An elevating adventure


An elevating adventureYour mind been wandering all day, watching no, waiting all day for the ever slowing hands of the clock to reach 5pm…..At last, as if to tease you, they finally reached their journey and it was time to leave for the day. Your office was a crowded place, so busy, so noisy and so manic, you just wanted to get home, kick off those shoes, grab a cold wine from the fridge and unwind watching trashy TV.Grabbing your coat and your bag, you turned off your work laptop and headed down the corridor to the lift. Atleast 6 other people had the same idea, ‘urrg’ you groaned and decided to hang back slightly to let the crowd take the lift first. Crammed in like sardines, they departed the floor. This was a high rise office building and the lift always seemed to take an age to reach the floor, often stopping at nearly every floor. Your office was located on the 45th floor of the 75 in the building, the last few being renovated. Eventually another lift arrived, thank goodness, as the doors opened three people were already inside, as the door started to close a hand darted between the doors and they reopened….’more delays’ you muttered under your breath. Three men entered, two you only recognised by sight, one you knew to talk to. Now seven people crammed in a metal box…it started to heat up and become a little stifled.The man you knew, whose name escaped you, pushed to the back of the lift, where you turned around he smiled and said ‘hi’ you returned the compliment. As the lift continued its journey, more people entered the lift and people started being squashed uncomfortably together….You ayvalık escort bayan were being pushed back towards the rear of the lift, your mind elsewhere, when you sure you felt something brush against you. Thinking nothing of it, a purely accidental act in such a confined space, nothing to worry about. Then it happened again, this time a little firmer and with purpose. The rest of the workers in the lift we pre occupied with their phones or newspapers to notice anything untoward. You then felt a definitely squeeze of your ass through your skirt…you didn’t react, it happened again…this time the perpetrator, was braver and lifted up you skirt so they could feel your naked thighs as you were not wearing any underwear today, under their clothed protector….The mystery hand moved up and in between your thighs, gently brushing the flesh of your naked ass and tracing the outline of your asshole and pussy. You stood frozen unable to move for a second, was this right to be feeling this way and enjoying this, or should you be disgusted and turn around to face this individual. The lift juddered slightly, which had the effect of the exploring fingers touching your damp pussy lips slightly entering your wet hole. They stayed there, you moved your legs slightly apart, adjusting your stance, by such a small amount nobody noticed. The probing fingers continued to push into your wet pussy index finger playing with your wet lips, the thumb, touching that delicate asshole, only you had ever touched. The feeling was incredible…your pussy was getting wetter ayvalık escort and wetter, you slowly moved your right hand, inside your jacket and slipped a finger discreetly in between the buttons on your blouse, flicking over your bra and sending a shiver through your hard nipple underneath. How you wanted to pull on those engorged nipples so hard you would cry out. You were jolted back to reality as the lift stopped again, several more workers walked out and continued their journey home. As the doors closed you were unsure how many people were left in the lift as you had not turned around. You felt a person brush past you and press….70…!You were just about to protest, when your protagonist turned to face to, it was the man with no name…..without saying anything, he moved forward, lingered in front of your for a second, before kissing your waiting lips, gently, but with some pressure….His hands moved up towards your blouse, where he undid several buttons. Your black bra, now exposed, he rubbed his hands over your hard nipples underneath, he pushed up your bra, exposing your tits, nipples standing proud, as he lowered his head and took the left bud in his mouth, gently pulling between his teeth, the right he rolled between his thumb and forefinger, pulling hard, making you put your head back again the lift wall. This teasing carried on for several minutes….until he took a step backwards. Without a word, you placed your hand onto the front of his suit trousers, feeling his hard cock beneath, your thumb drifted over the shaft, now it was his turn escort ayvalık to sigh. You undid his belt, pulled down the zip and exposed his cock, thick, hard and tip glistening with precum, you bent forward, taking his tip into your mouth, tongue flicking over its wetness, tasting and sucking his juices. Without warning he thrust upwards and pushed your head down, his cock going straight to the back of your throat, you grabbed his balls, firmly and devoured his full length, moving up and down to meet his thrusts.Your pussy is so wet, it needs attention….you pull your head away from his cock, turn around and place your legs apart and your hands on the lift rail, ‘fuck me, fuck me now, I want to feel your hard cock inside me’ With that you felt the head of his cock press against your tight asshole, ‘I meant’ was the only two words you got out, before you felt your asshole being stretched wide as he slowly entered, that private place, where only your fingers had explored. Your legs bend slightly as you moaned, your right hand moved down to start playing with your clit, it was so hard, your pussy so wet it was literally dripping as, this invader gripped your hips and plunged his cock in and out of you….faster and deeper. You rubbed your pussy and clit faster and harder, as he fucked your ass.‘My God’ you said to yourself, this feeling was something you had never experienced before, as you flicked your clit harder. You could feel the speed of his thrusts increasing as he was getting close, you clit was ready, your legs quivered as your cum gushed out of your pussy and onto your thighs, as he pumped his cum right into your asshole…..spurt after spurt…until done, he withdrew as his cum ran down your asshole and over your pussy…..Breathing heavily, you turned around, looking at his fine cock, twitching still with cum, you licked your lips…shall we continue this on the way to the ground floor, ‘of course’ came the reply… to be continued…

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