing and Louis hoped that this wouldn`t be the last time that Jessica stayed over. He knew that the copious amounts of beer they had consumed was a very strong factor on them fucking on the first date. Louis just prayed that Jessica would not be so embarrassed as to blank him completely. They swapped numbers and she had left his flat. Louis had the day off, so was doing the usual cleaning up and Laundry. He had just sat down and put the TV on when the doorbell rang. When he opened it and found Jessica showered and in a change of clothing his heart leapt.

When she explained that she didn’t normally sleep with guys on the first, or even the third, date he nodded silently. She told him she wanted to see if it was just gaziantep esmer escort the booze that had made her horny and so, could she come in and have a cup of tea or something.

Louis was ecstatic. He was so happy that he had cleaned up as well. His Bachelor pad was always dirty between days off, as he genuinely never had the time. Tea was brewed and drunk and they chatted again as if they had known each other all their lives. They watched a crap film on TV and then Jessica walked towards the stairs. Turning, she held out her hand and asked, “Well, are you coming or should I start without you?”

Louis would have put Usain Bolt to shame as he sprinted up the stairs behind her. More of the greatest sex he had ever had in his life followed, and the rest they say is history. Within a week Jessica had moved in, and whenever their shift plans meshed they spent most of the time in bed.

Louis was also in a good mood as they had a weeks’ vacation after their shifts today. He got off at ten and Jessica had one more night, finishing at six tomorrow morning.

He was still smiling as he walked into the locker room and Rory, his best friend, ribbed him mercilessly about his new “Bit of Fluff!” He was still teasing him as they walked into the muster room. Louis was assigned the King Street beat, which normally meant walking through crowds of shoppers for the first six hours, and then deserted streets for the last two. He wasn’t that happy, but it was probably better than other duties, as he wouldn`t have to start his vacation covered in bruises.

There was a quick briefing about break-ins and local crooks with outstanding warrants and they all made their way out of the police station. Louis walked the short distance to the area where he was planned to work. He chatted to a few of the homeless guys he knew well. Moved on a group of teenage boys that were trying to chat up the girls going in and out of the large Primark and was just giving directions to a nice American couple as his radio crackled into life.

Louis finished telling the Americans the quickest way to Hammersmith tube station and answered the call, “What’s up Gordon?” he asked the guy in the communication room.

Gordon`s crackly Scottish accent came through the radio, “We have a report of a shoplifter at Robinson`s Lingerie shop in Broad Street.”

Louis keyed the radio and said, “OK. I will be there in five. I am just around the corner.” Louis knew the shop, although he had never been in it. It was in one of the side streets off the main shopping road. He slowly made his way there and stopped outside the door to the small shop and looked at the window display. Various pairs of panties and bras were displayed. Some functional, and some more for the sexy anniversary or wedding. There was a black plastic dummy which was dressed in garter belt and stockings and a pile of men’s boxers in one corner with a large “SALE” ticket propped against it.

Louis reached for the door handle just as it was opened from the inside by a portly man in his fifties. He was dressed immaculately in a navy suit, pristine white shirt and bright red bow tie. There was a matching red handkerchief sticking out of the breast pocket of the suit and he was wearing polished black brogues that you could nearly see your face in. He extended his hand to Louis and introduced himself, “James Robinson. Proprietor.” And after shaking Louis`s hand he turned and led the policeman back into the shop.

Louis entered and looked around him. The shop was small and quite dark. There were three columns of shelving. One against both the walls, and another down the centre that basically divided the floor space into two halves. All the shelves were stuffed with boxes and he read the various labels that described the panties, bras etc. that were contained inside them, and nearly all had a small thumbnail picture of the contents.

“You reported a shoplifter Sir?” Louis began.

Mr. Robinson looked a bit flustered, and Louis thought he blushed slightly as he spoke softly in reply, “Yes, Mrs. Jameson. We caught her trying to leave without paying after putting a panties and bra set and three packs of Woolford stockings in her shopping bag. She is in the back room with Aisha my sales assistant.” With that he led the way past the till sitting on a wooden counter, and down a short hallway to a door at the end. Opening the door he ushered Louis inside.

Louis entered the small, claustrophobic room that served as an office. There were two ladies inside and both had cups of tea in their hands. The one lady, who was probably Aisha, was Pakistani and in her early twenties. Dressed neatly in a T-shirt and jeans.

The other lady was in her late forties or early fifties, but still looked absolutely fantastic. Her body was tall and athletic. She was impeccably dressed in a bright red suit with a skirt that finished an inch or so above the knee. Her royal blue blouse was open just enough gaziantep esmer escort bayan for a glimpse of an impressive cleavage. He legs were clad in a smoky grey lustrous nylon that ended in red five inch stilettos. Her long blond hair was perfectly styled and gold studs glinted in both ear lobes. Her eyes were like blue chips of ice and she must have taken an hour to do her makeup as it was perfect, and supplemented by manicured and polished red finger nails. On her fingers were several gold rings and one had a very large diamond at its centre. Her face was wrinkle free apart from the subtle crow’s feet at the corners of each of her eyes.

This was definitely not the usual kind of shoplifter that Louis picked up from the shops around here. They were usually kids stealing T-shirt’s or the homeless pinching booze and running. This woman looked like she had just stepped of the cover of Vogue magazine. He opened his notebook and prepared to write all of the details before he called the van to pick them up and transport them to the station.

Before he could utter a word Mr. Robinson coughed into his hand behind him. “If I could just have a brief word in private officer?” He said.

Louis followed him out into the corridor and out of the hearing of the two women in the office. He looked expectantly at Mr. Robinson. The older man was looking at the floor and shuffling his feet and obviously in some kind of dilemma. Eventually he spoke, again in the soft voice that Louis thought must be his normal way of talking.

“Officer. I am sorry you were called. I live above the shop and was taking my break, and only came back down when Aisha told me she had a problem. Aisha called you before I knew what was going on. Mrs. Jameson has been a customer of mine for over twenty five years. Whenever her husband and she had a special event she would always come here for her lingerie requirements. I must have sold her a hundred items during that time, and never a problem. Last year she lost her husband to cancer. She loved him dearly and it affected her terribly. I think that this is just a part of her grief. This place must bring back so many happy memories for her and she just made a mistake. I really do not want to make a fuss, and if she pays for the items I will not press charges.”

Louis nodded and was quietly thankful that he wouldn`t have to arrest the poor woman. He walked back into the office and knelt in front of the older woman, “Mrs. Jameson, Mr. Robinson has explained to me the situation and he now says that he will not press charges. He just wants you to pay for the items. Can you pay for the items?”

Up until now the woman had not made a sound. Even now as she delved in a blue Channel handbag, that didn`t look like a fake, she was silent. A Gold American express card was offered to Mr. Robinson and he took it and ran it through a machine on a small desk in the corner. After she had signed the receipt and received a brightly embossed paper bag containing her purchases Louis heard her speak for the first time. Her slightly posh Home Counties voice was gravelly as she turned first to Aisha and said, “Many thanks for the tea and your kindness Aisha.”

As she turned to look at Mr. Robinson Louis thought he detected a slight glistening in her eyes as she spoke. “I am so sorry James. I really do not know what came over me. It was my first time here since Luther passed, and I was thinking of how I used to surprise him after my trips to your wonderful store, and I sort of forgot to pay. I just don`t know what I was doing coming here anyway, as I have no one to wear these beautiful things for anymore. Please forgive me!”

Mr. Robinson waved away her apology and was also a little bit emotional at the woman’s obvious distress. “No problem Mrs. Jameson. Just a little misunderstanding, that`s all!”

Then Louis saw Mrs. Jameson turn those amazing blue eyes to him as she spoke, “Officer, I am terribly sorry that my absent mind caused you to be pulled away from your other more important duties. Please could you escort me out as I really need a cigarette and this shop was no smoking long before it became the law?”

Louis looked at Mr. Robinson and asked, “As long as you are all happy with the outcome we can just forget the whole incident. Is that OK with you?” The older man nodded and Louis turned to leave. He was startled as Mrs. Jameson grabbed his arm as they walked through the shop and onto the street.

Once they were outside Louis disentangled her arm and watched as she took a pack of Rothmans from her handbag and took one out before lighting it with a gold lighter. He began to speak as she blew a plume of grey smoke upwards into the air, “Mrs. Jameson.”

He was interrupted as she lay a beautifully manicured hand on his arm and the smoker’s voice said, “April, please. Mrs. Jameson makes me feel so, so old.”

Louis cleared his throat and began again, “April, I hope you realise how lucky you are that Mr. Robinson was so kind in letting you off with a warning. He told me a little bit about your circumstances and I am sorry for your loss. However, you cannot go around stealing things. Is that clear?”

April nodded and her eyes teared up more noticeably now, “I am so embarrassed. I really do not know what came over me. I have never done anything like that before. You have to believe me. Please don`t take me in officer.”

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