Aunt Heather Helps Out Ch. 04


Heather got home late that night after the evening shift at the hospital where she worked as a nurse. The evening shift ended at midnight, by the time she got home, her husband Roger and his nephew Dan were fast asleep.

Stripping out of her uniform and depositing it in the wash, she headed for the shower, her routine after work to disinfect germs. Earlier that day she had finally fucked her husband’s nephew Dan, not once, not twice, but four fucking-completely-fulfilling times.

She felt a deep contentment, as if she had found her path in life again after wandering around like a zombie the past few years. As the hot water soothed her, she laid her hands on her stomach, willing his sperm to penetrate her egg and create that spark of life that she craved for.

Her husband Roger was a fine man, somewhat old fashioned and strict, but still a dependable, loving man. However he was unable to give her the child she wanted. After trying for a few years, and with his refusal to try medical procedures, their relationship had broken down to a routine, joyless existence.

Till Dan entered their life three months ago, living with them while attending the nearby college. Till the fortuitous turn of events that led to such wonderful sex with him.

Roger was completely unaware of her affair with Dan. Heather was sure she would get pregnant this time. The tests had indicated that she was perfectly healthy, and she was still in her mid-thirties. Roger had the low sperm count. Dan was just eighteen, his sperm should be as potent as it gets. If she kept having sex with him she would definitely be with child soon.

That led her to think about Roger. He had been quite anemic about sex lately. She would have to remedy that soon to dispel any suspicion if she got pregnant. Planning her approach, she went to bed and fell asleep right away after the long day.

Heather sank into a deep and restful slumber. She dreamed of beautiful lush green fields with flowers, birds and butterflies twittering about as she glided gracefully through. She felt young and lithe, bouncing and prancing about, her feet felt incredibly light and nimble, the knots and pains from standing and walking around all day at work melting away in her dream. As she skipped along, the grass was turning soggy and she could feel her toes getting wet.

Dan woke early that morning, but stayed awake in bed. Yesterday had been the best day in his life. He had taken his Aunt Heather in a doggy pose in the kitchen, his finger inserted in her butthole as she lifted her beautiful ass up to accommodate his entry. Aaah, what bliss! His cock was straining in a rock hard, morning erection that threatened to unload itself right then and there. He made his way to the shower and erupted within seconds.

Taking his time in the shower he realized that Aunt Heather would be home alone again today. However he had to go to his classes, he’d already missed them yesterday. Maybe he could sneak in a little time with his aunt after Uncle Roger left for work and still make it to his classes.

He waited till he heard Uncle Roger leave, and then made his way to their bedroom. Aunt Heather was still fast asleep, her thighs and legs bare, the top covered in a nightshirt. He quickly took off his clothes and approached the bed, his dick attaining elevated status instantly.

Aunt Heather bare legs captivated his full attention. Her thighs were thick, yet not overly so. The calves were well shaped and her skin smooth and clean shaven. The highlight, however, were her feet. They were just the right size for her, not too large or small, with well-proportioned toes and a nice arch and heel. She had painted her toes in a dark color that looked very beautiful in contrast with her pale skin. The soles of her feet were well scrubbed and smooth, unlike the thick corns he’d seen on some women.

Dan picked one of Aunt Heather’s feet and began to gently massage it, watching to see if she awoke. He used his thumb and fingers to soothe the balls of her feet. Holding her foot and caressing it was an intensely erotic experience for Dan and he laid the foot down and rubbed his throbbing dick along the foot. He massaged the other foot while watching his dick rub against her foot and toes.

He could sense a shift in Aunt Heather’s breathing as she became aware of the sensations, though she was still fast asleep. She looked like she was in a happy dream. Watching her pearl-like toe nails Dan felt a sudden urge to taste them. He sucked on her big toe, moving in turn to each toe till he came to the tiny little toe.

Dan was in pleasure heaven. He had dreamed of fucking women hard and long, but he’d never imagined the pleasures of this foot fetish. He realized that he had long admired beautiful feet and hands; he’d just never imagined what to do about it. He alternated between Aunt Heather’s feet, massaging and suck on one, while his raging erection sought solace with the other.

Meanwhile in Heather’s dream, the grass Ankara bayan escort has turned soggy and now she felt something wiggling on her feet. Almost in a panic, she awoke, and the incredulous sight of Dan sucking on her toes met her sleepy eyes. She blinked to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. This was no dream! Her husband’s nephew was swaying as he rubbed his thick hot meat on her other foot, and his eyes were closed as they gently sucked and nibbled on her toes. It felt really, really good.

“Dan…” she smiled. “That feels really good. Do you like my feet?”

“Yes Aunt Heather. They are the prettiest feet I’ve ever seen. And with the nail polish they looks really sexy.”

Heather slipped her panties off, rising up as she pushed them down towards her feet. Dan had released her foot, and she used her feet to wrap the panties around his erect dick. She cradled his thick shaft with both feet and gently moved back and forth.

Dan watched in awe at the highly erotic scene. He gulped and took a quick breath, trying to calm down and not shoot his load. Aunt Heather grabbed his arms and pulled him towards her.

“Come here, lover boy. Come and taste your morning snack, your aunt’s honey pot”

Dan lay between Aunt Heather’s legs and pushed one hand under her butt, while he used the other hand to spread her lips and pull back the hood over her clit. His tongue gently flicked around her hardening clit, along her thin pussy lips, and pushing into her tight opening. Launching into a full kiss on her lips, he soaked her enlarged hard button with wet slobbering licks, the saliva gathering up with her wet pussy juices, trickling down from her pussy to her butt hole where Dan’s other hand was positioned with the middle finger pressed against the tight puckered hole. As the lubrication reached her butt hole, Dan spread it around the rim, teasing her before pressing in again. He knew Aunt Heather loved anal play and would soon relax the muscles to let him in.

Heather was rapidly escalating into throes of passion. The boy surprised her with his ability to get her so hot and wet in seconds; the combined onslaught on clitoral and anal stimulation was driving her crazy.

“Dan, stop. Come fill me up with your thick penis! Give me your semen, fill me up!” Aunt Heather moaned, her face already twisting in pleasure, her hips gyrating lightly, her breath in shorter bursts.

Dan pushed his middle finger into Aunt Heather’s butt hole as he pulled away from kissing her pussy. He could feel her shudder as the finger slipped in. Keeping it in place, he rose and positioned his engorged mushroom cock head on his aunt’s pussy lips. They were slightly flared now with the excitement, still tiny compared to his huge penis head. He watched as he gently pushed his thick mass into the tight opening.

“Aaagh! Oh My God! That feels so good!” Heather moaned as she ground her pelvis upwards onto the boy’s thick hardness, her pussy muscles tightening in reflex. She could feel his heat pulsate within her pussy, her clit pressed against the base of his shaft, anal muscles tightening and relaxing around his fully inserted finger, her legs raised high.

Dan ogled at Aunt Heather’s plight. Her eyes were now closed tight, savoring the pleasure as her face distorted, lips parting as she panted. She was moving in rhythm with him, matching thrust for thrust, her hands clasping his arms. The sight of her passion drove Dan over the edge. He arched his back as he released into her womb, his semen erupting in waves, thrust after thrust as the full force of the orgasm hit him and he collapsed on top of her.

Heather felt his semen surge inside her, just as her own orgasm hit her, vaginal muscles pulsating in rhythmic contractions, as his thrusts weakened and he sank onto her.

“That was the best wake-up call I ever had” she kissed him, tousling his hair. “Now you better be off to class, you’ve already missed enough yesterday. Remember to stay awake in your room tonight. I’ll come by around 10. By then your uncle will be asleep.”

“I’ll wait for you, Aunt Heather. I sure enjoyed my morning snack” he grinned as he kissed her goodbye.

Heather had the night shift that day, from midnight till 8 am the following day. She lazed around for most of the day, spending some time on chores and exercising, but taking rest for the most part. She wanted to be in good health for the baby she was sure destiny had in store for her in the near future.

That evening she watched for signs of variance in Roger’s routine. Her husband would usually read for a bit after dinner and retire early. On most week days he would pop a sleeping pill to ensure a good night’s rest. Today was no exception.

Dan kept a low profile during dinner and went up to his room right after. He worked hard at his coursework, catching up on yesterday’s missed classes. With one eye on the clock he finished up by 9:30.

He went through his nightly ablution routine of brushing, flossing and cleaning Escort bayan Ankara up. He was already in a state of excitement and anticipation, looking forward to the tryst with Aunt Heather.

Heather waited till Roger settled into the deep rhythmic breathing that she knew signaled safety. She slipped out of bed and quickly wiggled out of her pajamas. Putting them away in the closet, she stopped to look at her naked body in the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw. Her breasts were still perky despite being ripe and sizeable. The chill of being naked had hardened her nipples and they stood erect. Her stomach was quite flat, and her ass shapely and skin still relatively smooth and free of stretch marks. Her crotch was clean shaven and the lips were thin, making her pussy looks like a little girl’s. She almost giggled at the thought. Her legs were clean shaven and smooth, and her feet looked pretty adorned with dark nail polish that she knew drove Dan wild.

Thinking of Dan, she moved to the bed again to check on her husband. Assured of his deep slumber, she left the door ajar and softly padded to Dan’s room. She found him sitting on the bed in a t-shirt and night shorts. His penis was already swollen and peeked through the opening in the shorts. Seeing her walk in naked suddenly brought it to full mast, the head enlarging into a bulbous red beauty, the soft skin straining under the sudden infusion of blood.

Dan stood and embraced his aunt in a deep kiss. He felt weak at the sudden onslaught of her naked body pressed against him, her breasts swaying as she rushed up to him, the nipples hard and pointy. He withdrew from the kiss before the sensations overwhelmed him and tried taking a deep breath.

Heather was pleased at the effect she was having on the young man. She was getting wet from the reaction she evoked in him, from the tight embrace to the frantic kiss, and least of all his rock hard protrusion poking into her belly. He was trying to calm down and she felt sorry for him, he was still a novice, though a rapid learner.

“Come to my bedroom. Keep quiet and stay low behind me once you’re in the bedroom in case Roger wakes up. I’ll put some lotion on you”

Dan followed Aunt Heather like a puppy. He knew he wouldn’t last without the help of the local anesthetic that Aunt Heather had applied once before on his cock. The last time it had numbed him and helped him make love to her till she came. Bending low he stayed behind her as he entered her bedroom, aware of Uncle Roger’s steady deep breathing. He held her waist as he followed close, his dick poking her ass, admiring how wide and shapely it looked.

Heather led the boy to the attached bathroom and into the walk-in closet where Roger would not have a direct view in case he awoke. She applied the ointment liberally on his thick shaft and bulging penis head. Washing her hands quickly and motioning him to stay low, she headed back to the bed. The thrill of this adventure was making her get really hot and wet, having the boy in the bedroom, naked, and the act of holding his thick, hot meat always left her feeling a bit breathless.

She moved the covers off to a side and slid beside Roger. She’d done this before, gently embracing him, moving him from lying on his side onto his back. He took a moment to get back to deep breathing, and she slid down, positioning his legs so that she could slide down his shorts. She had plenty of experience with this sort of thing at the hospital, and now she spread his legs apart and waited a moment for him to settle back into the drug induced slumber.

Dan watched in fascination as his aunt expertly positioned Uncle Roger into a prone position and took his clothes off. Uncle Roger lay fast asleep, his dick limp. Aunt Heather knelt between his legs, her hands softly running along Uncle Roger’s inner thighs up to his stomach and back down. She bent down and kissed lightly around his stomach.

Aunt Heather rested on her knees, her ass up in the air, her head bent down as she kissed Uncle Roger. She was now licking Uncle Roger’s balls, holding his dick in one hand and pulling up his sac in the other. She bent low and began to lick the base of his scrotum, her tongue flicking lower and into Uncle Roger’s ass crack.

Dan found this scene highly erotic, with Aunt Heather in a doggy pose, holding the dick and balls, licking near the anal area. He couldn’t stand by anymore. He moved to the base of the bed and stood behind his aunt’s raised butt. Leaning forward and gently caressing her feet first, then moving up her calf and thigh his hands rested on her ass cheeks. Pulling them apart, he leaned in and licked along her pussy lips.

Heather was enjoying the show she was putting on for the boy. It was no surprise to her when he came over for a closer look and began playing with her. She leaned back a bit more so that he had easier access to her pussy. At the same time she was enjoying playing with Roger’s dick. It always excited her when she Bayan escort Ankara could get his penis to turn hard. Roger’s cock wouldn’t get as hard as Dan’s, but it was long with a wide penis head. She guessed the big mushroom head was a family trait, though Dan’s shaft was thicker and relatively short.

Dan was now leaning in and kissing the hard clit, alternating between sucking and flicking his tongue at it. He licked along the pussy lips and began to explore the area between the pussy and the butt hole. He could feel a shudder pass through Aunt Heather as he approached the rim of her tight hole. He circled around it, licking it lightly, flicking along the edges. Aunt Heather had stopped sucking Uncle Roger and had her eyes closed, just enjoying the rimming. He pressed his tongue into her butt hole, slobbering and pushing. She shuddered again and gave a low moan, though her tightly closed hole did not give any purchase.

Heather couldn’t bear the waves of pleasure shooting up her ass. She had enjoyed it when Dan had stuck a finger in earlier, but this stimulation with his tongue was something she had never enjoyed before. She wanted to fuck him badly, stuff his thick meat into her wet, pulsating pussy, but she couldn’t deviate from her mission. She arose and moved forward, straddling Roger and positioning her pussy right over his enlarged length. His penis was engorged, but not rock hard, and as a result it was perfect for her to press her clit against his hot mass and move back and forth along its length.

Dan watched in fascination as Aunt Heather rocked on top of Uncle Roger. His uncle’s long penis awed him, feeling a little inadequate as he looked down at his shorter dick. His dick was erect, hard and thick, glistening with the lotion, the veins throbbing, and he took pride in its girth and strength. He could hardly feel it, the local anesthetic ointment having taken effect. He couldn’t wait to slide it into his aunt’s wet pussy, and he felt a pang of jealousy at the attention she gave Uncle Roger.

Dan climbed onto the bed behind her and watched as his aunt kept rubbing her wet nob up and down Uncle Roger’s long penis which lay almost flat on his stomach now. He knew she was getting excited but not yet near orgasm. He licked his middle finger and placed it on her butt hole. Her tight hole would dilate and contract as she rocked back and forth and he quickly pushed it in when dilated. Wiggling his finger and pushing it in all the way, he kissed her shoulders and back in light jabs of his tongue. He could sense her breath tightening, her rocking shifting to shorter thrusts, increasing in intensity as she exploded suddenly, her back arching in a shudder, holding still till her tension released and she went limp.

Heather was in a state of heightened excitement despite her release. She still had to make Roger ejaculate, and she knew the boy would now be thirsting to dip his wick in her. She felt so naughty having him in the same bed as her husband. She wondered if Roger would feel it if Dan fucked her as she lay on top of him. His finger felt wonderful in her ass, the earlier rimming had left it wanting more. She badly wanted him to fill her with his thickness. Yet she was scared Roger would wake up. Motioning him to move back, she slid back to her original doggy position and took hold of Roger’s dick in one hand, the other parting her pussy lips, inviting Dan.

Dan still had his finger in his aunt’s ass. She looked like a porn star he had seen, bending over and sucking one guy while the other took her from behind. He positioned himself and pushed in his hard mass into her wet pussy. He took in the sight, thrusting gently back and forth, his finger still deep in her butt while his aunt was sucking hard on Uncle Roger’s dick. Her wonderful wide ass looked perfect as his balls slapped against it, the butt hole tight around his wiggling finger.

Heather concentrated on sucking Roger’s dick. She tried not to get overwhelmed with the hot, thick, hard dick stretching her pussy while equally pleasurable sensations shot up her ass. She could feel Roger’s dick harden and she sucked harder wanting to be done with releasing him. Dan was pumping her harder now, his balls slapping against her.

She knew from experience that Roger was very close to eruption and he came right on target, his thick cum filling her mouth. She always wondered at the irony of her husband having such thick cum, yet lacking the vital ingredient. She let part of his cum drool out as she spread it on his penis and balls as proof of their sex act, swallowing the rest.

Heather placed her hands on either side of her husband and looked up to see if the orgasm had disturbed his sleep. He was still fast asleep with his mouth open. She wondered if he even felt it in his sleep. She braced herself as Dan was fucking her pretty hard. She tried to match his thrust and tempo, pushing back and tightening her pussy muscles. Her face was pushed into Roger’s penis as Dan grabbed her hair and pressed her down with one hand while his other hand was still stroking her anus. He seemed savage today, animal like in his thrusts and frequency as he held her down by her hair. Maybe the sight of her and Roger had brought out a vengeful streak.

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