An Unexpected turn of events.

An Unexpected turn of events.
So we had a date tonight. I first had to finish my fantasy football draft…we won’t go there…and that dragged on..the longer it went the more everyone drank…I was stone sober. What seemed like forever was now over. I jumped in my car and headed to “our” spot.. It’s a dead end road just off the highway. Nice and quiet. I arrive…but shes not there…I get a message that she will be there in a minute. I light a smoke waiting for her. She arrives…I say hi…a quick kiss and tell her to close her eyes. I gave her a small gift for her desk at work to remind her of me. A Funko Pop of Deadpool…trust me..it works.
So she smiles…loves it.. or at least she says she does…and then tells me that she has some bad news….her pussy is now “out of service”…shit… I really wanted to just take her as soon as she pulled up…pull up her dress…tear off her panties and eat her pussy until she came hard on my face…then fucker her deep and hard as she hangs out of her car…making her cum again and again…well that was gone… but my girl is never one to disappoint..she tells me to get in the backseat and trust her. She jokes that nothing will go up my ass..lol..I said maybe thats what I want.. we both laugh as I make my way around. I sit in the seat and knowing full well what she wants I take my shorts off,.. my cock already hard and standing at attention a few kisses and a few strokes and she can’t resist anymore.. I fell her mouth on my cock…god it feels like heaven when she sucks me.I reach for her tits and she denies me. She says this is about you not me…well what if I want her tit in my mouth? What if I want to slide my hard cock between her big beautiful tits..she ignores me and takes me fully into her mouth. She loves to feel my entire cock in her mouth..the feeling of it touching the back of her throat turns her on..she holds it there for as long as she can…gagging on it…coating it with saliva so she can stroke me while looking up at me with those amazing eyes..I reach around and begin to lift her dress..I know her pussy is off limits but her ass is fair game.. I slide my hand across her ass as she continues to pleasure me.. I pull her panties down just enough…reaching for her hole she squirms…she brings out her new toy…the Vibe and turns it on..placing it on the side of my cock as she strokes and sucks me..a triple threat..I tell her that I know I can’t have her pussy but I really want to tongue fuck her ass..this seemed to set her off in a good way..she sucked me harder and faster…telling me to spank her ass…well who am I to deny that… a firm hand comes down…SLAP…she moans and squeals at the same time..so hot..another one…SLAP…again same result..a few more and I know for a fact that she is dripping…even if I cant touch her…my finger finds it’s way to her hole…I rub and press but don’t enter.. she is going crazy right now and I am as well. she stops sucking me and sits up.
When I ask her what she is doing she simply responds..I’m taking my panties off…she straddles me so as to tease me…well two can play at that game.
I take my cock in my hand and rub it on the outer lips of her pussy … she loves this…I stroke it up and down her slit faster and faster… all the while she is pushing down.. almost trying to put me inside her…again…who am I to deny.. so I push upwards..the head slips in…a low pull back with a quick down thrust… not deep..just enough..and repeat…her breathing becoming more heavy..her thrusts more precise… her intentions are clear.. she wants my cum inside her…and I do love to cum inside her.. after a short while she gets off my lap…all I can do at that moment is grab hold and stroke..I love to stroke while shes watching me…she tells me how fucking hot it is and that she wants to know if I am going to cum on her tits or face.. I can’t hold back any longer and tell her I am cumming… she leans down and takes every last drop in her mouth… like a good little slut.. swallowing every drop… looks me in the eyes and says…YUMMY… shes the best good/bad girl around…I need another moment to catch my breath before we part ways…I can’t wait to be inside her again..

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