Anal Virgin – My First Time

Double Penetration

Anal Virgin — The First Time

Mia’s Diary — Entry 44

I had texted Julio in the late afternoon, sending a selfie picture, a close-up of my lips, looking shiny wet and very kissy. I was begging him to just call me for a moment so I could hear his voice. He called back about a half hour later; it was nearly dark.

“Alo, Be’be’. I call you but I am still working, beautiful. You are very hot and I call you, porque for you text make me very hot and I am have erection for you and I love so much. I think about you, but I no want call you for when I am working. I have big job for many days and I am think about you and my penis is very hard for you. I no can come today.”

Feeling foolish and sorry that I’d gotten him all hot and bothered at his job, I quickly said,

“Oh, cariño, forgive me! Te extraño mucho and I understand — it’s ok! Muy dificile para mi tambien, pero, it’s ok, espero para ti, quando tienes tiempo — I will wait for you till you have time. I promise I will not bother you!”

So I did not expect it at all when a couple of hours later, my phone rang at nearly 7:30 pm. “Hola, beautiful! I am stop working now. I come for you house, ok? I need see you.”

“Yes! Yes! Come! I will make some food for you!” He was really hungry and I got some food ready — stuff I had in the fridge -soup, sausage, ham, salad. When he came in the door, we just held on to each other for several minutes — it felt like we were starving for it! We kept kissing and gazing into each other’s eyes, repeating ‘I love you’s’ and ‘te amo’s’…. Undeniable – that bond is very strong, very real.

Then it was me who was pulling away. I knew he had worked a long day and I just wanted him to have some food before anything else happened.

“Here, sit down and eat first.” I gave him a bowl of soup with freshly made meatballs, a bit of sliced ham and some sausages. Yes, balls and sausage – never mind the obvious innuendo on the food! He started to eat and I sat down close by him at the table too, gazing at him lovingly, just smiling at him as he ate. He looked at me and just turned his body towards me and unsnapped his jeans and there it was — so hard and so fat and oh-so-ready. It had already sprung right out of that little opening in his underwear!

Wow — so he was going crazy too, just like I was all the time! Seeing that gorgeous cock, I instantly dropped down, knelt by his knees and licked and sucked while he ate some slices of ham and started on his soup. At first, he was calmly eating but not for long. He couldn’t stay at it and quickly lifted the bowl to his lips, drinking from it to finish all the soup in a hurry, spilling some on his shirt, on the floor…wow! It was impossible — we had to make love. Now!

He was already standing and he pulled under my arms to get me up. I had a long loose dress on and he just whipped it off over my head, leaving me in a bra and panties; and then his clothes — every single stitch – everything — whoosh! Down in a heap on the floor in two seconds. He pulled me towards the loveseat in the next room but I was too worried about that location.

“Not here!” I protested breathlessly. “No — no! please — come to the bed!”

No time wasted on discussion from him. He put his hands on my hips and turned me around and literally pushed me right up that staircase. Both of us were instantly on the huge bed. This time, he did not even go to the shower first — he was really frantic to make love. He got over me, and I opened my legs wide, clasping his hips. He was leaning on his elbows, with his broad chest just bare inches above me. He pushed my hands and arms far back on the bed, with our fingers entwined. He pushed his cock deep and entirely inside me immediately, film izle without any of the usual preambles — he was a little crazy tonight! Many deep, long kisses and hard thrusts — and this was all happening so fast! I could barely catch my breath! What a glorious wild thing he is when he gets so crazy hot.

“You are mine,” he growled softly in my ear, and I said, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Well, ’round one’ was over! I was already glowing, feeling so happy, loving the passion that swept over us. I leaned over and kissed his cheek and just smiled at him, my whole body quivering with the excitement of his urgency. We lay quietly for a few minutes; then he sat up.

“I go now to take a shower. I am sorry for do so fast.”

I said, “No-no! No, don’t say ‘sorry’! I love that when you are so hot! Te amo, te Quiero — tu eres un ‘super-hombre’ — me gusta, me gusta!” (I love you, you are a super-man, I like it!)

He smiled and shook his head and he did go to wash. Then, in just a few minutes, back he came to the bed, where I was still lying in a languorous, happy pose. He put his arms around me — ahh! But his skin was ice-cold!

“Oh!” I was surprised. “A cold shower! Why?”

“I am too hot, baby, demasiado caliente por hacer el amor contigo. I make too fast.” (too hot for making love to you)

I embraced him and quickly tried to reassure him. “Ooh, no, no! I love everything — it’s so good! Don’t be sorry, I love it!”

We started kissing anew, lips, teeth bumping — hot breath between us again. Well — clearly, that ‘wham-bam’ thing we had just done had not made even the slightest bit of difference — and neither had that cold shower! His cock was rock hard again and he put his right arm around me over my chest with his hand clutching my left breast. Then he turned me on my belly. He started on my ears with his hot tongue. I love it so much when he does that! He put one leg across my thighs while he pressed himself fully on top of me from behind. He slid his left hand down to my pussy and did all sorts of stuff with his fingers. I was so soaking wet, I could actually hear the sloppy sounds of his fingers at work! His cock was pressing firmly right against my ass and I was just moaning and twisting my hips, expecting him to start pushing it into my vagina from behind.

Suddenly he stopped. “Don’t move,” he whispered. He got up and took a jar of coconut oil from the table, where I have all sorts of creams and oils that I love to use on my body all the time. He scooped a big handful of it and slathered it on me smoothly — his hands just gliding all over and around my ass and — yes — shockingly — he popped a little bit inside my anus!

Oh God — I caught my breath in sharply and my eyes got wide. I realized instantly what that was for and I knew what he was thinking to do. I was suddenly alarmed and began to beg him not to do it.

“Ahhhh! No! Oh, hey, hey, no! Oh, no, no, NO!” I cried out, shaking my head wildly. I was absolutely not wanting that! I was choking on my own words, repeating over and over: “No, no! Oh! No, Julio, no, no, don’t do it!”

His hot mouth was right next to my ear. “Eres mia. You are mine, yes?”

And his fingers went inside between my butt cheeks and right into my anus. So shocked, I flinched and my body jerked wildly every which way. I gasped and groaned, “N-n-n-ooo!” and tried to resist, just twisting around, trying to get away. I really did not want this! That huge cock!

I began to panic and I was moving every which way to get out of his reach, but he held me and began kissing my back and licking my butt and he actually pushed his tongue deep between the cheeks, right INTO me! I was entirely stunned! His tongue – yes, actually inside my fragman izle anus — Ohhh, NO!

My eyes were about to pop out of my head, my mouth gaping in horrified shock. How could this be!! Never would I imagine anyone doing THAT! I was gasping, whining, begging… “Ohh, stop, stop, no, no, no-o-o-o!” I was really feeling scared.

I thought, ‘That can’t be really happening!’ I just could not believe he was doing that! His tongue — inside my … my — oh, NO! Ohh – how could he! No-noooo!

I began frantically begging him again, in earnest: “Ohh, no, no, oh, please, please! Don’t! Oh God — Oh, no, no! Oh God! Oh, please stop, please…”

My head was flopping side to side: ‘NO!’ And I was wriggling and thrashing around, trying like crazy to get away. Useless!

Yet he was calm and resolute, completely unruffled, taking no mind of my frantic struggles at all. He put his arms around me, and even as slippery as I was with all that oil, he just held me so tightly. He is so, so strong and I was entirely helpless. I was easily turned halfway round and he pressed his face very close to mine, his cheek flat against my cheek, his mouth right up against my mouth, saying again, in a firm even voice: “You are mine, yes?”

But it was not really a question at all somehow. It was a simple statement. He turned his face straight to me. His eyes held mine. “Yes?”

I felt like a gazelle in the jaws of a leopard. I looked at him imploringly. He was breathing hard, his eyes were looking glazed.

“Uhh-huh – Mmm- hmm,” I whimpered meekly, and nodded slightly, ‘yes’.

But then immediately, I panicked again, quickly shook my head back and forth, and lowered my eyes, pleading desperately.

“But — but – oh, no, no, oh, please, oh please, please, no, no, no! Oh, please, oh God, please, no, no, no, don’t do that! Oh, my God, don’t, don’t, don’t do it, oh, please-please-please!”

But he did. Turning me on my side, he pushed my left leg out of the way and moved himself into the position he wanted. His right arm around my chest again, squeezing my left breast, pinching my nipple. He held his cock with his left hand and rubbed it between my butt cheeks. I felt him push and start to slide it into me and I sucked my breath in and gasped loudly.

“Aaii-eeee — ahh! Please! Huh-huh- ahh! Huh- huh – Noooo!”

My cries were somewhere between a scream and nearly breaking into tears, as I tried my best to squirm away. “Oh God — oh, please — please, oh please don’t!” I wailed, “Oh, please, it will hurt me…”

He stopped pushing it in but said nothing – just held me, kissing my back, my shoulders, the back of my neck, softly biting, licking, sucking my ears. He pulled back a bit, but still kept his arms completely around me.

“Don’t move, bay-bay,” he began again, in a soft, steady voice. “I love you, bay. Eres mi mujer. You are my woman.”

He pushed his hot tongue into my ears. I began to whimper…tears starting at my eyes, I begged meekly,

“Julio, please, please, oh please! No, no, no, noooo —“

“Shh–shh-shhh…. te amo, mi corazon… I will do slow… you don’t move…”

He continued to kiss me, all over my back, my hips, my ass, and to caress and massage my shoulders. He licked all into my ears, just softly growling his love words, sending endless vibrations of heat all through me. There was to be no stopping him…

Suddenly, I just gave up fighting it. My will completely dissolved with it all — his maleness and the way he wanted to do it and everything – it drove me so utterly crazy and I was so turned on by him, so very soaking wet I couldn’t believe it. I went into full submission mode.

I got quiet. He started very dizi izle gently and then I screamed anyway as I felt it going into – that place… He just slid his cock very, very slowly and very far into me… My mouth was completely wide open… I just could not stop myself gasping in short hard breaths, “Ah, ah, ah, ahh!”

No words were possible! The sensation was stunningly electrifying. He had almost done it once before — many weeks ago, for just a little bit and he had not really pushed it in, just slid around the anus and I had almost thought it was just a wrong move… everything was so slippery down there, after all…

But this was the real thing – a full, deep penetration with that huge cock and I felt I would just pass out. Incredible! His left hand was on my pussy, his fingers caressing, pushing, flicking, his tongue entirely into my ears — left and then right, and all I heard was him saying Spanish words I could not even understand, but with the hot, dizzying, melting sensation of his breath and the vibrations of his deep low voice and his lips and tongue all over my ears and neck — my mind was utterly and completely gone.

I felt that I was right on the verge of tears, yet I did not start to cry. I could do nothing but gasp and scream in short little spurts, as my vagina and anus contracted in intense spasms. “Ah-ah-ah-ah!”

He did do it slowly, but pushed very deep into me again and …again …again … and yet again… and my body was shivering, trembling with all of it, this incredible mixture of the sensations of pleasure and captivity.

I heard him grunt softly, for just a moment, “uhhh-uhhh’ as he came. Then all was quiet. So strong, so silent — like a jaguar. Afterwards, we rested quietly for what seemed a long time. He even fell asleep for a little while, and I watched him as he lay on his back, one arm under his neck … He was breathing evenly and softly snoring, and the other arm relaxed, next to my body. I drifted in and out of a dreamy state, lying against his well-shaped arm with my hand on his chest and stomach. I felt the warm semen oozing between my butt cheeks. After barely twenty minutes, he got up, took another quick shower, and then brought a warm wash cloth for me. He gently washed me all over while I lay still, utterly exhausted and subdued.

He kissed me all over my face, so very gently, so very sweetly, and nuzzled my neck and that’s when I realized his skin was so cold!

“What! A cold shower? Again?”

“Si, mi amor, si. Que es bueno. Pero, tu — (Yes my love, it’s good. But you -) You tell me, you are ok?”

He was concerned, watching me closely, and his face was very serious. “You like? Si?”

Somehow, now my eyes were full of beginning tears. I could only whisper:

“Ah, ah, uh- uh – ohh,” I could only make little choking sounds, my voice breaking. “Yes – I – yes, I … I … I don’t know – ahh, yes – I –I liked it.”

He held my face in his hands. Many more tender kisses, on my eyelids, my cheeks, my chin. Going over to my sink, he ran hot water on his hands to warm them. Then he said, in the sweetest voice possible:

“I make masaje por ti. I love you. Eres mia; te amo tanto, para siempre, para siempre.” (I will do a massage for you. You are mine, I love you so much forever)

He got one of the bottles of scented oil from my dresser and rubbed some on his hands. Then he began a long slow massage, from my toes up to my ears, moving smoothly and firmly over my limbs and my back, while I softly moaned, luxuriating in pure pleasure … he did this for such a long time, until I nearly fell asleep then and there.

It had been more than two hours since he had been with me ….and in a sleepy haze, I heard his voice, soft and warm: “I go now, baby, I am in trouble, it is very late.”

Once more, his hand caressed my hair and one more kiss on my head, and he was gone. I stayed upstairs, dazed, groggy and happy. I haven’t been able to stop dreaming of him.

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