Subject: Unexpected Pleasure 8 This is a story about the developing romance between a straight man, a 10-year- old boy and the boy’s father. If you object to male on male, or male on boy, or dad on son sex, please don’t read the story. The people in this story are fictional, and the events do not represent or describe anything that has happened to me in my life. I don’t approve of or endorse any relationship of a romantic or sexual nature between men and underage boys, and if I met somebody that was pursuing such a relationship, I would report them to the authorities. The story contains oral sex, fucking, sucking, piss, rimming, felching. I don’t intend to go to scat. It doesn’t turn me on. Please let me know if you would like me to continue with this story. *Please email me your comments and suggestions*. I love to hear from my readers. Please don’t copy my work or call it your own, or publish it anywhere else without my permission. Consider donating to at http://donate./donate.html to keep this amazing site going. ail ::::::::::::::::::::::::: WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME “Let’s go to Dirk’s bedroom, Bennie,” Ty whispered. Ben got up and his beercan-thick cock was half mast. As he pulled Ty up, the thick, dark uncut dick proved also to be standing upright, a solitary precum tear pearling the pink tip that peeked out of the foreskin. Ty took Ben by the hand and led him in the kitchen and through into the dark bedroom where he and Dirk and Ollie had had such hot sex earlier. Ty swung Ben around gently and pushed him backwards on the bed and crawled forwards, taking in the beautiful body and awesome thick cock on the way up. Finally he got to the mouth with the smiling lips. He stopped, gazing into the eyes of this handsome man that he had missed like a piece of himself all these years, without even knowing it. He lowered himself down onto him so their bodies were touching front to front, their now full erect cocks touching head to head, balls to balls. He gently began kissing Ben. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Meanwhile back at the ranch, so to speak, Bennie and Ollie were getting to know each other. Bennie was a shy boy, having been hurt by the fact that his mom and dad were divorced. His mom was bitter because she thought that her husband had rejected her as a woman, rather than succumbed to his natural attraction to men. As a result he didn’t see his dad much because she was terrified that being around his dad would make him gay. As it is, he was only with his dad this weekend because she had no option, having to go away for a weekend work seminar that was compulsory, and not having anybody else to take care of her precious son. The scenes as she said goodbye to Bennie a day before, were still fresh in his mind. Ironically she had reasoned it would be safe to let him go to the Free State with her hated ex, because they couldn’t possibly run into any perverts in that part of the world, thick with testosterone-soaked farmers as it was. Ollie was a sensitive boy and immediately discerned that he needed to tread lightly. “So Bennie, şişli travesti what do you like to do with yourself?” “What do you mean?” he retorted defensively, only picking up on the “with yourself” part of the question. Ollie wasn’t stupid so he giggled good-naturedly and put his gentle hand on Bennie’s shoulder. “No worries, your secret is safe with me! I do it all the time too.” He looked down meaningfully at his still-standing boy cock. “Yup, it hardly ever goes down! But that’s not what I mean. I mean what do you do at home to keep yourself busy?” Bennie was red in the face as he flushed with embarrassment. “Nothing,” he mumbled. “Stuff.” “Do you like to play Xbox? I love it! Here, let’s do it!” “If you want,” he conceded, his eyes lighting up a bit, as he loved games himself. The two boys played for a while and Bennie started to relax. He was intrigued by the fact that Ollie was still naked and kept on looking at him out of the corner of his eye. “Bennie, you want to take your clothes off too? It’s much more fun to play Xbox kaalgat (bare-assed)! I promise!” “Nah, thanks. I don’t think my dad would like that… ” ” I bet your dad doesn’t have his clothes on anymore… Did you see the way him and Ty looked at each other? I bet they’re doing stuff together by now!” “Stuff? What kind of stuff? I saw you guys playing in the pool. You mean that kind of stuff?” “Well, yes, but other kinds of stuff too.” “You mean, playing with each other’s… Pee-pees?” “Maybe, I dunno. What made you ask that? Does your dad play with guys ‘pee-pees’?” “My mom says my dad is a freak and that he does disgusting things with other disgusting men. I think that’s what she means.” “Do you wanna go and see what he’s doing?” “I’m scared he’s doing disgusting stuff… ” “Do you want me to show you what kind of stuff he could be doing so you can see it’s not disgusting?” “You do disgusting stuff too?” Bennie asked incredulously. “Who taught you?” Ollie wondered if Bennie could stand the truth. But he decided that he had to be honest. “My Pa showed me. Or actually I started to do stuff with him and he showed me how to do it properly.” “What? Your dad made you do disgusting stuff? You should tell somebody, like a teacher or a policeman!” “No Bennie, you don’t understand. As long as I can remember when I looked at my Pa, my pieletjie got stiff. Look, even now, it’s standing up. My tummy feels funny and my mouth gets dry.” Absently, while he spoke to Bennie, he started to work the foreskin over his glistening dick-head. Bennie’s eyes were inexorably drawn to Ollie’s unconscious actions. “When I was about eight, one night during a storm, I ran to his room and climbed into his bed. I always did, but that night was different. Pa didn’t have any clothes on, not even his underpants, as he usually did. As I held onto him, I slipped my knee over his leg and put my face under his arm. I was shivering and Pa kissed the side of my face to calm me down.” Ollie’s hand was rubbing his cocklet and deliberately beylikdüzü travesti stimulating its extremely sensitive head. Bennie’s eyes were riveted to the display. He swallowed heavily and tried to work up some saliva. Ollie continued and his voice was dreamy. “My hand was on Pa’s tummy and I slid it down his hairy tummy. My pieletjie was stiff again, and I asked Pa why that was. He took my hand and slid it further down his tummy until it found his bush above his own boerepiel. Then he let me feel his big cock. You see what you’re doing to me, son?” he asked. “When we are close to each other like this, we get stiff. It’s only natural!” “I had my hand on his dick. It’s humongous. There was sticky stuff coming out of the tip. I started to stroke my hand up and down and my dad was making some noises like he enjoyed it and pushing it up through my hand. I wanted to see if it felt good to do it and started to stroke myself as well. My dad put his hand on mine and tried to stop me. He said that it wasn’t right for us to do it together. But I was getting into it big time as I started to feel really good.” Without realizing it, Bennie had started to rub his own little dick through his shorts. His eyes were glazed as he listened, rapt, to Ollie’s description. “What happened then?” he queried breathlessly. “I begged him to let me carry on to see what would happen. He said OK and kissed the side of my face again as I jacked his cock up and down and my little one as well. I transferred some of the sticky juice from his dick onto my hand, which made mine slide really nicely. Like this, let me show you.” He took Bennie’s hand gently and put it on his own dick and guided it up and down in a jerking motion. “That’s nice, Bennie. Just like that.” “What happened then?” Bennie whispered, now openly focusing his curious gaze on Ollie’s boy cock. “I noticed that Pa was getting excited because he was starting to breathe faster. Pa flipped the blanket off us so I could see our two cocks as I jacked him and me together. Pa leaned over and easily lifted me up and flipped me so I was sitting on his legs just below his huge balls. Our two cocks, his huge boerepiel, and my little boy pieletjie were right up against each other. I put both my hands around our two cocks and they were rubbing up against each other. It felt incredible to have the underside of my cock rubbing up against his huge pole. He was breathing heavily by now. Bennie, you’re doing great too! Why don’t you take your pants off and then I can do the same for you?” Bennie looked unsure so Ollie gently turned towards him and started to untie the drawstring of his swim shorts. He stuck his thumbs into the elastic waist and worked it down. Bennie stood up and let Ollie ease his pants past his hard, hard, little cock. Ollie knelt on the ground in front of his little friend and as the pants sank to to the ground he was faced with Bennie’s spike in front of him. He leaned forward and kissed the tip of Bennie’s cock and then slipped it into his warm mouth, letting his istanbul travesti slippery spit and and the suction of his cheeks do their magic. “What happened then?” Bennie managed to wheeze out through his clenched jaw. From his position below Bennie’s wrinkled scrotum, with one hand fondling his little balls and the other stroking his little nail, Ollie continued. “We started to breathe really fast. Pa pushed his thing into my hand faster and faster and then suddenly he lifted me clear into the air as white stuff started to shoot into the air out of his prick. Because his piel was pointing at me, it hit me in the face and without thinking, I licked my lips as the most wonderful feeling started to happen in my balls. It felt like… I don’t know how to say it. You’ll have to feel it..” It seemed that Bennie knew about this because he started to breathe really fast and he was struggling to stay upright. Ollie could feel his friend’s little balls pull up even higher and little mewling sounds were coming out of his grimacing mouth. “And then?” Bennie squeaked. “Pa pulled me forward and I slid over all the slimy white stuff that had landed on his stomach and chest. When I got to his face, and my throbbing pieletjie and balls were pressed between us, he kissed me. He put his tongue into my mouth.” “Uhuh?” Bennie managed. He was struggling to breathe as Ollie was now jacking him at lightning speed. “I felt his cock was still hard and sticking right into where my bumhole is. It felt so good there that I pushed with my hands against his shoulders to try to get more of that nice feeling into my bum.” “Ja?” Bennie was obviously close. Ollie could hear it from his breathing and the fact that his face was getting very red. “Because his dick was really slippery from the juice that shot out of it, it started to slip into my bum. It was really big, so it felt like I was making a really big stiff poo, but it was awesome so I kept on pushing back. Pa looked like he wanted to stop me but I begged him to let me push it in because it felt so good.” “When his cock was in me completely that awesome feeling started again and Pa pushed in and out of me. Suddenly he started shouting ‘fuck, fuck’ and I felt that his stuff was shooting into my bumhole. Then it hit me again like a cricket bat against the head. It was almost like my balls were trying to climb out of my pielkoppie (cock tip). Like what’s happening to you now… ” Bennie was huffing and puffing and Ollie sucked his index finger, lubing it with lots of spit. He reached between his legs and found his boy pucker. Then he shoved his finger into Bennie’s hole, while at the same time Bennie shouted ‘fokfokfokfok’ and his little dick tried to shoot cum he didn’t yet have. Ollie leaned up again and took Bennie’s dick in his mouth while it pulsed again and again. When Bennie finally came down from his orgasmic high, Ollie stood up and put his lips against the other boy’s lips. He just held them there while Bennie huffed and shivered after his first dry cum. Then he put his arms around his new friend and held him close. Bennie put his head on Ollie’s shoulder and just nodded his head. “I see,” he said. :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Let me know if you enjoyed this at ail Check out my other fty//gay/beginnings/rivers-of-living-waters

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