Ashley’s Campaign Ch. 05


Chapter 5 Game Night

I would like to thank volunteer editor DWS1973 for his encouragement and help with the story structure.


By the time Ashley and Ryan got back to Ashley’s house after their run, it was almost noon. The late August day’s heat was building, and Ashley quickly shucked her running shoes and dove into the pool wearing just her sports bra and spanky shorts. When she surfaced, she taunted Ryan, “Come on slow poke, it feels great.”

Ryan replied, “What is this, a triathlon? If it is then, I need my bicycle.”

Ryan cannonballed into the pool next to Ashley. When he came to the surface, Ashley was already swimming laps. He was not going to let her show him up, so he tried to match her lap for lap. At first he had no trouble matching her steady pace but as she kept grinding out laps like a machine, he began to falter. Finally, he quit and rested at the end of the pool. After she had done another couple of laps, Ashley realized Ryan was through and stopped swimming, not wanting to show him up too much.

Ashley grabbed the edge of the pool a few feet away from Ryan and said, “What an awesome day! I could burst with joy!”

By then Ryan’s breathing had returned to normal. He smiled and said, “If I ever said anything disrespectful about soccer players’ conditioning, I take it back.”

Ashley laughed, “Oh so the football jocks have been talking about us behind our backs?

“Well no, but we do think we are the toughest athletes around. Now I think we may be wrong. At least you could run anyone on the football team into the ground.”

Ashley countered, “Soccer is no different from American football. If you are in good shape, then you’ll be able to make that great move when you need to, especially at the end of the game when you’ve worn the other team down.

Ashley climbed out of the pool while Ryan stared at her trim body. Ashley’s sports bra covered little more than her ample breasts. He loved Ashley’s form fitting running shorts that everyone referred to as spanky pants. They were hardly bigger than bikini bottoms and displayed the curves of Ashley’s firm ass to Ryan’s appreciative eyes. Ryan particularly appreciated that the spanky pants had ridden up and exposed most of Ashley’s ass cheeks. Ryan felt himself getting hard as he watched Ashley saunter over to the lawn and lay face down with her head resting on her tan arms.

Ryan pulled himself from the pool and lay down next to Ashley. “So I guess no bicycles then.”

Ashley laughed, “Well if you need more exercise, I’m sure Josh would let you borrow his bike. How many miles do we need to ride for a triathlon?”

Ryan said, “No really, I’m good.”

They both turned their heads as Ashley’s Dad opened the sliding door of the house and walked over to them.

Ryan said, “Oh hello Mr. Walker. What’s up?”

Robert said, “Hey please just call me Robert.”

“OK, Mr. Walker, err Robert.”

Robert said, “Ryan, I had a call from your Mom while you guys were running. Your grandmother is still in the ICU and your parents plan on staying for now. I told her we’d be glad to watch after you. So if it’s all right with you, then you can sleep in the guest room and catch your meals here. We have to make sure that Rivervale’s star quarterback is well fed and ready to play.”

“Oh, thanks, Mr. Walker, I mean Robert. I don’t want to be a bother but thought I’d be stuck with TV dinners for a while.”

“Hey no problem, I have to feed my ravenous kids anyway.”

Ryan turned to Ashley and said, “I hope it’s OK with you too.”

Ashley replied, “What could be better? I’ll be surrounded by the three men in the world that I love the most.”

Robert said, “Great then it’s settled. I have a pile of steaks marinating. I’ll get some summer vegetables and fresh picked sweet corn from the farm stand down the road. Knowing how much you guys eat, maybe I should get a couple of bags of salt potatoes too. I’ll have to ration the wine since tomorrow is Monday and you all have a full day of practice. “

Ashley said, “No rest until school starts a week from Thursday. I’m surprised they don’t have practice on the weekend.”

Ryan said, “Don’t be surprised if they don’t have us working out next Saturday and maybe Sunday too.”

Ashley said, “Really? But what about the party for the senior’s on the football team?”

Ryan replied, “Well weekend practices are usually limited so they shouldn’t interfere with a party on Saturday night. Practice Sunday would only be a few hours in the afternoon anyway.”

Robert queried, “Party?”

Ryan said, “It is a tradition that the football team captain’s host a party for the senior players the weekend before school starts. It’ll be at my place. My parents made some arrangements for a caterer and security. So even if they are not there, they said I could still host it.”

Robert said, “Well if you need any chaperones, I can always help.”

Ashley groaned. If her Dad was at the party, there was no way she’d be able to lobby the Ankara bayan escort players for their votes. At least not the way she might have to in order to compete with her hated opponent Ellen Somerfield.

Ryan was very diplomatic, “I appreciate the offer but I think you’d be pretty bored. My Dad hired a caterer and a pretty strict security firm that he uses for the bank. They will confiscate everyone’s keys at the start of the party in case someone smuggles in some alcohol. They won’t let anything happen because they like the banks business.”

Robert said, “Well it sounds like you have it covered then. Still if you want a hand, I’m available.”

Ryan said, “I think you’ll have your hands full feeding all of us.”

Robert said, “Speaking of dinner, I plan on barbecuing the steaks around 1900. Hopefully, I can fill you guys up.”

Ashley added, “And some wine?”

Robert said, “You know the rules. It’s the night before practice so you get one glass.”

Ryan said, “Well I’d better get some clothes and football gear from home. I’ll call my parents and be back before dinner.”

Robert said, “Ryan, I have to get to the farm stand before it closes. I can drive you home unless you prefer to run.”

Ryan laughed, “I think I’ve had enough running. You can drop me off and I’ll get my stuff and drive over in my car.”

As Robert and Ryan started to walk to the car, Robert said, “Oh Ashley, your campaign manager Beth called and said she needed to talk to you as soon as possible.”

Ashley said, “Thanks, Dad, guess I better call her before I shower.”

Ashley said, “Ryan say hello to your parents. I hope your grandmother is doing better.”

Ashley went into the house and stripped off her wet clothes in the bathroom. She was wondering what Beth wanted as she carelessly wandered stark naked back to her bedroom for a change of underwear.

Ashley squealed as her revelry was interrupted by an appreciative whistle from her brother. Josh had just popped out of his bedroom door to ask Ashley about Ryan’s grandmother. As a result of the hot August afternoon, Josh was clad only in his boxer shorts and sweating despite the brevity of his attire.

Josh said, “Hey I like this swim suit even better than the Brazil model. I guarantee if you wear it to the football party that you’ll get all of their votes. Hey, even I might even vote for you.”

Ashley yelled, “Sexist pig! I thought you were still at Jessica’s.” as she aimed a half-hearted karate kick at Josh’s stomach.

Josh’s karate training kicked in and he instinctively blocked Ashley’s foot. He used the force of her blow to spin Ashley to the floor. Ashley was up to the challenge and pulled Josh to the floor with her. They engaged in some spirited ground fighting and rolled around on the hallway carpet until finally Josh started laughing uncontrollably. It was all Ashley needed to pin Josh on his back. Ashley was seated straddling Josh’s stomach holding his hands beside his head. Their breathing was ragged and they were both covered in a sheen of sweat.

All Josh could see were Ashley’s full breasts quivering inches from his face as Ashley gasped for breath. Josh’s nose was filled with the smell of chlorine from the pool mixed with the aroma of a sweaty girl who had spent the day running in the sun. Josh looked up into Ashley’s eyes and saw that she was staring at him intently with lust filled eyes.

Josh slowly moved his hands away from his head lowering Ashley’s lips to his. Ashley sighed heavily before opening her mouth to his eager tongue. Ashley let go of Josh’s wrists and wrapped her arms around Josh’s neck. She moaned as Josh ran his hands firmly down her spine and cupped her supple ass cheeks. After a day in the sun with Ryan, Ashley was desperate for release. She drove her tongue into Josh’s mouth and began to rub her crotch against Josh’s hardness.

Josh brought one hand up to caress Ashley’s breast as he pushed the fingers of his other hand between the lips of Ashley’s already soaking pussy. Ashley’s whole body shuddered as Josh drove two fingers deep into her vagina. Ashley responded by urgently grinding her sex against Josh’s erection that was separated from her clit by only thin cotton boxers. Ashley became frustrated as release failed to come despite Josh’s fingers diligently working on her breast and pussy.

Ashley arched her back and begged, “Josh, please rub my clit. Oh god, please.”

Josh released Ashley’s gorgeous breast and moved his hand down between their sweaty bodies to satisfy Ashley’s request. Ashley raised her hips to give Josh access and his fingers found her grateful clit. Josh used the fingers in Ashley’s pussy to pull her body up to where he could seize one of her firm nipples in his mouth. As the rapidity of Josh’s fingers increased, Ashley found her release. Her body jerked over and over as her pussy contracted around Josh’s fingers.

Josh knew his sister had just had an orgasm, but he didn’t stop his stimulation of Ashley’s body. Ashley had to roll off Escort bayan Ankara of Josh’s body and grasp his hands to stop him. She pulled his hand out of the depths of her pussy and drew it to her chest.

Ashley looked Josh in the eyes and said, “It’s getting harder and harder to remain a virgin.”

Josh laughed and said, “Yes it is getting harder and harder.”

Ashley laughed with him when she looked down and saw that his erection was poking out of the fly of Josh’s boxers. Ashley ran her hand down Josh’s brawny chest and across his taut abdomen. She wrapped her fingers around Josh’s cock and slowly began to stroke it lightly.

Ashley focused on his cock and said, “What are we going to do with this guy? Do you have any requests?”

Josh brought his fingers that were still wet from Ashley’s pussy to her lips and said, “Well if we cannot share bodily fluids in the normal way then maybe we can share them orally.”

Ashley laughed and said, “On my god you are so nerdy, dirty, but nerdy.”

Ashley sucked Josh’s fingers into her mouth and licked the musky fluids from them. Ashley twisted around and freed Josh’s erection from his boxers. She grasped the base of his cock and lowered her mouth over the head of his cock already moist with precum.

Josh seized Ashley’s hips and dragged her pussy over his face. Josh wrapped his strong hands around the cheeks of her firm ass and moved his mouth to her sex. Ashley gasped as Josh’s mouth found her clit. Josh pushed two fingers into her eager pussy as her dampness flooded his mouth. Josh’s other hand brushed against the rosebud between the cheeks of her ass. Ashley squirmed as Josh continued to caress her anal opening. She squealed when his finger popped into her ass.

Ashley had a hard time administering to Josh’s cock with the triple assault on her sex. She had planned to torment Josh with a slow blowjob but found she could not restrain her passion. She started to pump his cock faster than she had planned. She grasped his balls with her other hand and began to massage them firmly. Her mouth bobbed furiously up and down his shaft as she took her brother’s cock deeper and deeper. Ashley started to scream as her orgasm hit, but her cry was cut short as Josh released his sperm deep in his sister’s throat. Ashley sobbed as her body trembled with release from her orgasm. She sucked the last of her brother’s cum from his quivering cock before collapsing onto Josh’s sweat covered body.

Josh recovered first and pulled his sobbing sister into his arms. They lay on the hallway floor cuddling as Ashley gradually calmed. Their peaceful repose was cut short from the throaty exhaust note from their Dad’s Porsche.

Ashley sprung up and dashed for the bathroom. She yelled over her shoulder, “Dibs on the shower.”

They ate outside on the patio to enjoy one of the last warm evenings of the summer. Ryan and Josh seemed to be in an eating competition. Ashley and her Dad lagged behind and eventually gave up. A breeze started as the sun set on the hills across Rivervale valley. The lights in the town began to wink on one by one. Ashley’s gaze wandered over the sunset as she relaxed in her chair feeling full and content. It had been a perfect day and she was encircled by the three most important men in her life.

Robert said, “Ashley, how is your campaign going?”

Ashley exclaimed. “Oh my god, I forgot to call Beth! I’ll be right back.”

Robert didn’t allow cell phones at the dinner table so Ashley had to run back to her room.

“Hey Beth, sorry I didn’t call earlier but I got distracted by a house full of men.”

Beth responded, “Ashley, I hate to disturb your Sunday, but something came up that you need to address tonight. Emily wants you to talk at the LGBT Alliance meeting on Tuesday. I know it’s not a big group, but even ten or twelve votes could be crucial. A lot of the Alliance members don’t care about the election, but Emily is trying to get them to take a position. Your opponent is a known homophobe and Emily would like to make a statement about the importance of the LGBT. She considers you a good friend and knows you are sympathetic to the LGBT cause. It should be easy to win them over. They all know that you are good friends with Emily.”

“Hey, I’d do anything for Emily especially if you think it’s a good move. When and where?”

“It’s at Emily’s house around 8 tomorrow night.”

“Oh, good that works. I can’t be out late on a practice night. I’ll call Emily and let her know.”

After chatting some more with Beth, Ashley returned to the patio to find her Dad serving bread pudding with hard sauce.

Ashley said, “Awesome desert Dad, just when I didn’t think the day could get any better.”

Ryan and Josh both smiled at Ashley as everyone relaxed in their chairs thinking about the best part of their day.

Robert said, “OK everyone, eat up because it is getting late and I promised the football coach I’d have his guys in bed by 2100.”

The kids all groaned. Ashley said, “Really the Bayan escort Ankara coach? You talked to the coach?”

Robert replied, “Of course. He knew about Ryan’s grandmother and wanted to make sure his quarterback was in good hands. I had to promise. So according to my watch you guys have about a half an hour to get settled in bed.”

Ashley was not ready for her perfect day to end. She had hoped for some alone time with Ryan, but her Dad was unstoppable.

Robert said, “OK everyone carry something into the kitchen and then I’ll show Ryan to the guest room. Just so you know I’m serious about my promise to the coach, I’ll be patrolling the halls.”

Ashley rolled her eyes and said, “Oh my god, seriously?”

Robert just said, “Try me.”

Monday was filled with yet another grueling practice. A heavy summer thunderstorm around noon turned the practice fields to mud. As soon as the storm cleared the coaches sent the players back out to finish practice. The football coach kept his players late to make up for the delay. Luckily Robert had dinner ready early and Ashley hurried to Emily’s after wolfing down an impossibly large dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Since Ashley was driving to Emily’s meeting, her Dad had restricted her to water.

Most of the LGBT Alliance was already at the meeting in one of the member’s home by the time Ashley rushed up to the door. When the door opened, Ashley was surprised to see Emily’s tear stained face.

Emily threw herself into Ashley’s arms sobbing her heart out. Ashley held her friend tight. Over Emily’s trembling shoulder, Ashley could see several members of the Alliance standing in the door. Some had concerned expressions, but most of them were frowning as they stood with folded arms.

Emily managed to choke out a few words in between wracking sobs, “Mary, oh god Mary, no, no, no.”

Ashley assumed the worst, “Emily is Mary hurt? I can drive you to the hospital.”

Emily sobbed out, “No, oh god no it’s worse. Mary left me for Ellen.”

“What, why? Ellen isn’t into girls. That makes no sense.”

Emily cried, “Mary has been in love with Ellen since we were all little girls. I thought she was over Ellen a long time ago, but Ellen started hitting on Mary today at the library. I think Ellen knows you and I are best friends and is using Mary to sabotage your campaign. She doesn’t care about Mary; she just wants to win.”

Any thoughts Ashley had of trying to convince the LGBT members to vote for her were replaced by her concern for her anguished friend. The group eased Emily and Ashley into the house as everyone began to talk at once. The mood of the group was dominated by anger at Ellen. One after another, they proposed ways to retaliate. After two hours, the group was beginning to lose steam when one of them suggested posting on Facebook that Ellen was a lesbian. Ashley was shocked and argued that smearing Ellen as a lesbian was counter to the fundamental goals of the LGBT Alliance. Ashley suggested that everyone should take some time to think about their response to Ellen’s act. Meanwhile, Ashley offered to drive Emily home.

Emily looked at Ashley with pain in her eyes and said, “Ashley, you don’t understand. That is not my house you’ve been dropping me off at. I’ve been staying with Mary’s family while my Mom is in rehab. My Mom lost our home because she started drinking heavily after my Dad died. I don’t have any place to stay.”

Ashley was stunned. She had never been inside Emily’s house, but she still felt foolish not knowing something so basic. Several people offered Emily a place to stay for a night or two.

Ashley said, “You can stay at my house as long as you want.”

Emily protested, “Your Dad has enough on his hands already with your Mom gone and Ryan there too. I’ll just be a burden you don’t need.”

“Nonsense Emily! You are my best friend. There is no way you’d ever be a burden to me. Come on, I insist.”

Emily looked up at Ashley and said, “OK, but only until I get things straightened out.”

Ashley said, “Come on it’s getting late and my Dad has me under a curfew during soccer practice.”

Emily grabbed her soccer bag and a backpack.

Ashley said, “Is that all you have? What about clothes?”

“My stuff is at Mary’s. I can’t bring myself to go back there.”

One of the boys volunteered that he had an SUV and could pick up Emily’s possessions tomorrow morning. Another girl offered to help and said she’d call Mary and ask her to have Emily’s stuff ready to go.

Emily said, “Thanks, I don’t think I could talk to her.”

Ashley said, “OK that works. You have your soccer clothes and I can find something for you to sleep in tonight.”

Emily tossed her bags in the tiny trunk of the Miata and they drove back to Ashley’s house. It was a warm night so the top was down on the Miata. The wind blew away Emily’s tears and she started to relax back into the contoured seat. Emily smiled at Ashley, who was focused on speeding up the hill to her house. The Miata’s tires squealed as Ashley pushed the car close to its limits.

Robert laughed when Ashley told him that Emily would be staying indefinitely. He quipped, “Well at least Emily will provide balance. We’ll have two football and two soccer players plus one cook.”

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