Aunt Linda Ch. 04


What has come before:

This story finds our 18-year old protagonist reconnecting with his mother’s older sister on a visit to her home before he starts college in a nearby community. Turns out they have a lot to discover about each other.

All characters are over 18.


I’d only been with my Aunt Linda for an afternoon, and my world was already upside down. I’d come to California to visit a college campus and catch up with my Mom’s older sister. Linda had a different agenda. Well, unless blowing my mind and… well… just generally blowing… was what she meant by “agenda.”

So, here I stood in the guest bathroom of my Aunt’s home staring open-mouthed at Linda as she cackled at the situation. I was stunned by my mother’s phone call. Linda, however, thought it was a hoot.

“B… b… but… she said… uh…” was about all I could stammer.

Linda took a deep breath and got herself back under control. She was smiling from ear-to-ear and had folded her arms under her breasts. She was trying to contain herself in the face of what she clearly thought was an hilarious situation- my utter inability to process this new bit of information. Not only had my Aunt intended to seduce me… if that’s the word… but, my mother had been in on it. She knew? She knew! What the hell was going on?

Linda reached up to cover her giggle as the ridiculousness of my expression struck her again.

“She knew? You… you… planned? You BOTH planned? I… I… “

Linda took another breath and said, “Oh honey. Your face… Here… let Auntie El help.” My aunt stepped forward and cradled my face in both of her hands directing my eyes to look into hers.

“Bobby dear, we love you very much, but there are a lot of things that you don’t know about your mom and me. We thought that it was time for you to … well… to learn.” Linda leaned in, tiptoed up, and kissed me full on the lips. Not only was that a welcome grounding gesture – however odd the ground might be – but it also forced me to close my dropped jaw. Funny how a beautiful woman can focus your attention.

“Now, don’t get weird on me… or weird in-context, anyway… You were pretty happy with our afternoon right up until you realized that Kathy knew about it, right?”

“Well… yeah… of course, I mean… You’re… this is… well… amazing! I just… I don’t… what do we…?”

“We go for a drive, honey. We go see your school. We grab some dinner. And then, we come home. All of which you can comfortably report to your mom, right?”

“Er… sure.”

“And if she asks if her old sis is a rockstar in the sack, you can say ‘Ma’am, yes ma’am’.”

“Ma’am, yes ma’am.” I smiled and felt, oddly enough, more comfortable. Content, even. Linda was bringing this all into focus. Weird the scene was… but it was in focus.

Linda stepped back and looked me up and down.

“Not bad kiddo. You’ll need to adjust that cock a bit. Don’t want to give just anyone the show.”

I blushed – even still – and made the adjustment.

Linda and I hopped back into her Toyota and out into the world. She slipped on a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses and drove out of the neighborhood toward the highway. It was a short drive to the campus of Ellison College.

Ellison was a small, liberal arts school with a long history of top performance and graduate placement. It wasn’t well known for sports or anything, but it was a strong academic school, which was still moderately affordable. I really looked forward to the Fall.

We drove into the campus through a wrought iron archway and quickly found ourselves surrounded by red brick buildings modeled, fairly clearly, on old European schools. It was so beautiful. I was absolutely certain that this was the place for me. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I had family nearby. And, that the family in question was Aunt El.

“Whaddya think Bobby Sox?” Linda asked quietly.

“It’s gorgeous Linda. Just gorgeous.”

Aunt El pulled the car into a visitor’s space and said, “Well, let’s take a stroll, babe. You should see what the place looks like from up close.”

We stepped out of the car and onto the sidewalk. Ellison was just what I’d been waiting for. High school hadn’t been fun. Well, it really isn’t fun for a lot of folks. I mean, there were some decent classes… and I had some good friends. I’d miss my friends, certainly. But, this… this felt like the place I needed to be. This was a place built on the notion that learning mattered. Thinking mattered. Critical inquiry was important… and those were ideas sorely lacking in my high school experience. Sure, there would be cliques here… it wasn’t some sort of utopian xanadu. I knew that. But, I also knew that a person didn’t come here by default. A student had to choose this place. And that choice meant that the student body would be here for a similar goal. That was a lot to be glad of.

The campus was clearly at low ebb at the moment. There were a few folks sitting on a grassy Ankara bayan escort hillside near the library, and there were one or two older people smoking near what was probably an administrative building. Otherwise, we had the place to ourselves. I guess that wasn’t really surprising. It was near the end of the day and it was summer. Really, why wouldn’t it be empty?

I felt Linda grab my hand and sidle up next to me.

“So, anything you want to see today? Bearing in mind that most of the buildings are going to be closed.”

“Oh, no… I suppose not. I just wanted to walk on campus a bit. See what there was to see. Feel the place, you know?”

“Sure thing. I get it. It’s all new.” She started walking into campus and tugged at my hand. “Well, c’mon dude. We’ll stroll through campus and stop in at Lovey’s on the other side.”

“Lovey’s?” I asked.

“Sure. It’s a little veggie joint across the way. Very hippy dippy, but tasty food. You’ll like it.”

“Well, sure, I guess… though I’m still pretty full from … er… the delivery.” I blushed unexpectedly.

“Well, I liked our delivery a lot, too,” she smirked, “But, we’ll get something light here… a salad… a soup… something like that. I don’t want you fading away for lack of fuel young man. You have many miles to go before you sleep.”

“I remember that one… er… the poem… not the … other thing… I remember that too, of course, I was just… well…”

“Yes, I can see that High School English wasn’t wasted on you. C’mon.”

And with that, Linda started striding across campus towards her destination. And, truth be told, I’d follow her anywhere.

A short walk across campus amidst brick and beauty put us beyond the fountain and the library. I suppose we could have driven around to the other side of campus, but it was nice to spend some time getting to know the place. We saw the chapel, the science building, the campus theater, and eventually popped up on the opposite street boundary of Ellison.

There was a nice little commercial area, much like other schools I had visited. Colleges seem to blossom with bars, cheap late night snack restaurants, and coffee shops. I saw the sign for Lovey’s, as Linda stepped off the curb and dragged me across the street.

“C’mon slowpoke. College men don’t stroll. They stride with purpose!” Linda began giggling and stopped midway across the street turning to look at me. “Okay, so that’s a lie. Most college men play a lot of Xbox and drink too much. They stumble more than stride. But, you know, I would hope you were a more… mature man.”

“I’m mature enough to know that my Aunt shouldn’t stop in the middle of the street to giggle and lecture. Best to save that for the sidewalk. Or the bedroom.” I slipped an arm around her waist and we hopped up on the curb. Of course, it was also true that this was a pretty sleepy place during the summer. So, we really hadn’t been dodging traffic.

Lovey’s was… well, lovely. It was a sweet little sandwich shop with a sort of moneyed hippy look to it. Earthy but well-groomed. We had salads and iced tea. And, it felt like the best date I’d ever been on. We were in sync, happy, relaxed, and I was as content as I’d been in a long time. I’m not saying that sleeping with your aunt is the best way to start a relationship. Honestly, I’m not. I’m just saying that for us, it felt right in that moment. And it even kept me from asking all the awkward questions that I wanted to ask about Linda, my mother, and their plan for this week. I mean, I hadn’t forgotten. But I didn’t want to shatter this time we were having. It was too precious.

The sun had started setting by the time we finished dinner. It wasn’t a fancy meal, but it was a good time. We stepped out onto the sidewalk and breathed in that warm summer air. I really didn’t want this day to end.

“So, Roberto, I guess we’re not supposed to be out drinking and closing down the bars are we?” Linda slipped her arm through mine and leaned her head against my shoulder.

“Well, that would be tricky since serving me would probably violate a few dozen statues. But, I do like hanging out with my favorite Aunt.”

“I’m your only aunt, Prince Charming.”

“Well, you know what I mean.”

“Sure, I do. You want to hang out with me because I’ll suck your dick.” Linda stepped off the curb and started walking me back onto campus and towards her car.

“uh… I… uh.. I… you…”

“Sweetie, you can relax. I want to hang out with you because I LIKE to suck your dick.”

“Well, that’s a relief, El, but you know that I like you for more than that, right?” I was more than a little concerned that she felt like I was just mindlessly using her. Of course, I was pretty mindless, but I did actually like Linda. I would have liked her even without the sex. Though, of course, I liked the sex an awful lot.

“Dude. You can like me and also fuck me you know. It’s called a relationship. Of sorts, anyway.” We stepped off the paved walkways and started Escort bayan Ankara walking across what must have been an intramural sports field of some kind. Soccer, field hockey, Frisbee. Who knows? It was green, grassy, and mostly dark.

I was relieved and also concerned at her response, “What ‘of sorts’ did you have in mind?”

“Well, we’ll work out the details later, honey. But, you and I are going to have a lot of fun. We’re not going to get married or anything. You know that right?”

“Well, Linda, I mean, yeah… I know … well, that there isn’t a marriage option or anything, but I just don’t want you to feel used or anything… and I really do like you.”

Linda stopped in the middle of the field, just outside of the lights that had turned on as the sun had set. She turned to face me and rested one palm on my chest.

“Oh man. I knew I was good… Listen honey. I love you. Like, really, I love you. You’re my nephew and we’re always going to love each other. But you’re going to date other people. You’re probably going to marry one of those. And I’m going to enjoy you in all the ways I can enjoy you until you tell me you don’t want to do it anymore. Deal?”

“Deal. But, I can’t imagine a day when I’ll not want to have this… relationship… with you.”

“Dude, you couldn’t imagine the day when you wouldn’t want to eat ice cream for every meal for the rest of your life. But, then you discovered pizza. It’s totally fine. We’ll play as long as we both want to play. And it will be loving and good. And who knows, maybe you’ll marry some hot young thing that likes older women. I can learn to share. It’s one of my talents.”

I smirked in the dark.

“Oh really, and what are your other talents, ma’am?”

Linda turned and walked a couple of steps away from me, towards the car.

“I fuck like a wild mustang and can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, as Uncle David might have said.”

“Great Uncle David? You…? I mean…?”

Linda laughed, “Oh no dear. Uncle David was gay as the day was long. I mean, sure he was married to Aunt Bernice, but Bernice didn’t need much from him after the kids were born. David definitely had a colorful way with language, though. That’s all.”

Great Uncle David was gay? Really? There was just so much I didn’t seem to know about my own family. This was definitely turning out to be a helluva trip.

Linda hiked her skirt up to her waist and revealed in the fading light that she had passed on panties this evening. “Bernice didn’t much care for dick in the later days. But she really loved this ass. How ’bout you, kiddo? Gonna stand out here all night or come home with me and let me tell you all about your REAL family? I should warn you, it’s gonna involve you spending a little time,” Linda gave her butt a sharp, way-too-loud-in-this-open-space, swat. “… a little time giving some attention to Aunt Bernie’s favorite niece and her tight not-so-little-as-it-was ass.”

“Well,” I said, “what’s good enough for Aunt Bernice is good enough for me. I am, after all, family.”

I think we ran to the car. I know we were breathless by the time we got there. Aunt Linda has proven to be a font of information. Aunt Bernice? Really? And what about Mom? I may just have to extend my vacation.

“Buckle up Bob, it’s probably NOT going to be a bumpy ride, but I’m sure you’re going to FEEL like it is,” quipped my Aunt Linda as she started the engine on her Toyota and pulled into the campus parking lot.

“It’s a great ride, Aunt El… if a little unpredictable,” I assured her.

“Well that’s a good thing kiddo. I plan to get you up to speed… well, at least mostly… no need to rush around corners too quickly. But, let’s at least make it fun, shall we?”

I nodded, pointlessly of course since it was dark and she was driving, before replying, “Sure. Whatever you say.”

Linda smirked by dashboard light. “That’s the spirit. So, let’s make it a game. You ask a question. It’ll cost you something. I’m thinking a piece of clothing… a favor… that sort of thing. Difficulty of the question dictates the type of cost. You pay the price, and I’ll answer your exact question. You fail to pay the price then no answer. If you pay, I have to answer… but only what you asked. Fair enough?”

“Sure… I guess,” I replied. I wasn’t quite sure where she was going with this, but hey… I’d finally get some answers.

“Okay, shoot. What’s your first question?” Linda grinned and settled herself a bit more comfortably behind the wheel. I noticed that we were on surface roads rather than the highway route. I guessed that it would take a bit longer to get home, but I didn’t really know the area.

“Sure. How long have you been planning this?” It seemed like a decent place to start.

“Shoes. Off and toss them in the backseat.” Linda replied a little shortly.

I slipped out of my shoes and slipped them between the seats to the rear foot wells.

Linda snuck a peek at me and said, “About 2 hours. Bayan escort Ankara I thought dinner at Lovey’s would be nice since it’s near campus.”

“Linda! You know that I wasn’t asking about dinner. This! This whole trip. How long?”

“That’ll be socks for the short answer. Socks and belt for the longer answer. Beware the dangers of pronouns dear. They’re a killer. I’ve been planning dinner for a couple of hours. This trip and our adventures… well, that’s different.”

I slipped out of my socks and for good measure tossed in the belt.

“Okay, El. Long version.”

“Of?” She asked innocently.

“How long have you been planning to have me visit and while visiting fuck my brains out?”

“Oh. That plan?” Linda came to a stop at a four-way intersection. Then turned left onto another road which took us through a residential area. The yards had decorative lighting and it seemed like a nice neighborhood.

“Okay, so how long. Well… I’m not sure I’d have wasted payment on that one, but here you go. Long version. About 10 years. As you’ve no doubt figured out, our family isn’t exactly conventional. Your mom and I have always been close. And, we wanted you to be a part of the family. A real part of the family. That meant that at some point we’d have to let you in on the secret.”

Cars were few out here, but I got the impression that we were driving away from homes and into a more rural area.

“So, we decided to keep an eye on you. We wanted to see what kind of man you turned into. If you turned out to be someone that we wanted to be closer to… well, then, I took on the terrible, onerous, distasteful task of filling you in.” I, apparently, come from a family of smartasses.

“So, we figured the best way to do that would be to have you alone for a weekend or so after you turned 18 – and presumably could make decisions about what was best for you. I told Kathy that I’d sneak you off somewhere and have my wicked way with you. And, if you weren’t half bad, I’d tell you about the family. So, about 10 years. This trip specifically… well, about 3 months. That do it for you, handsome?”

“Sure, Aunt El. Okay, so you guys have been involved for a long time?”

“That your question, dude?”

“Oh, shit… er… no… So, let’s see. Okay, got it. What exactly happens on your girls’ weekends with my mom?”

“Pants.” She replied.

“Pants? I mean, we’re in the car.”

“I’m aware, Bobby… I’m driving it. Pants.”

“Hmmm. Well, okay. I guess.”

I unbuttoned, unzipped, shimmied and stripped my pants down.

“Backseat, dude.”

“Oh fine.” I tossed them into the back and turned sideways in my seat to look at Linda in profile.

Linda smiled. “I probably should have asked for the boxers, too. You’ll want to hear this. Plus, that gap in your boxers is probably going to have a hard time holding that cock of yours. Still, a deal is a deal.”

She was right, of course, sitting here anticipating what she had to say. Well, I was beginning to react.

“Okay, kiddo. So, girls’ weekends. Well, we usually head to a vacation destination. There’s usually some shopping. Some dining. Some catching up on gossip.”

“Linda?!” I think my voice betrayed the fact that I wanted her to get to what I knew must be the good stuff.

“What? We do all those things. Oh, I guess you mean the other things that happen? Well, that’s different.” Linda seemed to unconsciously lick her lips.

“We usually dance. Your mom loves to dance,” Linda confided. “We dress up for those weekends, so we put on the skimpiest clothes that we think we can get away with. You’ll be shocked to note that I usually don’t include panties in that particular mix. I’ll leave you to imagine Kathy’s wardrobe.”

Linda looked away from the road and gave me a quick glance. I was obviously paying attention. I self-consciously glanced down and saw that my cock was more than half erect.

“I’m going to guess that you have peeked into Kathy’s … intimates draw?”

I blushed and my cock twitched. Linda looked back towards the road.

“I thought so,” she said. “So, you will probably guess that she wears the silkier, lacier bits on the trips.”

“Uh huh.” I managed to blurt.

“Well, if you’ve peeked, then you’ve seen that hot little midnight blue wispy thing she bought last year. That’s my favorite.”

“Your favorite?” I asked. “Uh, I thought you said that you … er… don’t wear panties on the weekends.”

“I don’t, dear. I just like those. They’re tiny, pretty, and wrap up your mom like a tasty little Christmas present for me.”

“For. For you? So…” I mumbled.

“Of course, baby. You had to have guessed by now. I like her to wear the panties because I like to take them off of her. Your mom and I get together because we like to … play, I guess. We always have.”

“Play… as in…”

“Yes, goof ball. As in, I like to hike up her skirt, nuzzle her pussy through that lacy panty and then pull them off of her with my teeth before burying my tongue in her soaking wet cunt.” Sparing a glance at me, Linda added “She and I play on those trips… just like you and I are playing on this one. Now be a dear and try not to get any of that lovely gooey pre-cum on my upholstery.”

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