BabySitter Commando


Vivian was our baby-sitter. Quite a nice young woman. She was eighteen or nineteen, a blue eyed blonde of Scandinavian background. Don’t let this mislead you into thinking she was Brunhilde or something similar. Instead of being a tall, buxom, girl she was petite, five foot six at most, with a nice little b-cup. She was a little scatter-brained at times but good with the children.

This particular evening my wife and I were going out to dinner and a show. No particular reason. We just decided to go out. OK, I’ll admit that Barbara decided that we were going to go out for dinner and a show. I wasn’t actually asked for my opinion.

Vivian showed up in plenty of time and went off to play with the kids. I’d stood back and admired the way her bottom swished back and forth as she walked, wishing I could see her legs. She had very nice legs. However, it was not to be. Vivian was wearing a gypsy skirt. You know the type, long and flowing, with lots of material, reaching right down to the ankles. No leg watching with that on, even when she went running up the stairs. To go with the skirt she had a similar style blouse with lots of flounces on it. The blouse was semi-transparent and I was quite sure that if it hadn’t been for those flounces I’d have had a nice view of a b-cup boob, since I was sure she didn’t have a bra on. As it was I could only see the sides glimmering through the blouse.

As I’m sure you can guess I was ready to go long before my wife. I’d started leaning on her to get ready while we still had plenty of time but it was still going to be a fairly close thing. While she finished primping I was just prowling around downstairs. I’d have grabbed a snack but didn’t want to spoil my appetite for the restaurant meal. It would be an insult to a superlative cook not to properly appreciate his offering.

I was prowling past the bottom of the staircase when there was a squeal from the top of the staircase. A small figure came hurtling down the stairs, giggling and calling, “Save me, Daddy.”

Vivian came charging down the stairs after the runaway, also laughing. That is, she started to come charging down the stairs. She slipped part way down, landing on her bottom, and sort of slithering the rest of the way down. She slithered faster than her skirt which rode up, giving me a fine view of those lovely legs of hers. It’s amazing that a short young lady can appear to have such long shapely legs.

My daughter shouted something that sounded like “Whoops,” darted out from behind me and back up the stairs while Vivian was trying to sort herself out.

I was looking thoughtfully at Vivian, admiring her legs. Admiring more than that as her skirt had ridden up almost to waist level. Bunched the way it was I could probably see more of Vivian’s legs and other parts than she could, the bunched cloth blocking her view. Fortunate for me, unfortunate for her, as I’m damn sure she would have acted a lot faster to cover herself up if she’d known what was on display.

“Troubles?” I asked.

Vivian was still laughing. “Little monster,” she said cheerfully. “We were playing tag and she knows she wasn’t supposed to run downstairs. She cheated.”

“That’s life,” I told her. “It’s always the sweet, innocent, ones that do you in. Um, just as a matter of curiosity, do you realise that you forgot to wear panties today?”

She blinked, trying to take in what I said. Then the words filtered through to her consciousness and she reacted as though stuck with a pin. She gave a squawk, hastily pushing her skirt down and covering her legs. A pity. Maybe I should have waited a while before making that observation.

She stared at me, red-face, for a moment, before saying, with great indignation, “Oh, you liar. Don’t do that to me. I did no such thing.”

I smiled, held out a hand, and helped her to her feet. Her skirt had an elastic waistband. I hooked one finger over the side and pulled it Gaziantep Olgun Escort out and slightly down.

“Look for yourself,” I told her, being a gentleman and not looking myself.

She glanced down, her face regaining its blush, and slid a hand down inside her skirt, apparently needing a physical inspection to make sure. She snatched her hand out quickly, also snatching her skirt out of my grasp.

“I don’t know how that could possibly happen,” she said in a half-wail.

I did. A trifle scatter-brained, as I said. She probably had her skirt and panties on her bed and put the skirt on first. After making sure it hung right she just totally overlooked the fact that her panties were still lying on the bed and went traipsing happily away.

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her. “No-one is going to notice. Apart from me. You looked totally charming.”

She gave me a nasty look.

“If you’ll excuse me I have to get back to the children,” she said.

“Off you go,” I encouraged her. “Your little secret will remain our little secret. Until we get back from the show, that is.”

“You’re going to tell Barbara?” she asked indignantly.

“Not as such, but she’ll probably notice when I lift up your dress and screw you rotten. You know how it is. Going commando makes you fair game.”

“You’ll do no such thing,” she gasped.

I winked at her.

“Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fun. While we’re gone you can decide if you want me to strip you completely first or just lift up your dress. Oh, you might also want to give some thought as to whether you want Barbara to watch as I take you.”

Her face seemed to get redder than ever and she bolted upstairs after my errant daughter. I was still quietly laughing when Barbara came down and we went out.

“So what were you finding so amusing?” Barbara asked me as we drove off.

“Vivian,” I said succinctly.

“Uh-huh. And just what did Vivian do?”

“Partly what she didn’t do as well as what she did,” I said. “What she did was slip as she was coming down the stairs. She sort of slid down the last few stairs and this caused her skirt to ride up.”

I stopped there and waited. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Go on. What was the rest of it?”

“She apparently forgot to put her panties on and was going commando. She sat on the bottom step not knowing she was showing everything, happy as Larry and giggling away.”

“You’re kidding.”

“True. You should have seen her face when I told her. She almost had a heart attack. She covered up damn fast. Then she accused me of making it up. Didn’t really believe me until she’d actually checked.”

Barbara was giggling.

“I trust you didn’t try to take advantage of her.”

“Nah. I explained that we were about to go out and she was safe until we returned. I did promise to fuck her when we got back. Asked her to decide if she wanted you there to watch while we did it.”

I promptly got a whack on the arm for that.

“Poor girl. She’ll be having kittens. She may never come back to sit for us again.”

There was silence for a short while as we continued on our way. Then Barbara broached the subject again.

“So, are you going to fuck her when we get back?”

“What?” I asked, startled. “You have to be kidding. She’s just a kid.”

“She’s nearly nineteen and not a virgin,” Barbara, said, speaking slowly, considering something. Probably something devious, knowing her. And how did she know Vivian wasn’t a virgin? Don’t ask, I told myself.

“You know, it would probably do her the world of good to get properly screwed. I think you should do it.”

Colour me stunned. My wife wanted me to rape the babysitter?

“You’re not serious, surely,” I said, being very careful about how I expressed my doubts. “I mean, I very much doubt that she’d agree for a start.”

“Yes, she would, if I tell her to,” Barbara informed me. “I’d have to be there of course, or she might panic. Still, it should be an interesting experience for us.”

I, being an intelligent man, kept my mouth shut. Barbara seemed to be contemplating the mysteries of the universe. I left her to contemplate.

After another short spell of silence she nodded decisively.

“Yes, we’ll do that,” she decided. “I suspect that her forgetting her panties was a subconscious decision on her part, indicating that she wants this to happen.”

Never ask me to follow the workings of a woman’s mind. They can add two plus two, get an answer of thirty one, and be willing to explain that it’s quite logical. I’d just hope that she’d forget all about it by the time we got home.

Barbara must have seen that I was a trifle dubious about the whole thing.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said. “I’ve had several woman to woman talks with Vivian. I know what she wants.”

Why didn’t this reassurance fill me with relief?

We had dinner and we enjoyed the show and then we were heading home. I hadn’t given another thought to Vivian. Probably because I couldn’t really believe that Barbara was serious. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind laying Vivian down and giving her a good service, but that was in the realm of naughty thoughts, not actual deeds.

Barbara didn’t mention it either and I, my idiocy on display, assumed that she’d changed her mind. We arrived home and went inside. Vivian was in the front room and rose to her feet from the couch when she heard us come in. She was giving me a rather wary look and I gave her a smile and a wink. Vivian should have been watching Barbara.

Barbara just walked over to her, all smiles, hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her gypsy skirt and dropped it to the floor. I was pleased to see that Vivian hadn’t thought to raid Barbara’s underwear drawer for a pair of panties. Vivian wasn’t quite so happy. She made a very strange noise and started protesting.

She should have saved her breath. Barbara started talking to her. I couldn’t hear what she was saying as she was talking softly, but it seemed to be making sense to Vivian. She was still protesting but it was more in the line of saying, “But, but.” Next thing I knew Barbara had hold of the hem of her blouse and was lifting it up, with Vivian obediently raising her arms so Barbara could take it off. I was pleased to see that my guess of no bra had been correct. Maybe she only had a b cup but it was a very shapely b-cup that didn’t need the support of that bra.

“Well, don’t just stand there, you great oaf,” Barbara told me. “Come over here and pet Vivian. Show her how desirable you think she is. I mean, how can you look at these breasts and not want to taste them.”

To demonstrate what she meant she cupped Vivian’s breasts, bent down and kissed them.

What could I do? I strolled over and joined in. Vivian seemed a little nervous, which was understandable, but wasn’t actually protesting. It wasn’t long before we had eased her back down onto the couch. I was keeping a careful eye on her as I played. She seemed to enjoy it when Barbara stroked her breasts, not so much when I did, her nerves showing a little. Conversely, she had no objection at all to me stroking her pussy.

I was still expecting her to snap out of it and panic at any moment so I was taking things slowly. I rubbed her mound, agitating it. I could feel her reacting, her mound swelling and her lips parting, exposing her inner lips. I could feel the heat inside her and my fingers were encountering moisture when I went exploring.

After a while Vivian was nervously excited and breathing hard. Now it was time to get serious. I stood up and dropped my trousers, demonstrating that I was ready to move along. Vivian’s eyes opened wide as she took in my offering and her nervousness stepped up a degree. Barbara also stepped things up a little, starting to talk softly to Vivian, her voice visibly soothing her.

I’d love to know what Barbara was saying because it certainly seemed to be working. While she was talking I settled onto the couch between Vivian’s thighs, easing forward until my cock was pressing against her. Signal the cue for Vivian to lose interest in what Barbara was saying and take an immediate interest in what I was doing.

I pressed forward a little, just a little, but it was enough for her lips to decide to part and let me by. Vivian made a choking sound, not at all sure she wanted to go ahead with this. Me, I just continued pressing gently against her. I could feel her passage yielding, letting me slip along it, closing around me as I went. There was no fast drive to nail her, just a constant pressure that let me sink slowly but surely into her. I didn’t relax the pressure until I was fully home. Barbara had been right about one thing. Vivian hadn’t been a virgin.

Vivian was now all big-eyed and slightly stunned looking, her eyes fastened to the spot where our bodies merged, seemingly finding it hard to believe that this was actually happening. I just held myself in her for a moment, my hands coming up to gently cover her breasts.

Vivian blinked and as far as I was concerned that was my get going cue. I pulled smoothly back, still keeping a nice even pace, relishing the feel of her passage clinging to me as I withdrew. Back in again, rubbing her breasts lightly as I came. This time as I came in I started to coax her to push up against me. She didn’t that time but on the next stroke she twitched a little and then moved her hips, starting to do her part.

She was now staring at me rather than down at my cock and I was smiling gently, continuing the same gentle thrusting, no need to panic, it’s all right, easy does it, feels good, doesn’t it.

Vivian was now definitely moving with me, her hips rising in the regular pattern I’d established, satisfied little sounds starting to be drawn from her.

From this point on it was all very pleasurable. By keeping that same slow pace I was able to prolong things, watching Vivian slowly succumbing to excitement and passion. A quick glance at Barbara showed that she was highly amused by the whole thing, giving me an approving nod to say I was doing fine. Well, I already knew that from Vivian’s responses.

Fortunately I was able to spot when Vivian’s excitement reached a point where she wanted more that I was supplying. No worries. I had a lot more I was willing to supply. I kicked up the pace a notch, letting her adapt, and then kicked it up another notch. She adapted to that, as well, and now we were moving along in fine style, me plunging in hard and fast with her pressing excitedly up to accept me.

Now that we were putting some serious effort into what we were doing our little get-together didn’t last much longer. Vivian was starting to writhe about under me, knowing something more was on the way and ready and willing to experience it. I just bumped things up one final notch and drove in hard. I climaxed almost immediately after that, with that being enough to send Vivian over the edge. She gave a light shriek and started shivering and shaking under me. And, damn it all, her nails dug hard into my shoulder blades, leaving me wondering if I’d require stitches.

With my part done I was dismissed, Barbara grabbing Vivian and leading her away, talking the entire time. Shortly after I heard the shower turn on. Barbara came back and chased me off to bed, saying she’d attend to Vivian. I went to bed.

She told me the story later. Apparently Vivian had had a bad experience a few months back. I wasn’t told how bad but it had left her distinctly unhappy regarding mean and sex. Barbara had been counselling her. Barbara, bless her sweet heart, had seized on my offhand threat to fuck Vivian as a way to break it to Vivian gently that men aren’t menaces and that sex is fine at the right time and place. How about that. I was a dose of medicine for a nervous young lady.

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