An Open Entanglement Ch. 02


Author’s note: Many thanks to Jill, for her ideas, motivation and support all these years. Also, big thank you to friend and fellow Lit author aimingtomisbehave33 (go check out his stories when you can), for keeping me sane and focused and for reading early drafts without complaining.

Previously in the series: Taylor, frustrated by the lack of sex life with her fiancé Jim, gave in to the charms of Brad, the hot guy that lived next door.


Chapter II – The Feeling

It was Thursday when Jim worked through the night and Taylor had the best sex of her life – in somebody else’s bed. Friday morning crept up on the engaged couple and gave them no chance of reconnecting, as Jim rushed to the office for his presentation and Taylor barely caught the subway to work.

As stressed out as he was, Jim was no fool; he was aware of the growing space between him and his fiancé. He refused to believe it was due to the lack of sex. He kept telling himself he’d fix it once the pitch was over; then he’d have the time, as well as the money if he got the promotion, to win her all over again.

Which is why Jim texted Taylor, saying they should go out for a proper date night, fancy dinner and all.

“I know you’ve been wanting an excuse to wear that black dress, so here it is darling,” he wrote. In his head, it sounded endearing and thoughtful, because he remembered the dress and he deserved points for that.

He hadn’t included the aftermath of the presentation in his calculations. The advertising campaign pitch went well; Nicholas delivered the campaign effectively and won over the client. Jim’s name was mentioned multiple times, which meant he got due credit for his work.

After the meeting, Jim went back to his office to put stuff away. His plan to slip out quietly was foiled, when Nicholas burst in, asking him for ideas on a follow-up campaign. One idea led to another and before Jim could say he had plans, he found himself going out for a beer with his supervisor.

All he managed to say was “Let me call my fiancé and let her know I’ll be late.”


Taylor hung up the phone and looked at herself in the small mirror by the front door. She actually had been looking forward to date night with Jim, despite her “slip-up” the day before. He had promised to make it up to her, work less and give her more attention.

She wasn’t expecting sex, because he was still using his old back injury as an excuse, but being a priority in his life would be nice. Then maybe, staying faithful to him would be easier.

She would have been OK with kicking back at home with a bottle of wine; he had been the one insisting on going out for a nice dinner, only to get her hopes up for nothing. He had canceled on her, because he had to stay and work, yet again. The hour she had spent getting ready was now wasted and anger rose in her. Her career in law was doing just fine without her canceling plans, why could Jim not manage the same?

“He wouldn’t be able to get me off anyway, the wimp,” she thought to herself. There she was, her blonde hair done into a messy chignon, her 38DD’s and luscious ass barely contained within her tight black dress and her baby blue eyes highlighted with the carefully applied makeup. What kind of a man would put her second!

“A man who can’t keep it up for long enough,” was the dark internal admission; 15 minutes of sex was like a marathon to Jim in his prime and hardly passionate enough to get her close to an orgasm. Then she thought back to how it had taken Brad barely a few minutes to have her squirming on his massage table.

Brad, the tall, dark, handsome devil living next door… Her mind flashed back to his swimmer’s body, all rippling muscles and pure lust dripping from every pore, and how he had driven her to orgasm after orgasm with his fingers, mouth and that delicious cock, until she had been unable to take anymore.

Taylor had gone over, expecting a decent fuck, since the loud moans of women she heard every night indicated he must be doing at least some things right. She hadn’t been ready for the possibly life-altering chemistry she’d felt with him.

There was just something about him that appealed to her less well-ordered thoughts.

When she went into the bedroom to start undressing, she heard him moving around next door. Without any conscious effort, her feet took her to her door and out to knock on his door, not knowing what she was hoping for.

He opened the door quickly and surprise showed on his handsome face, making his hazel eyes light up. The easygoing and warm smile on his lips was all she needed to make up her mind.

“Oh, heey…” was all he managed to say before Taylor locked lips onto him right there in the hallway. Her initial kiss was fueled by anger and frustration with her current relationship, maybe also mixed in with revenge and confusion.

As he melted into the unexpected kiss with her, her ferocity died down a bit. Her mouth softened and her eyes closed. Finally and willingly, she closed the distance between their bodies Betturkey and pressed herself fully against his chest. She could feel a knot loosen deep in her core, followed by a warm sensation between her legs, as his tongue explored every corner of her mouth.

When Brad picked her up in his arms, she hugged his waist with her legs and realized he was moving them against her apartment door. She could already feel his erection start to push through his pants and lost no time in letting them both into her place.

The door was slammed shut. He pinned her back against the inside of the door, before one of his hands moved up her thigh under her dress. His hand roughly grabbed her panties and slid them aside, only to find her pussy soaking wet. Brad moaned appreciatively against her lips and Taylor felt a flurry of movement that was him unzipping his jeans.

The incomparable rush of being desired overwhelmed both of them. Their conscious minds currently sidelined, their bodies were puppets to pheromones, being pulled towards each other in primordial attraction. No etiquette, no morals, no foreplay – just the desperate urge to become one.

She felt the smooth head of his massive erection move over her folds and find the opening. Her breath caught when he pushed himself in deep and he groaned with the pleasure of being inside her. The warmth engulfing him was wet and welcoming.

All Taylor could think about was how good it felt to be impaled on his giant cock. Her entire body was screaming with every thrust, unconcerned with how rough he was being with her. She gave in to him without resisting, trusting him to return the favor once he was done.

Brad nuzzled her neck as he dove into her repeatedly with force. It was difficult to tell where his groans ended and her moans started. He felt her hold onto him for dear life and didn’t slow down one bit until he was on the edge. Her tight pussy gripped him deliciously with every thrust, milking him to within an inch of his sanity.

He wanted to stay buried deep within her. The smell of her blonde hair, now all messed up and falling over her gorgeous face, was intoxicating, and the only thing that existed was the hot junction where their hips connected, sending one jolt of pleasure after the other, until his synapses were full of her pheromones.

Then he remembered where he was and what time it was.

As close as she was, Taylor couldn’t spare a hand to play with her clit. When she felt him slip out and lower her to the floor, she hoped it was her turn to get attention, but he pushed her down on her shoulders until she was kneeling on the floor.

With those blue eyes staring up at him in anticipation, he only had to stroke himself a few more times. Then, before she could say or do anything, he came all over her ample cleavage, coating the tops of her voluptuous breasts.

She smiled. If she was worried about ruining her dress, it didn’t show, as she eagerly reached for his dick, her pouty lips already parting to bring his dick back to life as soon as possible. However, Brad quickly tucked his member back inside his jeans.

“I really have to go, babe. I’ll see you Monday, OK?”

With that, he was gone.

Taylor knelt where she was for a whole minute, fuming…


Brad had been packing for his weekend camping trip. He had barely had a few minutes before he had to leave. His college buddies Nathan and Jack had been raving about this trip for weeks and they’d make him pay for it if he was late.

Thus, the insanely hot blonde neighbor knocking on his door had been the last thing he had expected, but his body had responded more quickly than his brain. The way she had thrown herself at him at the door, wearing that low-cut dress, had been enough for an instant erection and he had seen no point in wasting it.

As he grabbed his bags and ran down the stairs, he thought back on the quickie. He had been sure she would stop him if things went further than making out, but she had already been soaking wet. The only sounds she had made had been those toe-curling moans as he had taken her quickly and roughly. It had taken all of his willpower not to blow his load right upon sliding deep into her.

Sure, he could have handled the whole situation differently. He could have said he had no time or something else coherent. He didn’t fully understand how his body had taken over so completely in the moment – he had just had her multiple times the night before… It definitely wasn’t his style to crave a particular girl. That hadn’t happened to him to in a very long time.

A sheepish grin formed on his face. It wasn’t his proudest moment, the way he had left her in her apartment. That last look she had given him told him she’d make him pay and he realized he was looking forward to that.

The realization that Taylor was still on his mind after two days of sex was too much for him to unpack at the moment. He tried to shake the thoughts away, as he made his way to meet up with his friends.


Brad made Betturkey Giriş it to the meeting point on time. Nathan, who was the most responsible among the three (which wasn’t saying much) and the designated driver for the camping trip, was already there with his truck. Jack was late, as usual; time just worked differently in his universe, which didn’t work out too well for him in the real world.

They loaded up the truck, swung by a store for beer on the way and made it to the highway on schedule to avoid traffic. Brad sat up front with Nathan, with Jack in charge of the playlist from the back seat as punishment for being late.

They had been friends since freshman year of college. Initially, the swim team had brought the trio together, but only Brad had actually swum all 4 years. Jack had had trouble showing up for practice on time and Nathan had been kicked out after showing up for a meet stoned out of his mind.

Nonetheless, they remained close friends through college and afterwards. Every once in a while, they had these weekend getaways to get out of town and hang out. Occasionally, they did impulsive things like drive across the country to go to Las Vegas for a night, so the weekend camping trip was really more on the mild side of the things they got up to.

On the way over to the campsite, Jack went on and on about the two European girls, who were couch-surfing and currently tucked in at his place. Nathan wasn’t sure it was something to brag about.

“So, you left your place to two complete strangers for an entire weekend? That sounds like a dumb idea.”

“Oh relax, Nate, they’re good girls.” Jack’s evil grin was visible through the rearview mirror.

Nathan still wasn’t convinced.

“Brad, back me up here! Tell Jackie he’s being a dumbass.”

“Jackie, you’re being a dumbass.”

Brad echoed Nathan’s words like a robot; he had been listening half-heartedly, his mind still on Taylor. Now that his lack of enthusiastic participation was noticed, the friends turned their full attention on him; the topic of Jack and his guests was shelved for the time being.

“What’s going on with you, man?” Jack reached a hand from the backseat to shake him.

“What? Nothing.”

Nathan took his eyes off the road for a second and turned to Brad. “OK, what’s her name?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Nice try, man. Whoever you’re fucking right now. Or thinking about fucking.” Jack had a way of cutting through the bullshit.

“Just some girl. No big deal.” Brad mumbled.

“You’re missing out on ripping Jack a new one for his dumb life choices on account of some girl? No way, who is it?”

“Taylor, my next door neighbor… “

“The hot blonde? What happened?” Jack had briefly seen her in the hallway when going over to Brad’s place.

“I, uh, gave it to her while her fiancé was away, so now she wants it all the time.” He didn’t admit out loud that he apparently wanted her just as badly.

Jack dismissed it instantly. “Sounds tiring. Why don’t you come back to my place after camping?”

Nathan was better at reading between the lines.

“No, wait. So you already slept with her more than once? What was that like?”

Brad grinned. “Kinda quiet at first, but there’s time to make her into a screamer yet.”

“Jack, he said “yet”. I smell trouble.” Nathan sounded only half serious, with the corners of his lips curled into an amused expression.

“Yea, hasn’t happened since Nicole in college, right? She was nice. Decent rack. What is she up to nowadays anyway?” Jack might not be able to tell time, but he was good with names.

Brad needed to steer the conversation away from Taylor until he sorted his own thoughts out. Talking about Nicole was safe enough and if he were lucky, the guys would get distracted soon.

“Not sure. We haven’t talked since she moved to the West Coast. I hope she’s doing well out there.”

If Nathan knew he was changing the topic intentionally, he let him get away with it for the time being.

“Don’t tell me you miss her, bro. You were together for how long, 3 years?”

“Speaking of, how long have you been banging Rachel again, Nate? What are you getting her for your fifth anniversary? A diamond ring?” Jack enjoyed not being on the receiving end of their criticism. He also knew Nathan was a lost cause, with his long-term relationship, so he really couldn’t afford to lose Brad just yet.

Jack knew what he had to do to keep Brad in the fold.


While his friends were getting to the bottom of who exactly the new girl in Brad’s life was, the girl herself changed out of her ruined black dress and took a shower to erase all traces of earlier.

She was scrubbing her cleavage in anger when the friction against her breasts reminded her of the fire between her legs. The loofah harshly scratched her nipples, inflaming her pussy even more. Her hand that sought out her clit easily found it. The expert flicks quickly brought her to the edge.

Her gaping pussy contracted Betturkey Güncel Giriş to squeeze an imaginary dick inside, which she bitterly recognized as belonging to Brad. The thought of his naked form in all its glory made her gush even more and unexpectedly build up to another orgasm.

The large round brush she used to tame her hair in the shower winked at her; it was a poor substitute for the real thing, but the stem filled her better than her fiancé. She fingered herself to another orgasm, while fucking herself with the brush. At a shallow depth, it managed to stimulate her g-spot, which resulted in harder contractions and toe-curling warmth through her body.

Taylor felt drained when she came out of the shower. She quickly put on clothes that were nearby and packed her vape to smoke on the balcony. She felt self-conscious that she’d “slipped up” yet again and with a guy she had already fucked before.

“It’s just the convenience of being next door; not like I can’t move on…” she consoled herself.

In fact, she should have been quite furious with Brad for leaving like he did. Who was he to just fuck her and leave – that was her M.O!

“He’s not going to get away with it,” she promised, as she inhaled deeply. The nicotine calmed her down somewhat, but sadly it never helped satiate her sex drive.

Once the vape had gone cold, she ordered food delivery, opened a bottle of cheap wine for herself and started watching whatever new show was being highlighted.


She was asleep with half the bottle gone by the time Jim came home on Friday night. Not wanting to wake her up, he put a blanket over her.

Jim was exhausted. He had got caught up in the rush of being good at his job and lost track of time. Then he had grabbed a beer with Nicholas; alcohol never really agreed with him, but saying no wasn’t his strong suit. It didn’t occur to him that every time he had passed on sex or dates, he was basically saying “no” to his fiancé, thus letting her know exactly where his priorities lay.

Truth was, Jim had always been career driven. The two “serious” girlfriends he had had in school had been part of his study groups, the kisses and the occasional handjob hurriedly taking place before hitting the books again. For him, sex in itself was a means to an end; physical intimacy wasn’t that high on his list.

Meeting Taylor had been unexpected. The first ad campaign he had ever attended meetings for had been involved in an IP lawsuit, for which Taylor’s firm had been hired. As they had all sat around the roundtable, Jim had seen her as a professional, where others had only seen a blonde bombshell in a suit. Basically, he had got her attention by not trying to get into her pants.

Intellectually, they were a good match, he thought. She also worked hard, aspired to further her career and didn’t care how many hours she needed to put in to get there. Although he was aware of how pretty his fiancé was, that had been the last of his reasons for proposing to her.

With no wedding date yet in sight and the current issues they were having, he hoped there was light at the end of the tunnel for them. He promised himself he’d try hard that weekend.


Taylor woke up on Saturday with a headache. The coffee table was the first thing that greeted her barely open eyes and she distinctly felt the springs of their frequently used couch.

“Can’t believe he let me sleep here all night,” she thought.

The wine hangover gave her the worst headaches, even worse than her nicotine withdrawal ones. Especially considering the circumstances under which she fell asleep, there was no way this weekend was going to go well for her.

She stumbled towards the bedroom and flung herself onto the mattress. Although the bed was definitely slept in, Jim was nowhere to be seen. She couldn’t care less. Sleep took over once more, long before the dehydration bells had gone off.


“Babe, you want some breakfast?”

With the mouth-watering smell aloft, she peeled her face from the pillows. Her fiancé stood in their bedroom, holding the brown bag from which the wonderful baked good smell emanated. It put a genuine smile on her face.

“Coffee or tea?” He handed her the brown bag before turning around to grab a mug of whichever she chose from the kitchen.

“Tea, please…” she asked sweetly and dove into the bag. Flaky baked goods were a weakness of hers and although crumbs on the bed would have normally been an issue for Jim, he could certainly make an exception that morning.

He brought her a steaming mug of tea, extra sugar, and no milk, with a side of flowers. She wasn’t really a flower person, but he was trying; the least she could do was smile back and try to forgive and forget: Forgive him for canceling on her and forget how she spent her evenings the past 2 days.


Taylor and Jim had a quiet Saturday at home, neither of them addressing what happened, or didn’t happen, the evening before. After dinner, he asked her to get dressed, casual, no fancy dress needed. They ended up at a comedy club. Actually, the comedy club, where they had had their second date. Last minute tickets were cheap. They got lucky that the openers were hilarious to begin with and the headliner didn’t disappoint either.

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