An Incest Birthday Ch. 30



Both Rita and I were instantly jolted out of our sleep by someone screaming not three feet away from us, and that someone turned out to be Stephanie wearing the biggest grin on her face sporting pigtails and a spaghetti strap shirt with a skirt.

“Jesus Christ Stephanie! What the hell! How the hell did you get in here?” I said disoriented, still coming down from the shock she gave us.

“Rita left her keys at our house, I can’t believe you didn’t notice. We didn’t need them anyway, the door was unlocked when we got here, and you talk about us…”

“Ours was an accident, yours is on purpose. Crap thanks a lot Stephanie, now my ears are ringing! Did you have to scream so loud?” Rita asked.

“Hey I saw an opportunity to scare two naked ass kids sleeping in their parents bed, so I took it. Why exactly are you sleeping in your parents bed anyway? You know they have sex here too.”

“Because WE saw the opportunity so WE took it, and not on these sheets, mom practically changes the sheets every time she and dad have sex.”

“Where’s Chris? is he gonna pop out from under the bed or something?” I asked.

“No he’s in your room playing Assassin’s Creed, he’s been there since we got here.”

“And when exactly did you get here? How long you been staring at us sleep?”

“Got here about twenty minutes ago, watching you sleep? No. I don’t do that creeper stuff. You weren’t in any of the other rooms so it was only logical that you were in here.”

“Well it could’ve been worse, you could’ve poured cold water on us…”

“Awwww dammit! I wish I’d thought of that! That would’ve been so funny!”

“And you would’ve been so dead, I literally would’ve killed you,” Rita said.

“Yeah yeah, you cold water, me dead, got it. Ok time to get up, we got a long day ahead of us,” Stephanie said as she pulled the blanket off of us, exposing our naked bodies to the air. “Some of us longer than others,” she said as she looked at me before I could cover myself.

“Wait a minute… how did you know we were naked? We were covered up,” Rita said.

“Ehh, well I might’ve took a little peek or two, just to see what I was walking into.”

“Yeah not a creeper my ass. Look at her Rita, she can’t stop smiling. She probably took a picture of us, by this time tomorrow were gonna be all over the internet.”

“If we are she’ll be too, don’t forget the little attachment she sent us yesterday,” Rita said.

“That was a good picture wasn’t it? I like how I got both of our bodies in it without really showing our bodies or our face. I just straight took it, no photoshop or anything.”

“We’re proud for you, now since we were so rudely woken out of our sleep at 11:37 in the morning after the late night we had we might as well get up, if you’ll excuse us…”

“What? I have to leave? Seriously? By now after all we’ve seen we should all be walking around naked with no problem! I’ll even do it too,” she said as she started sliding her skirt down.

“Nope, that’s not necessary, just tell your boyfriend not to get killed or screw up any missions, my records damn near perfect and I don’t need his sloppy play messing it up.”

“My boyfriend… I like the way that sounds. I’ll go pull my skirt down in front of him then.”


“I MAKES NO PROMISES!” she yelled back.

We couldn’t help but laugh as we headed to the shower. I loved our friendship with them, who else could we be that comfortable with that they had no problem fucking in our room, or us walking in on them, and trusted each other completely around each other? That’s rare. i grabbed us both a towel from the linen closet as Rita got in the shower and without even bothering to close the door (they’d probably pick the lock anyway) I got in with her.

“How much you wanna bet they’ll be doing at least something when we go in there? Rita said.

“I’d be better off just giving you the money, I already know they’re gonna do something.”

“As long as they don’t scar Tibbles for life, speaking of, where is he?”

He’s in here somewhere, I heard his collar jingling when we came in here. We closed the door to the room yesterday so he couldn’t get in there with us.”

“Awww I feel bad, I kinda forgot about him when we got back yesterday.”

“After everything that happened I did too, we forgot to lock the front door apparently.”

“We better not be forgetful like this when we get out on our own, pass me the shampoo.”

“By then, we’ll have more than enough practice, here get the body wash too.”

She lathered herself from head to toe while I just stood there under the water with just shampoo in my hair. She grabbed me from behind and rubbed her girly body wash all over me.

“Oh come on Rita! I don’t wanna smell like lavender and orchids all day!”

“What’s wrong with smelling like a girl? We’re the cleaner of the two sexes.”

Yeah but I’m a man! I need to smell like a man! I can’t act tough smelling like fresh picked roses and shit! Now I need istanbul escort to go roll around in dirt, get my man smell back.”

She pulled me down to kiss her. “You smell like a man to me, but do you still taste like a man?” she asked as she kissed her way down my body until she got to

my cock. “Let me find out.”

Even with the hot water running down my back it wasn’t even close to how hot her mouth was when she took my entire cock in. I threw my head back and caught a face full of water, but it was well worth it for how good her mouth felt when she first took my cock in. I held onto the soap dish and the shower rod to steady myself as she effortlessly took my cock in and out of her mouth over and over again. She looked up at me as the water ran off my body and down her face, but it didn’t slow her down even a little, she just kept right at it.

“Fuck Rita that feels good,” I moaned.

“You’re not worried about them walking in on us, you?”

“At this point I don’t care, it wouldn’t surprise me either, we seen enough of each other.”

“Now I hope they do come in, I kinda put on a show when they’re watching.”

“And I thought you were doing that just for me…”

“I have your cock in my mouth, I must like you a little bit.”

“If this is how it feels when you like me then I’m set for life.”

She winked and let my cock disappear in her mouth again and took one of my hands and out it on the back of her head. She still had the shampoo in it which made my fingers slide right through her hair like I was combing it, not an equal trade off but she wasn’t complaining so I wasn’t going to. She dropped down to her knees in the tub and put her hands on the back of my ass and pushed me forward, using my body to fuck her throat. I had no choice but to put my other hand on the back of her head because of how fast she was moving me forward, I don’t know how she was even able to breathe, she had water running down her face and she was plugging her throat with my cock but she never slowed down, she just moaned louder and used my body to fuck her face faster, which was starting to get to me.

“Rita, slow down or I’m gonna cum!” I warned her.

Her response was eye contact followed by a smile without taking my cock out of her mouth before she went back to sucking me off. I did my job, I let her know I was close, and she wrote it off, anything that happened after this point was out of my hands. I felt my balls continuously slap the underside of her chin as she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth over and over. I could feel myself start to get tingly like I usually did before I came, and she picked up on it and started tickling the head of my cock with her tongue while she sucked me, hitting every sensitive spot I had, and that did it.

“Fuck Rita, I’m about to cum!”

I grabbed her head and matched up with the speed she already had and after a few more strokes I thrust my cock fully into her mouth one more time and burst right in her throat. I was looking down at her for a second, and she was looking back at me dead in the eyes as I came over and over in her mouth. I leaned my head back and held onto hers as the rest of my cum slid out of my cock and down her throat like it’s done many times before, and when I finally finished cumming and looked down at her, she was still looking up at me smiling as she milked the last drop of cum out of me and let my cock simply fall from her mouth.

“Oh my GOD Rita! Holy shit!” I said trying to stand up on my now weakening legs.

“Just the reaction I was going for,” she said as she stood up and switched places with me, washing the soap off her body while I tried to simply keep standing.

I leaned against the back wall and lazily washed up while she hummed in front of me without a care in the world, knowing I was behind her struggling with simple things after what she just did to me. When my legs finally tensed back up I did the same thing to her that she did to me earlier and rubbed my body wash all over her while feeling her up at the same time.

“You almost made me collapse in the tub after that, but that would’ve been a happy accident.”

“Good, I definitely got a little carried away, I don’t know why but it felt really fucking good when I made you fuck my mouth faster, a almost came every time your cock hit my throat.”

“Maybe it’s the water, or that fact that Stephanie and Chris are twenty feet away?”

“Probably both of those, I don’t know, I just know every time you went deep my throat tingled and it went all the way down to my pussy, that’s when I grabbed your ass and took over.”

“You had control the whole time, you just basically went supersonic on me, but I liked it.”

“Liked it, yeah right you loved it. Now you’re gonna want me to do that from now on.”

“Only if you’re cool with it, which I hope you are, because that was fucking amazing.”

“Anything for my boo thang.”

I tried to blow past that, but was having a hard time doing so. “Ummm, boo thang?”

“Yeah I’m trying out nicknames for you, boo thang, chuckle bunny, firefly, just a few so far.”

“Yeeeeeeeah şirinevler escort let’s just stick with honey, or baby, or sweetie, the hell is a chuckle bunny…”

“That’s because you’re just hearing it for the first time! Once you get used to it ahh whatever.”

“Well it’s out there, and it’s a lot more creative than Ashley bear.”

“What do you think she’s doing? Should we go crash her house?”

“Are we at that point where we can just show up to her house unannounced?”

“I guess we’ll see when we get there, you know if we ever get out of the shower.”

I took that as my cue and rinsed myself clean and got out. We toweled ourselves off and headed back to our room and couldn’t help but laugh to ourselves. We knew they were capable of doing it, we just didn’t think they were going to. While they weren’t having actual sex, Chris had Stephanie’s legs propped up on the arm rests of our computer chair and was eating her out, both of them completely oblivious to that fact that we were there, for obvious reasons.

“So you guys really are just gonna have sex in our room that easy huh?” I asked.

Chris looked up for a second and dipped his head back down and Stephanie turned and looked at us with a look on her face that said she was enjoying everything Chris was doing. “At least we didn’t get on the bed, we saved it in case you wanted to come in and join us.”

“We already handled our business in the shower,” Rita said.

“I knew it, Chris you owe me ten dollars now. I get head and money, it’s a great day so far.”

“So what are we supposed to do, stand here and take notes? We need to get dressed!”

“Go ahead, we’re not stopping you, and like you could learn something from us that you haven’t already done six months ago, oh fuck Chris right there! That’s it!”

We shrugged it off knowing Stephanie was right and dropped our towels to get dressed.

“Whoooooo! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Now all I need is some titties in my face and we don’t even need to leave the house!”

Rita walked over and motorboated Stephanie for like ten seconds. “There, that’s all you get, you can’t get the best of both worlds in somebody else’s house.”

“That’s ok, I’m about to cum anyway, he’s been down there since you got in the shower.”

“Really! Go Chris! That’s one way to get a blowjob for no reason at all.”

“Yeah it took him a long time, but I think he’s finally catching on, oh my god, I’m about to cum! Keep flicking it, keep flicking it! Oh my god! I’m cumming!”

She reached for something to grab, but there was nothing around, so she grabbed the back of Chris’ head and held him in place. If she was a squirter his face, and his shirt for that matter would’ve been drenched. She had his head locked in place the whole time she came while her legs shook in the air, and we had a front seat to the whole thing. We had almost finished getting dressed by the time she finally released Chris’ head, and he stood up without a care in the world as she fell back in the chair.

“What’s up guys, we ready to go yet or nah?” Chris said as if nothing happened.

“Uh yeah, almost, shouldn’t we give her some time to recover?” I asked.

“She’ll be ok, you should’ve seen what she did to me this morning, that was payback.”

“Slowly but surely you guys are turning into us, give it a few more weeks, watch,” Rita said as she pulled on a mini shirt and a pair of black yoga pants that stuck to her like a second skin.

“Those are some cute pants, I’ll bet my ass will look good in those,” Steph said out of breath.

“Randy bought em for me, he likes to stare at my ass when he’s not fucking it.”

“Truer words have never been more spoken,” I said. “Love that ass.”

“See? I have a closet full of ‘make Randy want to fuck me’ clothes.”

“That’s easy, just show up naked and say fuck me, nothing else need be done,” Chris said.

“Where are we going anyway? You said are we ready to go, where we going?” Stephanie asked.

“We’re gonna go crash Ashley’s house and see what she’s up to. She tried to call us yesterday but we were busy fucking each other to answer the phone,” I said.

“Yeah she called us too, but we rushed off the phone with her, good thing we don’t have iPhones. She usually calls all of us when she wants us all to go somewhere or if she’s doing something at her house, she never just calls me and Chris.”

“She’s probably still scared to hang out with just you two by herself, after that brutal questionnaire Chris gave her it’s probably gonna be a while before that happens,” Rita said.

“Hey I had good intentions, I asked the hard questions, and lucky for her she passed, so now we don’t have to ask ‘what if’ or anything because now we know. I’m ready to go whenever you are, Rita those pants are definitely gonna be see through when the sun hits em,” Chris said.

“That’s what thongs are for, I don’t need you staring up the crack of my ass, that’s Randy’s job.”

“Yeah that’s my job. Shouldn’t we let our hair dry completely before we go outside?” I taksim escort asked.

“It’s hot as hell outside, you’ll be fine. Let’s go before I get stuck to this chair,” Stephanie said.

Rita got her keys back from Stephanie, who was still wobbly in her walk, and we locked the house up and headed outside. We started to get in our car before we changed our minds and jumped in the back seat of their car with them just as they were about to leave.

“Why aren’t you driving your own car?” Chris asked.

“Because it’s pointless to drive two cars to the same place when we can fit in one,” Rita said.

“But why is it always our car? How come we never burn up your gas?”

“Because you live in the richer neighborhood, and were in a Lincoln, case closed.”

“It was our father’s car, he only gave it to us because we won a freaking drawing!”

“It’s still yours, and it’s still a Lincoln, you have no argument. You know you can’t win a fight with a girl, just because your breath smells like pussy doesn’t mean you get a break.”

“Oh shit! Rita with the low blow! Damn you gonna take that Chris?” I laughed.

“Yep cuz it’s not a low blow. It would only be if she was saying Stephanie had a stank pussy, which is DEFINITELY not the case, so I take that as a compliment.”

“You’ve been quick on your comebacks lately, all that time you spend fucking Stephanie and avoiding doing anything else must’ve improved your brains reflexes.”

“Ask Stephanie, that’s not all it improved,” Chris said on the sly.

“He may have leveled up in a select few areas, but he still needs more practice,” Steph said.

“But he still needs more practice, that sounds really promising,” Rita joked.

“All I heard was he leveled up in select areas, that’s progress in my book,” Chris said.

“Well as long as Stephanie’s not complaining you’re ok. And seriously, if the windows are gonna be up can you turn on the a/c? it’s burning up in here!”

“I thought you liked the heat, you’re always in it when Randy’s around.”

“Haha yep. All you have to do is say Randy’s name and her panties are soaked, like how the hyenas kept saying Mufasa’s name in the Lion King but sexual,” Stephanie joked.

“Yeah, well thanks for ruining one of my favorite childhood movies for me,” Rita said.

They didn’t pay her any attention, they just kept poking fun at her, Chris especially. “Randy!”

“Oooooooooooh!” Stephanie played along. “Do it again do it again!”

“Randy Randy Randy!”

Stephanie faked an orgasm in her chair. “Ok ok stop it, I can take it anymore!”

“You guys are real funny. Randy doesn’t have a problem with how much I wanna fuck his brains out all day every day for the rest of our life, do you Randy?”

“The day I have a problem with that will be the day hell freezes over,” I said.

“And that’s why I love you,” Rita said as she pulled me in for a kiss. “There’s nothing wrong with a girl who’s constantly horny for her man, no matter what these heathens say.”

“Especially since they’re about two public fucks from being exactly where we are.”

“One can only hope. I can only imagine what it must feel like to have sex so much that YOU have to tell your girl no and she keeps asking for it,” Chris said.

“After a while she’ll stop asking and just wait until you go to sleep, right Rita?” I said.

“It never fails. Let him go to sleep then wake his ass back up, works every time.”

“I never had to go that far since Chris never turned me down for sex when I want it, but that sounds kinky though, I might have to try that anyway,” Stephanie said.

“I could feel Chris smiling from the back seat. “Any other ideas you guys wanna throw out there? I know you have a million of these stories, don’t stop now!”

“Noooo that’s ok, we don’t wanna give away all of our tricks, most of everything we did was an on the spot thing anyway, it’s a lot better when it’s not planned,” Rita said.

“Shit we got enough ideas to last us a while anyway, a few more wouldn’t hurt though.”

“Yeah maybe another time, we’re here, and all the Ashley’s are too. You’d think since they were coming to the same place they would carpool or something,” I said.

“It’s easier to burn your own gas than someone else’s?” Chris said snarky.

“The $20 you were gonna give me for the pops from the movies, keep it, now we’re even.”

We got out of the car and headed for the front door. We rang the doorbell but noone ever came to open it. We called Ashley a bunch of times but she never answered, we all got her voicemail. Finally we turned the handle just to see if it was open and it was, so we walked in cautiously just in case something happened. The girls stuck right to our backs as me went through the downstairs of the house calling everyone’s name with no answer. We were actually starting to get a little worried, everyone’s cars were there but they weren’t, it had all the makings of an episode of Law and Order, except for the crime scene. To our relief, once we got near the kitchen we could hear playful screaming and water splashing, so we knew they were outside in the pool. The girls eased up from behind us and we went to lock the front door and went out the back to everybody splashing around in the pool except Dana, who was laid out in a sun tan chair in a small two piece with everyone’s phones on the table right next to her.

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