Anna’s Little Girl


“What the fuck?” Anna exclaimed, looking at her son on her bed who was wearing her lingerie, her lace black bra, and her matching panties.

Earlier today, it had been a day like any other. Jace had been on his computer, browsing through the same category of porn that had interested him since he first stumbled upon it a few months ago: sissy porn. When Jace first saw a man dressing up in women’s clothing and being taken advantage of and treated like a girl by other men, he was initially confused and appalled. How could doing stuff like that possibly turn anyone on? Despite his reasoning, Jace kept coming back to similar videos and erotica, even fantasizing about being in the sissy’s position, down on his knees sucking the cocks of superior men. It didn’t help that with Jace’s long auburn hair,, modest four inch cock (at best), tall lithe form, and plump bubble butt, he was just a few steps away from being considered an actual woman!

So about a month ago, Jace finally took matters into his own hands. When his mother, Anna, and his father, Seth, had left for work, Jace walked into her room and looked through her clothes. He picked out a lace red thong and a matching bra and decided to try them on. At first Jace was surprised at the softness these garments provided and with a clear bulge sticking out and making a tent out of the panties, he blushed and sighed, thinking he looked a little silly. However, the more he looked at the large mirror in his mother’s room, the more turned on he became at the sight of him in lingerie. After a few moments he was parading himself in front of his mother’s mirror, quite pleased with how he looked in women’s clothing. This became a weekly routine for Jace until one fateful day.

When Jace awoke, he looked around to see if his parents had gone to work and was thoroughly convinced they had. So without another moment’s pause, he quickly headed into her room to try on his favorite outfit. However, Jace failed to hear that the shower in the bathroom was running in his eagerness to fulfill his fetish and so didn’t know that Anna had taken the day off.

With an hourglass frame, a taut stomach that came from daily exercise and proper dieting, full D-cup breasts, and long flowing blonde hair, Anna was the one that everyone in the room was naturally drawn to. Even more so, she was aware of this fact and used it to her advantage however she could. Her sharp intellect and domineering presence transcended her public life and extended to the private sphere of her life as well as she did her best to put her son on the right paths in life. After all, he was still just a boy, even if he was in college- he still needed guidance from those who have lived a little more!

Casting those thoughts aside, Anna turned off the water for her shower and donned a thin satin robe after drying herself off. Walking to her room, she could have sworn she heard a small thump coming from behind the door, but dismissed it a moment later. Probably just her imagination. Still with the lights off Anna walked over to her closet, picking out some things to wear for the day. However, as she sat down, she noticed a large shape on the bed. Screaming, she jumped up and turned on the lights to be greeted with the sight of her son in her clothes! Even more so, they were her favorite items of clothing to wear! How dare he try them on?

“What the fuck?” Anna exclaimed, becoming more angry than surprised as the seconds ticked by. Jace scrambled to his feet and just stood there like with his mother’s undergarments on, blushing furiously. He opened his mouth to speak but was absolutely lost for words. He was absolutely a deer in the headlights and completely unable to form a coherent sentence.

After a few moments of silence, he managed to string together some words that barely made sense. “I thought…you…work…”

Anna still stared at him with her mouth agape, watching him struggle to try and make an excuse for himself. As she looked, she couldn’t help noticing how he really filled out the outfit. She noticed the curves in his body and how her panties really made Jace’s ass pop! Suddenly an idea came to her, perhaps her most depraved one but also her most brilliant. After getting her fill of Jace standing and stammering, she looked into his clear green eyes and curtly said “Enough. Stop talking.”

Jace promptly shut up as Anna walked up to him with a stern look on her face like he had never seen before. He felt as small as a bug as she looked down at him and at that moment, Anna didn’t think of him as much better. “So, are outfits like that what you wear me and your father aren’t home?” Anna asked softly. Jace meekly nodded, looking downward.

Anna raised her voice and added thinly controlled edge to it. “How about you actually look at me, you little sissy? Or do you not even have the balls to do that?” Jace quickly brought his head up, looking into her steely hazel eyes. Anna let the edge go from her voice for the moment. “That’s better. Now actually use your words this time. Do you wear outfits istanbul escort like this when your father and I aren’t at home?”

Jace nodded once more. “Yes I do. I love wearing them.” he said quietly, his voice quivering with fear and anticipation. After a moment his eyes started to drift slowly downward as he openly ogled his mother’s nude form. Anna quickly took notice and put her hands on her hips, looking at her son indignantly. “Like what you see?” Jace didn’t say anything but the steadily growing bulge in the panties he was wearing was enough of an answer for her.

Anna simply nodded her head and turned away from him. Going to her dresser, she grabbed her phone and pushed a few buttons before holding it up to her ear. Jace was about to ask her what she was doing but before he even got a word out, Anna turned to him and snarled “You shut your fucking mouth!” Jace put his head back down, sitting on the edge of the bed, still in his mother’s clothes.

After a few rings Anna’s husband Seth picked up. “Hey! How are you doing?” he answered in his rich baritone voice.

“I’m doing alright. But you need to come home right now. It’s an emergency.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

Anna looked to Jace briefly. “It’s probably easier just to show you. Just get home in a few minutes, ok?”

“Say no more. I’ll be over in a bit.”

Anna ended the call and turned back to Jace with the slightest hint of a smile. “Your father is gonna be home in a few minutes.”

Jace’s mouth opened as he once again as he struggled once again to find the words he wanted. “Y-you’re gonna tell him?” he asked her, his brows furrowing as his hands clenched into two fists.

Anna’s smile widened, her eyes twinkling with amusement. “Hell yeah I am. You think I’m gonna pass up an opportunity like this to have a little fun?”

“You can’t do that!” Jace exclaimed, his voice slowly rising.

Anna quickly walked over to her son and reeled her hand back before winding it across his face, earning a resounding slap! Before Jace had any time to react, Anna wrapped one of her hands around Jace’s throat and started fondling his little cock through the soft fabric of the panties he was wearing. Jace tried to pry her hand from off his throat but she was stronger than she looked and with his wiry frame, she was simply more physically capable then him. “Don’t you dare tell me what I can and can’t do in my own house, you little bitch.” Anna forced Jace down to his knees as he struggled for breath and began to whisper in his ear. “This is your place. Right here, on the floor. You think you have a say in this? You don’t. From the moment you were born, I owned you and I also own these.” She gave Jace’s balls a very hard squeeze, earning a raspy groan of pain from him. Suddenly she released her grip and stood up, watching Jace gasp for breath on all fours at her feet. She put on her devious grin again before innocently asking “And by the way, if you aren’t enjoying this, then why is your cock so hard, hmm?” Her son looked down in embarrassment as the tent between his legs confirmed what he was saying. “Now just get on the bed and sit like a good slut until daddy comes home.” He gave a hopeless glance toward Anna before obeying her and climbed on her bed, looking down at his fists clenched in his lap.

Seth pulled into the driveway of his house and looked at himself quickly in the mirror, making sure his short-length rust-colored hair hasn’t too unkempt and that he at least smelled nice. Usually when Anna called him back home, it meant something good more than bad. One of the perks of his job was that he could leave at moment’s notices like this from time to time so it wasn’t too bad that he left.

Seth was very much like Anna in that he kept up his appearance with a good amount of exercise, in and outside of the bedroom, and despite beginning to experience the trials and tribulations of being a middle-aged man, he had a very active sex drive that didn’t show any signs of slowing down. One contrasting detail between himself and Anna, however, was how submissive Seth was. It was clear from early on in their relationship that Anna would be wearing the pants and making the big decisions while Seth “just stood around and looked pretty” as Anna often said with a laugh. Seth didn’t mind though- he loved their dynamic as it was and it made him feel appreciated and valued that someone like Anna wanted to be with someone like him. Her sexual adventurous spirit, especially when it came to sex, also helped to keep things fresh and interesting so when Seth walked into the house, he shouldn’t have expected anything too surprising.

“Hey, what did you-” Seth stopped dead in his tracks as he walked into his and Anna’s room to find a sight he thought he’d never ever see. There on his bed was his son in his mother’s bra and panties! And there was Anna beside him, completely naked with a huge smile on her face. She and Jace simply stared at Seth, waiting for him to respond. He couldn’t help noticing how Jace looked in those items esenyurt escort of clothing, as if they were made for him. Even the noticeable bulge his cock was making was somehow uniquely feminine and it didn’t help that Jace’s ass managed to look so good in them…wait. When did that happen?

Eventually Seth spoke. “I…have to be dreaming.”

Anna stood up and slinked her way over to Seth, running a single finger down the middle of his chest while giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “No, this isn’t a dream, Seth. Our son,” she turned to Jace. “is a little sissy whore who gets off looking like a girl.” At this accusation, Jace’s cheeks once again turned a shade of scarlet as movement started to occur and his bulge became noticeably larger. “Look! He even gets off on being treated like a girl as well!”

Seth took a step back, breathing heavily. “Anna, why are you showing me this?”

Anna walked over to a rosewood cabinet and opened it, revealing a very large assortment of sex toys and bondage equipment, retrieving several handcuffs before walking to Jace and seizing one of his hands, snapping one of the cuffs over his wrist. “Hey! What are you doing?” he cried. Anna didn’t answer right away; instead she focused on her job, slapping Jace’s hands away whenever he tried to interfere. Within a few seconds Anna had handcuffed her son’s wrists to her bedpost while Seth simply stood, watching the scene before him and feeling himself becoming harder by the second. A few more seconds passed and Anna also restrained Jace’s ankles to the other two posts before walking back over to Seth and starting to unbutton his shirt.

“Anna, what are you doing?” Seth asked, taking another step back.

Anna walked towards him, her voice once again becoming thinly veiled steel. “I’m teaching our son a lesson, Seth. We both are.” She continued unbuttoning his shirt and let it fall to the floor. She turned back to Jace with a smirk. “Since you like being a girl so much, maybe you’ll like to be fucked like one too. And who else should do it other than Seth?”

“No!” Seth and Jace shouted in unison.

Anna raised her eyebrows before putting her face less than an inch away from Seth’s before asking in a very quiet voice “I’m sorry, did you just say no to me?”

Seth swallowed, visibly nervous. “N-no I didn’t. That’s n-n-not what I meant at-”

Anna put a single finger on his lips, shutting him up for the moment. “I’m not asking, Seth. You are going to do this or not only will I put you in chastity for a year, I will make sure to edge for at least two hours every single day and ruin every one of your orgasms during that time.” Seth looked in her eyes and it took everything he had for his knees not to buckle right then and there. “Don’t try me, Seth. I’m not telling you again. You will fuck our little whore of a son right now.”

After a moment, Seth let out a deep sigh. “Ok, fine. I’ll do it.” He said, unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants and boxers, revealing a proudly hanging 8 inch vein-covered cock.

Anna let out a little chuckle, reaching down and giving his cock a few strokes. “See, look. You’re enjoying this and you know it.” Aside from a few moans, Seth made no other noises and simply stepped over to where Jace lay, his cock growing even harder despite his reservations about the situation.

Jace struggled against his bonds, tears beginning to form in his eyes. “No, please! You can’t do this!”

Anna let out a harsh laugh. “I can do whatever the hell I please! And for starters, I think I’ll give you a new name to go along with your slutty look. What do you think, Seth?” Seth simply looked at Jace like a piece of meat, giving a noncommittal grunt. Anna continued, saying “Well I think you’d look perfect as our little Eve.” She stuck a finger in her mouth, making sure to coat it with a generous amount of her saliva before pulling Jace’s panties aside and shoving a finger in his ass up to the knuckle.

Jace groaned in surprise and tried to pull away but it was no use struggling against his handcuffs. He felt a burning sensation and felt like he was splitting in two as he continued to shed his tears. “Please…please stop!” he continued to beg to Anna.

Anna simply rolled her eyes and continued to finger her son, using her other hand to take his cock out of his panties and began to stroke it slowly. “You know you love it, Eve. If you didn’t then you wouldn’t be hard and there wouldn’t be any precum leaking out of your tiny cock.” Anna watched Jace writhe and moan in pleasure while Seth continued to watch as his wife continued stretching his son’s ass to be fucked. After about a minute, Anna added in another finger, making a scissoring motion and opening up Jace’s hole even more. “Just relax Eve. If you don’t then this whole experience will just be all the more painful.” Still, Jace continued to beg and protest.

Finally Anna took both fingers out and looked at Jace with an annoyed expression. “Seth, Eve is making too much noise. etiler escort Go over there and stuff your cock in her mouth to shut her up.”

Seth obeyed his wife, walking over and taking Jace’s long hair in one hand, pulling his head down while he shoved the first few inches of his cock into his son’s mouth. Anna resumed fingering Jace’s ass and stroking his cock and smiled sweetly at him and saying “Relax your throat, honey. All good sluts know how to deepthroat their daddy’s cock and I certainly won’t have you being the exception.” Jace only moaned in response and tried to get away but it was no use with Seth’s hand holding his head in place.

Suddenly Jace’s hips bucked upwards wildly and Jace’s moans became even louder. Anna ceased fingering and stroking Jace, pulling her hands back and making a little gasp. “Eve! You were just about to cum, weren’t you?” she asked in mock surprise. She stood watching Seth groaning in pleasure and fucking Jace’s face for a few moments before continuing. “We can’t have that, can we?” Anna purred, walking over to her husband.

“She’s a good little cocksucker, isn’t she?” Anna whispered huskily. “Our little slutty daughter.” Seth didn’t answer but started thrusting more ferociously into Jace’s mouth, burying the whole of his shaft inside his throat for a few moments before resuming. Anna’s hands roamed Seth’s body as she kissed the back of his neck before whispering “I wanna see you fuck her pussy, baby. I want you to breed our little girl.”

Seth swallowed and pulled his cock out of Jace’s mouth, looking at Anna helplessly. She could tell he wanted to protest but he obviously knew better. Seth walked to the end of the bed where Jace’s legs were spread and closed his eyes before plunging half of his cock into Jace in one swift motion. Jace let out a scream of pleasure as Anna climbed onto the bed and spread her legs above Jace. “You’re making too much noise.” she sneered before lowering her pussy onto Jace’s mouth while lightly stroking his cock, letting off whenever Jace’s moans got louder or his cock started throbbing more than usual.

Anna looked to Seth and noticed he had his eyes closed and gave him an amused smirk. ‘Guess he just needs some time to get used to the change.’ she thought, looking down as Jace’s face. “That’s it baby, be a good girl and eat mommy’s pussy. Show me how much you love being my little whore.” Anna could see tears in Jace’s eyes but his licking became more vigorous as the moments passed, earning him several moans from his mother as she moved her hips back and forth and watched Seth get lost in the moment.

His groans became louder and louder and his body took on a thin sheen of sweat as he relentlessly pounded Jace’s ass. “You love it, don’t you?” Anna asked Jace sweetly, climbing off the bed and putting her face less than an inch away from her son’s. “You love being my little sissy slut, Eve. I know you do.” Jace simply looked at her, too enveloped in his lust to respond. “Say you love being my whore.” Anna whispered. “If you do, I just might let you cum.” Jace’s eyes widened and that was when Anna knew she had him. She knew he’d do anything for that release, or say anything for that matter.

“I’m your little whore!” Jace said, crying as he spoke. The words felt like poison to say but he just couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m a sissy who loves taking cock up her ass!” If anything this caused Seth to fuck Jace even harder as he grabbed his son’s legs for leverage and thrust like a wild animal, letting out several bestial grunts to match before screaming and burying his cock in Jace’s ass as he shot load after creamy load of snow white cum into Jace’s hole. Seth thrust a few more times into Jace’s ass, gasping and panting before finally pulling out as his own cum began to leak out of his son’s hole.

Anna quickly went back to the rosewood cabinet and retrieved a large buttplug and unceremoniously shoved it into Jace’s ass to replace his father’s cock. “Who knows, with all that cum inside you, you might get pregnant!” she said glibly. Jace’s cock still throbbed, the tip taking on an almost purplish hue as Jace struggled against his bonds once again. “Oh, no no no.” Anna teased before leaving the room and going to the fridge to retrieve some ice cubes. Returning to her son, she promptly dumped the ice onto and around Jace’s cock as he let out a surprised cry and his cock began to shrink back to its modest length. Anna then retrieved a pink chastity cage from her cabinet and quickly locked her son’s cock into it.

Jace continued to quietly weep at the revelation that he wasn’t getting the released he had so hoped for. “Why?” he croaked.

Anna laughed harshly at the broken mess on her bed. “Because I felt like it. Besides, I said I might let you cum. I made no promises.” She walked over to Jace, still handcuffed to her bed and leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Now be a good girl and just lie here for a while. We aren’t done yet, not by a long shot.” Anna went to her dresser and grabbed a fresh pair of panties before rubbing her pussy all over them and stuffing them in Jace’s mouth. “See you later.” she said slyly, grabbing Seth’s hand and leading him out of their room as Jace continued to fight against the handcuffs, yelling in frustration and anguish through the panties in his mouth.

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