Baby Misses Daddy

Big Tits

My name is Jessica and I’m a sophomore in college. My father naturally calls me Baby, as I’m his baby. And I’ve always called him Daddy since I was little. I recently became obsessed with a fantasy of me seducing him. And here’s how it started.

I’m in college about two hours from home. One day me and my boyfriend, Abel, were having sex and he wanted me to call him “Daddy.” So I did.


As the sex scene in Call Me By Your Name comes on, I look at my boyfriend, who’s bi, as am I, and I see his rock hard penis poking out of his basketball shorts. I put my hand over it and instantly feel the throbbing, in both his 8 inch penis and my soaking wet pussy. I slid to the floor and took it out. It damn near smacked me in the face. I began stroking it.

“Fuuuck, Jesssss…” he exclaimed as I stroked his huge, beautiful cock, “you do it so well, every time baby fuuuuucccckkkkk!” he got out between his sexy moans.

I began licking the tip as precum rolled out. One hand still stroking as I softly sucked his dick, and the other caressing his heavy sack. I began deepthroating and throat fucking myself with my boyfriends cock.

“Ohhh my …godddd …baby yessss… just like that Jess… uggghhhhhhh,” he eventually got out groaning and moaning like the sexy man he is. Each time I reach his base, I stick my tongue out and lick on his balls, then go back up his shaft and tease the tip. I felt him about to cum and I stopped and he groaned with a little attitude, he was used to it.

“Feel my pussy baby, I’m so wet for you,” I said with a soft moan as I stood and took off my cotton shorts revealing that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

He reached for my pussy as I put one leg on the couch spreading my slender legs. “Mmmm yesss babyy rub my pussyyy…” I moaned as he rubbed my sensitive and throbbing clit.

“Take your shirt off I wanna see those amazing tits you slut!” Abel shouted. As I took off my blue tank top, my 36C perky tits sprung out dangling in front of his face. I normally don’t wear bras and this was one of those times. He took one of my tits in his mouth and began sucking and massaging it with his free hand.

“Mmmmmm babyyyy…” I whined just as I was on the edge of reaching my climax. He felt it and stuck two fingers in me and began thrusting in and out, with his thumb rubbing my clit still, I shook and shook “Fuuuccckkkk babyyy… I’m cummiinggg… I’m cumming all over your perfect fingers babyyyy!!”

As I calmed my breath he said to me. “You’re so perfect you know that Jess? How did I get so lucky?” I smiled and chuckled. I looked down only to discover he still had a raging hard on.

“Let’s take care of that sexy,” I said with a huge smile on my face. I lowered my self onto his gorgeous cock, inch by inch, raising and lowering, moaning and groaning, until I felt his ball sack on my ass. “Fuck me hard please baby I need you,” I said seductively looking into his ocean eyes. And that he did.

“Call me Daddy, baby,” he shouted as I was cumming from his pounding. And without a thought in my mind, I called his sexy ass Daddy.

“Ohhhh keep fucking me Daddy, I’m fucking cumming all over your huge dick Daddy! Uuughhhh fuck me Dadddyyyy!” I shouted as the orgasm took over me. Still bouncing on his dick I felt him shudder.

“I’m fuckin cumming baby!” he shouted.

“Yes please Daddy nut all in my soaking pussy! Shoot your cum all inside my perfect pussy Daddy!” I moaned back to him as he filled me with his warm seed. Luckily, I’m on the pill. “Ohhhh I love your cum Daddy!”

“Fuuuuuccccckkkkkk babygirl Daddy’s cumming!” he grunted pounding his cock all the way in still fucking me as he came. He stopped and we caught our breath. Still on top of him I felt him soften inside my cunt and his dick slid out as I rolled over onto the couch.

“What time is it baby?” Abel asked me after we caught our breath and snuggled for a little bit. I checked my phone, “it’s 10:30 baby why?” I said in response to him.

“Fuck I gotta go baby, I’m so sorry! Tonight was amazing and I love you!” he said getting dressed and heading out the door. “I love you too!” I shouted as he closed the door behind him.

I was left alone with my thoughts. I thought back to me calling him Daddy and it turned me on as I thought of my dad. He kept a good built and had brown hair, hazel eyes, a perfect nose, and full lips with the slightest pout to them. I was an only child and mom was never in the picture.

It was so wrong of me to think of my dad like that, but it felt so right according to my once again throbbing clit. I masturbated myself to orgasm thinking of my sexy Daddy. And after that I drifted off to sleep.

I şişli bayan escort woke up the next day a little sore from my boyfriends huge cock, wishing it was my Daddy’s cock that made me sore. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. Over the next week or so, each time I masturbated I thought of him and I screamed the word “Daddy” every time I came. And each time I fucked Abel, I called him Daddy, cumming harder than I ever have. This kept happening up til about a week ago.


Sunday morning I woke up soaking wet, from a dream I had where I was fucking my sexy Daddy. I stayed in all day and touched and played with myself to the thought of us fucking, thinking back to and visualizing my beautiful dream. It’s now nighttime and I’m exhausted. I decided to call up my Daddy on FaceTime. He answered.

“Hi Daddyyyy!!” I said with pure excitement.

“Hi baby!” He said back matching my energy of excitement. “I was just thinking of you baby, I miss you! The house is so boring and quiet without you!”

“I miss you too Daddy! I was thinking of you all day today and how much I miss you.” I said softly with a sad voice and a plan in mind.

“Don’t be so sadddd baby!!” He said in response to my sad voice. It was working! “You should come down sometime soon, I miss having you here,” boo yah! Those are the words I was hoping for, my little sad voice had worked!

“You think so daddy? I’d love to! I miss waking up to you and seeing your face and body in person,” I said cutely with a grin and the most subtle wink ever. He chuckled and brushed it off, dammit! I was hoping he’d catch my drift.

“Yes baby, how about tomorrow?” He just about shouted with excitement.

“Yessss Daddyyyy!! I’m so exciteddd!! You better be ready for me!” I shouted back with a mixture of lust and childish excitement in my voice.

“Okay then baby see you tomorrow! I love you, bye!” he rushed out as he hung up before I got to say I love you back. I got sad but then excited again because I was going to see my crazy handsome Daddy tomorrow!!

I packed a bag with enough clothes to last a week, since fall break was this week. I packed all of my skimpy tank tops, revealing shirts, short skirts, short shorts, and pants that hugged my full tight ass. As for underwear, all of my sexiest lingerie will do, even though I planned to wear none while I was there. Lastly, I packed my sexiest lingerie set of a lace thong, a lace bra with the nipples cut out, fish nets, and a garter, all the color of aqua blue, my Daddy’s favorite color, which I bought a couple of days ago with the thought of him seeing me in it. I was all packed and fell quick asleep to make time go by faster.

I woke up the next day full of pure joy. I showered, drank a cup of coffee, and put on a cute outfit of an aqua blue tank top and high waisted short shorts that rode up my ass a little, and a pair of basic thong sandals. No panties, and no bra. I was all ready to go. I put my bag in the car and hopped in and off I went.

When I arrived at home, Daddy came out of the house with the biggest smile on his face. As soon as I saw him my pussy started pounding. For extra excitement I jumped out of my car and into his arms, wrapping my legs around him laughing with excitement. This was normal though.

“Hiii Dadddyyy!!” I shouted.

“Hi baby! It’s so good to see you, you look amazing!!” He said which kinda made me blush. He put me down and said, “ohhh how much I missed you my baby,” and he hugged me tightly and kissed me on my forehead. That just made me wetter. He grabbed my bag out of the car and we walked inside.

We talked for hours, catching each other up to date. It was about 8 o’clock and Daddy asked if I was hungry. Of course I said yes and we went out to find somewhere to eat. We settled for a local restaurant and sat at a booth in the back where no one was. I liked it like that. We ordered drinks and food and continued talking. Here and there I would casually run my foot up his leg to show a little affection. He seemed to like it. When we were done eating we stayed a little longer talking and talking. I once put on arms on the table and squeezed my tits together a little and I caught him glancing at my tits, but didn’t say anything because that’s exactly what I wanted. I also caught him staring at the waitress, she had huge tits and was wearing a shirt that showed a lot, which also turned me on. And she was also wearing short shorts and had the most amazing ass I’d ever seen, my ass looked just like hers. It made me wonder, since dad was staring at her ass in those short shorts, could he be staring at my ass in even shorter shorts?

When we got up to leave I noticed he had a şişli escort bit of a boner. And he made me walk in front of him. I looked back a couple times and each time, he was staring at my ass, watching it jiggle as I walked. I began to walk a little sexier and gave my ass an extra jiggle, just for my Daddy. I looked back and he seemed to like it, as he kept stroking his dick over his pants.

When we got home we kissed each other on the cheek goodnight and went to our rooms. I had something else in mind. After about 5 minutes of us being in our rooms, I went down the hall and peeked into his room. There he was, stroking his huge beautiful cock. He had a couple inches on Abel, which was HUGE! To my surprise, I heard him moan my name.

“Oh fuck Jess, yesss stroke my cock babygirl!” he said as he stroked his beautiful member. It shocked me so much and I couldn’t help but touch myself at his door listening to him moaning my name. He kept saying my name over and over. “Fuckkkk Jessica, you’re so good,” “yesss babygirl keep playing with my cock,” “just like that Jess uuugghhh,” “ohhhh I’m gonna fucking cum for you Jessica I love you so much babygirl!!” I let out the smallest little moan and he seemed to have heard it as I heard his footsteps coming towards me. I quickly and quietly ran back to my room. I heard his door close and went back but nothing. “He didn’t even fucking cum!” I thought to myself. I must’ve scared him into stopping.

Hearing my Daddy moan my name made me so wet and horny. I knew this was the perfect time to make my move. And by “move” I mean I’m going to fuck my real Daddy. I put on my lingerie set of aqua blue, tied my hair up and walked down the hall. I had no fear or anything in mind. I was completely ready. I stopped in the bathroom to take a look at myself, and DAMN I looked so fucking hot. I knocked on my Daddy’s room door and waited for him to open it. I stood in a sexy pose and after what seemed like forever Daddy opened the door. He gasped loud as fuck and it seemingly turned me on even more. I looked down and saw he still had a boner from earlier and it started to grow even more at the sight of me.

“What the fuck are you wearing Jessica! And what the fuck do you think you’re doing!” He shouted at me as I leaned into him. “You’re my fucking daughter Jess, what is wrong with you?! Get the fuck out!”

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little bit Daddy?” I sneered back at him, with a wink and sexy side smile.

“Overreacting??!! You’re my fucking daughter!”

“I can be your fucking daughter Daddy, if that’s what you want. I can fuck you all day. I’ll be your fucking daughter Daddy.” I said sexily.

Still tense he said, “Very fucking funny Baby, now go back your room.” He was starting to calm down.

“I like when you call me Baby, I’ve loved it all my life Daddy. Do you like when I call you Daddy, Daddy?” I asked him hoping for a naughty answer.

“You’re my baby, Jessica. Of course I like when you call me Daddy, I am your fucking Daddy!” he shouted seeming to give in.

“You wanna be my fucking Daddy huh? Well you better fuck me.” I growled at him leaning in for a sloppy kiss.

He wasn’t quite there yet and he pulled his head back a little bit. “C’mon baby, I’m your Daddy, this is so wrong,” he said disappointingly.

“But it feels so right with you Daddy” was all I could say.

“I know baby, I feel it too, but I’m your Daddy for fucks sake! We’re not supposed to do this with each other baby.” He said with such a sad voice. Despite what he said I leaned in and kissed him to see what he would do. And to my surprise he didn’t pull his head back or anything. My Daddy accepted my kiss for what it was. Although he didn’t kiss me back, he seemed to enjoy it, as he moaned into my mouth a little bit. I liked that, it made me want to fuck him that much more.

I let go and said “Come on Daddy give in a little I know you want me.”

“I doooo, baby! But this is sooo wronggg!” Daddy said.

“That’s not what you said earlier when you moaned my name ten times as you stroked your cock thinking of me.” His eyes widened and I kissed him again to give him time to think of what to say. This time he kissed me back. After a few seconds of kissing I let go, waiting for his response to what I said previously.

He smiled and blushed, “So that was you I heard moan earlier?”

“Yes Daddy, I couldn’t help myself. You’re so sexy and your cock is so big.” I said while biting my lip.

“You naughty girl.” He said with a chuckle.

“That’s me Daddy.” I chuckled back and winked at him. “Are you ready for me now Daddy,” I asked him innocently.

“You bet I am baby,” he said, finally mecidiyeköy escort giving in. He lifted me up and pushed me against the wall and I let out a little moan. “You know this is my favorite color right, baby? Have you been wearing it all day long for me baby? And those tight little shorts, was that for me too, huh baby?” He asked so seductively my panties were soaked.

“Yes Daddy, it’s all for you. I just wanna make you happy Daddy. And I want you to fuck this pussy like you’ve never fucked a pussy before.” After I said that he practically tore off every piece of cloth I had on me. I was completely naked in front of my daddy. I stood there, fondling my tits and stared him down. “Do you like what you see Daddy?”

“Fuck yes Baby, you’re so fucking hot my baby.” He said back.

“Time to get even Daddy.” I exclaimed as I took off his T-Shirt and felt his muscles, licking him up and down. I then took off his sweats and he wasn’t wearing anything under his sweats. His cock slapped me in the face. And I began to suck his cock. Using the same technique I used on my boyfriend Abel. Deepthroating and licking his balls when I touched his base. I was surprised that I was able to deepthroat his huge cock.

“Ohhhh fuck yes babyyyyy… suck my huge fucking cock! Suck daddy’s huge cock babyy! Take it all!” he exclaimed as I slurped and gurgled on his dick.

“Mmmm daddyyyy you taste so fucking good! I want to taste you all the timeee!!” I moaned in between sucks.

“Get on your feet before I cum baby. I need to fuck you.” he said very seriously. He threw me on the bed and started eating my wet ass pussy. I moaned and flopped all over my Daddy’s bed until I came all over his gorgeous fucking face. “Good girl cum for Daddy!” He shouted as I orgasmed.

I calmed down real quick and said, “now I want you to fuck me Daddy. Fuck me with no remorse, fuck me so hard that you cum in my pussy.” all while looking him dead in the eyes.

Daddy flipped me over on my stomach and I arched my back just right as I felt him start to work his cock into me. He was going so slow, and it was nice but I wanted him to pound his cock into me. So I did it for him. I pushed my ass all the way back until I felt his ball sack touch my pussy and his abs touch my ass. He moaned so fucking loud I thought he would come right them and there.

“Ohhhhh fuck babyyyy. You did what I wanted. Uuugghhhhhhhh that feels so good!” he shouted as he moaned.

“Fuck me daddy please. Pound my pussy as hard as you can! I want you to spurt all of your warm seed inside of me Daddyyy!! Fuck meeeee daddyyyy!”

“Oh fuckkkkk your pussy feels so fucking good baby! I love fucking your tight pussy!! I love fucking my daughters pussy!!” He shouted as he began to pound me harder.

“Fuck me dadddyyyyy!!” I shouted as I moaned so loud I bet the neighbors heard me. “Ohhhhh I’m gonna fucking cum daddyyy!! I’m cumming all over your hard perfect diccckkkkk daddyyyy!!” I shouted as I reached orgasm and came all over my Daddy’s shaft and I felt him start to shake.

“Oh I’m fucking cumming Baby. Daddy’s cumming my baby!” he shouted as he shot his load all inside his daughters wet pussy.

“Yes daddy shoot that cumm all inside your daughters pussy! Shoot the very cum that made me into my pussy!” I shouted as I felt his sperm make its way into my tight pussy. We both moaned so fucking hard and fell onto the bed, Daddy laying on top of me. “Fuck that was so good Daddy. You fucked me so good daddy I loved every second of it.” I whispered in his ear.

“You have the best pussy I’ve ever had baby. I’m gonna wanna fuck you all the time now baby. You fucked up getting involved with me, I’m always horny Baby!” he told me, thinking I’d regret it. But I didn’t, it made me happy hearing him say that I have the best pussy and confirming that this wasn’t gonna be a one time thing. “I love you baby, I’m so proud of you for taking my dick, most girls can’t handle my size.”

“I can handle any dick, Daddy. I love you more than you will ever know. I’m so happy we did this.” I replied.

“Me too, baby, me too.” he said as he took his dick out of my pussy and pulled me close to him, cuddling me. Every part of our bodies was touching and I felt pure euphoria as I drifted off to sleep in my Daddy’s arms after finally getting a good fucking from my dream man. Before we fell all the way asleep we exchanged about ten “I love you”‘s and kissed each other deeply and passionately. We were both sound asleep as it reached 3 in the morning. We had been fucking since 11pm. That was the longest fucking of my life, 4 HOURS!! I was so happy.

We fucked all day every day until the day I left back to school. I was so happy to finally have my Daddy as my lover and for my Daddy to have me, his Baby, as his lover. Abel and I broke up, but we still hook up from time to time. I was so proud of myself and I was the happiest I had ever been.


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