Angel really liked Soyeon. So much so that after their breakup people could tell she was heartbroken. Her coworkers picked up on it, her friends, and even some of her neighbours. A bunch of girls came up with the idea to allow Angel to forget about her temporary flame. So they hired an escort.

Nina has been doing this work for a while now, but as much experience she had under her belt, she was still a mid-tier escort with mid-tier clientele. Perhaps what made her stand out was the fact that she worked a lot for women, and she had a lot of experience when it came to female pleasure. This made her semi-popular in her field of work. But a lot of her clientele still consisted of men that just liked the idea of her getting with women. She stopped counting the amount of times she was paid to be a unicorn for some couple. The truth is that she had bills to pay, and in this harsh world she had to do anything to pay them.

Never has she expected to stand in front of a celebrity for a job. The person that hired her told her that she would be working for someone famous tonight, but she didn’t expect someone this famous. I mean, Angel was a superstar. A mega star, if you may say so. A name well-deserving considering her angelic voice, that could blend in well with so many genres. Angel was known for being versatile; her discography had at least a few songs for everybody, no matter what your preference was. And Nina was a fan too, but she wasn’t going to admit that. She had to be professional.

Angel escort london opened the door to see an unfamiliar face. ‘Can I help you?’ She asked. Nina nodded ‘yeah, I was sent by your friends – what were their names again? Lily? Savannah? – to give you something.’

‘Give me what?’ Angel looked at her confused.

‘A good night.’ Nina gave her a card that Angel’s friends had written on for her. The card read: ‘Angel, we think you need a little flame to heal your heartbreak, please accept her advances.’ Angel wasn’t an idiot, she knew this meant that Nina was an escort. Any other day, she would’ve said no. Perhaps it was the disappointment of being abandoned by someone she liked, the heartbreak of a flame that died down too soon, but she decided to accept Nina’s services for tonight.

‘Come inside.’ Nina was escorted inside and given a quick tour of the living room, kitchen, and most importantly; the bedroom. She was offered food and or drinks but she turned it down saying: ‘I would like to eat afterwards, thank you.’

‘Hmm,’ the air was filled with Angel’s moans. Nina was engaging with a sensitive spot, and she was evidently good at it. Angel put her hand on Nina’s head to help her apply more pressure on the clit and the surrounding areas. Nina swirled her tongue as she did what she was signed to do. ‘Ahh,’ judging by these sounds, she was doing a good job.

Angel was enjoying herself. She missed the feeling of being eaten out by someone that was good dubai escorts at it. in the midst of her moans and whimpers, she briefly thought of her past love. It felt weird to think of it as past love. It wasn’t even a month ago that she was in this exact same spot, eating Soyeon out.

It was Soyeon’s first time having sex with a girl, or having sex at all. Coming from a conservative background, she felt like she was doing something wrong. But her body was saying otherwise: every time Angel’s tongue piercing hit her clit, she would moan involuntarily. The sensation was overwhelming. So much so that the blood would gush to her vulva when Angel teased her. Even when she was in the studio, or outside in a park, or in the store. All Angel had to do was touch her very lightly, with the tip of her fingers dragging on the skin of her shoulder and neck. Then Angel’s hands would rest on her face, holding it in place as she went for a kiss. At this point, all she could focus on was the tingling and throbbing in her vulva. Almost as if it were yearning to be touched, demanding love and attention. But she wouldn’t have to hold on for long, because Angel’s fingers are already on their way to tease her into a climax.

Angel had to bring herself back. She would never move on if she kept thinking about her ex. Besides, she never really received back what she put into that past, short-lived relationship. It wasn’t that Soyeon was a pillow princess, it was that she was disgusted by the act of having Escort Dubai sex with a girl. Soyeon never said this out loud, but Angel could tell regardless. It was in the way that Soyeon never felt any type of excitement to discover Angel’s body, the same way Angel was excited to touch Soyeon. Even when Angel gave her hints to touch her, she never took these hints, except for one time. She was very hesitant, and frankly disgusted. It seemed like she didn’t want to touch a girl’s private parts, let alone licking and sucking it. Even if Angel loved Soyeon, she couldn’t help but feel hurt by this.

Perhaps this escort, whom she didn’t know the name of she just realised, could give her what she yearned for. A deeply sexual experience without hesitation.

Nina was still at it with the licking and sucking. Angel’s moans stopped briefly, probably due to zoning out. Nina was familiar with this type of behaviour. It wasn’t the first time she was hired to quicken the process of moving on. She sees her clients think about past flames while engaging with her all the time. Most manage to climax by imagining her as the one they truly yearn for. This celebrity seems to be like the rest of her clients.

But then Angel changed her position by sitting, still holding Nina’s head with her hand. Her moans continued, this time louder and more intense. Nina briefly looked at her.

‘You’re doing amazing, I’m almost there,’ Angel said. Nina put slightly more pressure. It seemed like this client of hers loved it. She continued, and continued, until she felt the burst of an orgasm. she felt her shaking, and a loud intense moan escaped Angel. She gripped Nina’s head harder as she orgasmed, and these few seconds felt like heaven on earth.

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