And Earl Makes Three


“Have you told him yet?” Lynn asked as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Not exactly.” Marie sighed. She closed the book she had been studying at the kitchen table and picked up her own cup of coffee.

“What does that mean?” Lynn asked as she sat down adjacent to Marie at the table. They had moved from the dorm to a small apartment off campus, just 2 months ago. Both women liked the privacy and independence of having their own place compared to dorm living.

“It means, no I haven’t.” Marie explained.

She and Lynn had had an exclusive relationship for over six months until Lynn made it clear that she wanted a committed relationship with Marie. Marie had realized at that point that although she loved Lynn as her best friend and lover. She couldn’t make the emotional commitment that Lynn wanted in an exclusive lesbian relationship. They had talked for hours that night Lynn did understand Marie’s feelings. She knew that Marie enjoyed sex with men and wasn’t able to make the same emotional connection to a woman she did with a man. They had decided to remain friends, occasional lovers and that they both hated dorm living so they had moved.

“I just don’t know how to tell him.” Marie started. “Suppose he doesn’t understand? I mean, suppose he’s totally turned off by the fact that I’m bi and dumps me?” Marie asked her friend.

“I think you’re underestimating Earl. Even if he is a man.” Lynn joked as she chuckled at Marie.

Marie had met Earl in her Psych class several weeks ago. He had asked her out for coffee after class one day and they had been dating ever since. Marie thought Earl was a kind, gentle, intelligent person and a great lover in bed but she wasn’t sure how accepting he’d be once she told him that she and Lynn had been and still were lovers on occasion.

“I’ll tell you what.” She offered. “Why don’t you invite Earl over for dinner and I’ll help you tell him. We can both explain the situation to him and make him understand.” Lynn smiled at her friend across the table.

Marie looked at Lynn and thought about it for a moment. Perhaps Lynn was right. Maybe she and Lynn could talk to Earl and he’d understand.

“All right. When?” Marie asked.

“Tonight. I don’t have any plans. We’ll order Chinese in and have a long talk about human sexuality. Then we’ll see what Earl thinks and we’ll know better how to explain to him about us.” Lynn said standing up. “I have to run, have a class in 20 minutes.” She said as she dropped a quick kiss on Marie’s mouth. “I’ll see you this evening.” She said as she left.

Later that day after psych class, Marie was walking with Earl to the local coffee shop as they discussed the day’s lecture. She felt nervous and happy all at the same time. Earl was everything Tim hadn’t been. Earl

cared more about his studies than the teams football stats and he cared about her. Earl had told her, on many occasions, how bright, witty and pretty he thought she was. He wasn’t a man to shy away from talking about his feelings. Emotional or sexual.

The first time they had slept together Marie was amazed. Until Earl, her heterosexual sex life had left a lot to be desired. Lynn had been the only one to truly awaken her sexual but Earl had quickly learned to please Marie and truly seemed to enjoy doing it.

With his arm around her shoulders he hugged Marie to his side, loving how her slight 5 foot frame fit nicely against his 5′ 10″ body. Turning his cobalt blue eyes on her he dropped a kiss on her forehead.

“So, what’s on the agenda for tonight? A movie, dinner, what would you like to do?” he asked smiling into her eyes.

Marie knew the moment was at hand. “How about you coming over to my place and we’ll order Chinese in. Lynn will be home so we’ll think of something we can all do?” she asked.

“Sounds great!” he told her. “Has Lynn finished that black and white photography assignment she’s been working on? She told me I could see it when she had.” He asked.

“Yes, she finished it two days ago. I’ll remind her you want to see it tonight.” She told him but her mind was already racing, thinking of what she and Lynn had planned.

Marie nervously paced back and forth through the apartment awaiting Earl’s arrival. She kept checking the clock that never seemed to move.

“Will you calm down.” Lynn told her as she walked in from her bedroom.

“Everything will be just fine.” She tried to reassure Marie. Marie just paused in her pacing and looked forlorn. Unable to resist Betturkey Lynn put her arms around her friend and hugged her close as Marie hugged her back. Lynn put her hands on either side of Marie’s small face and said, “If he is the man you think he is, he’ll understand. If not, better you find out now.” She placed a small kiss on Marie’s lips.

Unable to resist Lynn deepened the kiss feeling Marie respond, kissing her back. They stood for several moments holding each other, kissing passionately. Their tongues rubbing, probing each other’s mouth. Without conscious thought they drifted toward Lynn’s bedroom. Already their hands were touching each other’s breasts as they continued to kiss. Once in the bedroom, Lynn pushed the door closed but didn’t shut it. She turned back to Marie and once again began kissing her.

“Let me help you relax.” Lynn whispered in Marie’s ear. As her tongue gently caressed the outer shell of her ear. Marie closed her eyes and sighed deeply giving herself over to the sensations Lynn was stirring in her body. Lynn began undressing Marie, leaning down to gently suck at her nipples as she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her pert breasts. Marie followed Lynn’s lead and began undressing Lynn. Soon they were wearing only their panties as they laid down next to each other on Lynn’s bed.

Lynn pulled Marie close, kissing her deeply as she let her hand slide over her breasts. She teased each nipple with her thumb and forefinger, gently pinching and rolling the hard nub. When Lynn felt Marie begin to arch her back she let her hand slide further down over her flat stomach to slip her fingers into Marie’s panties. Lynn’s fingers gently probed Marie’s already wet pussy. She inserted two fingers into the wet opening of Marie’s pussy and began to finger fuck her slowly. Marie moaned deep and low as she suck one of Lynn’s nipples into her mouth.

Feeling Marie push her hips against her hand, Lynn began rubbing her clit with her thumb. Marie’s pussy became instantly wetter, flooding Lynn’s hand with her juices. Marie’s hand moved down the plane of Lynn’s stomach to slide into her panties. Lynn’s own pussy was dripping wet as she felt Marie begin to finger fuck her in return. Soon they were both panting, passionately kissing between breaths as they both pressed their hips up against each others probing, rubbing fingers buried deeply in each other’s pussy. Small sucking sounds filled the room as they finger fucked each other’s dripping wet pussy. Marie was the first to orgasm as she cried out, “Oh Yes!” Letting loose a flood of pussy juice all over Lynn’s hand. It wasn’t long before Lynn too was yelling, “Fuck yes! Make me cum!” As Marie felt the flow of cum from Lynn’s pussy.

Lynn quickly moved to between Marie’s spread legs, helping her take off her, now, soaking wet panties before she removed her own. As soon as they were both naked, Lynn leaned down to slowly start licking the cum from Marie’s smoothly shaven pussy lips. Marie began shifting and turning to position herself under Lynn’s body in a 69 position. She reached up, pulling Lynn’s wet pussy down to her own eager lips as she felt Lynn begin sucking on her clit.

Earl arrived at the apartment and when he received no response to his knock he tried the door and found it was unlocked. Slowly he opened the door and looked around. “Marie? Lynn?” He called out. When there was no response to his inquiry he entered the apartment, closing the door, thinking they had stepped out to pick up the Chinese food. He took off his jacket and dropped it on the chair as he went into the kitchen to get something to drink. Hearing a whimpered moan he froze in his tracks. His mind racing, ” Was that Marie’s voice?” He quickly reversed his course, worried that something might be wrong. As he walked down the hall toward Marie’s bedroom he heard the moan again. It definitely was not a painful sound but rather one he recognized as Marie’s sound right before she orgasmed.

Immediately he smiled thinking about Marie laid on her bed masturbating. That mental image soon vanished as he heard another voice, female, moaning in response to Marie’s. Earl, now somewhat confused followed the sounds. They grew louder as he neared Lynn’s bedroom door. “Were they both masturbating together?” he wondered.

Pausing outside the bedroom door he listened more intently. Hearing more moans and sucking sounds from the bedroom. Unable to resist the temptation he slowly inched the door open, very quietly. The sight that greeted Betturkey Giriş his eyes was fantastic.

There on the bed were two beautiful woman, locked in a 69 position feasting on each other’s pussies. Marie was on her back, her hips bucking up to grind again Lynn’s mouth. He knew by her breathing she was close to orgasm. His body responded to the sights and sounds by his cock becoming instantly hard and throbbing. In the dim light he could see Marie’s cheeks wet from Lynn’s cum as Marie arched her back and screamed, “Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming!”

He watched Lynn as she sucked and licked Marie’s pussy. He could hear the sucking sounds as Lynn’s mouth enjoyed the sweet taste he had come to enjoy recently. As he continued to watch his hand began to rub his rock hard cock through his jeans. The sight of the women eagerly eating each other’s pussies was an incredible turn on for him. As he stroked his cock, Lynn began grinding her pussy down on Marie’s face as she humped and yelled, “Oh fuck! Eat me! Make me cum! Yes, yes yes!”

Lynn turned her head slightly, she saw Earl standing in the door of her bedroom. She immediately noticed he was rubbing the extended bulge in front of his jeans and she smiled through her sexual haze.

Marie felt her friend stop moving and asked. “What’s wrong?”

Lynn chuckled as she moved off Marie to the side of the bed and said, “We have company.”

Marie’s eyes flew to the door, seeing Earl standing there. Instantly she paled, her eyes grew wide in horror of what she knew he had just witnessed. “Oh my God!” she gasped.

Earl quickly moved to the bed and leaned down to kiss Marie’s wet lips, tasting Lynn’s juices on her. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful than the two of you eating each other.” He told her. He looked over at Lynn, whose own face was wet from Marie’s cum and he smiled.

Lynn knew acceptance when she saw it as she reached out to dip her fingers into Marie’s still very wet pussy. She brought her hand up to Earl’s mouth offering him her fingers. He held her wrist as he sucked and licked the cum from her fingers. Marie watched mesmerized by what she saw.

Lynn smiled at Marie and then at Earl. “Hon, I don’t think you have to worry about telling him about us anymore.” She said. Then turning to Earl she laughed, “You are very over dressed. Care to join us?” She then lowered her mouth back to Marie’s pussy and began licking at her clit.

Earl stood as he watched his girlfriend being licked and sucked by her room mate. His cock was still hard and throbbing as he removed his clothes. Once he was naked he laid down on the other side of Marie and began kissing her, tasting again Lynn’s cum on her mouth. As Lynn continued to suck at Marie’s clit, Earl moved his mouth licking and kissing a trail to Marie’s erect nipples where he began to suck them as he watched Lynn’s mouth on Marie’s pussy. Soon Marie was lost in the sensation of another intense orgasm as she flooded her friend’s face again with her cum.

Earl moved, repositioning himself so he could begin licking and tasting Marie’s wet cum soaked pussy. Lynn moved to straddle her knees over Marie’s head offering her pussy to Marie as Earl began to feast on Marie’s pussy.

Marie reached up to pull Lynn’s pussy down over her own mouth. Her tongue reaching and probing deeply into her wet vagina. Lynn’s hands were busy caressing and pinching her own nipples as she watched Earl eat Marie. Soon both woman were moaning and panting as they pushed toward orgasm. First Lynn was yelling and grinding down on Marie’s mouth. “Yes, eat me! Fuck yes I’m cumming!” Within seconds Marie was crying out also. “Oh fuck! Yes! Suck my clit hard! I’m cumming!” as her body released a flow of sweet pussy juice that washed Earl’s eager mouth and face.

Marie raised up and moved to position herself over Earl. She eagerly reached out and wrapped her hand around his cock, feeling it throb and jerk at her touch. As she began stroking him, she leaned down to lick the precum dripping from his cock. Earl moaned and leaned back to enjoy her mouth on his cock. Marie’s hand stroked his shaft holding it high against his stomach as he felt her hot mouth begin to lick and suck at his balls.

Allowing the couple to enjoy each other, Lynn laid back to watch Marie as she stroked and sucked Earl hard throbbing cock. Lynn leaned back against the pillows and began to finger her own pussy.

Marie licked and sucked the head of Earl’s cock as Betturkey Güncel Giriş her hand moved up and down the shaft now wet with a combination of her saliva and his precum. Her other hand gently squeezed and caressed his balls as she knew he liked her to do. Wanting to feel that hard cock inside her, Marie swung her leg over Earl’s body. Holding his cock in her hand she guided him into her wet pussy as she lowered herself onto his cock.

His hands held her waist as she faced away from him, he felt the hot wetness of her pussy surround and hold his cock. She moved her hips grinding down on his hard cock buried deep inside her. Earl’s hands moved to gently caress and cup the rounded globes of Marie’s ass as he began helping her to ride his cock. His fingers squeezing as he felt her pussy muscles gripping his cock. Faster she fucked his cock. Lynn moved in front of Marie and began to suck at her hard nipples as Earl’s cock moved in and out of her pussy. Marie reached down with her one hand to again hold Earl’s balls as her other hand reached out and she began to finger fuck Lynn’s pussy.

Earl watched his cock as it disappeared again and again into Marie’s pussy. His thumb pressed against her puckered ass. Sliding his hand down between their bodies he wet his hand in Marie’s copious pussy juices. He then pressed his thumb again over her puckered ass, letting it slip into her ass. Marie moaned louder, he started fucking her ass with his thumb as she rode his cock harder and faster.

“Oh Fuck, I’m going to cum on your cock!” Marie screamed as she orgasmed sending a flood of cum washing down over Earl’s cock and dripping onto his balls. After she had calmed from her orgasm Earl suggested that she pay a little more attention to Lynn.

“I’d love to watch you eat her again Baby.” He told her. So Lynn laid back against the pillows, opening her thighs to Marie. Marie moved on her knees between Lynn’s spread legs and lowered her mouth to suck on her friend’s wet pussy.

Earl watched the woman, loving what he saw. Two beautiful woman enjoying sex together. He moved behind Marie and began to lick and kiss the rounded cheeks of her ass as she devoured Lynn’s pussy sending Lynn into another screaming orgasm. Earl’s tongue began to lick and probe the puckered opening of Marie’s ass. She moaned as she felt the warm wet licks of his tongue on her.

Turning her attention momentarily away from Lynn’s pussy she told Earl. “Fuck my ass please.” Then went back to sucking Lynn’s hard clit. Earl moved up closer behind Marie. His cock still wet with her cum he gently pressed the head against her puckered opening. Immediately, Marie pushed back against his cock as the head slipped into her ass.

Slowly he pressed forward as she pushed back. He watched his cock slip all the way into her ass. He held her hips against his thighs loving the feel of her hot tight ass encircling his throbbing cock. Earl started moving slowly in and out of Marie’s ass as he watched her greedily eating Lynn’s pussy. Lynn had one hand on the back of Marie’s head holding her against her pussy as her other hand pinched and twisted her own nipples.

Loving the feel of Earl’s cock fucking her ass, Marie reached under her body to begin rubbing hard at her own throbbing clit. She pushed back hard to meet Earl’s forward thrust. She squeezed her ass tighter around his cock hearing him moan when she did.

Soon Lynn was bucking wildly under Marie’s mouth as she screamed and yelled, “Fucking eat me! I’m cumming!” Marie drank deeply of the juices that flowed from Lynn’s pussy.

Marie now alternated between finger fucking her own pussy and rubbing her cum soaked fingers over her engorged throbbing clit. Feeling Earl’s hard cock fucking in and out of her ass as she did. Marie was next to scream as she orgasmed sending a rush of cum that Earl could feel wet his balls as he thrust against her ass. “Oh yes! Fuck my ass I’m cumming!” Marie yelled.

Earl felt Marie’s ass grip and squeeze his cock in her ass. “You keep that up and you’re going to make me cum in your ass.” He hissed out between clenched teeth.

“Yes, I want you to, I want to feel your cock throb as you cum in my ass.” Marie panted.

Earl knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. “You got it Baby. I’m cumming…right now!” he growled as he pumped again and again his hot cum deep into her tight ass.

The three collapsed sweaty and exhausted on the bed together. The room filled with the sound of panting breaths and the smell of sex. Earl laid down next to Marie as she laid next to Lynn.

“Earl,” Marie began. “I didn’t know how to tell you I was bisexual.”

Hearing Marie’s statement Lynn began to chuckle as she said, “Earl, I don’t know how to tell you I left the door unlock on purpose.”

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