Aunt Ruth’s House Pt. 04


I woke up a little later than usual on Friday — about 7:30. I immediately rushed downstairs, assuming I was late to this morning’s session.

Actually, I walked into the kitchen to find Emmie sitting by herself on her phone at the table with a tiny cup of what smelled like hot tea. She was wearing super short black shorts and a yellow crop top with spaghetti straps. I wore a Persona 5 shirt with cut-off sleeves over my boxer briefs.

“Good morning!” Emmie instantly greeted me as I came in.

“Morning. Where’s Aunt Ruth?” I replied.

“She said something like…she had to run the bank for her boss? I don’t know. She was on the phone at like 7 and then she ran out the door.”

“Are the banks even open this early?”

“That’s what I thought.”

Nevertheless, we waited for Aunt Ruth to return. Emmie made me a cup of tea and we sat together at the table. She asked me what Persona 5 was and why I was so into it. I tried to explain and she said she didn’t get it, but she wanted me to show it to her later. I was excited to do that.

At exactly 8 on the dot, we heard the front door slam shut, followed by jingling keys — Aunt Ruth was back. She walked right into the kitchen, and she was wearing pajama pants and a loose fitting white tee. She still had bead head.

“Mom, what happened?” Emmie asked loudly.

“What happened in my boss is an idiot who doesn’t know how to cash checks correctly. Had to make a deposit. Don’t worry about it. Not a great start to my moring.” Aunt Ruth said hanging her keys up on the rack with aggression.

“Everything all good?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Just…annoying.”

I butted in. “Are we still working out this morning? Today’s Friday. Yoga day, right?”

Aunt Ruth looked at her phone. “Is it Friday? Well, shit. You’re right. I guess it is.”

“Mom put you through her yoga routines?” Emmie asked me. “Those are historically rough.”

“They were rough, but I enjoyed them.” I said.

“Pardon me, Andrew.” Aunt Ruth interrupted. “But if I remember correctly, last time you made us switch to regular workouts because the yoga was too much.”

They both laughed.

“Alright, listen…” I tried to defend myself.

“She’s calling you out, bro.” Emmie mocked.

“Can’t do that today.” Aunt Ruth continued. “And now with Emmie here we can explore some group poses.”

“Oh, Christ.”

Verbally, I expressed a feigned fear, but mentally, “group poses” is the best thing I have ever heard.

The 3 of us hung out in the kitchen for a few minutes with our tea before it was time for the workout. There was no point in going upstairs to change anymore.

“Emmie, can you run downstairs and get the mats?” Aunt Ruth asked her daughter.

Emmie quickly ran downstairs as Aunt Ruth and I slid our bottom off at the same time. I slid down my boxers exposing my flaccid dick, and she, only her panties. She had on a yellow thong with a tiny lace front.

We took our shirts off at the same time too, and she revealed the matching yellow bra that went with the thong.

“I hope you don’t mind if I…” Aunt Ruth said as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. “…go full-on for today. When it comes to yoga I like to make sure everything can stretch, ya know?”

She threw her bra off to the side with the rest of her stuff, then gently slid her panties off.

Finally, my aunt was completely nude in front of me and I could see everything. The bright morning sunlight shone right onto her bare chest, directly me to her perfect dark nipples and illuminating the small tattoos she had in the areas I hadn’t. I wish I had camera, but for now I had to store the image of my full-front aunt into my internal memory.

“Your house, your rules, Aunt Ruth. Doesn’t bother me.” I said.

I stepped back and looked her naked body up and down from afar. She was simply perfect. Her breasts were large but not comically, her bush was perfectly shaven to show off enough of the lips to admire, and her ass was just plump enough to grab with two hands like you’re shopping for cantaloupes. Factor in her many tattoos, not-fat-but-not-too-skinny athlete’s body, and her shorter, dark hair, and Aunt Ruth was the woman of my fantasies. I didn’t care that was almost middle-aged, or that we were related, I wanted to fuck her so fucking hard that her pussy lips would fall off.

Emmie came back up with 2 yoga mats. “There’s only 2.” She said.

“That’s fine, honey. We’ll deal.” Aunt Ruth said plugging her phone into the speakers and starting up her playlist.

Emmie rolled the mats out on the ground and stood beside them. She undressed quicker than anyone else, starting with her mini-shirt, under which she wore no bra (I mean, what for?), and she pulled down her shorts and undies together, which got kicked haphazardly to the corner of the room.

After Emmie selected our music for the day — a playlist mix of Doja Cat, Brockhampton, and One Direction — we started with a collection of standard poses, downward facing dog, side Ankara bayan escort stretches and such and so.

“Emmie, do you remember the dual poses?” Aunt Ruth asked.

“Not every single one, but most of them, yeah. Didn’t you have them written down somewhere?” She replied while stretching her leg into the air, presenting her labia for me to see.

Aunt Ruth remembered, ran momentarily upstairs and pulled up a printed out list of two-person yoga pose names and descriptions, accompanied by black and white drawings.

By this time, I had developed a full fledger. I saw Emmie’s eye line move down to it every once and a while.

“Okay, first we’ll do theeeee…..Assisted Fish.” Aunt Ruth proclaimed looking at the paper.

“Assisted Fish?” I asked.

“Assisted Fish.” She continued. “Here, I’ll show you.”

[Author’s note: Many of the yoga poses named can be seen here – http://www.fulllotusyoga.com/partneryoga.html]

Aunt Ruth layed down on my yoga mat on her legs, knees bent upwards. I, in turn, laid my back against her pointed knees and my upper torso hurdled backwards upside down, my head resting in her crotch. We locked hands and she pulled me down towards her. A killer on the back.

“Oof, that’s a stretch.” I grunted.

We switched positions. When Aunt Ruth titled backwards towards me over my pressed-together thighs, my dick pointed straight up and when she reached my crotch, her nose and forehead rubbed against my sweaty scrotum, skin to skin.

“Can be an awkward pose to do with a male for…obvious reasons, but, yeah, great on the back.” Aunt Ruth said in a very matter of fact way.

I replied as we broke the pose. “Aunt Ruth, if my, uh, man parts are gonna make yoga awkward, I can put my underwear back on.”

“No, no, no!” She said. “Wouldn’t be fair. We’re all comfortable. It’s better for you anyway. I promise.”

“That sounds like nice way of saying I’m gonna be begging for a massage later.”

“We all will, trust me.”

Aunt Ruth swapped with Emmie and we replicated the pose, her forehead also buried in my junk from upside down.

The next 3 poses we all rotated were the Standing Backbend, Supine Leg Raises, and the comical “Child’s Pose & Fish”.

Now was the Standing Forward Bend. I watched as Emmie and Aunt Ruth showed it to me. Essentially, they pressed their asses together and bend over and far as they can, grabbing each other’s elbows and pushing/pulling really hard into each other. I got to replicate to the pose with Emmie, and as our assess touched, my nuts got tugged cozily into the little space between our butts. My scrotum skin rubbed Emmie’s pussy.

The next pose was the Separated Square. Basically, one person sits and makes a L shape with their body and the other person does a handstand, the sitting person grabbing their legs, also spread, and they push their forces into each other arm/leg. First, I was the L, and Aunt Ruth did a handstand. When I looked up, I could see all the moisture inside her cunt. The lips were spread wide open and looked me straight in the face.

Then, Emmie did the handstand, and then we switched. I had never attempted a handstand before in my whole life, and Emmie knew this, and supported my weight strongly. With my legs spread as far as they could go, my erect dick and balls hung upside pointing directly at her tiny chest.

Then, suddenly, despite all my resistance, a single drop of pre-cum dripped slowly from my hole, and landed directly on Emmie’s shin. There was silence when it happened — we both hand to think about it for a moment, and make sure it’s what actually happened. Neither of us chose to acknowledge it. Aunt Ruth was doing something call the “Happy Baby” in the corner away from us.

After another series of group stretches and a weird dual pretzel contortions, the last pose we did was called the Lifted Locust. One person lays on their back on the mat, and the other supports their weight with their hands by the other’s knees, lining up the waists, and curls their knees as upwards/backward as possibly, supported by the hands of the other.

Emmie and Aunt Ruth demonstrated the complicated pose to me first, with Emmie the lotus and Aunt Ruth as the lifter. They struggled with it, Emmie’s knees and arms shaking.

“I don’t know about that one, Aunt Ruth. What if I fall?” I expressed.

“You won’t cause I got you.” She answered back simply. “Ready?”

Emmie got off, signaling that it was my turn.

I started on all fours over my aunt’s torso, my cock dangling just millimeters away from her breasts and stomach.

“Just push your legs in the air and I’ll catch them.” Aunt Ruth commanded after noticing my long hesitance.

I kicked the air like kangaroo and curled my shins behind my knee. A loud SLAP sound erupted as my aunt caught my bent knees and I shook on the landing.

“There you go!” she said.

My throbbing shaft pointed directly at her pussy lips like a bazooka ready to neutralize.

“This one hurts, Aunt Ruth. I Escort bayan Ankara don’t know if I can hold it.” I said with worry.

“You can hold it!”

An encouraging response from A.R.

After about 15 seconds of trying to hold it, I collapsed.

I fell straight onto my aunt, my knees smacking her in the tits, and my cock slamming straight into her crotch. In the few moments immediately following the fall, we both layed silently and painfully, and I felt the tip of my cock laying right across what I felt was the ridge of her cunt lips, and her pubes enveloped the circumference of my hammer.

We both grunted loudly and I rolled off of her. I held my nuts, which I had crushed under my own weight.

“Oh my god, Andrew, are you hurt?!” Aunt Ruth yelled.

“I crushed my nuts!” I shouted back.

“Do you need ice?!”


Emmie helped me up and sat me down on the living room couch where I sat, legs spread and junk on full display. Moments later Aunt Ruth came back in with a Ziploc back full of ice cubes wrapped in a dishrag.

I pressed the ice against my balls and they just looked at me.

“You gonna be good? Do you need anything else?” Emmie asked.

“It’s not the end of the world.” I laughed. “I just need to rest for a minute. You guys can keep going.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll watch.”

Emmie and Aunt Ruth went through a couple more dual yoga poses involving some crazy lifts and twists and bends. If I tried to do them, I’d probably had winded up fucking one of them by accident.

Eventually, our session wrapped. I slowly got up from the couch, still holding the ice to my swelling nuts. “Can I shower first?” I asked.

“Of course, cousin.” Emmie said. “Will you still be able to do massages later?”

“I hope so. We’ll see.” I answered stumbing into the bathroom.

Fast forward roughly 20 minutes.

I emerged from the bathroom to see Aunt Ruth waiting her turn in the living room, towel wrapped around her waist, but tits still on display. She had gotten used to showing them now.

“Feeling better?” she asked.

“Yes. A little bit. Are we doing massages this morning?” I said.

“Me and Emmie are gonna run to the store and then we can jump right in when we get home.

I remained nude as I walked upstairs into my room, and on my way I passed Emmie’s room. She was standing in the middle of her room, seemingly doing nothing except using her phone. She had put on a very baggy shirt and pink panties.

“Hey! Are they feeling better?” she asked suddenly from across the hall.

“A little. After massages they’ll be better but they’re getting there?” I said, unsure. Then, I walked up to her doorway and moved the ice pack out of the way, pushed my shaft up and presented them to her. “Do you think they look swollen?”

“Let’s see.” She said.

With no hesitation she walked right up to me holding her phone in one hand.

“Does this hurt?”

She gently tapped my scrotum with her dry hand. I flinched.

“Ah! A little.” I answered through clenched teeth.

Emmie laughed. “As awkward as it might be I would recommend not putting any pants on the rest of the morning. Or at least not any underwear under them. You don’t want to suffocate them.”

“You know, cuz, that’s not a bad idea. Thanks.”

I put on a shirt and socks and the baggiest pair of gym short I could find, and I remained in this state until Emmie and Aunt Ruth came back from the store about an hour later. My muscles were in atrophy from the yoga, and my testies were still howling at me.

I met them downstairs and help them put the groceries away. I noticed too that they picked up more massage oil for good measure.

“Alright, my muscles need massaging like it’s no one’s business.” Aunt Ruth declared. “Should we get started?”

We all agreed, and we convened in Aunt Ruth’s room moments later.

Immediately, she reached in the closet and put the massage mat on the bed.

“Andrew, honey, I feel so bad. You fell on me so I feel like it’s my fault. Do you wanna go first?” Aunt Ruth asked me, looking straight into my eyes.

“I thought you said you were sore.” I replied.

“I am, but you fell cause of me. You can go first and I’ll help you finish.”

Ding ding ding!!!!!

“Okay, thanks!”

It didn’t take more than a couple seconds for me to take all my clothes off.

I laid on the bed on my belly and said “In that case, we’ll do the backside first.”

Aunt Ruth got right into the usual routine — back, shoulders, neck, legs, ass, etc. When she massaged my ass, she didn’t care at all when her fingers brushed the back of my sack. Neither did I.

“Ready to turn over?” she asked as she did a final swipe from the top of my butt cheeks to the middle of my thighs.

“Yes.” I replied. “Give me a minute.”

The pain in my balls made it a little difficult for me to stretch my legs out and turn over. I had to lean on my elbow, Bayan escort Ankara and I kind of flopped backwards on the bed, but eventually, I was was front side up, and my erection was front and center for my aunt.

She leaned over me, crouched. She poured more oil into her hands and massaged my chest, my shoulders, arms and stomach.

She massaged slower when she got to my legs, stroking slowly down my thighs, my ankles, and circling my feet.

Then, without being prompted, Aunt Ruth put her hands on my junk. No particular grip — they simply rested against the sack and the shaft. But then, as she spoke, my aunt slowly began stroking my hard cock.

“I can’t remember. Which finishing technique did Emmie use on you last time?”

“The third one! The one with the ball massage.” Emmie butted in from the sidelines, casual playing with the hem of her shirt.

“Well that’s fitting.” Aunt Ruth said.

We both laughed.

“How bout I do it very slow? Do you think putting oil on them will help?”

“Yeah, probably.” I answered. “At the least it will make them warm, which always feels nice.”

Aunt Ruth gently poured a few drips of oil directly onto my scrotum and rubbed it in with her thumbs. Immediately my nuts felt like they were drenched in the most scrumptious warm God water. Like a wool sock fresh out of the drier placed right on my testies.

Then, at long last, my Aunt Ruth looked me directly in the eyes from down below as she placed her tongue on the base on my cock. With her tongue in place, she opened her mouth wide, and moved her whole head forward, enveloping my entire shaft in her soaking wet face hole.

My aunt and I locked eyes as she put my dick in her mouth, wrapped her tongue around the shaft, and moved her head up and down. No one spoke — it was only the sound of felatio in the air. Her lips popped and smacked as she moved off and on my dick repeatedly, and her hands never stopped rubbing my swollen nuts.

I right clicked and saved the mental image in my head, and let my neck relax onto the bed, letting out a pleasureful sigh.

“You’re pretty good at that technique, Mom.” Emmie commented from the sidelines.

“Well, good, I’m glad.” Aunt Ruth had to pop my dick out of her mouth to reply. “Do you like it, nephew?”

My fists clenched the sheets. “That’s tremendous, Aunt Ruth. But maybe try the first technique for the finish.”

She wordlessly obeyed, and moved her lips to my asshole/gooch region, licking my balls, and kissing that area in a continuous repetition, all while jerking my cock in her right hand.

“You’re gonna let me know when you’re gonna finish, right?” Aunt Ruth asked.

“Very soon. Very soon.” I said through a moan, as she suddenly dug her open mouth way deep against the rim of my anus opening.

I noticed Emmie in the corner, who was watching curiously with her bent finger in her mouth, and her legs crossed as she stood.

Aunt Ruth mixed up the techniques. For the next couple minutes, she went back and forth between rimming me and licking my dick and up and down, smiling me and a playfully slapping my wiener against her cheeks.

She heard me take a deep breath inward.

“Cumming?” she asked.

“Couple more seconds.” I told her and spread my legs even wider. Her mouth rested half on my asshole and and half on my sweaty, oily nutsack and while her hand jerked me off faster than I’ve ever done to myself.

I let out a moan. She was moving her tongue back and forth along the underside of my sack.

In an instant, the first squirts of cock juice spurted out from my hole into the air.

Aunt Ruth then panicked. “Wait, shit! Emmie, quick! Give me something to cover him with!”

Instantly, Emmie gave her mother the first absorbent material she could reach — her shirt.

Aunt Ruth put her daughter’s sweaty shirt over my cumming dick as quickly as she could, but it was too late — much of my semen had already gotten on her hands, on the bed, and it seemed that one of the higher-reaching strands had gotten in her hair and it was dripping down in front of her eyes.

I didn’t hesitate to mask my moans of pleasure. My legs squirmed and my body writhed as I let out a loud, brutish grunt of absolutely earnest pleasure.

There was a silent moment of observation and reflection after I’d finished. We all soaked in the moment and looked at the various places my seed had landed.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Ruth. I should have told you sooner.” I said.

Aunt Ruth used the un-cummed-on side of Emmie’s shirt to clean my spunk from her hair.

“Don’t worry about it. I made a mess last time. It’s okay.” she replied.

She promptly gave Emmie back her sticky shirt – who momentarily walked back to her bedroom to put it in the hamper, and then came back still topless — and walked into the bathroom to clean me from her knuckles.

“Can I be next?” said re-entering the room.

“Sure, honey. I’ll take care o’ ya.” Aunt Ruth replied.

I got up from the bed and Emmie prompty slid her bottoms off, under which she wore no underwear. When she took my place I could hear the little splat of her body against my sweat on the bed.

I handed Aunt Ruth the oil, she rubbed it into her hands and got to work.

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