At the End of the Day


The day has been long and arduous, filled with taxation’s on your muscles that have left a dull throbbing ache from top to bottom. I hand you a warm mug of tea and the heat seeping into your hands from the porcelain starts a slow spreading infusion of calm that is hurried along by your sips.

My fingertips gently caress your shoulders with soft reserved pressure. Along your clavicle and up your neck then down your spine with attention paid to your shoulder blades. With each drink your body trades cold pain for a rolling heat and my touch kneads that into your torso and hips.

The smell of your skin rises from the gentle massage and sets my insides a tingle. I breathe you in slowly and the electricity of my desire surges as my need is communicated in the quickening vigor of my hands. You put down the cup of tea and recline into my arms, your pulse racing and feeding the fire that both soothes and excites you.

My lips kiss your neck and a sigh emanates from your upturned mouth. My mouth pulls on your skin and my tongue wets it with a quick brush. My arms wrap around your waist and my mouth flutters across your shoulders bahis siteleri and the top of your chest. Pressing my naked chest against your back and squeezing your hips, I growl into your clavicle and grind my lengthening arousal between your legs.

Your breath comes in heaving pants as I step back and lay you upon the bed. I raise your knees and spread your legs open, lying with my head between them. Your pubic lips are open to me now and their musk that rises to meet me is the sweetest ambrosia. The tip of my tongue takes the first taste from your swollen clit, tangy-sweet nectar that makes my body quiver with hunger.

My mouth falls hard on your mound and I lap at my prize with unchecked fervor. The flavor of your need elicits groans of pleasure from me as I feed upon you and stoke a fire nearly ready to explode.

You bite your lower lip and writhe, your hands pushing in vain at my head, fearing that the stimulation I bring you will be too much. I take your wrists in my hands and pin them to the bed with enough slack to let you struggle but not enough to free yourself from my grip. All the while my feasting canlı bahis on your sex keeps a measured pace as I listen to your breathing and soft whimpers to let me know where and how you need to be licked.

My tongue brushes your clit in long, wet strokes as your soft moans become labored cries, calling my name and begging me to keep going. You explode with a single scream as your orgasm shakes you from toes to skull and leaves the muscles in your body whispering echoes of their triumph.

Reluctant to lift my head I suck on your throbbing love button in a long kiss before allowing you to push me away with a stifled squeal. I crawl on top of you, looking down at your eyes looking up at me and my heart sings inside my chest with the belted glory of an angel’s choir.

Desire burns behind my eyes and you can feel the extension of those flames pressing against your inner thighs. With one hand you pull me inside you and then rake the nails from both hands up and down my back as our bodies fall into rhythm.

I’m lost in my passion for you, kissing and biting your neck as you dig into my flesh and whisper in my ear. At your güvenilir bahis suggestion we turn over so that you can ride my cock and control the details of my pleasure.

Your nails draw lines on my chest and teeth leave marks on my neck that makes me scream your name. My hands linger on your hips but move up and down your torso craven with their need to memorize every inch and curve.

What started as my efforts to help you relax and forget the day has become your need to hear me come, to unleash the barbaric and primal call that happens when you fuck me and squeeze the fire of my need into you.

I pull you hard against my chest, my growls panting in your ear as our hips collide in unison over and over. The weight of your body upon me is such sweet indulgence that my arms lock you there with iron strength. Each of my thrusts is met with one of your own as we crash softly into one another.

You feel me tip past the crest and you command to “come for me” as I arch my back and roar, spilling myself into your velvet glove. In the quake of my climax you rise and push your pelvis into me while biting your lower lip and smiling down at me. The look in your eyes washes over me with such love and desire that time ceases. Awestruck, I slide my fingertips across your skin and smile back. No one has ever loved anyone more than I love you.

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