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Subject: Bacchus Springs: Chapter 17: The Big City This is a work of fiction and contains scenes of explicit gay sex. Any resemblance to actual places, persons, or events is coincidental. If you are not of the legal age to read adult stories, or are uncomfortable with gay themes, please stop reading now and close this document. Bacchus Springs, Chapter 17: The Big City, Copyright 2020 Tripp Savidge. All rights are reserved. Do not duplicate or distribute in any form without express permission of the author. Bacchus Springs Chapter 17: The Big City by Tripp Savidge * Scene 1 * Jon Martinez I stared at the ceiling and concentrated as hard as I could on keeping myself locked down. I didn’t know why I was so hungry. I thought I’d fed well on Adam’s dad. I’d made it through the evening, though I’d admit that the gaming after we’d finished the wings and pizza had helped distract me. I was also sure Adam was making it worse with the way he kept staring at me. I would have sworn my roommate was straight. But if the thoughts he’d been having were any indication, he wasn’t so straight after all. Maybe I was just leaking mojo, and that was causing his thoughts to go there. It was certainly possible. I glanced over at him on the air mattress beside me. His smooth bare shoulder looked so inviting. It was too hot for the sleeping bags, so the only thing between us was a sheet. Fortunately, he was facing the other way, and I was pretty sure from his breathing that he was sound asleep. I knew what I had to do. I turned over and leaned in close, placing my hand gently on his silky brown hair. “SLEEP.” I pushed into his mind with my compulsion. It was one of the tricks that Eros had explained to us that could come in handy. He’d said it put the person into a very deep sleep for a couple of hours. I threw the sheet back and climbed off the mattress, checking Adam just to make sure it worked. He looked so sweet in his sleep, and I thought again how much he looked like the actor who played Harvey on that teenage witch show. Satisfied that he was truly out, I carefully made my way upstairs. Now to find his parent’s bedroom. It didn’t take long, and the door wasn’t locked. I slipped inside and took a moment to let my eyes adjust. Mr. and Mrs. Benz appeared to be asleep on the king-sized bed that took up most of the room. I quietly walked to her side of the bed and bit my lip as I picked up on her dreams. Can’t say I ever planned on starring in anyone’s fantasy. I put my hand on her head… “SLEEP.” I tried not to think about the image of me fucking Adam’s mom that I picked up from her dream. I was pretty sure that would give me nightmares. Maybe Eros could tell me how not to pick up stuff like that. Ew. I moved over to the other side of the bed and carefully pulled the covers down to reveal Adam’s dad. He was a much better sight. Mr. Benz was lying on his stomach and was only wearing some loose boxers. He looked good, slender and lean with very little body hair. He certainly didn’t give off a “dad” vibe. I ran my hand up his leg and under the edge of his shorts. His skin was smooth and warm. I also found his dreams much more to my liking. I gripped the waistband of his boxers and slid them over his hips. It took a little effort, but I managed to get them completely off without waking him up. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. I was a virgin not all that long ago, and now I’m ogling my roommate’s dad who’s got to be pushing forty. And damn if he doesn’t look fuckable. Shit, I forgot to grab lube. I looked around and then checked the nightstands. Lucky for me, Mrs. Benz had a large tube. I set it on the bed beside Mr. Benz’s hips and gently spread his legs, so there was room for me. I kissed up his legs and squeezed his cheeks. Whether it was from tennis or his workouts, the man had a nice round ass. I caressed his warm glutes and gently separated them. It was too dark to truly appreciate his pucker, but I figured my tongue would find it just fine. I pressed my face to his crack and swiped my tongue over his tender opening. Unlike in the porn videos, he jerked awake immediately, though I did get a satisfying moan out of him. “What?” he whispered in surprise. I crawled up, so I was straddling him and pressed my body against the length of his back, kissing along his shoulder until I nibbled his ear. “Hey, handsome. I came back for seconds.” “But…my wife is right there. You can’t!” He was still whispering but barely. “TRUST ME. DON’T WORRY. She’s sound asleep. Just relax and enjoy. I’m going to take good care of you.” I kissed down his back, rubbing my hands over his shoulders and sides as I returned my attention to his rosebud. I licked and nibbled, eliciting the most delicious sounds. It made me wonder if he’d ever been rimmed before. Or, maybe it had just been a very long time. Either way, I had his full attention. His lust had exploded with the first touch of my tongue. I began to feed right away, and now as I worked his opening, it was a steady stream. He wasn’t even trying to stifle his moans, and his hole had relaxed and loosened up beautifully for me. You’ll be a good follower for Bacchus, I thought when I heard Mr. Benz whisper a raspy “Please” into his pillow. I grabbed the lube and squeezed some onto my fingers before I added them to the tongue work I was doing. Mr. Benz gasped as I worked them in, and his hips pushed back, trying to get me in deeper. Yeah, an excellent fit for Bacchus. “Fuck, you’ve got a hungry hole,” I muttered as he pushed back and tried to fuck himself on my fingers. “Please, need your cock,” Mr. Benz said into the pillow. I slicked up and pushed in until his ass lips wrapped around the head of my dick. “Oh, God, you’re so fucking huge.” “Keep breathing; we both know you can take it all.” I slowly started sinking in, giving his body time to remember and open up for me. It happened more quickly than I expected, and I managed to get every inch of my cock buried in his ass. I slid my hands under his arms until I had him pinned and had a good grip. I kissed and licked at his neck and shoulders but kept my hips still, letting him adjust to being stuffed full as I pressed him into the bed. “So fucking huge. Feels so good.” “Mmm.” I began slowly pulling out and then sliding back into his heat. He squeezed and pushed back. I started going faster, and soon the bed was bouncing with how hard I was pounding his ass. Mr. Benz was totally on board with my hard fuck and moaned, groaned, and whimpered like he couldn’t get enough. There was something satisfying about giving him exactly what he needed. I couldn’t imagine what he must have been going through to deny himself what he wanted so badly. “Fuck me, fuck me harder,” Mr. Benz pleaded. “Gladly, what’s your first name, Mr. Benz? Seems wrong to keep calling you ‘Mister’ with my dick buried inside you.” “T..T..Thomas… or Tom. Oh, God, you feel so good. Please don’t stop.” “Mm. You want me to call you Tom when we’re alone don’t you?” “Yes…” “You’re such a good fuck, Tom.” He was eagerly taking my cock and loving every bit of it as I pounded his prostate. I’d found it didn’t take much to hit a guy’s spot when you’re as big as I was. Once I was in, that little baby was going to get pounded regardless. I ground my dick as deep as I could at the bottom of my thrusts. Each time getting gasps and groans. I felt his body tensing and wondered if I’d fucked a load out of him yet. The way his slick tunnel gripped me I was thinking it was very likely. I was pushing the lust back into him as fast as I could, but he was almost generating more than I could drink. “YES!” Tom cried as he lifted his ass over and over, making me fuck him harder. “Yeah, stud. You like my big cock filling you up, don’t you?” “God, yes!” “You love taking a big dick while your wife is on the bed beside you.” I glanced over and she was still completely out – snoring away. But it also reminded me that I needed to help my new buddy out a bit. There was so much lust, I didn’t even have to try very hard. Tom didn’t need any more, so I pushed it into Mrs. Benz and imbedded the thoughts I wanted deep in her mind. “Nothing makes you happier than knowing Tom is getting his physical needs met by men. You feel overjoyed to know he has male lovers. You don’t feel jealousy or envy, you’re so happy he’s being well cared for, and you don’t have to do it. You will help him find men and make sure he has the opportunities he needs. You are confident in your relationship and the love he has for you.” I returned my focus to Tom, now that I’d fixed things with his wife. I gripped his shoulders more tightly so I could pound him into the bed. Fuck, he felt good. “You want me to cum inside you?” I asked. “Yes, please,” Tom begged. I felt my orgasm building and didn’t slow down as I seeded his ass. When the last bit was deep inside, I rested my body on top of him and kissed whatever I could reach. “So, good, Tom.” I caught a hint of guilt leaking from him and quickly addressed it. “NO GUILT, Tom, NO REGRETS. YOU DESERVE HAVING YOUR NEEDS MET. You really ought to at least visit Bacchus Springs. Maybe bring your wife for a long weekend at the spa. I’m sure you’ll be moving there not long after you see what it could be like.” “Yeah…” Tom said in a dreamy voice. I carefully pulled out and flipped him over, then turned, so we were in a sixty-nine and swung my leg, so I was straddling his face. I trailed my dripping cock over his lips until he opened and sucked me in. I licked the cum off his stomach and moved lower, taking his sticky dick into my mouth. I was pleased that after having such a good ass, his prick was just as nice. Not huge but more than adequate and fucking gorgeous. I loved the taste of man juice and sucked and licked to get him as clean as I could. He’d gone a bit soft, but I could fix that. “I… ugh… can’t. Just came,” Tom said after releasing me from his mouth. “Oh, Tom, I’ll have you hard and ready in no time. You shouldn’t keep this meat to yourself, Tom. A dick like this was meant to be shared.” I resumed sucking and slid my hand between his legs in search of his well- fucked hole. He was still sloppy with my load and hadn’t tightened up again. I easily slid four fingers inside and found his spot. Oh yeah, he was going to cum again real soon. I massaged his prostate as I sucked and figured it must be getting to him from the way he was going down on me. It only took a few minutes before he gave me his load. I sucked it down and smiled as my balls started to tighten. I slid deeper into his throat and let the orgasm take me, only pulling out enough for him to taste it once I’d started to cum. Tom eagerly sucked down every drop. Once I was done, I flipped around and gave him a sloppy kiss. “Fuck, that was…” “Yeah, it was. Thank you. Sleep well, Tom.” I gave him another kiss and headed back down to check on Adam. My hunger was sated, but I couldn’t help but wonder if Adam had inherited any of his father’s tendencies or if his ass or dick would be as good. * Scene 2 * David Martinez I couldn’t help but check the time again. It seemed to be taking forever to get to midnight, but at least Bernie had gone to bed early. I was horrified at how I’d affected him. Even with his confession of being bi, the thought of my brother thinking of me in “that way.” “Oh, God,” I shivered and again said a prayer of thanks that the boys weren’t here. I wasn’t sure how we’d ever make it through them visiting us. Maybe Eros would have an idea. I lay down on the bed and tried to relax. Eros had said if I was quiet, I might be able to hear or sense others in need. Somehow, I expected Aiden would be about as needy as a boy could get after seeing me fuck his dad. I tried the meditative breathing they’d taught in one of the Yoga classes I’d tried. It took a few attempts, but I could feel myself relaxing, and then I heard it, almost like a whisper. A plea for release, a call for the universe to send someone, anyone to please satisfy the hunger burning inside of him. “Finally,” I muttered as my phone alarm went off, letting me know it was time to head next door. I had a virgin to liberate. I realized I needed to wear something other than my sweat pants in case I was seen. I reached into my duffel and pulled out a hoodie. “Oops.” Somehow I had ended up with Jon’s. Other than being a little snug, it would work just fine. I grabbed several lube packets and shoved them into my pocket. As I left, I tried to be as quiet as I could walking to the front door. I reached for the knob and startled as it disappeared out of my grip. I bit my lip to stifle the scream as I looked around. I wasn’t sure how, but I was standing in a dark hallway in front of a different door. It was slightly ajar with soft light coming from inside. I nudged it open and peeked inside. “Well, damn,” I whispered. I was staring at a very surprised Aiden sitting up in his bed. I slipped into the room and pushed the door shut. Well, I guess he’s made his decision, I thought when he slid the sheet down, and I saw that he was completely naked. “You showed up,” Aiden whispered. “I told you if you decided that you wanted it, I’d be here.” I moved closer to the bed, giving him a chance to change his mind before the scent overwhelmed me. Because damn did he ever smell delicious. It was so much stronger than before, that sweet innocence of being a virgin but not wanting to stay that way. “Please.” He looked up at me with pleading eyes. “Are you sure, because once we start, I won’t be stopping.” “I’m sure.” “And what is it that you think you want? Do you want me to touch you, maybe jack you off?” I was trying to give him any out I could before the lust took over. “No, I want it all. I want what you gave Dad. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you inside me.” “Okay, then.” Yeah, I was done fighting. From Aiden’s thoughts, he’d clearly been running through his favorite porn videos, substituting himself and me. I couldn’t help but sip a little of his lust. It was like a rush of electricity through my body. I pulled off the hoodie, pulled out the lube packets and dropped them on the bed, and stepped out of the sweatpants. “Wow. You’re even bigger than I remembered,” Aiden said, staring at my crotch. “DON’T WORRY, Aiden. You’re going to love it, and I promise it will fit, just fine.” I crawled onto the bed and kissed up his arm until I brushed his lips with mine. “You okay with kissing, Aiden?” He didn’t speak but nodded and leaned in to close the distance. I kissed him and feasted on his lust. It tasted so good. I may have surprised him a little when my tongue dove into his mouth, but he adapted and gave up control. I let my hands roam to get him used to being touched. Pretty sure it wouldn’t take much given how his lust spiked as soon as my hands were on him. “May I suck you, Aiden?” I whispered into his ear as I ran my hands over his body. “Yes,” Aiden panted and spread his legs in invitation. “Such a good boy, so sweet. I promise you’re going to love this.” I kissed down his slender body and took his hard cock into my mouth. I was sure he had some growing yet to do, but he was already bigger than average. I immediately thought of his dad, Heath, and how much he’d enjoy sucking this beast. Guess I better make sure I grease the skids for him, I thought. “Ohhhhhhhh,” Aiden groaned as I took him all the way into my throat. Yeah, he was long enough that I had to use my skills. I stopped trying to hold in my powers and let them do their thing. No question that Aiden was already gay, no middle ground for him, and he had an impressive desire for dick. He didn’t need his desires topped off because from what I could read, he already had a healthy appetite and was versatile. What I did need to do was ease his transition and take out any inhibitions he might have. I didn’t want him to feel any guilt or anxiety about going after what he wanted. I pushed the lust into him and slid deep into his mind, planting the need to be safe and of course, a strong attraction to Heath. I thought it best if he got what he needed from his dad until they were settled in Bacchus Springs. I enjoyed sucking his dick, it was soft and velvety smooth, and his pre- cum was so sweet. I massaged his legs and thighs and ran my hands over his torso as I sucked. I was pretty sure he was lust drunk at this point, and I could do pretty much whatever I wanted. I took his balls and gently rolled them, licking them with the flat of my tongue. I lifted and spread Aiden’s legs letting his pucker come into view. It was so tiny and pale. The smallest of openings or it was for now. I licked across the tender skin and teased his rosebud with the tip of my tongue. Aiden whimpered and wrapped his arms around his legs, holding them up. I worked his hole with my tongue until I figured I’d fried his brain. I kissed Aiden’s balls on my way by and resumed sucking on his cock. I grabbed a lube packet while I sucked and squeezed the slick onto my fingers before applying it to his hole. “RELAX. DON’T FIGHT IT,” I told him as I pushed the lube into his opening and slid a finger inside. Within seconds I found his sweet spot and began massaging it as I sucked. “I’m gonna shoot soon,” Aiden rasped as his hands gripped knees even tighter. “Mm.” I hummed around his cock and continued to suck as I slid a second finger inside him. I felt his body clench, and then his seed spilled over my tongue. I continued to finger him, increasing my speed and going a little deeper while I sucked down his load. Aiden was thrashing but not enough that I couldn’t hold him in place. When he started whimpering again, I released him and pulled out my fingers. I crawled up on the bed beside him and stroked my cock. “Wow, that was like…wow.” Aiden turned to look at me, probably wondering what he was supposed to do. I held my cock and glanced at him then back at my erection. “SUCK IT.” I helped position him so he could suck my cock while leaving his cute little bottom in easy reach. As soon as he took the head of my cock into his mouth, he made a cute little sigh and began to suck. “That’s the way. Take your time and get used to it. Once it’s comfortable, try getting a little more into your mouth.” I ran my hands over his ass and then began teasing his hole again. Didn’t take much at all to get two fingers back inside him. I was in no rush, and he wasn’t good enough yet that I was in danger of spilling my load. I enjoyed relaxing his opening, and it was also giving Aiden’s throat time to open up. My magic might not be as fast as Bacchus’s, but he’d eventually get my whole dick in his mouth. When his nose was buried in my pubes, I decided it was time to move on. He could still improve his skills, but the gag reflex was gone. I gently lifted him off of my prick and used his discarded sleep pants to wipe the tears and drool from his face before I brought him in for a kiss. “You like sucking cocks, don’t you?” Aiden blushed and gave a smile. “Yeah and you’re so huge, I can’t believe I got it all in.” “No one is a pro the first time, Aiden. You can PRACTICE ON YOUR DAD, get really good at sucking before you guys move to Bacchus Springs.” “We’re moving?” I felt an immediate drop in Aiden’s lust, replaced by worry. “Shh. IT’S A GOOD THING. You’re going to love Bacchus Springs, I promise. DON’T GIVE IT ANOTHER THOUGHT.” I hadn’t intended to freak him out, but it was easily solved. I continued fingering him as we kissed and then flipped him over onto his hands and knees. “You ready?” “Yes,” Aiden hissed as I pushed a third finger inside him. I moved up to my knees and teased his hole with my cock. He whimpered and moaned, trying to get me inside. “We’re going to go real slow. RELAX and OPEN UP, Aiden.” I gave a push, and the head slipped past the muscled ring. Aiden let out a loud gasp. “Slow, baby. Get used to it.” I massaged his back and ass cheeks until I felt the grip around me relax. I pushed in a little farther. I knew my magic was working as he pushed back, taking more of me into his virgin hole. I guided his hips, making sure he didn’t take too much or go too quickly. I wanted this to be all pleasure. “Fuck, you’re huge,” Aiden panted. “Your dad took every inch and loved it. You want all of my cock too, don’t you Aiden?” “Please.” It took all the control I had to not slam into him. I eased in slowly gritting my teeth and finally felt his smooth ass pressed against me. I’d just given a little bump when Aiden cried out. “FUCK!” His body tightened and quivered, wrapping my cock in his wet heat as he came, spraying his load onto the bed. I hadn’t intended to push him over the edge so quickly, but it might make his next one better. I pushed more lust into him and reached under him to give his cock a few tugs. He hadn’t even gone soft. I slowly started thrusting, opening up his tight, virgin ass. I built up a good rhythm and decided we needed to change things up. I pulled out and flipped him onto his back. He complained a bit until I had my cock shoved back up inside him. He spread his legs wide, wrapping his arms under his knees. “Do you like it?” I asked as I began teasing his nipples. “Fuck, yes. You feel so good inside me.” istanbul travesti “Look down, Aiden. See this cock? Every inch of it is going into you. You’ll look so good with my dick stuffed inside you.” Aiden looked down at my hard cock and groaned. I could agree that the size difference was somewhat obscene. His lust flared, and he threw his head back. No question in my mind that Aiden would be very popular, and if he grew up to be like his dad, there’d be no shortage of men lining up to offer themselves – top or bottom. Yeah, they’d both be very welcomed. “So good,” Aiden moaned as he released his legs and wrapped them around my hips. I leaned in and captured his mouth. His kissing skills had already improved. I’d really wanted to see him ride me, but I didn’t think I could last that long. He was too tight and felt too good squeezing my cock. I started thrusting harder and faster and sucked in every bit of lust I could from him, slamming it back into him to make sure his next orgasm made him see stars. “I’m going to cum inside you, Aiden. You okay with that?” “Yes, please…” Aiden’s ass tightened, and he let out a mournful moan as his cock erupted between us. I pounded into him and let the orgasm take me, filling the no longer virgin pussy. I ground into him, churning my spunk as Aiden’s eyes rolled back in his head. I pulled out, surprised that I was still rock hard and collapsed on the bed beside him. Mission very well accomplished, I thought. I was drifting in a happy place when I heard a gasp. “What the hell is going on?” Heath asked. He was standing in the now open doorway, looking gorgeous in nothing but very tented sleep shorts. “Mm. I’m glad you’re here, Heath, and just in time.” “What the fuck, David?” I stood up and walked over to Heath, letting my fingers trail over his muscled chest and flicked one of his nipples. “Aiden takes after you, Heath. He loves dick as much as you do, and with a little training, he’ll be one hell of a fuck. But that’s your job.” Heath’s breathing had gotten raspy, and he couldn’t hide his body’s reaction to me. I hadn’t noticed it before, but Eros had told us that once we’d been with someone and fed from their lust, they were even more easily seduced the next time. I moved behind Heath, kissing up his shoulder to his neck as I wrapped my arms around him and played with his nipples. “You’ll need to take care of him, Heath. At least until you get settled in Bacchus Springs. Your son has needs, and you don’t want him taking risks or hooking up with strangers. It’s a win-win, Heath. You get a dick and a very tight ass to use, and so does he. You can even train him, so he fucks just the way you like.” “Can’t,” Heath whispered. I slid my hands down his ripped abs and into his shorts, teasing and stroking his cock. I was still overflowing with the abundance of lust I’d pulled from Aiden, so pushed some into Heath. “You will love taking care of your son.” I reached into his mind and made sure Aiden was firmly embedded as both a favorite and an acceptable lover with no guilt or inhibitions. “Fuck.” “I just dumped a huge load in his pussy. Why don’t you go see if you can lick and suck it out of him? Then I think you two should take turns sucking and fucking each other until morning. Really get to know each other.” “Yes, I should take care of him.” Heath turned and gave me a kiss before crawling on the bed and flipping his son onto his stomach. I grabbed my sweats and hoody and glanced back to see Heath’s face buried in Aiden’s ass. I opened the door and stepped back into the hall and quietly pulled the door shut behind me. I’d only taken a couple of steps when I got the overwhelming scent of flowers. “Shit,” I said, glancing around before I felt the presence in my mind. “You aren’t done, my sweet. Take care of the wife and make sure they stay together. I’m sure you’ll figure out a way,” Aphrodite whispered into my mind. Of course I knew it was an order and not a request. Aphrodite didn’t make suggestions. I moved down the hallway and saw another door ajar. I peeked in and saw Mrs. Young on the bed. I took a deep breath and stepped inside. “What was it, honey?” Jessica asked. “Nothing to worry about.” I dropped my sweats and hoodie just inside the room. “Who…” Jessica started to ask before her eyes zeroed in on me. The lust was immediate, and I didn’t hesitate to drink it in. “YOU’RE DREAMING, JESSICA. Now, GET NAKED ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES and spread yourself.” I said with a push of compulsion. Once I was channeling the lust back into her, I wouldn’t need compulsion, but it saved me a few steps, and I just wanted this part over with. I pushed the door closed and mentally prepared myself. The sacrifices I had to make for the Greek gods, jeesh. * Scene 3 * Jon Martinez “Come on sleepy head, we have a big day planned, remember?” Adam poked me, and I buried my head under the pillow. “Mom cooked us breakfast. You gotta understand, Mom never cooks breakfast. This is like the sign of the end-times.” “Ugh,” I groaned and rolled over onto my back. “Fine, I’m waking up.” “Dad said he’ll give us a ride to the train station on his way to work. We’ll have a full day in the city. I already got a shower, so it’s all yours.” “Yeah. Right, shower.” I stood and stretched and immediately felt Adam’s heated gaze. Great, here we go again, I thought. “Fuck dude. You gotta take me to the gym with you when we’re back at school. You gotta teach me your workout, seriously.” Adam made no secret at staring at every inch of me. “Sure, no problem.” I grabbed my bag to head to the bath when Adam grabbed my arm. “Use the main bath upstairs, that one has terrible water pressure. It’s on the list with the thermostat.” Adam chuckled, then I swear I felt his gaze on my crotch. I wasted no time getting up to the other bath if only to get away from Adam. The hot shower relaxed me, and I was looking forward to the day exploring the city. I stepped out and started drying off and had just wrapped the towel around my head when the door opened, and someone stepped in. For a second, I thought it was Adam, and then the familiar taste and scent of Tom’s lust hit me. I slid the towel to my shoulders and looked at him. “Fuck. You are so gorgeous,” Tom said. Adam’s dad was a handsome guy with just a little salting of gray at his temples and all jazzed up for work in a suit. He did look like an older Adam and probably got carded long after he turned twenty-one. He had aged very well, and while I’d never really thought about it before, I was pretty sure the other men in my life would think he was attractive too. “Morning. You doing okay?” I worried a little that last night’s visit might have been too much for him. “I will be once you fuck me.” He grabbed a clean towel and set it on the floor before he dropped to his knees in front of me. He opened the cabinet under the sink and pulled out lube and set it aside. I was still a little bit in shock from his words and hadn’t responded before he wrapped his hand and lips around my dick. “That feels good.” “Mm. I have to get you while I can. I’m really going to miss you once you go home.” “I’ll miss you too. Guess you better come visit soon.” I watched him unfasten his belt and pants as he sucked me, getting me nice and wet and taking me deep into his throat. “So fucking huge.” Tom stroked me and stared at my dick as he reached down and grabbed the lube. He opened it and squirted it on his hand before applying it liberally to my cock. Tom stood and turned to the sink, letting his pants and underwear, sexy bikini briefs to my surprise, slide to the floor. He reached around and fingered himself with more lube before looking over at me expectantly. I stepped up behind him and ran my shaft up and down his crack. “I hope last night wasn’t too much for you.” “No. It was perfect. One of the best nights of my life, to be honest. Now, quit stalling and fuck me. I want that horse dick in me so deep I feel it all day.” Tom pushed his ass back, and I held myself so the head could slip inside him. He was snug but managed to take all of me with a deep groan and a firm push. I wrapped my arms around him, looking at our reflection in the mirror. While I began drinking in his lust, I slid my hand down and gripped his hard cock. I stroked him in time with my thrusts. His lust came easily to me, like it somehow knew the way. I fed well as I enjoyed how good Tom felt around my dick. His cock was so hard. “You want me to fuck the cum right out of you, don’t you?” I asked, kissing the side of his neck. “God, yes. You feel so fucking good,” Tom moaned. As much as I wanted it to last, I also knew Mrs. Benz and Adam were on the other side of the door waiting for us. I picked up my pace and pushed the lust back into him as I took him over the edge. His cum hit the mirror and slid down as I filled him with my load. I hoped he didn’t have trouble at work, because I was pretty sure he’d get attention he wasn’t used to with as much of my jizz as he was carrying. I pulled out and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe him up and help him with his pants. He gave me a bashful smile as I checked him over to make sure he was pulled back together. I wasn’t sure why, but I pulled him to me and kissed him. He opened to me immediately, and I found I was already getting hard again. Reluctantly I let him go and smiled. “Thank you.” “See you at the breakfast table.” Tom winked at me and carefully slid out the door. Well…guess I don’t have to worry about feeding that hunger this morning, I thought as I quickly dressed and checked myself over. I carefully wiped up the mirror and gave a once over to the bathroom. Wouldn’t want to leave any evidence. I opened the door, and my breath caught. Adam was standing across the hall with his arms folded over his chest, glaring at me. “So, want to tell me why you and Dad were sharing the bathroom?” “Um…” I tried to think of what might sound reasonable. “Yeah. If you’re going to lie, don’t even bother.” Adam turned and headed for the kitchen. “Shit.” Today was going to be all kinds of awkward. * Scene 4 * David Martinez I never would have guessed that the subway was a much better place to feed than the train. My ride into the city had been disappointing with most of the other passengers barely awake, but on the subway…so much lust. I wasn’t very good at feeding this way yet, but I was trying. Fortunately, I’d found a seat and was somewhat out of the way. I let my powers roam until I found people that smelled tasty. I started with a young suited professional. He was handsome, no competition for the men I had at home, but he was still attractive. He was lost in his thoughts about the new gay college intern working at his office. The one he fantasized about bending over his desk. He worked with the young man every day, and I was surprised that my powers not only showed me the lust but that he really liked the guy. I drank in his lust and steered him a little toward wining and dining the intern. If he romanced the guy before he took him to bed, he might just find himself a partner. When I realized if I fed any more, the suit was either going to cum in his pants or do something stupid, I moved on. A pretty young woman caught my attention next. She looked very prim and proper, all buttoned down with her expensive suit. But her thoughts weren’t so lady-like; seems she was thinking of the Latin bodybuilder who was working with the landscapers to do work at her condo. Oh, she wanted him badly. I drank in her lust and gave a little nudge that she could call in sick, return home, and let the hunk know exactly what she wanted. I was pretty sure she’d have her legs spread and be dripping Latin man juice by lunch. I wasn’t enjoying my feeding as much as I’d hoped, and it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as sex. I moved on, realizing I could probably only do one more before we got to my stop. I saw a young man with an art portfolio and a backpack. Very likely a student, I thought. He was cute. I don’t know if he felt my mental touch or what, but he turned and looked right at me. Wow, that was a rush, I thought as his lust spiked and hit me like a punch in the gut. Whatever he’d been thinking when I’d noticed him, it was now all about me. Damn, but he was a creative little slut. I drank in his lust as I smiled and nodded to him, pushing the lust back into him and giving him some mental images for his spank bank. The announcement came for my stop as the train pulled into the station. I was somewhat relieved because that kid was debating throwing himself at me. I quickly got out and headed to the office. I wasn’t going to say it was the most successful foray, but I wasn’t starving, and I hadn’t caused a scene, so I’d take it as a win. I reached the building I used to see every day and felt a little odd. Even more nostalgic as I stepped up to the security desk to get my visitor’s badge. As I got past security and pressed in my floor, waiting for the elevator, I tried to psych myself for what I was about to do. Hiring the firm wasn’t an issue, but letting them know they had someone on the inside sabotaging them – that was going to be awkward. I stepped out of the lift and had enough warning to brace myself. “OH! MY. GOD! You’re back!” Carly screamed as she tackled me. I’m not sure how she managed to get to me quite so fast. There was a rather large and impressive reception desk that should have slowed her down. “Hey, Carly. You are looking as lively and lovely as ever.” I gently peeled her off and held her at arm’s length so I could look her in the eye. “Please tell me, you’re coming back to work here,” Carly pleaded. “Sorry, love. I’m on the other side now. But maybe I’ll be a client of the firm.” “Hell, I’ve been a client for years, and I never got a greeting like that,” a deep voice called out from the waiting area. “Morning, Mr. Haskins. It’s good to see you.” “Eh, bullshit. So I’m with Carly. Are you coming back to the firm? I miss having you on my account.” “Sorry, no. I was being serious when I said I’m on the client side now. And, might I say, loving every minute.” Mr. Haskins let out a booming laugh. “I bet you are.” “David. Brenda should be right up for you,” Carly said as I walked over to the waiting area. I sat on one of the leather couches and looked back over at Carly. I couldn’t help but remember our last encounter right before I quit. I had returned from a meeting to find Carly on my desk with her knees splayed and everything right out there for the world to see as she begged me to fuck her. At the time, I thought it would scar me for life – I had seen so much since I almost wondered why it had bothered me. “Mr. Haskins, sorry to keep you waiting,” a deep baritone voice said, pulling me from my thoughts. “Ramsey.” Haskins stood and extended his hand to the giant. Ramsey was one of the founding partners, and at six-foot-six he was intimidating. Of course, being ex-military and stacked only added to the vibe. “You need to woo this man back to the firm.” I felt a flare of heat from Ramsey and looked up into his stony expression. Even focusing on the partner, I got nothing. Maybe I had imagined it. “Oh, we tried, Mr. Haskins, I assure you. But I am nothing if not persistent. Come on back.” Ramsey gave me another look that I couldn’t decipher before he led Haskins back into the office area. Weird. I hadn’t worked a lot with Mr. Ramsey since he focused on government work and politicians. I had no idea why he was dealing with Mr. Haskins, who wasn’t in either. Ramsey always intimidated me, so I was rather glad I hadn’t had to deal with him much. “Well, look at you,” Brenda said, walking into the reception area. She looked like someone’s mother. I’d guess in her fifties and a little plump. She’d been Dickson’s admin for as long as I’d been at the firm. “Brenda, it’s good to see you again.” I stood and gave her a hug. “My God. You get more handsome every time I see you.” “Aw, you’re such a flatterer.” I was surprised that she was having pleasant “motherly” thoughts that didn’t involve me being naked. That was a nice change from most people I ran into. “We’re going to set you up in your old office,” Brenda said as she led me back. “What? It hasn’t been reassigned? I know there were some who were eyeing it as soon as I gave my notice.” She huffed and gave me a scornful look. “Well ‘some people’ think too highly of themselves. The guys agreed they were going to keep it open until they had a new senior partner.” I stepped into my old office and was hit with that weird nostalgia again. Obviously, it didn’t have any of my stuff, but it still kinda felt like coming home. “Make yourself at home. You know where the break room is. I saw you have an appointment with Richard at nine.” “Yeah, I need to go over something with him before I meet with Charles.” I set the bag on my desk and pulled out the files to make sure I had everything. She gave me a big smile. “It’s nice to have you back, David. Even if it’s only for a day.” “Thanks, Brenda.” I confirmed everything was there and put it back in my bag before I walked over to the windows overlooking the city. It was nice to be back, but I didn’t miss living and working here as much as I thought I would. I turned when I felt a presence. “What the fuck? Why are you here?” an angry voice said. Well, I certainly didn’t miss everyone. “Hello, Cole.” “Hell no. You are not trying to come back, are you?” Cole snapped, and I felt a strange urge welling up inside me. Bacchus, what did you do to me? He hadn’t used compulsion on me all that many times, but I was pretty sure that’s what I was feeling. I looked at Cole, in his designer suit and perfectly styled dirty blond hair. Okay, I could admit he was handsome. But I had the overwhelming urge to pull him in and make him my bitch. I took a deep breath and did my very best to resist. If Bacchus had compelled me, I could fight it, but I’d have to give in eventually. Maybe I could at least do it in my own time. “No, Cole. And why I’m here is honestly none of your business.” “David,” a woman’s voice said from behind Cole, and then Rider’s secretary pushed past. “Mr. Rider is ready to see you now.” She didn’t even acknowledge Cole. I grabbed my bag and followed her to Mr. Rider’s office, not even bothering to say more to Cole. I glanced back to make sure I hadn’t left anything because I didn’t trust Cole not to snoop. Richard Rider met me at the door with a smile. “David, good to see you again. It’s been too long. Come on in.” I stepped in and took a seat at the small table in his office. He sat across from me and gave me a perusing look. “Damn, you look good. Maybe it was the right move for you.” “I think it was, Mr. Rider. I’m really happy there.” “Please, we’ve known each other too long to go back to pretentious formalities, call me Richard.” “Sir.” “So, I read through the contract, and I have to ask. While I know you and Cole never got on well, the clause still seemed a bit extreme.” I opened my backpack and pulled out one of the folders and slid it across to Richard. “I’m sorry, Richard, you are not going to like the explanation. Sadly I have to warn you that I’m about to ruin your day.” “What?” Richard glanced down at the thick folder and then back at me. “It’s better if you just open it up and see for yourself. I’ll try to answer any questions that I can.” “You’re scaring me here, David. This is sounding rather ominous.” He opened the folder and began scanning and flipping through the papers and photos. The color drained from his face, and he visibly sagged. Whatever lust he’d started building for me was completely gone now. I was trying to be aware of any thoughts or emotions that might leak. I strongly doubted he had any idea about his son-in-law’s betrayal, but I wanted to be sure. What I hadn’t expected was the disappointment and sadness carried by unfulfilled lust. Richard had a strong physical attraction to Cole that he’d kept very well hidden. Something clicked, and I felt Bacchus’s compulsion surge again as the idea of a punishment for Cole came to mind. If Richard had a thing for Cole, why not let him get something out of this whole debacle? Richard started muttering, pulling me out of my thoughts. “Fuck…this is just, oh, my God, no. What the hell?” When Richard finally sat back and looked at me, the man looked bereft. “I don’t have words.” “I’m very sorry, Richard. That’s why I wanted to meet with you before Dickson. I thought you deserved to know first.” “We’ve got to report this.” He stared back at the file. “I may have an option that would buy you some time to get things in order. Needless to say, it will still be a shitstorm when people find out, but you might be able to do some spin control.” “Fuck. I’m all ears. Give it to me.” Richard buried his face in his hands as he leaned on the table. “My suggestion is to treat this,” I said, tapping the folder, “as an anonymous tip. You can keep it and use it as a map of where to look. Launch an internal investigation and hire your own people to check things out. Once you’ve gathered your own evidence, then turn it over and take action. Of course you’ll want to restrict Cole’s access and figure out kadıköy travesti how to move him out of the way.” “He tried to destroy this firm!” Richard raised his voice. “Yeah, he sabotaged a lot of your big cases. But at least now you know why the firm has been on this losing streak, and you know how the information leaked. As you can see, he’s been well paid for sharing your case strategies and evidence.” “But why?” Richard ran his hands through his hair. “Can’t help you there. Anything I say would be a guess. As far as your daughter, that’s a tougher call. I know she’s…fragile. Maybe you can figure out how to let her down easy. Pretty clear it wasn’t just a one- time thing. From what they found, he’s been getting around for a while.” “This is a fucking disaster!” “Yeah. Can’t disagree, but on the other hand, knowing lets you fix it.” “I’ll have to distance myself, so they can’t claim conflict of interest.” Richard turned to stare out the window. “That was another reason I wanted to tell you first. The stuff about him cheating on your daughter isn’t in the other files. I figured that was a personal issue for you to manage.” “Thank you, David. She’s going to be so heartbroken. Ugh.” “I know this is rather unorthodox, but you might consider distracting her. It’s perhaps a little underhanded, but if say, you were to hire a handsome rent-boy that could show her what she’s been missing. Give her a bit of romance and gradually reveal what’s going on with Cole.” “Damn it. That is so wrong…but you’re right it might work. Not your problem; I’ll figure out something.” “I have one more thing.” “Just say it. Can’t be any worse…fuck, I take that back. Go ahead.” Richard looked like he was about to be sentenced and was bracing himself. I relaxed the hold on my powers and let it flow over Richard. His eyes went wide, and he let out a pitiful moan. Once his lust started to build, I drank it in then pushed it back into him. “While you’re getting this mess sorted out. YOU WILL TAKE COLE AS YOUR LOVER. You will act out every fantasy you’ve had of him since you first met. You will use him as your own personal fuck toy and instruct him on exactly what you want.” Richard shook his head when I released him and looked at me in confusion. “TRUST ME, Richard. I’ll make sure Cole is completely on board. And, of course, he will keep this discreet and never mention it to anyone. Now, won’t that make this a little more bearable?” “But… how did you even know?” “DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. JUST ACCEPT.” I pushed with my powers. For a few seconds, Richard’s eyes glazed over as the suggestions took hold. “I…um…guess I should get his access restricted,” Richard said, glancing back down at the folder. “Might I suggest that you let one of the other partners handle that? That way, the question of conflict of interest never has to come up? Right?” “Yeah, I guess an hour won’t make much difference at this point.” “You, okay, Richard? It’s time for me to meet with Dickson. Like I said, Cole’s infidelity is between you and me.” “As good as I can be, given this.” He gestured at the folder and sat back. A few seconds later, he smiled. “Did you know Cole and Amanda live with me? It was for Amanda’s comfort but now…” “So, looks like it won’t be hard to get Cole to share your bed.” “No, not at all,” Richard said as his smile got even bigger. * Scene 5 * David Martinez The day was going so much better than I’d expected. My meeting with Dickson wasn’t fun, but he was so thrilled to find out why they’d had a streak of bad luck that he didn’t take it out on the messenger. He didn’t even get through the file or ask questions before he was making phone calls to security and the IT team. The other pleasant side effect was the stress of the situation killed any of the lust I’d otherwise generate. And thank God, there were no more offers of him being my boy toy. Experiencing that once was enough to last me. Dickson was completely on board with my suggestion with how to handle Cole and said he knew exactly who to pull in. He also said he’d explain everything to Ramsey. I walked back into the office I was using and went to the windows again. I loved the view. “Miss it?” Greg Ramsey’s deep baritone asked from the doorway. “A little.” I turned to look at the senior partner. “Not enough to come back.” Greg laughed. “Let’s do lunch. We ought to catch up, and I’m a little offended you didn’t include me in your day.” “But…” Crap, I was really hoping to avoid him altogether. “Sure. No offense intended. It’s just I always worked with the other partners and the um…retainer doesn’t really affect your team.” “Oh, everything affects me that happens here.” Greg gave me a penetrating gaze that made me uncomfortable. I still didn’t understand why I couldn’t pick up anything from him. Could he be so straight that my powers didn’t work on him? I looked at my bag and realized there wasn’t anything incriminating left, even if someone did snoop. I’d given the extra evidence file to Dickson. So…no more stalling. I followed Greg and almost jumped as he put his hand on my back when we stepped onto the lift. Alone. Greg dropped his hand and turned to stare at the doors. “I had a brief but informative discussion with Charles. Thank you for that. I was beginning to worry about our firm’s survival.” “Sure, glad I could help.” He was fairly quiet after that, and I soon found myself at one of the private business clubs where you had to pay a membership to dine. We were seated and had ordered before I felt that gaze on me again. “I must say you were extremely thorough. Almost makes a guy wonder what kind of resources you have that you could pull that together.” “I can’t take credit. One of our teams insisted on due-diligence before I could move forward with the retainer. They uncovered some questionable activity and took it from there.” “Ah, yes. You work for the mysterious Bacchus now, don’t you?” That got my attention. I looked up to see if I could at least read something from his face, but he was more interested in his salad. “He hasn’t been all that mysterious for me. But yes, I work for Bacchus Industries now.” Okay, that was a total lie. But I went with it. “And report to Bacchus directly, correct?” That penetrating gaze was back. “Correct.” My turn to stare at the salad. “I had an interesting discussion the other day with one of my clients. Obviously, I can’t say who, but the individual was quite distressed and was asking me to arrange for a restraining order, not from Mr. Bacchus specifically, but from anyone who worked for him. Isn’t that odd?” Fake it, I thought. “That is, I didn’t think you could even do that.” “No. The individual was quite upset when I made that clear. Upset enough they decided to look for a new legal team.” “I’m sorry. That’s unfortunate. But this shouldn’t be a conflict of interest, right? Your team isn’t likely to work on our account. It will mostly be Dickson’s.” “Oh, I’m not worried. So what kind of extra benefits come with your new job? You seem to be quite…happy.” Greg’s smirk made me squirm. “Nothing out of the usual. I am part of his leadership team, so have to do more face time with the community and charitable events. Not sure I would call that a perk.” Even to me, my laugh sounded strained. He nodded, and I watched as he reached for his water goblet. That’s when I noticed the ornate serpent ring. It looked very out of place and gave me a cold chill I didn’t understand. He caught the direction of my gaze and gave a deep rumbling laugh. “Do you recognize it?” Greg asked, looking at the ring and twisting it on his finger. “No. Should I?” “Oh, I think it might cause a reaction. A gift from my patron back during my military days.” The chill got even stronger, and then I felt a touch in my mind and smelled flowers. “Be careful, my pet.” Aphrodite’s voice whispered. Greg lifted his nose and inhaled deeply. “Ah, so the rumors were true.” “Pardon?” “I think this new business arrangement is going to be very good for us. You and I really should work together more. I think we have a lot more shared interests than you know. Yes, it could be very beneficial.” Oh my. So for not picking up anything before the look, his thought came through like a freight train. The lust was so strong and so hot, it made me gasp. It must have been instinct because I drank it in without thinking and damn, what a head rush. My body was immediately on fire – figuratively speaking. Greg didn’t look at all out of sorts, if anything, he looked smug. He leaned forward and gripped my hand. Fuck, his hands were so warm, and a tingle ran through me making me think I was going to swoon. “That’s just a taste, David. Imagine what it would be like if we just let loose.” The look he gave me was nothing short of smoldering. “Mr. Ramsey, I’m really confused.” I was also very flustered. “Mr. Ramsey is it. Not just Greg anymore?” He stuck his bottom lip out like he was pouting. “I have to remind myself that you’re new at this. I’ve had my patron for years, and you’re just starting. Let’s just say we have shared interests that go way back. Trust me, David, it will all make sense in time.” I was saved by our food arriving and a strange turn in the conversation back to the mundane. The rest of the meal was uneventful, but the entire thing had left me off-balance and more than a little confused. And why had Aphrodite spoken into my head? * Scene 6 * David Martinez I was back at my desk answering some questions that Dickson had given me related to the account and what work was on the horizon. It made a good distraction after the lunch with Ramsey. I stared off into space for a moment – I guess I could ask Aphrodite, I thought and then shuddered, nope, no way, too risky. “David, here is a signed copy of the contract. I also emailed you an electronic version,” Brenda said as she walked in and laid a folder on the desk. “Thanks. I gave the check to Dickson, but we’ll set up electronic transfers for the ongoing payments.” “Yes, dear. He gave it to me. Did your meeting not go well with Charlie? He seems rather rattled.” “Nothing to do with me, I promise. I think he has some family stuff that’s weighing on his mind. I’m sure you know more about that than I do.” I figured hedging was my best bet. Brenda leaned in to whisper. “Probably, that jackass of a son-in-law. Don’t know what he or Amanda sees in that man.” “Thankfully, I no longer have to deal with him. He’s all yours, Brenda.” “Oh, not mine, honey. They don’t pay me enough.” Brenda laughed as she left the office. It was only a minute later when the man in question stepped in and shut the door behind him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? There’s no way they’ll take you back, and just so we’re clear if there’s to be a new senior partner, it is going to be me.” “Well, hello, Cole. Please, come in and tell me what’s on your mind.” I laid the sarcasm on thick. I’d just got the words out when I felt that pull again. Damn you, Bacchus. I hate it when you mess with my head. “Cole, I am not coming back to the firm, not that it is any of your business. I am now a client, so you’ll have to find a new scapegoat for your failures.” Crap, I couldn’t fight it anymore. I stood up and walked to the other side of the desk. I wondered if everyone who’d been compelled could feel it like this. “You couldn’t go…” Cole stopped abruptly as I stepped into his personal space. I let my power wash over him and inhaled. His lust was woodsy and had a little bit of spice to it. Poor boy was as straight as could be, too bad for him. I cringed at the thoughts boiling in my head – this wasn’t me. I would never…but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. “TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF, COLE. Let me see what I’m working with.” I stepped back and watched the confusion play across his face as he slowly began stripping. A pang of guilt hit me even as I planned what I’d do next. I glanced over Cole’s shoulder and noticed the large side window by the door. Hadn’t ever given those a thought before. Oh, well. At least this office wasn’t on the main thoroughfare. I closed my eyes and set a mental diversion so people wouldn’t be tempted to linger. Cole was down to his snug little boxers and hesitating. “Everything, Cole. Come on; we don’t have all day.” He slid them off and left them in the pile with the rest of the discarded clothing. “Good boy. Now, stand tall, spread your arms out at your sides, and spread your legs a bit more. That’s the way. HOLD VERY STILL.” I walked around, giving him a serious once over as I continued to feed on his building lust. His cock had started to plump. Not overly impressive but average at least. The body was okay, but it was clear he’d let himself go a little. I was guessing he was a jock in college, so he had a good overall shape, just a bit soft with a little extra now. I somehow expected him to be blond below too, but no, his body hair was a light brown. Not enough to be hairy, just enough to make him look a little scruffy. The ass was good, nice and round. I knelt and pushed his ass cheeks apart. Sweet little pucker, though it could do with some bleaching and a good shave. I moved back in front of him and gripped his chin. His face was his most handsome feature. Nice blue eyes a square jaw and good overall structure. I leaned in and kissed him. I could feel him struggle immediately. Not that he moved, but the mental battle was rather noisy. He had soft lips. I stepped back and leaned against the desk. Inwardly glad for the reprieve, I found myself wishing that I could remember exactly what Bacchus had commanded me to do. Maybe if I knew what was going to be coming out of my mouth, I could deal better. “So here’s how it’s going down, Cole. As of this moment, you are now my bitch and will remain so until Bacchus claims you. Don’t worry; you’ll know when that happens. I’m going to do some mental adjustments to get you on board, and then you’re going to get on your knees and prove to me how good you are at sucking cock. YOU WILL SUCK COCK LIKE IT IS THE BEST THING EVER.” I groaned in my head. I didn’t want a bitch. I would never treat someone like that. Why couldn’t Bacchus have let me just handle this on my own? I registered Coles’ pained facial expression and internal battle. Oh, well, I’d let him stew long enough. I pushed the lust back in as I mentally dove into his head and began my work. I topped off his need to suck cock and be fucked – those were obvious. But I couldn’t forget Richard, so I gave Cole a deep-seated need to pleasure his father-in-law. No question that Richard was a bottom and would prefer to have Cole fucking him. I could deal with that. I laid in the obligatory: you can’t in any way communicate about the relationship with me or your father-in-law. He would be discreet and careful while serving Richard’s every sexual need to the best of his abilities. I also made sure that he couldn’t harm himself. It was clear from Cole’s mental struggles; he didn’t like any of this. “Sadly, Cole, you will no longer be able to get it up for women. I know that’s a disappointment, but you’ve been a bad boy. Best if you quickly end all those extra-marital relationships. And just so there’s no question, you won’t be able to fulfill your marital duties either. It’s just best to go cold turkey. Oh, and if anyone should ask why, tell them you’ve decided to be honest and come out as gay.” Cole managed to get a cry of distress through the compulsion. “And Cole, you will give an Academy Award-winning performance when you do these things. No one can know that it’s not the truth. Even Richard will come to believe that you want nothing more than to be his very best fuck toy.” Cole started shaking as he fought the compulsions and adjustments taking root. “One more thing before we get down to your test run, Cole. You MUST obey every sexual request that Richard gives you. You belong to me now, Cole, but I don’t mind sharing with him. I think of it as payback for how much he helped my career.” I spread my legs a little in invitation and ran my hand over my crotch. Cole’s eyes went wider as his body dropped to his knees of its own volition, and he crawled forward. He carefully unzipped my fly and delicately took out my cock before wrapping his mouth around me. “That’s a good boy, Cole. Show me how good you are. I bet you’ll be able to get every bit of me down your throat if you try. Have you ever sucked a cock before?” Cole blushed and nodded as he took me into his mouth, and his eyes darted up to meet mine. They were already starting to glaze. I knew he was still struggling, and he was aware that he’d lost control and couldn’t stop what his body was doing. He looked good with a cock in his mouth. It also kept him from talking, so that was a win. I let myself enjoy his mouth because that also meant I wasn’t doing anything new that would haunt me. Why in the hell did Bacchus think I wanted Cole as my “bitch?” I don’t even like Cole. If he wanted him for himself, I could have set that up just as easily. Maybe I could ask Eros about the compulsion thing. He’s been around a while and probably understands it all. I carded my fingers through Cole’s hair. He finally got my full length down his throat. He felt good, and I was somewhat surprised, given the other compulsions, that Bacchus hadn’t forced me to face fuck him. Not that I was complaining as rough sex or forcing someone was not my thing. I wanted to move this along, but when I thought about telling him to stop or tried to push him off of me, I found that I couldn’t. Cole was taking me all the way down his throat over and over, and I could feel my balls tightening as I got closer and closer. I fed on his lust and pushed it back into him, making sure that he physically enjoyed every second. While I’d topped off his need and desire to suck cock, positive reinforcement helped anchor it deeper into his mind. “I’m going to come soon, Cole.” He looked up, his blue eyes still glazed and sucked harder as I began to spill down his throat. He pulled back enough to get a good mouthful before swallowing. He worshiped my dick until every last drop was spent. I pulled him to his feet and kissed him, driving my tongue into his mouth to taste my own cum. I felt my cock chubbing up already. While I thought it was a great perk when I was with Dean, I wasn’t as thrilled with the zero-recovery time at the moment. I cringed even as I felt the words forming in my head. “Bend over the desk and spread your legs, Cole.” I pulled a couple of lube packets out of my backpack and then knelt behind Cole. He looked rather good spread out naked over the desk. I was still fully clothed with my hard cock poking out of my fly. I slicked my fingers and spread his cheeks with the other hand. I might not be able to resist the compulsion, but it was allowing me to be gentle this time. I teased his pink ass lips and warmed him up, carefully sliding one finger inside of him. He was tight. “Have you ever taken a man before, Cole? BE HONEST.” “Yes, in law school.” His voice was quiet but clear. “Tell me about it.” I continued working my finger in and out and added more lube. “I fucking hated it, but I was failing my ethics class, and I knew the professor was into me. I worked out a deal that he could fuck me if he gave me a passing grade. He also liked blowjobs.” “Just once?” I asked, adding a second finger. “No, it was several times a week for two months. I broke it off as soon as I could, right after the class was over.” “Did you like it?” “No. I survived.” Huh, he hadn’t lied, but he wasn’t completely forthcoming either. Next time I’d make that clear. He hated the idea of being with a man, and especially one he found unattractive, but the actual sex wasn’t so bad. It also relieved some of my guilt to know how far he’d go to get ahead. I was pretty sure he’d sell his own mother if it would get him what he wanted. His body was now relaxed, and I moved up to three fingers. “You can’t lie to me, Cole. I know that even if you weren’t into men, it felt good. You were lucky to have a good lover.” Cole let out a groan, and his hips shifted back to get my fingers in deeper. I was intentionally avoiding his prostate. I’d show him true pleasure when I was inside him massaging that spot with my dick. “This ass is mine now, Cole.” I stood and pushed the head of my cock into his opening. I paused just past the outer ring, letting my powers work and giving him time to adjust. I eased my way in, and Cole let out a deep moan as I pressed against his p-spot. “You’re too fucking big.” “Nah. I’m the perfect size for you, Cole. After today you’ll be dreaming of my cock and how good it felt inside you. Your body will crave this feeling, and you’ll be plotting how to get it inside you again.” “Fuck…” Cole moaned as I slid deeper. “Please tell me you’re all the way in.” “About halfway. You’re doing great, Cole. RELAX and take it all. You know you want it.” As I slid into the tight, velvety channel, I couldn’t help but enjoy the sensation of how good Cole felt. I might not want a “bitch” but damn if I wasn’t enjoying him. I also wondered what Bacchus had planned for him. Somehow I didn’t think I’d even be able bakırköy travesti to guess, and that was unnerving. I was fully embedded in Cole’s ass now, and it was sweet. I ground my hips, opening him up. He gripped the desk like it was his lifeline and made the sluttiest sounds ever. I knew I’d already sent him into lust overdrive, but I continued to feed, pushing it back in, so this would be the most memorable fuck of his life. I realized I wanted to see his face as he came undone and pulled out. “No, please don’t stop,” Cole whimpered. I bit my lip to avoid laughing because that would be cruel. I helped him stand and noticed the large puddle of cum smeared onto the desk. I hadn’t realized I’d made him orgasm, but I was sure I could get another one out of him. I turned him and pushed him onto his back and lifted his legs to my shoulders. I gripped his pecs as I slid back into him, using my thumbs to play with his nipples. I was pretty sure his rational brain had shut down. I could see the pleasure written all over his face. Gay or not, he was loving this. “You need to take better care of this body, Cole. START EATING RIGHT, FIND A PERSONAL TRAINER, and get this body in shape. Make sure you pay special attention to your ass and legs. You’d also look better smooth, GET A FULL BODY WAX.” I was getting close again. His ass was squeezing my dick just right. I wrapped my hand around his erection and began stroking him in time with my thrusts. His eyes flew open and he stared at me. “So good, Cole. You love having my dick inside you. Let go, Cole, and cum for me.” “Oh, God,” Cole cried as his eyes rolled back and his cock squirted a fresh load all over his chest and face. I scooped up what I could and fed it to him. I gave a couple more deep thrusts and ground my hips into him as I came. He groaned as I filled him with my load. I pulled out and fingered my jizz back into his hole. Then slid two fingers in and out, fucking my cum farther into his ass. “Open.” I slid my cum slicked fingers into his mouth for him to suck clean. I grabbed his discarded boxers and wiped up what I had missed on myself, then did the same for Cole. I zipped back up and let him lie there as he recovered. When he finally sat up, he looked stunned and maybe a little confused. He climbed off the desk and started gathering his clothes. “You should do some research, Cole. Find out how to prepare yourself properly for my next visit. You may want to buy a few butt plugs. It can help speed up the prep and make it easier to take my cock.” “You’re coming back?” “Yes, and you should make sure you’re ready and available. Don’t worry; I’ll let you know with enough warning so you can prep properly. If you’re doing a good job taking care of Richard, you should be ready every day.” I was surprised he didn’t have a snarky reply. Cole got dressed though he did glare when he realized the underwear wasn’t really an option anymore. “If you didn’t see the meeting invite, we have an appointment with Richard at five o’clock. I’ll see you there.” “Whatever,” Cole said as he opened the door and departed. I picked up the discarded boxers and set them aside for Richard. As I sat staring out the window, I wondered if whatever compulsion Bacchus used was now satisfied or if I had more surprises coming. I desperately wanted to call Dean. I missed him like crazy, but when I checked the time, I knew he’d still be tied up at work. I also needed to decide on a plan for the evening. Bernie said he had to work late, so I was on my own – which given the circumstances, wasn’t a bad thing. I guess I could go to a bar… Okay, probably not. I’d never been to a gay bar in my life and didn’t have the first clue about hookups. I was so not the hookup type. Ugh. What am I going to do? And then it hit me. I knew someone in the city who might just be available. I pulled out my phone and scrolled until I found him. I hit the call button and waited. “Hello.” “Hey, is this Trent?” “It is.” “You might not remember me, Trent, this is David Martinez. We met at the resort bar in Bacchus Springs.” “Ha-ha, yeah, I remember you all right. You’d be a very hard man to forget,” Trent said. “I know this is last minute but wondered if I could offer to take you and your man out to dinner. I’m in town for the day.” “Well, um… Marc’s working a late shift, but I’m available after six,” Trent said. “Great, can I stop by your place, and then we can pick somewhere to eat?” “Sounds like a plan. Can I text you at this number? I’ll send you my address.” “You can. I’ll let you know when I’m headed your way. Thanks, Trent, I’m looking forward to seeing you.” “Me too, David. See you soon.” Trent ended the call, and I let out a sigh of relief. Now all I had left was to finish setting up Cole with Richard, and I had completed everything on my checklist. I was feeling really good about Dickson’s approach to handling our account and that he was letting me help select the team made it even better. I wasn’t even going to think about the strange lunch with Ramsey. I walked over to Rider’s office and saw Brenda still at her desk. “Hey, is he ready for me?” “You know, David, I’m really questioning your taste, or maybe your sanity right now. Sound carries you know.” “Oh.” I felt the heat rush to my face as I realized I hadn’t even thought about how much noise Cole was making. Yeah, he was pretty vocal. Shit. “You have a dog, right?” I asked, thinking I was remembering correctly. “Yes…” Brenda looked at me in confusion. “Well, it ‘is’ more effective than pissing on trees. Guess it’s sort of like an advanced flip and pin.” I winked for good measure. Brenda let out an unbridled laugh. “Oh, God!” she gasped through the laughter. “Well, we can hope it will improve his temperament.” “You’ll have to let me know,” I leaned in and whispered confidentially. “Oh, honey. If I have to hear it, then no complaints when I call you and demand you come back for a booster.” “Deal.” “Oh, God, I miss having you around. These old farts are too stiff. Go on in.” She turned back to her computer, still laughing. “How are you doing, Richard?” I asked as I stepped into his office. “Better than I expected. Charlie is handling Cole and is meeting with him at six to explain the changes.” “What are you going to do? If you don’t mind me asking.” “It was Greg’s suggestion. We’re going to move him to client relations and entertainment. He won’t have any direct casework and no access to any of the files. He won’t be happy, but it was that or send him home.” “Aren’t you afraid he’ll quit or try to sabotage things even more?” I asked. “No. The guy who was heading up the V.I.P. group just retired, so we’re going to spin it as a rotation to round out his skills and better prepare him to be a partner.” “That might work. Are you still okay with my proposal?” “I don’t know, David. It seems awful risky, and I can’t see any way he’d ever agree. He’s about as straight as they come as the evidence you gave me proved.” “TRUST ME, Richard.” I thought I’d already done so, but it didn’t hurt to reinforce it. “You wanted to see me?” Cole asked from the doorway. “Come on in Cole. You remember David?” “Yes, of course.” Cole blushed bright red and wouldn’t meet my eyes. Brenda pulled the door closed behind Cole, and I sat down in one of the guest chairs. He hesitantly sat in the other chair, facing Richard’s desk. “Um…” Richard looked to me, obviously at a loss for what to say. “As we discussed earlier, Cole. We’re changing your personal relationship with Richard. I’ll repeat some of the points for Richard’s benefit. First is the reminder that your sexual encounters are strictly confidential and are not to be shared or hinted at in any way with anyone. You will do your best to hide things from Amanda. That may mean slipping into Richard’s room after she’s asleep or getting up early, so she’s not aware that you’re sharing his bed.” “Yeah,” Cole muttered. “No need to worry about Cole being promiscuous, Richard. He will only be with you or me during this period. No need for condoms.” I winked and it was Richard’s turn to blush. “Cole will take your direction on what you want. I suggest you be very careful with your words and be specific and make sure you are taking care of his needs as well. I suggest you USE HIS ASS, it’s quite nice, and he likes that.” “What? No, I’m not okay-” Cole started. “DO NOT ARGUE, Cole,” I said giving a push with my powers. “I’m not sure I understand,” Richard said hesitantly, giving a nervous glance at Cole. “Cole will do exactly as you ask. So if you say ‘Cole, fuck me.’ He will, but that gives him the latitude to be rough, not prep you, or not make sure you are satisfied. If you say ‘Cole, make love to me and bring me to orgasm with you inside me,’ that’s a little more clear.” I could see that Cole wanted to argue, but he’d soon catch on that it was pointless. “Makes sense,” Richard said. “I think we should do a test run. I’m betting you’d love to have Cole give you a blowjob and swallow your load.” “Here?” Richard asked in surprise. “Sure. If it’s good, you could have Cole under your desk sucking on you for hours, and no one would have to know. Think of the possibilities, Richard.” I couldn’t help but drink in his lust as it spiked. I figured it also gave me some mojo to use if I needed to make any additional adjustments. “Okay, Cole, come around and get on your knees and worship my cock. Bring me to orgasm with your best skills and swallow every drop.” Richard looked to me as if asking if he’d done it right. “Perfect, Richard,” I encouraged as Cole did exactly as instructed. He knelt down out of sight and carefully pulled Richard’s cock out and began to suck. “I think my work here is done. Richard, call me if you need anything – anything at all,” I said giving a nod toward Cole. “Thanks, David. I look forward to working with you again.” I stepped out and pulled the door closed. Brenda was gone for the day, so I went back to the office to pack up. I was already thinking about Trent. * Scene 7 * Ethan Jenson “Hello! Anyone home?” I called as I stepped through the back door. I listened, but the house was quiet. Good. I kicked off my shoes and stripped down to my underwear, throwing the grass and dirt-covered clothes into the laundry room. I had done both our yard as well as David’s, and I was a mess. I scooted up the back stairs and into Uncle David and Dad’s room. I loved their shower and knew they didn’t care. I turned on the jets and slid off my briefs. I thought it was like stepping into heaven. The only thing that would have made it better was if Uncle David was in here with me. God, I missed him already. Even the soap and products he had were over the top. I got clean and thought about jacking off as I remembered my last shower with David. His hands all over me. That monster dick sliding up and down my ass crack. “Ethan!” Emma yelled. “I’m home.” “In the shower!” I yelled back. Well so much for my jackoff, way to kill the mood, sis. I finished and stepped out to grab one of the huge fluffy towels from the warming rack. Damn, I loved living with Uncle David and Jon. Not to mention that Dad was so much happier now. I wrapped the towel around me and ran down the hall to my room to get clothes. By the time I made it downstairs, Emma was sitting at the breakfast bar. “Hey, how’s it going?” I asked. “Not too bad, squirt. I’m guessing today was yard day?” Emma said. “Yup. All done. Though I gotta say I still don’t like being over at our house. I don’t know why, but it always creeps me out a little now. I know it’s silly, but I keep expecting Mom to jump out around every corner.” “Yeah, me too. I’m really glad we’re living here now. I guess I need to get the rest of my stuff.” I saw her looking off, and she seemed so sad. “Maybe if we do it together? I started but have a lot more shit to pack up. Maybe we could even invite friends over to keep us company. That might help.” “That’s a great idea, thanks, Ethan. So…how’s it going with Danny?” “Really good. I mean, we’re not like life-mates or anything, but we are officially dating.” I couldn’t help the big smile. “He’s cute. So are you missing David and Jon as much as I am? It seems strange that they haven’t been here all that long, but it just isn’t the same without them.” “Tell me. At first, I thought it would be cool when Jon went back to school – you know I’d have more of David’s attention, and now, not so much. I’m dreading you and Jon going off to college. It’s going to seem kinda lonely here.” “You’ll figure it out.” “Can I ask you? What was it like with Eros?” “Oh, God,” Emma moaned as she put her head down on the counter. “This is so embarrassing. That whole party was just freaking unbelievable. At least most of my friends don’t remember the Aphrodite groping me part.” “You didn’t cum in your pants in front of a crowd,” I objected. “No, I just had my boobs out on display and then got fingered, ugh!” “Greek gods, right?” I snickered. “And Eros? He’s got a big dick and knows how to use it.” “Another level of creepy that my brother and I have both had sex with the same guy.” “Come on, Emma. He is a Greek god, so I think we get a pass on that one. I certainly wouldn’t turn him down if he were ever interested in another go.” “Me either. It was pretty amazing, and yes, he is quite well endowed. But I think Sin is a little bigger.” “Oh yeah, so how is he? I mean he’s gorgeous and all but is he any good? I heard he was gay.” “Gay or not, he is um…very skilled. The sex is pretty amazing, but you can sorta tell he’s not into it, so that takes away from the awesomeness.” “That makes sense. People still treating you weird?” I asked. “A few are, but my friends all seem to be back to normal. I notice more people just staring at me or watching me. Kennedy isn’t dealing with it so well. She’s put out that I’m prettier than she is and have better boobs. She actually said that!” “She’s ‘special’ and from what I’ve heard Jake say, insecure.” “True, but can you blame her? Look at Jon. You can’t compete with that amount of hotness. The guy oozes sex appeal.” “Wait…are you lusting after our new brother, sister-mine?” “Shut up, dork.” “Fuck! You are! I can’t believe this. Well, if you can convince him to go for some pussy, you should so do it. He’s is fucking fantastic in bed and his dick! Oh. My. God.” “We are not having this conversation,” Emma said, glaring at me. “Well, if we were to have this conversation, I think those were important facts to put out there.” “Ugh. I’m going to go change. I’m going to the mall after dinner with Kennedy and Ashley.” “Well, be quick; I think I just heard Dad pull in. He was bringing home pizza.” Emma ran upstairs just as Dad came in the back door with wonderful smelling food. “Hey, buddy. You want to grab drinks and set stuff out while I change real quick?” Dad asked. “Will do. Emma’s upstairs changing too.” Somehow the conversation over dinner turned mundane and very boring. I was pretty sure Dad was depressed ’cause he kept checking his phone. I started cleaning up, and Emma said her goodbyes before heading off to meet her friends. “Ethan, I invited a friend over for you tonight.” “Say, what?” I came back in to wipe off the table and looked at Dad. Dad gave me one of his smirks that I hadn’t seen in a while. “With David and Jon both gone and Jake spending some ‘quality’ time with his dad.” He even used air quotes. “I thought it might be nice to have a guest – you know, for nostalgia’s sake.” Okay, I was hopeful cause this could be getting interesting – or it could totally suck. “I’m listening.” “You remember Troy Cavanaugh. He misses you.” “Oh, God, really? Fuck yes! You mean like old times, right?” “Yeah, buddy, like old times but in David’s bed, so he smells it when he gets back.” Dad laughed. “Yay! I’m gonna go prep. How long?” Dad looked at his phone. “Should be here anytime.” “I’m gone!” I ran up the stairs and to my room and grabbed my supplies. A guy needs to be prepared for these things. I heard the doorbell and scrambled to get things done. When I was finished, I ran into Dad and David’s room and pulled back the covers and got myself into position. Yes. Yes. “Well look at that. There’s a beautiful young man who appears to be waiting for something,” Troy Cavanaugh said at the doorway. I looked over my shoulder as I waited on my hands and knees. Troy was a pretty man and like my Dad, should have been a model. But Troy had a swimmer’s build, slender with bright blond hair and blue eyes. And ripped as fuck. “Dean, you think he’s trying to tell us something?” “Yeah, he’s telling us that he misses our men and he’s desperate for a good fuck. You think you can help him out?” “Oh, most certainly. I’ve missed you, Ethan.” Troy began stripping, and I had to turn around and watch. He was so pretty, sigh. Oooo… he’d gone smooth since I saw him last. It looked good. “You going to watch, Dean?” Troy asked. “Of course.” Dad grabbed a towel and spread it on the comfy reading chair and then pulled it into position, so he had a good view. He stripped, and Troy gasped, staring at him in surprise. “My, God. Look at you. Okay, I gotta say it. If you’d ever be willing, I’d damn sure love to get a piece of that. Hell, you can tie me up and fuck me all night.” “Thanks, Troy. I’m flattered, but tonight’s all about Ethan,” Dad said as he dropped into the chair. I turned around and stuck my ass up in the air. I knew what Troy liked. “Damn, you get better looking every time I see you, Ethan. Speak up if you want me to change anything up for you.” “Mm. Sure.” Oh wow, his tongue was magic. He caressed my ass as he licked down my crack and began giving me a really attentive rim job. I’d forgotten how good he was at that. “That’s so hot. He has a tasty ass, doesn’t he, Troy?” Dad asked. “Delicious.” Troy’s tongue was trying very successfully to get inside me, and I was loving it. “Lick him good, then get your fingers in there. He’s got a hungry hole,” Dad said. Troy’s tongue was working magic, and I was getting a bit impatient for his dick. I used to think it was impressive, but after the men in my life now, it would be so easy to take I didn’t want to wait. “Fuck me, Mr. Mayor, please.” “Take your time, Troy. Ignore his pleading. David spoils the little slut rotten.” “Oh, God. I forgot David’s had this pretty hole. That’s so fucking hot, thinking my dick will explore where he’s been.” “Oh, he goes there quite a lot. I think Ethan’s goal was to get him addicted.” I couldn’t argue with that, and I was also pretty sure it was working since I got to have that beast inside me most days. I gripped the covers and tried to be quiet since Dad wanted me to suffer. I felt Troy’s slick finger slide inside me and moaned. I was so ready. “I love a man who knows what he likes and you, Ethan, love having a cock up your ass.” “Mm-hm,” I agreed. “Can I suck you first?” “He’s getting pretty good at topping too. Though I like watching this more,” Dad said. “Well, he certainly equipped for it. That’s a beauty.” Troy stroked my cock as he fingered me. I was horny enough if he did it too long, I’d be squirting my load. “Okay, Ethan. Show me how good you are.” Troy gripped his dick and held it for me. I took him into my mouth and pushed his hand away so I could get every bit of him. He gasped when I took him all the way until my nose was pressed into his smooth groin. I wrapped my lips tightly around him and slowly pulled back.” “Fuck. Someone’s been practicing,” Troy groaned. I looked up into his pretty blue eyes. “Every day,” I said, before sucking him in again. “Damn, Dean. Your boy has a talented mouth.” “Oh, I promise every part of him is very skilled now. There are some perks from living with two needy love gods.” “Fuck.” Troy ran his hand through my hair and tipped my head up a little to look in my eyes. “Aren’t you a lucky little shit?” “Very,” I agreed. “And if you’re really good to me, I’ll see if I can’t convince David to give you a ride on his magnificent dick.” “Ha-ha. Oh, God, what I wouldn’t give for that. If it’s half as good as his ass…” “Both are pretty spectacular, to be honest.” I continued worshiping his cock with my mouth. “I think it’s time.” Troy pushed me back and then turned me and gripped my hips. I felt his fingers scissor me open a little more before the warm head of his cock was pushing at my entrance. I relaxed and took a deep breath as he pushed inside. “Yesssss,” I moaned as he bottomed out inside me. “That is so fucking hot,” Dad said, and I glanced over to see him stroking his huge cock, his eyes glued to my ass. “Damn, I forgot how good you felt, Ethan. Such an amazing ass you have.” “It’ll feel better if you move,” I prompted. I heard a buzz and glanced over to see Dad looking at his phone. “Hey, Babe. I didn’t think you’d ever call,” Dad said with a huge sappy grin on his face. He turned to look at us and gave a wave. “You guys go on without me, fuck him really hard for me Troy.” Dad whispered before he walked out of the room. “Damn, I miss you.” I heard Dad say before I felt Troy slam into me again. Yes, I needed this. “Harder, Troy. You won’t break me.” “What say we go for round two when your Dad gets back?” “If you’re up for it, I am.” I leaned my chest down on the bed and sighed as his cock slid in and out of my ass. It sure wasn’t as good as Jon or David, but it was a whole lot better than my dildo. END CHAPTER SEVENTEEN

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