Apparently Word had Gotten Out…


Apparently, word on me had gotten out very quickly!

I moved with my mom to a much smaller town than where I had grown up. Dad had been gone for years, but mom had a great job and we lived in a nice home. She came home from work one day and told me that her company was transferring her to a different unit and that we would have to move.

I didn’t want to, but she explained that many companies were downsizing and she was just happy to have a job. The move was going to be for a promotion, and it was a smaller town, the company would help sell our home and we could afford a much nicer home in the more rural area. It all happened fast and soon we arrived in Podunk…it was a nice town, but I figured I’d be bored.

Mom had to be at work the day after we arrived! We stayed in a motel with a pool, and I liked that a lot, this town was in a warmer climate than where we had come from.

Since I was now 18 I had convinced Mom to save money and let me drive the U-Haul and she drove the car. She had hired three men to help me unload the truck and place the heavy furniture, so I drove the truck to the new house I hadn’t seen before, and was amazed that it had a pool too!

I arrived at the appointed time at the new house, and within five minutes a pickup pulled up and three of the hottest men I’ve ever laid eyes on, jumped out to greet me. I almost couldn’t speak they were so hot.

Fred bayburt escort the biggest guy seemed to be in charge and walked up, and introduced himself with a “very” firm handshake. I was getting boned just looking at these hot men!

We opened the truck and opened the house and they started working. It was a warm day and Fred asked since there were no women present if it was okay for them to take their shirts off! I was all for that and immediately peeled mine too! I’m no slouch as I play a lot of sports and work out, but these guys were in a totally different league.

We placed the living room and dining room furniture first, then the next off the truck was the stuff for my bedroom. Fred and I started moving it in and he complimented me on some of my gear and electronics. I did really like this house as my room even had a private bath, an alcove for my desk and comfortable chair, it was a second master bedroom suite. After moving in dressers, chest of drawers, desk and bed, Fred asked if he could use one of the bathrooms. I told him to just use mine.

I was a little surprised when he didn’t close the door and soon heard a heavy stream of piss hitting the water in the bowl. I knew I shouldn’t have, being new in town and all, but I couldn’t help myself and walked to the door to catch a glimpse. I had every intention of just walking past, escort bayburt but the scene I saw in there stopped me in my tracks!

Fred was standing sideways to the door, his tight jeans were below his big muscle butt, there was about a 6″ hang of cock tjat was shooting out a big stream of piss, his arms where up with his hands clasp behind his head, leaning back in a big stretch, which just thrust his hips showed off his ripped apbs and shoved his cock more forward. I was gawking, and frozen in place.

“Like what you see?”

“Uhm, well, yeah! You’re amazing!”

“Nice cock too, dontcha think?”


“Come on, get a closer look.”

As if in a trance, I stepped into the bathroom, and still stood there staring, his piss stream didn’t change, he smiled at me and said, “Come on, closer.”

I moved until I was standing right next to him, while his amazing piss stream continued. He put on of his hands on the top of my head and with little pressure pushed down and said, “Closer!”

I moved to my knees, his stream stopped and he turned his cock right to my face. I opened my mouth and moved forward and he said, “Yeah, I spotted you as a horny little cocksucker as soon as we pulled up. The way your eyes undressed us, I knew I was right, now suck this big cock, boy!”

I opened my mouth and took the thick head with even bayburt escort bayan the last big drop of piss hanging from the slit, this wasn’t my first rodeo and he has an amazing cock, nice full, but neatly trimmed bush and a big heavy ballsack.

When his cock was in my mouth I was just running my tongue over it feeling it pulse and swell, soon that thick 6″ er had turned into a thicker 8″ er. He put one hand on the back of my head and said, we don’t have much time, so don’t play around suck this big thing, we don’t have a lot of time!

I was moving my lips up and down the shaft, and just as I tried to deep throat it, he put his hand at the back of my head and said, “Come on cocksucker, take it all and I was amazed at how easily his thickness slipped into my throat!”

I had tears running but was loving every second of it! Fred put his hands back behind his head and started thrusting as my hands roamed his amazing body. On about the 10th trip down my throat, Fred growled, grabbed my head with both hands and fired five or six shots of thick cum straight down my throat!

He let me milk the shaft with my lips and tongue and then slowly pulled out, I got my first taste of his tangy load as the deflating head slid across my tongue. I took one long last suck on the head to get all his cum and his cock plopped out.

What surprised me was that while I was still kneeling there he turned back to the bowl and his piss stream started again, but now he was moaning as he was pissing! When he finished he patted my head, and said, “Come on cocksucker, we still have a lot of work to do, but I’ll bet we do this again, many times, and I’ll also bet that mine won’t be the only cock you suck today!”

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