We could rent a car and drive to the mountains in the spring, and find a quiet, uninhabited trail in the Cascades. You could drive and I could keep you entertained on the way up the beautiful tree-lined mountain roads by gently stroking your growing cock, being careful not to get you too aroused so you could focus on the car. I’d lean over and kiss you behind your ear, gently nibbling at your ear lobe, keeping one hand moving back and forth against your now hard cock, stroking it to full attention…

You’d struggle to park, but make it to the trail head safely, begging me to suck you off in the parking lot.

“Not yet,” I’d say, “there are too many people around.”

“But they don’t seem to be paying attention to us,” you’d whisper in my ear while beginning to rub my pussy through my now damp jeans. Your gentle rubbing against me, coupled with the strangers milling around in the parking lot behind us, threatening to take a peek, would turn me on enough to not be able to turn down your huge hard cock.

“Mmm…just for a moment,” I’d gently moan, lowering my lips around your throbbing head. Licking it just around the tip…Licking down the shaft, with my hands fondling your balls, then back to the head, licking, opening my mouth just a bit wider…
Sucking it ever so slowly and deeply, moving my head up and down the shaft, keeping my tongue encircled around the tip.

I’d continue alternating sucking up and down your shaft, pausing to lick at your balls…
Another car pulls up next to us.

“Damn, I guess we’d better stop this for now,” I’d say, with a touch of animosity towards the people arriving next to us.
So we gather our backpacks and head up the trail.

“But it’s so hard to walk like this; we have to do something about Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort it,” you’d say while caressing my neck.

I’d respond, “I know, but there are so many people around!”

I’d pull out the topographical map and find a short offshoot of the trail up ahead, just a tad steeper than the one we’re on. “I have an idea…” I’d say, while leading you off to the other trail, with you following close behind me, trying to, but not successfully, take your eyes off my ass, so as not to grow your cock even bigger.

We continue walking for awhile until we see that we’re finally in privacy. You lean up against a tree and unzip your pants.

“How about now?” you ask.

“Hmm… I suppose…,” I coo back at you, while lowering my lips onto your huge trembling cock. “Mmmm…” I moan with complete satisfaction at the length of your cock filling my mouth. I’d suck at the tip at first, then engulf all of your huge penis into my mouth, feeling your precum in the back of my mouth. I’d steadily bob my head up and down on your penis, sucking while twirling my tongue all around it.You’d fondle my breasts and pull at my nipples, encouraging me to pick up speed.

“I think I hear someone coming,” you’d tell me. Upon hearing that I’d start bobbing and sucking faster and faster, moaning with delight at the situation, and grabbing at your balls.

“Oh I’m getting close…” you’d say…”But those people are coming around the corner…Oh, damn, hurry…”

I’d quickly increase my speed and suck, and suck, and suck back and forth down your shaft and around your head, sucking until I feel the sweet sensation of your cum filling my mouth. I’d swallow it all, and then lick it clean, helping you zip your pants just in time for the hikers to hear me slide the zipper up your pants.

We’d rest for a minute, and then continue hiking up the main trail to the summit. We’d laugh and talk and get to know each other at a deeper level, enjoying ourselves fully until we get to the top of the trail. Then we’d look around and find the most perfect place to camp – A small section of flat land just off the main trail, overlooking the valleys and sunset, with a glacier and glacier-melted lake behind us. We’d set up camp just before the sun set, with it’s beams still burning brightly down on us.

“Let’s go swimming!” I’d say, while quickly taking off all of my clothes and running towards the lake.

“Oh, I don’t know,” you’d say.

I’d turn around and help you undress, pulling off all of your clothes with my hands, my teeth, whatever gets the job done fastest, pulling you towards the water with me. We’d both dive in, immediately shivering from the glacier’s cold water, then grabbing each other to keep each other from trembling…

You’d rub your body against me, keeping my breasts warm, then slowly lower yourself and suck and nibble at my nipples, while I grab at your hair and caress your body to keep you warm.
You’d pick my legs up and put them around your hips and carry me to the side of the lake, where you’d lower yourself down to my dripping wet pussy, and begin licking my clit.

I’d let you have your way for awhile, and then turn you to your side and flip you to your back. I’d kiss you behind your ear, down to your neck, kiss your nipples and your chest, down to the small crevice under your hip bones, to your happy trail down to the insides of your thighs. Slowly I’d turn kissing to licking to sucking, to licking around your ball sack, enveloping each testicle in my mouth. Then I’d lick around your penis, hitting each area with my tongue before swallowing your huge cock in my mouth. I’d suck you deeply and slowly, up and down, up and down…
I’d continue for several moments before you get so excited you can’t take the suspense anymore. You’d attempt to turn me over to have your way with me, but instead I stand up and place my breasts in your face, letting you suck on them for just a moment, and then gently lower myself onto your cock. I’d lower slowly enough to just let the tip enter, and then raise myself back off it.

Then lower myself again, this time plunging my cum-soaked pussy onto your thick rock hard dick. I’d rock myself back and forth, leaning forward so my breasts remain in your face, with you grabbing and sucking at them as I ride you. I’d ride you as you watch the sun set behind me, slowly letting darkness appear.

Just as it becomes dark, you’d pick me up and turn me around, putting my legs on your shoulders,and plunging your humongous cock into my tiny wet pussy, filling me almost more than I can bear. You’d plunge your dick back and forth into me, teasing me as you pull it out so only the tip is touching…

Then you’d fill me up again

– “Fuck!”, I’d scream, calling your name, “Damn that feels amazing! Keep fucking me!” Screaming so loud, but knowing we’re the only ones on top of the mountain.

“Ohhhh god!” you’d yell, knowing you’re about to cum.

“Oh damn I’m cumming…” “Ahhh! Ohh!” I’d cum loudly for you…

And you’d pull your gigantic trembling cock out of my shaking dripping pussy…
And squirt your cum all over my breasts…

I’d then lick it off, enjoying each drip.

You’d then lower yourself to lay by me in the grass, and we’d hold each other and look at the stars, fixated between each other and the band of stars along the Milky Way galaxy.
The end. 🙂

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