Subject: Baldwin Redux BALDWIN REDUX by Jon Royale December 2019 The following work of fiction contains graphic depictions of sexual relations between consenting individuals. You must be of legal age in your county, state, country or province in order to indulge. The author neither condones or condemns the actions of his characters, but suggests the reader use educated judgment before considering like behavior. Miles Baldwin slumped behind the desk in his upstairs home office with head in hands, pondering how he had once again let things get so out of control. It was almost a year since he’d managed to extricate the family from the controlling clutches of ex-con Lombardo, who had been employed as live-in handyman. Hiring the swarthy Sicilian had been his wife Delia’s idea. Delia, the real money in the Baldwin household, spent most of her time overseeing charitable causes, prison reform among them. Taking on the parolee to handle the upkeep of the estate served to prove her commitment. In retrospect Delia seemed capable of picking out the “bad boys”—she had also hired Lombardo’s replacement. At the moment Jedediah, the new man, was probably headlining the orgy going on downstairs in the spacious living room and back yard. It had become a weekly outing. Every Saturday night they all came, most of them middle aged men from near and far. They paid the agreed upon entry fee, doffed their clothing and took to fucking and sucking. Married, single, professional and blue-collar, they sampled the catered food buffet, enjoyed spirits from the Baldwin bar and indulged in hedonistic delights. Sometimes Miles regretted having started the entire thing. But what else was he to do? Delia had left him and their four sons high and dry. He had never once suspected that, while he was revisiting his former same-sex interests, Delia was doing the same. He should have known. They hadn’t been sexually compatible for years. Still when, with luggage assembled in the foyer, she announced she was leaving him for her long-time lady lover Miles was stunned. Divorce papers arrived shortly thereafter. And once a month a nice sum of money was deposited into his account, although hardly enough to support him and the boys in the manner to which they’d been accustomed. Miles hired himself his own attorney. Thanks to Delia’s inherited fortune he hadn’t worked in years, attending instead to the running of the house and making financial investments in Delia’s interest. While he was so busy fucking or being fucked Delia had shrewdly closed their joint accounts and took everything except the house. He discovered the deed on his desk. But the estate required much upkeep. And taxes alone took a huge chunk out of his “allowance.” While the lawyers battled it out Miles resources were rapidly dwindling. Delia’s “mouth piece” proffered that Miles could easily sell the four-storied mansion and all its acreage and net a tidy sum of money. But Miles was not about to give in to selfish Delia so easily. On a whim she had left, with no thought to her husband or sons welfare. Their eldest son, Trey, had just begun college life on a prestigious campus in their Ivy League town. And soon-to-be high school graduate Ryan had already been accepted for next year. Miles needed cash and he needed it fast. Jed was the one reminded him of the “talent” he had right there under his gabled roof. Each one of his four sons was a treasure in their own right. And that’s when Miles recalled the lucrative web business his formerly nerdy son Lucas had going on some time back. The entire thing was managed by the boy’s friend Ollie. They had amassed a huge list of followers while the “business” was still active who paid a fee to watch live solo shows of hugely hung Lucas and video taken from hidden cameras out in the pool house and basement living quarters of the Baldwin mansion. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Miles had “starred” in a few of those videos himself although, of course, facial features had been heavily pixilated to disguise the identity of the participants. At first Miles balked at the idea of pimping out his sons. But the more he sweat as finances dissipated and the degradation he felt waiting like a welfare recipient for Delia’s monthly hand out, Miles knew drastic actions were required. Miles first confided his plight to sixteen year old Lucas, the brain child of the family. Lucas, once shy and unsure of himself, had come into his own over the past year. The boy possessed a new confidence he’d been lacking for most of his young life. He’d been working out with his brothers in the home gym and his once gangly body was showing real promise. His acne had miraculously cleared and he was maturing into a young man who could easily rival his handsome older brothers. He still insisted on wearing specs, but a hip new pair of frames did wonders for his facial features and actually gave him a sexy, fresh look. Lucas had already learned from his earlier enterprise that his fourteen and a half inch donkey dong was a real money maker. He had little doubt that he, and it, could beef up the Baldwin’s money pot. He could read the desperation in his father’s eyes, this father who he’d avoided for years and now loved not only as a parent but as a virile man. The nights were many over the past few months when he’d slipped under the covers in the master bedroom, cozied up to the man’s warm muscular body and fed his thick teen meat up Miles’ always welcoming dad hole. Lucas wanted to help, actually saw promise in the venture, but was uncomfortable being a boy for sale. Instead, he suggested opening the Baldwin mansion up for private parties. They had the spacious living room, family room, two bars and the relatively secluded back yard, complete with pool and private quarters. Although he’d closed down his pay site Lucas still retained a list of its members. He could easily reach out to those within a close radius of the Baldwin estate and make the invitation. Without hearing the actual words, those followers would know what delights would be offered at such a gathering and, having ogled Lucas’ massive member online, would eagerly accept. Miles was surprised at how easily the other boys came aboard. For Trey and Ryan it was all about their college tuition. For fourteen-year-old Devyn it was an alternative to escaping the mansion at all hours of the night and bicycling down the roadways to keep secret assignations with the middle-aged town horn dogs. And, like Miles, after having lived their lives in privilege, no one was anxious to downsize. The first “party” was small. Lucas rounded up four guests who resided within an hour, hour-and-a-half drive from town. As their cars rolled into the circular drive in front of the Baldwin mansion Miles peered nervously from behind the blinds for a first look. Jed, dressed up in a handsome suit and looking very much like a butler, greeted each man at the door and escorted him into the living room where the lights had been dimmed and soft music filtered through the sound system. He played his part well, although once opening his mouth to speak all knew he was no refined manservant. The ruggedly handsome ex-con, his longish dark-blond hair gelled back (it was Ryan’s touch; the horny teen had quickly substituted him for the abdicated Lombardo), served them drinks, offered prepared appetizers and collected the two hundred and fifty dollar entrance fee from each. Having timed his entrance Miles entered the spacious room, introducing himself as their Host. He was friendly and hospitable, doing his best to make the four feel at ease. In a tight fitting pink polo shirt and snug khakis he was quite the presence, all blond haired, blue eyed and looking like a former all-star athlete. Smiling widely, revealing perfect rows of bright sparkling teeth, he chatted amiably, all the while thinking of the thousand dollars he’d pocket for the evening. “I understand all you gentlemen are somewhat acquainted with my son, Lucas,” he had casually remarked. Instantly all four were on guard. But Miles flashed his brilliant smile and continued, “Quite a cock on him, eh?” The men chuckled nervously. Miles went on with, “I have four sons, in fact. All of them are here tonight. They should be along any minute now.” On cue the Baldwin brothers appeared, all of them bare except for matching pairs of tight white boxer briefs. From the looks of the three middle-aged (and one older) men Miles would have bet all thousand they’d instantly sported wood. Their eyes raked over the boys: Trey and Ryan looking like sports stars from the home team, Devyn all long banged and blue eyed innocence and Lucas instantly recognizable by the huge bulge in his briefs. Miles continued his chat, although none of the men appeared to be paying attention to him, while Jedediah served another round of cocktails. Returning his tray to the bar Jed sidled over to Ryan, blatantly shoved a big hand down the back of his briefs and began lewdly fingering his jock hole. Four sets of mouths and eyes gaped. As he spoke about nothing in particular Miles lifted his polo shirt over his head, tossing it casually aside and revealed his well-worked out torso. With a salacious wink to the foursome he stepped over to Lucas, dropped to his knees, yanked down his briefs and hefted the teen’s mammoth dong over his shoulder. He worked his lips along every glorious inch while stroking it in his fist, pumping the beast up to its full size. The men whimpered. Clothes began flying everywhere. Devilish Devyn dropped his drawers and zeroed in on the oldest of the group, a sixty-something silver haired gent who’d just begun retirement. Devyn pushed the old timer back, stepped up onto the love seat, slung one knee up on its back and shoved his seven inch boy dick straight down the man’s gullet. Trey strode over to the guy with a bit of a paunch sitting by himself in a thickly cushioned chair and hopped right up onto his lap facing him. With hands planted to either side of him on the seat back Trey mashed his mouth against the startled man’s and fed him tongue. The man instantly responded, slithering his mouth meat along Trey’s working piece and running his hands all over the teen’s muscular body. Lucas, meanwhile, broke away from his father and went over to wedge himself between the two remaining men squirming on the couch. Immediately their hands were all over his incredible cock, stroking and squeezing. They went at it for hours in various combinations. Devyn fucked the old man into a near heart attack with his randy kid dick. Lucas was sucked into orgasm after orgasm by each man, every one anxious to fill their belly with his load. Observing wedding bands on two of the men’s hands, Trey fucked married-man ass. Ryan took cock down his throat and up his hole, sometimes at the same time, before stretching across the coffee table while his main man Jedediah balled him in front of everyone. Miles went from one to another, feeding cock to the guest, feeding cock to his sons, sucking everyone’s cock and lapping at sweaty ass hole. By the time they’d finished they’d released an ocean of hot, horny cum. Following that initial outing the “parties” gradually grew more expansive. Lucas constantly rounded up new clients from his list. Devyn began inviting a few of his local daddies. None was more surprised than Miles when his buddy, Redmond McCabe, turned out to be one in Devyn’s vast stable of men. Word of mouth spread. A dozen guests turned to two, then three. Liquor flowed, food was served and everyone fucked. Soon their take was topping ten thousand per week! Tonight they would easily make twenty k, if not more. The guests were spilling out onto the deck which ran the expanse at the back of the house on the second floor. On this unseasonably warm late fall evening they were poolside. Some were even fucking in the heated pool. They had invaded the pool house, where Miles first fucked his son, Ryan. Everyone was there. There were professional men; there were blue collar types. Some had taken the train from nearby Manhattan; some came over from Pennsy. There were locals; there were neighbors. A few of Jedediah’s buddies from his time in lock-up were there, fucking with and alongside Judges, lawyers and police officers, both active and retired. To cap it all off, tonight they were hosting, for the first time, the Black Biker’s Gang. Cars and motorcycles were lined up two deep along the driveway and spilled onto the side lawn. “I was wonderin’ where you got off to.” The deep voice brought Miles out of his thoughts. He looked up to see Jedediah sauntering into his Man Cave wearing not a stitch of clothing. For a backwoods hillbilly approaching the age of forty he was a sight to behold. Longish, dark blond hair fell around his ruggedly handsome, unshaven face. His body was all man, built to muscle by all those long years working on the road crew. Big beefy pecs were coated with swirls of dark hair, matching the dense growth around his formidable prick, which was now steely hard and dripping. Jed threw himself into a chair directly across from Miles’ desk and casually cocked one leg up over an arm rest. Although his big, hairy ball bag fell between his legs Miles could still see the moist, pouting asshole that he loved to suck on. Jedediah causally stroked his big cock and said, “What in hell you doin’ up here when the party’s goin’ on downstairs?” Miles closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head. “I never meant for it to get like this, Jed. We’re running a fucking whore house here!” Jed grinned. “No, we ain’t. We’re havin’ a party. Chargin’ for booze and food and wear ‘n tear. If people want to fuck, hell, that’s on them.” Miles looked at him pointedly. “They all know what they’re going to get when they come here.” Jed shrugged. “We never promised it. Never told ’em that was part of what they was payin’ for.” “Just look outside the window! They’re parked all over the lawn! Tearing it up, for crap’s sake! Any more and they’ll be parked out along the roadway. Don’t you think that’s drawing a bit too much attention to us? Surely we’re going to get a visit from the local police.” Jed snickered. “There’s a few badges downstairs stuffin’ their dicks into whatever hole is closest. They ain’t gonna be arrestin’ nofuckinbody.” “It’s got to stop, Jed.” Miles insisted. “Thought you said you needed cash and needed it bad? All’s I done was make a little bitty suggestion. The rest of it you and little Lucas come up with. Now that we’re really bringin’ in the bucks you wanna bail out? What the fuck, dude?” Miles narrowed his blue eyes. “All you care about is the percentage you’ve been earning.” Jed’s face broke into that endearing smile that could bone Miles up in a heartbeat. “Sure I like havin’ a little extra spendin’ money. But I also got me a good thing goin’ here. If’n you don’t have the cash you have to give up this place. Then I have to go bye bye. And what about your boys? I thought you was all hot in the pants to get them through that rich boy’s college over yonder.” Miles looked thoughtful for a moment. “I have my lawyer working on it. He’s confident my cunt wife will have to pay a decent alimony and support.” Jed sneered. “You lawyer is downstairs, more’n likely throwin’ it to Ryan right now. He ain’t so anxious for all this to go away. An’ I don’t give a fuck what he does, no way he’s gonna get you the kind of benny’s these parties been bringin’ in.” Miles had to admit there was logic, no matter how seedy, in Jedediah’s words. These weekly soirees were profitable. He’d been able to cover estate expenses and bank a decent amount for Trey and Ryan’s continuing education. Further, fortune had graced them when the President of the University attended a party, met Lucas (and his gigantic cock) and assured Miles he would arrange a full scholarship for the boy. And, truth be told, Saturday nights had become a guilty pleasure for him and his boys. Although Trey lived in a college dormitory he came home every weekend for the express purpose of engaging in the hedonistic antics. Sometimes he brought friends, like that stocky linebacker Miles, Jed and a host of other guests had pleasurably plowed at a party a few weeks back. Done contemplating, Miles spread his hands in defeat. “You’re right. Don’t know why I’m being so pensive tonight.” Jed cocked a brow, not exactly sure what Miles’ words meant but assumed the man had come around. Slapping a bare thigh he rose from his seat. “Now you’re talkin’, bud. Now get you out of them clothes, get on downstairs and join the party. You’re the rooster in this coop, after all.” Miles smiled at Jed’s backwoods analogy as he rose from behind the desk and began doffing his clothing. He’d been taken with the sexy Kentuckian from the moment Delia introduced them. Jed was a real stud, like Lombardo, but not as mean and crafty as the other ex-con. Learning the former prison inmate had taken part in the gang quasi-rape of his youngest son, Devyn, at Lombardo’s request nearly ended their association. It was little Devyn who spoke up for Jed, convincing Miles that Lombardo was the true villain of the piece. Truth of the matter was, and although he would never admit it to anyone, Devyn had a bit of a boy crush on the stud who had turned him into a hungry bottom. Miles followed Jed out of the room and down the hallway to the staircase leading to the foyer. With his eyes on Jed’s tight, chiseled ass the whole time he quickly boned up. He could easily have forgone the other guests in the house and remained up there in his office with the other man, riding his thick, juicy cock to orgasm. He took the staircase like Lord of the Manor, greeting the guests he came across in his trail to the crowded main room. Once inside his eyes flared wide at the debauchery displayed there. Naked bodies were everywhere, slithering over each other like worms trapped in a can. The scent of flesh, sex and cum was intoxicating. There were men of all sizes, races and ages groping, sucking and fucking. “Miles, I was wondering where in heck you were!” Miles turned to observe his neighbor, Redmond McCabe flat on his back across a divan. Between the spread of his heavy legs young Bahir Maaloof, the Arab neighbor’s nineteen-year-old son was slamming his tan cock into Red’s asshole. Red was loud and boisterous istanbul travesti but he was a pretty decent fuck, as Miles recalled. Devyn invited him to a party a few weeks back. After the initial shock of discovering that his neighborhood buddy was among Devyn’s daddies Miles had taken him upstairs to the master bedroom, thrown him across the bed he’d shared for years with his wife, and fucked him. It was a pleasant experience for Red, but the red-bearded man preferred his lovers younger. Much younger. Bahir had graduated high school with Trey, home for the weekend from Columbia University in Manhattan. Bahir’s father and grandfather were regulars at the Baldwin parties. The good looking Arab boy and Miles were hardly strangers. To Miles’ surprise, and ultimate delight, Bahir turned out to be the mouth and pussy which had brought him such satisfaction through the glory hole at a nearby book store some time ago. The lean, smooth boy was really throwing it to McCabe, enthusiastically driving his randy cock in and out of the man’s ass ring. Miles observed the dimpling of his trim teen ass as he punched inward, then the reveal of his dark little jewel when he pulled back. Miles wrapped a fist around his rigid man flesh and was about to have a piece of the boy when, seemingly out of nowhere, Jed stepped up behind Bahir, hunkered down and slipped his lubed crankshaft up into the teen. Bahir threw back his head, delighted by the sensation of a stiff prick invading his young hole. He reared against Jed, impaling himself down to the thick stem of the man’s cock. Taking the slim hips of Bahir Jed pulled back, Bahir thrust forward into McCabe, Jed heaved again and the three quickly developed a mutual fuck rhythm. Like McCabe, Jed had a special affection for young ass. Miles instantly recalled their first meeting there in this same room with Jed noticing the framed photographs of the Baldwin boys, commenting as to how he could hardly wait to meet them. The ex-con must have felt he’d won the jackpot getting hired on at an estate overrun with raging teen hormones. Jed grinned at Miles. “You want in, good buddy? Kid is real fuckin’ tight tonight. We can tag team him if’n you want.” Miles smiled back at hunky Jed. “He’s all yours.” Then, with a knowing wink, “For now.” “Yee haw! Gonna ride this bitch like a bull!” he bellowed, his gleaming muscles rippling as he began really hammering into Bahir, driving the kid’s own cock even deeper into McCabe’s spasming hole. McCabe felt every jab of Jed’s cock through Bahir’s pulsing unit. It was almost like being fucked by two cocks at once! Miles moved away from the scene and casually sauntered in the direction of the bar. Along the way hands reached out to grope and fondle him. Not only was he their Host, he was also a fine looking specimen of manhood. Blond haired, blue eyed with an incredibly built body he looked as though he’d just stepped out of a team locker room. He luxuriated in the touch of his many guests, the squeezing of his stiff rod, the cupping of his firm buttocks and the tweaking of his stubbled nubs. He was, as Jed had so crudely put it, the rooster, majestically strutting his stuff and reveling in the admiration. Although she left him with a bit of debt, Delia had actually done him a favor by running off with her twat munching girlfriend. Otherwise Miles would still be playing doting husband to the wealthy heiress, clandestinely seeking out fulfillment of his deeper desires. Much credit was certainly due to Lombardo. Had he never showed up on the estate and awakened the hunger in each of them Miles and his sons might never have known such exquisite pleasures. A shame Lombardo turned out be such a scoundrel. He was a libidinous sonofagun with a big, beautiful cock and a talent for what he could do with it. Lombardo would have enjoyed these parties, although his crafty mind would have been working at ways to use the participants to his advantage. Jed, on the other hand, was easy going and seemed to have no hidden agenda. And he sure felt good on those nights he slipped his body between the covers, cuddled close and wrapped his big arms around Miles. With his reticence of a few minutes ago replaced by the desire to indulge in all the flesh laid out before him Miles pranced like a peacock, stopping along the way to briefly lock lips with Mike Harris, the father of Lucas’ buddy Ollie, and a frequent companion of his at the college football games. Mike, an ex-military man, was just about Miles’ age and built like a bulldozer. Fucked like one, too. Once Mike banged you, you never forgot. Young Oliver had undergone quite a metamorphosis over the past year. Over a hundred pounds had melted off his flabby body and he was well on his way to becoming a true contender as his father’s son. He often worked out in the Baldwin’s home gym with Lucas, both boys taking tips from Ryan and Trey, on those weekends the college boy spent home. “Ollie amongst us tonight?” Miles casually questioned, one hand cupped behind Mike’s bull’s neck. Harris nodded to his left. Miles followed with his eyes to observe Ollie laid back on a stuffed chair while Postmaster Martin Gibbons, fiftyish and portly, bobbed up and down on his sixteen year old dick while fingering the boy’s asshole. At the same time Phil Anders, one of the boys’ former website members and a regular at these parties, was plunging his middle aged prick in and out of Ollie’s sucking mouth. “Looks like Ollie’s having fun,” Miles allowed, his warm breath washing over Harris’ manly face. “Your boy is coming along just fine. Looks like he’s gotten some incentive.” “Big game next Friday night,” Mile told him, his seductive eyes all over Miles’ handsome features. “You up for it.” “You know me, Mike. I’m up for anything,” he smiled. Mike cupped Miles’ jaw in one hand and kissed him hard, pushing his tongue into Miles’ mouth and tickling his upper lip with his thick, dark mustache. Reaching down, Miles took hold of Mike’s ramrod and gave it a few friendly strokes. Mike responded in kind. In a heavy lip lock they openly jerked one another before Miles broke away with the promise to later pick up where they’d left off. Brushing the back of a hand across his wet lips Miles stepped up to the bar, tonight manned by Andrew Tomlinson, a Senior at the University and one of Trey’s newly made friends. Drew was a delicious looking twenty-one, tall and cute with curly brown hair, deep dimples and a sexy clefted chin. He boasted a college athlete’s body, as bare behind the bar as everyone else in the house. “What’s your pleasure, Mr. Baldwin?” Drew greeted good naturedly in a voice so deep it made Miles’ cock hairs tingle. Miles cocked a brow and gave the wholesome looking student a knowing look. His response could have gone either way. At last week’s party he’d pleasurably fucked the young man in front of the hearth in his office. The week before Drew had thrown it to him before an audience atop the living room coffee table. Drew was multi-talented. “Jim Beam. On the rocks.” Miles responded with a knowing twinkle in his eyes. “Looking especially hot tonight, Mr. Baldwin,” the hot number complimented Miles as he poured the amber liquor over ice. Miles loved it when these sexy young men called him mister. Especially when they were flat on their back or on all fours with his daddy dick plundering their warm, grasping holes. “You’re looking quite fetching yourself, Andrew,” he seductively responded. “Maybe you and I can, you know, get together later.” The young man’s tone spoke of temptation. “I’ll be sure to pencil you in on my dance card,” Miles teased as he took drink in hand and turned away from the bar. Along with being a nice piece of ass Andrew had a more than average dick. And knew what to do with each of his major assets, too. To one side Miles observed Jed’s fellow ex-con friend, that hairy hillbilly Huck. The beefy good ole’ boy was currently a house guest of the Baldwins. Jed had asked and, since it was only for a few weeks, Miles acquiesced. Huck was using the room on the ground level of the mansion which had been occupied by Lombardo and, more recently, Jed. Once Delia was gone Miles had moved Jed to a more spacious, unoccupied bedroom at the far end of the hall on the third floor, just one door down from his eldest sons. Jed, however, didn’t seem to spend many nights in his own bed. Although not much to look at, Huck seemed an amiable enough sort. He was decidedly hirsute with a round, yet solid, beer belly, greasy looking hair and a full face with chunky cheeks displaying a spotty excuse for a beard. Miles could easily imagine him clad in worn overalls sitting out on the porch of a dilapidated shack down in Kentucky sipping moonshine from a jug while a big dog lounged lazily at his feet. Miles had no idea what the man had served time for. In fact, he was ignorant toward Jed’s crime. Some things, he had decided, were better left unknown. The camera system Lucas had installed in the “guest room” to monitor Lombardo’s nefarious doings was still intact. Lukie had given Miles access and coached him in working the system. Miles often felt like some sleazy Peeping Tom spying first on Jed in those initial months of his employ and now the latest occupant. It hardly surprised him to check in one evening and discover Ryan ass up on the single bed taking an aggressive banging from the felon. Ryan wasn’t particular about the type of man who satisfied his itch. All it took was a cock of just the right dimensions to reach his trouble spot. While Huck certainly didn’t have anything else going for him it appeared he sported a big, fat boy fucker. Miles was so aroused by the contrast between the two that he whipped out his hard on and beat off a hefty load, coming at exactly the same moment Huck filled his son with ex-con seed. While Ryan was nowhere in sight at the moment Huck was certainly not alone. He lay on his back on the floor allowing fourteen year old Terrence McCabe, son of Redmond and friend of Devyn, to ride his plump prick. Little Terrence was really going to town, dropping like dead weight onto Huck’s spear time after time. His young asshole hardly looked large enough to accommodate such a wide prick. As Miles watched another man, a local businessman with a shop on main street, stepped over Huck’s hairy body and introduced his dick to Terrence’s mouth. Terrence accepted it without protest. Evidently more adept at taking cock up the ass than down the throat, Terrence nevertheless worked over half of the bald headed man’s length in and out of his mouth. Off to the other side the town Prosecutor was fucking Judge Traynor. In the courtroom Traynor was constantly overruling the other man’s objections. By the forcefulness of the fuck it seemed the Prosecutor was taking revenge. To one side of the Judge was the Chief of Police; to the other, senior Detective on the force. Traynor was taking their cocks one at a time, and sometimes simultaneously, into his mouth. Driven by the all-out pounding he was taking he jerked and sucked them with wild abandon. All about him men of all ages were unashamedly releasing themselves to their innermost desires. There was Chuck Bauer, whose sister both Trey and Ryan had dated, being double penetrated by white and black dicks. On closer inspection Miles identified the white guy as Larry the Plumber. The black dick belonged to Terrell Johnson, Lombardo’s former parole officer. The look on Chuck’s features was one of absolute bliss as the two sizeable cocks jockeyed for dominance in his stretched bung hole. A tight circle of bodies had congregated like spectators at a sporting event in the center of the big room. Miles wedged between naked flesh to discover what was going on. As he did, his Baldwin prick nudged against bare thighs and buttocks, leaving a smear of pre-cum in its wake. Breaking through to the front he smiled knowingly upon discovering the attraction. His boy Lucas was sprawled out dead center in the arena, glasses lying akimbo across the bridge of his nose. Crouched down or on their knees all around him was an assemblage of awestruck and adoring men. Their hands fought for dominance to stroke and fondle his gigantic boy cock. Hard as steel and throbbing maddeningly it rose from a sparsely haired groin to nearly reach his teen tits. The wondrous thing was both beautiful and obscene at the same time. Thick as the boy’s forearm it boasted a lattice-work of heavy, rope-like veins haphazardly twisting up its surface to the fat, meaty head. His ball bag, enormous by most men’s standards, were like ripe fruit and loaded with teen spunk. Other greedy paws squeezed, pulled and hefted their weight in their sweaty palms, every of them marveling at this wonder. Whether Lucas sported the biggest cock in the house tonight was debatable. Doc Schwartz, Ryan’s personal physician, had him beat by a mere inch. Between the doctor and his younger brother Ryan was having his hidden “g-spot” taken care of with regularity. Miles hadn’t noticed Schwartzie among the partiers, so Lucas could possibly hold the biggest cock title tonight. Then again, Miles hadn’t yet ventured beyond this particular room, so the zany doctor could still be in contention. If Schwartz was indeed in attendance he was likely with some young jock. His practice had grown considerably with Ryan’s recommendation to Trey’s University friends who, in turn, told a pal, who told another. Many of them far from home and in need of some medical attention every now and then. Schwartz’ waiting room was often crowded with an overabundance of testosterone waiting their turn for Schwartz’ personal care. Miles recognized nearly a dozen mostly middle aged men worshipping his son’s appendage as subscribers to his now-defunct website. Also man handling the boy was his the high school Superintendent, Mayor Johnston and the husband of the sole Committeewoman, the Human Resource Coordinator at the huge new Supermarket, Delia’s former personal financial advisor, the President a local banking institution, fiftyish schoolteacher Ackerman and several others Miles couldn’t immediately identify. Their constantly moving sea of hands traveled over the surface of Lucas’ blue-veined cock, some clutching its breathtaking thickness, others running their fingers along the thick rim of its bulbous head and inducing a steady flow of pre-cum. The clear boy juice was hastily scooped up by greedy digits and ravenously devoured. Lucas wallowed in their adoration. He had come a long way from the shy, uncertain and geeky boy he’d been long months ago. Once embarrassed by his outrageous appendage he now displayed it proudly. Certainly the adulation he received from the website he and Ollie ran had boosted his confidence, but Miles was certain it was his special brand of fatherly encouragement which had really bolstered young Lucas. Up until that evening they had worked together to entrap Lombardo father and son were never close. Now the bond was closer than the one Miles shared with his older sons. Miles watched the action for a few moments longer. Lukie had great stamina and could easily prolong the men’s pleasure. But no man, or boy, can hold out forever and eventually he would explode in a titanic eruption. Those gorilla sized balls would produce a virtual geyser of teen cream, a real gusher which would coat many in his immediate vicinity. Never one to disappoint his admirers Lucas would be quick to begin another session. After all, he was sweet sixteen and loaded for continuing action. Leaving Lucas to his horde of horny molesters Miles traded niceties, chatting briefly with the slightly overweight man who ran the landscaping company which serviced the Baldwin estate. There was no Morales or Son, as the business was confusingly named. That was a cover for a shady operation which hired cheap laborers, most with questionable citizenship, and pocketed most of the profits. The mostly Hispanic crew was generally the same each week, were highly reliable and did a fine job maintaining the vast grounds. Some of that credit was due Ryan, who tried to be home from school before the team left. Miles had watched much footage taken inside the pool house and saw exactly why these wetbacks were so diligent. Soon Miles found himself in the capacious kitchen with its modern, all-white decor. On his back across the marble island lay Henri, head Chef from the prestigious Inn in town proper. Every bit of fifty, Henri donned his white Chef’s hat, apron and nothing else. Those big, hairy knuckled hands which created divine delicacies now held his equally hairy legs back and open while a boy with the face of an angel devilishly toyed with his woolly asshole. The refrigerator behind them yawned open and Miles noted banana, cucumbers (both regular and burpless), salami and kielbasa shining with lubrication on the counter top beside the heavily breathing man. There was an excited and sadistic look on young Devyn Baldwin’s cute face as he worked over the adult man. Cocking a brow Miles maneuvered to a more advantageous viewing point and nearly gasped at what he saw. A basket of apples, royal gala, were at Devyn’s disposal. As Miles watched, the blond with long wispy bangs coated one sizeable fruit with olive oil, extra virgin, and pressed it up to Henri’s dilated bung hole. “Take it, you dirty fucker!” the boy shockingly commanded. He twist and turned the piece, pressing harder against Henri until, surprisingly, the fruit was swallowed up. “Fuck yeah!” Devyn exclaimed. “Ready for another?” “Yes, young master,” the grown man whimpered. And Devyn complied. Choosing the next largest apple from the bunch, Devyn greased it up and forced it inside Henri along with its mate. One after another the big round fruit were gobbled up until four were lodged in the big man’s rectum. Miles knew he should put an end to this perverse act but found himself powerless to stop it. Devyn was calling the man all sorts of vulgar, demeaning names. The words emanating from his mouth were in total contrast to his sweet, endearing features. And yet Miles dick was harder than it had been all night. As he watched Devyn made one hop and was up on the counter. Hunkering down over Henri he pressed his perfect Baldwin seven inches against the man’s hole and shoved it inside. Henri bellowed, whether from kadıköy travesti pain or lusty delight Miles could not be certain. “Fuck yeah!” Devyn spat out. “I feel those apps up there moving around. Feels real fuckin’ good on my dick. Gonna fuck those apps right up into your colon, fucker. Gonna shoot my load all over ’em. Then I’m gonna stick my hand up there, pull ’em out and make you eat ’em.” Devyn fucked with the enthusiasm of youth, showing no regard for his victim’s possible discomfort. Henri was moaning, groaning and thrashing about but was doing nothing to put an end to it. Miles quickly realized the man actually craved such disturbing treatment. In the midst of his frenetic fucking Devyn caught sight of his father standing there with mouth agape and hard on dripping. “Hey, Miles,” he greeted with a big, wholesome smile. “I’m churning up some apple butter for breakfast tomorrow.” And he turned his attention right back to Henri, hawking a gob directly into his panting mouth as he wildly fucked the four apples further into the man’s gut. Miles clenched his jaw and shook his head silently. The youngster was totally out of control. Nearly a year ago he would never have suspected his seemingly wholesome boy of being such a depraved monster. Oh, the things he’d learned about Devyn in the past eleven months! The cute teen had the mind of a seasoned pervert. Only a few weeks ago Miles had risen from a deep sleep to find himself secured by wrists and ankles to the headboard with something long, thin and rubber-like stuffed into his upturned asshole. From out of nowhere a nude Devyn climbed up onto the foot of the bed and settled back on his haunches, his teen erection throbbing against his flat belly. It was when he attempted to speak that Miles realized his mouth had been taped shut. The look of the devil was present in young Devyn’s baby blue eyes and he seemed entirely too giddy. “Good sleep, huh Miles?” he taunted. “You shoulda, after those roofies that were in your coffee last night. We had a wild party, me and some of my fuck slaves. Let’s see,” he continued, looking up at the ceiling in concentration and counting them off on his fingers, “there was Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Redmond, Mr. Silverstein, Mr. Ackerman. There was that new postmaster. You know. That bald headed dude with two sons near your age. Oh yeah, he said to tell you they’d probably like to meet you. Prob’ly like to fuck you is what he really meant. They’ve got wives and kids but, what the fuck, so do you. And lemme see, there was somebody else. Oh yeah! Old man Cudgens. Must be about eighty but he came like a fuckin’ horse when I shoved my foot up his asshole and fucked him clear up to the knee.” Miles eyes widened in horror at the thought. “Since you were, uh, incapacitated last night and couldn’t do any fucking I fuigured I’d be a good boy and get you off this morning with my new toy. Tried it out on Mr. Ackerman last night and he went apeshit! You’re gonna love it, Miles!” Miles tossed his head from side to side but, giggling with excitement, Devyn pressed a button on the unit in his left hand and the device inside Mile’s man hole began to tingle. The boy had placed a remote controlled vibrator up his ass! It buzzed inside him quite pleasurably, reverberating against his ass lips and along the moist walls of his rectum. Miles soft prick began to awaken and raise its head. Under other circumstances he might have found it enjoyable. But Miles knew Devyn had something more planned. His suspicions were answered when Devyn amped the thing up from Lo to High with the quick flick of a finger. Miles writhed and shouted, although no one could hear him through the duct tape securely fastened over his mouth. It was as though a live wire had been planted in his hole and was shooting him with jolts of electricity. His toes curled, he thrashed and fought against it. But Devyn was holding the controls and he was entirely at his mercy. Devyn set the device to “pulse”, letting it wind down and give Miles a few moments of fleeting relief before it reached maximum peak again. Miles was delirious with pain and, yes, pleasure as his asshole was mechanically violated. The thing lay right on his prostate, making his dad cock swell and strain, its veins more pronounced than ever before. Devyn allowed the wicked vibrator to do its job until Miles shot a geyser of cum clear across his chest, shooting himself in the face with the force of it. Then Devyn yanked the thing from his father’s abused hole, stood over the fatigued man and jerked off a load all over his manly body. While Miles lay there in a state of shock Devyn jumped off the bed, quickly dressed and announced, “Sorry, Miles. Gotta run. Gonna be late for school.” When Miles protested, fighting against his bonds, the boy continued, “Don’t worry. Eduardo will be up here to make the bed pretty soon. I’m pretty sure he’ll cut you loose. After he gets himself some ass.” Eduardo was the brother of the Baldwin’s former housekeeper, Graciela, and now himself the domestic help after his sister returned to their home country months ago. Devyn’s practicing his apple trick on Henri combined with the events of that night convinced Miles that he needed to have a conversation with the therapist he’d hired out of concern for the boy after the “trauma” he’d suffered at the will of Lombardo. Turning away from the lurid scene Miles scanned the assemblage of fornicating bodies. The Psychiatrist had to be there somewhere. In need of some fresh air after what he’d just witnessed Miles stepped out on the sun deck. It spanned the entire back second story of the mansion, one end containing a hot tub. The tub was currently occupied to capacity, as was every lounge chair on the deck. Miles placed his hands on the wooden railing and rested against it, looking out at the expanse of the back yard. Small lights twinkled in shrubbery around the kidney shaped pool, its underwater lights changing from white, to green, to blue, to purple. Those same lights dripped like icicles from the front eave of the spacious pool house. As he stood there surveying the area arms encircled his waist and pulled him against a hairy, masculine body. Miles felt a wet hardon press into the deep cleft of his ass. Teeth nibbled at the lobe of one ear as the hands moved up his torso and chest. “Been wanting to fuck you since I first saw you, Baldwin,” a deep voice resonated. Miles turned to look over his shoulder into the face of a newcomer. He was decent enough looking, probably mid-30s, with the type of jaw which no matter how often he shaved always had a shadowed appearance. The wedding ring on his finger currently joined with another to tweak one of Miles’ hardened nipples was further incentive to accept the invitation. “Later, definitely,” Miles responded. “Right now I need to check up on my sons.” The man nodded to the pool below them. “Isn’t that one of them over there? The kid threw a great pass in the game last week. Shows great potential. I was watching him. When I wasn’t watching you. And thinking how much I’d enjoy fucking you.” He ground his cock harder against Miles’ hole for emphasis. Miles turned to face his admirer, took his cock in hand and ran a thumb over the flared corona. Yes, he could certainly see potential with this sexy man. “Not rushing home anytime soon, are you? I’ll find you and we can slip off to my room for some privacy.” Managing to break away from the hot married gent Miles casually descended the stairs leading down to the pool area. He had a brief memory flash of Ryan descending those same stairs while he watched from an upstairs window to seduce Lombardo into the pool house. He had followed, their eventual encounter sparking all the events—not all of them bad—which followed. A ping pong game was going on under the flood lights in an area off to the side of the pool house. The long wrought-iron table to the other side, comfortably seating twenty to accommodate Delia’s former women’s club meetings, was now being used by several couplings. That fine looking, recently married black assistant high school Coach, Washington was his name, was hungrily eating the ass of the hard bodied young man stretched across the table. Miles recognized him as Adrian Lopez, the Puerto Rican quarterback of the University football team. Miles had been wanting to tap that ass for quite a while, but it looked like Washington was going to beat him to it. Rafay Maaloof, grandfather of young Bahir, was seated at the head of the table while a twenty-something stud muffin was on his knees between his hairy legs feasting on his Arabian cock. For a man of his years Rafay was in fine shape with a proud chest boasting a blanket of white fur which trailed down to encircle his thick, dark prick. Miles had been fucked by that prick and knew the exceptional stamina Rafay held. He almost envied the hot young thing who was surely going to have his guts ravaged by the virile old man’s magnificent weapon. The table was also occupied by a few other fornicating fuckers including Thaddeus Locke, the fiftyish owner of the Mercedes Benz dealership the Baldwin family had always patronized. Delia and Locke’s snooty wife had been social friends for years. In fact, Margaret Locke probably sat at the very place where her husband was currently getting his cock sucked by two much younger men. The wheeler-dealer with a thick mustache, salt-and-pepper hair and a virtual road map of lines on his usually tanned face was atop the table resting back on both elbows as the two enthusiastically worked on his drooling rod. On closer inspection Miles realized there was a third under the table working his tongue through the lattice work of the table top and into Thad’s asshole. A few months back Miles brought Ryan to the dealership shopping for his first car. Somehow Miles got separated from the other two in the lot. When he finally came upon them back in the showroom over a half hour later Thad was offering a ridiculously great deal on the vehicle of Ryan’s choice. Thad’s sudden nervous actions and Ryan’s sheepish look told Miles exactly how they’d sealed the deal. Another of Jed’s prison-time buddies, a big black man named Johnson was fucking the life out of Henrick Leyton, another of Miles’ wealthy neighbors. Johnson was a savage looking brute, dark as coal and built like an ox. Leyton, on the other hand, was pale as an Albino and sleight of weight. That enormous prick of Johnson’s looked like it would split Henrick wide open. But somehow Leyton was taking it, all of it. And roughly, too. Miles moved away from the glorious fuckers to face the sparkling pool. Moving between daybeds near the edge he not surprisingly found them all occupied by any variety of horndogs. Some he recognized. Others he didn’t. There was a particularly interesting chain going on at one location. One man was down on his knees at the foot of the daybed sucking another, while that one lapped at the dick of another who, in turn, was giving head to a fourth who laid back on the cushions enjoying it all. Chuckling to himself Miles directed his attention to the pool itself. As the stud on the deck had rightfully indicated there, on a family-sized float, his eldest son college boy Trey lay in all his naked splendor flanked by two muscular, older men. To one side of his strong, smooth and sports toned body was the boy’s former high school coach, Jarek Kolawski; on the other lounged Zach Schneider, college football coach. Both men were impressive in their own way. In his early forties, Kowalski was a hairy, big-boned and stocky Polish man with a ruggedly handsome face. Schneider, of Jewish descent, was in his late thirties, equally masculine with a well muscled and smoother frame than his high school counterpart. Both men were positioned opposite the teen hunk with their adult crotches to either side of his blond head while they ravenously fed on his goods. Schneider’s mouth was all over Trey’s gorgeous slab of teen meat. Trey’s prick was smooth and solid, rising nearly straight up from his dark-blond short curlies at slightly over seven inches. Schneider’s tongue made long, wet swipes up the heated muscle of his Freshman discovery, cleaning up the heavy leakage oozing down its surface from the plump and juicy head. Forming his lips over the teen crown he greedily sucked on it while stroking his fist up and down the hot rod. Snorting heavily around the tasty treat he took more of it into his mouth, sucking and swallowing until his prominent Jewish proboscis was pressed against Trey’s undulating groin. Kowalski had one of Trey’s quarterback thighs thrown over his shoulder. Positioned under the strong limb he was slovenly eating out the boy’s butt hole. He lapped over the firm, pear-shaped cheeks, dipped into the lightly dusted cleft and thrust himself into the twitching pink hole. With his thick, squat nose and grizzled, clefted chin squared into Trey’s crack he sunk his tongue as far as possible into the boy, licking, lapping, sucking and fucking the athlete’s insides with it. With Coach Kowalski’s tongue up his butt driving him wild Trey squirmed and bucked, sending his dick sailing through the throat of Coach Schneider. Miles was pleased to see that usually selfish Trey was giving as well as he was getting. To either side of him were big, hairy adult cocks. Kowalski’s formidable rod was a thick, nine-inch whopper with big angry rope-like veins. Schneider’s was almost as large, a nice fleshy pole curving outward from its dark bush with a thickly flanged bulbous cap. Trey held each dick in hand as he turned from one to the other, first spreading his jaws wide to accommodate Kowalski’s meat, licking and sucking on it for a while before spitting it out and opening up for Schneider’s hog. Miles proudly watched his eldest boy hungrily go from one cock to the other. Like Lucas, he had come a long way over the past year in expanding his new-found sexuality. While Trey still dated, even fucked, girls he had also become quite adept at same sex pleasures. Rare was the occasion when Trey gave up his ass, preferring instead to remain the macho top. But, when in the mood, he gave good head. At the moment, obviously aroused by the Coaches so ravenously working him over, it seemed that Trey’s cock sucking skills had reached a new zenith. The good looking teen was really chowing down on those super sized dicks like a boy gone wild! Satisfied that another son was in good hands Miles centered on discovering what young Ryan was up to. One look at the brilliantly lit pool house gave him a clue. Moving over to the structure he mounted the porch prepared to enter the open doorway when his passage was blocked. A big, black man donning a red bandana over his obviously shaven pate, leather vest spread open over a massive chest and wearing nothing else took a wide legged stance glared at him ominously. Huge arms were crossed over that chest with biceps bulging like twin soccer balls. The semi hard jutting out from a crotch of bristly curlicues was enormous and glistening with sex and cum. Miles was certain this giant had just gotten off. Bravely standing his ground, Miles said, “It’s alright. I’m the owner and host of this party.” The intimidating thug gave him a look and then guardedly stepped aside. Miles moved past and inside. Every light was on in the high ceiling interior of the place, which featured an open floor plan of living and dining room and fully functional kitchenette. The only enclosed area was the spacious bath and shower. Large, wall width windows looked out on the back and one side of the house, making privacy somewhat limited. The furnishings and decor were tasteful, comfortable and expensive. Immediately upon entering Miles was struck by the sight of possibly a dozen African American men clustered about the foot of the long sofa, open and extended as it now was into a queen-sized bed for overnight guests. Each was bigger and blacker than the next. One sported short corn rows; another had full dreadlocks pulled high atop the back of his head, cascading down over broad shoulders and more than midway down his back. There was one full Afro, others had their hair cropped short, most were shaved bald and glistening under the overhead lights. Miles observed goatees, full beards, thin mustaches atop impossibly thick lips, soul patches, chin puffs, long chin goatees and few clean shaved. Other than a spattering of do rags atop heads they were stripped bare, their bodies as big and muscular as the doorman. Every one sported an adornment of tattoos, although they hardly appeared more than dark shadows on the men’s ebony skin. These were undoubtedly members of the Black Biker’s Gang whose presence he had initially been reluctant to include. Moving off to one side of the sofa bed to gain a better perspective of what held their attention Miles was hardly surprised to find his missing son Ryan, the sole white boy in the bunch, down on hands and knees on the open sofa bed. He was face down in the crotch of one gang member while another was up on the tips of his meaty black toes over the boy’s high rearing ass fucking him like a dog. The muscles on the body of the top man glistened with sweat as he savagely punched his big stud cock in and out of young Ryan’s sweet hole. From his viewpoint Miles could see the stud was built like a stallion and equally as wide, stretching Ryan’s tender ass lips to full capacity. He knew the randy biker had the goods to reach that special place up inside his son which would bring relief from his constant craving. As the man continued to fuck in and out of him hard and fast Miles observed the load of the one with the red bandana frothing from his ass lips. While he was being viciously skewered Ryan chowed on the dick of a particularly attractive biker. Miles took him for somewhere in his early forties with a neatly shaved mustache and goatee framing thick, succulent lips and a buzzed scalp. Every now and then his pink tongue curled out from between his lips, displaying the pleasure Ryan was bringing to his tool. Huge dicks must have been a condition of gang membership, because Handsome was as enormous as the others with what looked like ten thick inches of man meat rising up from a jungle of brillo-like crotch hair. Ryan slathered his lips along every bit bakırköy travesti of it, yawning his mouth open to take in the large head. A big black hand came down to rest on the top of his white-blond head while the boy sucked on the juicy knob and fisted the remainder of the shaft. While Miles watched expectantly, his talented son unhinged his jaws, dropped himself down on the big cock and swallowed the beast to the root. Handsome tensed, threw back his head and groaned his surprise. Ryan remained down there for an extraordinary amount of time with the hefty slab of cock meat blocking his windpipe, nibbling the sweaty base with his lips and working his throat like pussy around the trapped member. The biker was writhing like butter in a hot pan, clenching his teeth and grasping the boy by his well-rounded shoulders. Ryan came up just as he shot his load, filling the teen’s mouth with his creamy seed. Ryan sucked him clear through orgasm, swirling his tongue around the sensitive glans and causing the man to buck and squirm as he experienced what appeared to be the best ejaculation of his life. Top Dog was like a nigga on speed, ramming the fuck out of Ryan’s jock hole. Every inch of his sizeable fuck tool was on full throttle attack, his bloated rocks slapping up against the teen hunk’s sweaty perineum. Ryan threw back his head, cum dripping from the corners of his gasping lips and his blue eyes rolling up to the skylights. The look on his cute, wholesome face was one of ultimate bliss. Dog was lashing that extremely rare male clitoris buried way up inside the boy with each fierce stroke. With his lower lip trembling Miles whimpered, desperately wanting to intrude on “biker’s paradise” and sink his daddy dick into his enraptured son. He hardly even realized he had his hand wrapped around his drooling dad cock, frigging it in time to Top’s frenzied thrusts. Top’s release was imminent. When he came he yanked his considerable piece from the sexy blond kid and fired. Creamy gobs of white hot cum smacked against Ryan’s yawning hole before the biker rudely shoved his prick back inside and spattered his guts with even more rich seed. Thoroughly spent, he slid his dick from the best piece of ass he’d ever fucked and, on wobbly legs, stepped back to make room for the next gang member. Quickly another burly black stud, this one with a massive Afro and a beard so overgrown Miles wondered what might be lurking within it, dropped onto his back beside Ryan. His overly muscled arms pulled the athlete atop him so that Ryan was straddling his massive meat. Miles shook his head in wonder. How could all these men be so hugely hung? His ham like hands held his tool upright by its base as Ryan lowered himself onto it. There were hoot and hollers from the others. Ryan had an awesome ass packed with muscle, tempting curves and an almost sinfully deep cleft. Centering the fruit-like head over his dripping hole Ryan sat down heavily upon it. Meeting no resistance the big cock easily slid through his fuck chute until Afro’s abundant bush was tickling his wet ass lips. Hunkered over him and facing the man Ryan worked his ass up and down the massive weapon, rotating at full insertion so as to massage his hot spot. His movements grew quicker and soon he was literally impaling himself on the big black rod. The dusky dude with long dreads stepped onto the sofa bed, his big sex swinging from side to side as he planted himself in front of Ryan. Taking the boy by the sides of his face he buried his horn in his open mouth and began pounding his tonsils. Ryan barely gagged as the fat black pole filled his throat, making himself an open fuck hole for the hot biker’s pleasure. The black man’s dreads swung to and fro as he hammered himself ball’s deep against the white boy’s cute face, stretching his throat muscles to maximum. Then, just when Miles thought things couldn’t get any more decadent, yet another of the gang joined the threesome. This one was ugly as sin and downright mean looking. He had a bald head, long chin goatee and hoop earrings in both lobes and through his nostrils. As solidly built as the others, he had a cock to match. Miles eyes widened when he saw this new arrival to the party hunker down behind Ryan, press his big dick up against the base of his buddy’s and work it into the teen. Ryan groaned around the fat cock in his mouth, which was nothing compared to the two spreading him wider than ever before. Ugly took his time feeding the boy his fat fucker while Afro beneath remained still with his piece lodged all the way inside. Miraculously the entire thing fit in. Ryan was stuffed with two big black cocks, their combined girth more than anything he’d ever taken before. And then they began to move in tandem, slowly at first and then increasing in speed. Ryan moaned and groaned, panted and sighed, which further aroused Dreads. Grabbing the kid by his ears Dreads took to slamming his groin against Ryan’s face, really pummeling him with his large prick. Much as his sphincter tried to tighten, Ryan’s ass was a wide open chasm being barbarically hammered by the other two. And Miles was certain his slut son was more than likely enjoying every moment of it. Two cocks on his button instead of one was a true bonus. In his cock sucking mouth or up his bubbled jock ass Ryan would take at least fourteen loads from this ferocious group. Miles’ initial guess of a dozen big black studs had been incorrect. There were fourteen towering columns of dark meat anxious to be entertained by the boy. Knowing his hunky insatiable son’s need for cock of titanic proportions Miles was sure each would get a second, possibly third, go at him. By the time they were finished a potential thirty whopping loads of cum would be filling his belly or drenching his guts. That clit in the deepest recesses of his bowels would most surely be satisfied—for at least a few days. Certain his son was in capable hands Miles stepped away from the erotic scene and headed to the doorway, where he once again encountered the red bandana giant. He’d kept his post, warding off any interlopers. This was strictly a gang rite. “Dat your boy?” It was the first Miles had heard him speak. The giant’s voice sounded as though it came from the pits of hell. “That’s right,” Miles responded, puffing up his chest proudly. “And the best fuck, pussy included, you’ll find around these parts.” The giant snorted but showed no other reaction. Running his eyes down the brawny ebony body he realized that Giant was rock hard and ready for more action. Much as he’d like to drop to his knees and sample the goods, Miles once again refrained. This one was on Ryan’s dance card. Leaning close to the giant’s ear, he told him, “When you fuck my son again leave your big, bad boy all the way up in him. Just give him fast and quick jabs with maybe two, three inches, of this beauty. Do that and his pussy will go wild on your dick.” Winking at the staid man he dared pat him on a solid shoulder and left the Black Biker Gang to rape—well, sort of—his son. Miles had only gone a few feet from the entrance when huge arms grabbed him from behind and forced him to a spot near the rear of the pool house. He was roughly shoved through the swinging doors of the outdoor shower and pushed up against a tiled wall. A strong, muscular body pressed against his, the stranger’s hairy chest flush against his smooth back and a heavy hard on stuck into the wedge of his ass. One hand had a fist full of his hair which prevented him from getting a look at the snatcher; the other was feeling up his chest and tugging at his man nips while he humped with his loins. Wet lips pressed against the back of his neck, licking, sucking and kissing his flesh. Miles was titillated by the bristles of a day’s growth of beard. The man’s tongue plugged his ear canal, breathing hotly and causing Miles’ dick to swell. “Hello, my hot and sexy neighbor,” the accented voice greeted. “Kedar!” Miles gushed. It was the Arab stud from next door, Bahir’s father. Just the thought of the man’s husky build and striking features was enough to make Miles’ testes tingle. Another on the late-thirties team Kedar had thick and wavy dark hair, its hue matching dense eyebrows nearly bisecting above the bridge of his nose, the long curled eyelashes surrounding deep brown eyes and the swirls coating his powerful chest, corded forearms and solidly built limbs. His physique wasn’t overly done and came naturally; Kedar rarely worked out, a fact which made him even more appealing to Miles, who spent much time in his home gym. Kedar’s heavy lips made their way around the side of Baldwin’s neck, leaving a trail of saliva in their wake. Maintaining his grip of Miles’ short blond locks he turned the man’s head to the side and covered his mouth with his own. His tongue probed the inside of Miles’ parched mouth as they engaged in a hungry man kiss. Miles sucked on Kedar’s strong tongue, moaning deep in his chest as the hot man’s mustache, bristly as the bush around his magnificent cock, tickled his upper lip. At the same time Kedar released his hold on Miles’ hair and cupped the mounds of his smooth pecs, squeezing and kneading like they were his wife’s and thumbing the jutting nipple nubs. Miles moaned even louder and ground his muscle ass back against his neighbor’s hairy groin, enticing Kedar’s bullet shaped cap to search and Miles’ damp hole. He pushed against it, Miles’ sphincter allowed access and the thick member slipped inside. Having observed all the other partiers satisfying their hidden desires and so far indulging himself in none, Miles’ ass greedily ate this cock right down to its hairy root. Kedar kept his big beef lodged deep inside Miles’ rectum, enjoying the pulsing ripples and folds of his famished pussy while they more passionately bruised one another’s wet lips. Miles gasped when Kedar drew back, pulling nearly all of his sex free and almost abandoning his hole. But Kedar quickly pushed himself back in, driving his swollen helmet far into Miles’ silky inner chamber, bringing a husky gasp from Miles’ when he bottomed out. Quickly establishing a fuck pace he took to repeatedly pumping his dark Arab cock in and out of Miles’ pink man hole. Waves of rapture coursed through Miles’ bowels from the big strong cock skidding through its slick, satiny walls. He more hungrily devoured Kedar’s mouth and feverishly sucked on the other man’s tongue, prompting Kedar to increase the force and speed of his thrusts. Kedar’s brawny arms held him tight up against his hairy body while his cock barged up into Miles’ luscious ass with ever-increasing momentum. Miles’ strong body tingled all over each time that wonderful prick skidded over his prostate. He pushed his Baldwin ass back into Kedar, loving every energetic stroke from the man muscle. Kedar took the invitaton and began slamming his meat with deep, hard jabs which soon had Miles pounding his fists on the tiled wall. Suddenly a warm, wet mouth was enveloping his raging hard-on. With Kedar battering him like a crazed bull Miles hadn’t even been aware of another presence in the enclosure. Through wild eyes he looked down in the dimly lit area to the top of a closely cropped, dark-haired head. Skilled lips ran up and down his straining appendage, taking him right down to the base each time. As Miles reveled in the glory of being both wonderfully fucked and sucked at the same time the cocksucker lifted his head to lap at the pulsing underbelly while stroking the rest of the dick in his sweaty palm, giving Miles his first look at the guy. It was the nice Jewish boy Jeremy, defensive tackle on the University football team, with the big nose, big muscles and ever bigger dick. Miles pleasantly recalled sneaking him up to his office and sucking him off the first time Trey brought the boy over to the Baldwin home. The athlete shot like a horse, providing a rapidly gulping Miles with enough protein to last the month! Jeremy had been a regular at the Baldwin parties ever since. Kedar shoved his big prong in and out of Miles’ manhole, his fat jism-filled balls slapping noisily against Baldwin’s own set of hangers. His meaty fingers worked Miles’ tit nubs like they were dials, causing Miles to rear back against the lusty Arab and meet his frenzied, gut-wrenching thrusts. Jeremy was equally energetic in slurping and sucking on Miles’ rigid rod. His tongue twined around the slick shaft while he nursed the head in his mouth, then gobbled the whole thing down to the base. From the masterful treatment he was giving the older man it was difficult to believe young Jeremy was only a few months into being a cock lover. Trey’s revelation about Jeremy’s after-game locker room sex orgy a few weeks back hadn’t surprised Miles at all. Trey had delighted in telling Miles how the husky jock had sucked off the entire team before locking his lips around Coach Schneider’s big hog. To date Jeremy had yet to give up his ass, but Trey was working on being his first. Worked over so thoroughly, Miles had little chance of prolonging his pleasure. When Kedar bashed his prostate once too often his muscular body stiffened and, with a strangled cry, shot his load into Jeremy’s rapidly sucking mouth. Jeremy groaned appreciatively and swallowed each blast of warm cum without losing one precious drop. He continued to bob back and forth on the exploding man rod, his mouth siphoning every bit of tasty jism from Miles’ tightened ball sac. Miles’ knees buckled but Kedar held him tight in his arms. The hairy stud’s breathing had grown ragged through Miles’ release and now he was panting huskily into the blond man’s ear. With a loud, masculine bellow he planted himself far up inside Miles’ fuck hole and unleashed huge jets of man cum. Miles clenched around the erupting cock, increasing the pleasure of Kedar’s ejaculation. The Arab’s big dick kept pulsing, filling Miles’ belly with a delicious warmth until finally, almost thankfully, he was drained. Resting his stubbled chin on Miles’ shoulder he resumed tenderly caressing his neighbor’s chest while his tongue made love to his ear. Miles sighed contentedly in after sex bliss. When Kedar reluctantly slipped himself from Miles’ ass Jeremy was all over it. The oversexed athlete joyously lapped up the aftermath of man sex, cleaning Kedar’s meat of cum and ass juice. Casting Kedar a suggestive look over his shoulder, Miles smiled when the other man nodded affirmatively. In an instant the two of them were all over Jeremy’s neglected cock and balls, taking turns sucking him until he’d cum. They shared his teen load, kissing hungrily with the taste of him fresh in their mouths. The party went into the wee hours of the morning. When the last had departed Miles, his sons and the college students rested for a few hours before attending to the massive clean up. Ryan had yet to appear but, after all he’d endured at the hands of the black bikers, Miles decided to let him rest a bit longer. Miles and Jed had kitchen duty while Devyn and Lucas worked at the living room and Trey and his boys saw to the outdoors and pool house. Hoisting a few of many bags of trash out to the deck Miles was alerted to the roar of a motorcycle engine revving and moved to the edge in time to see the red bandana Giant taking off on his hog. Smiling knowingly he stepped back into the house just in time to find a sleepy Ryan entering the kitchen wearing nothing more than his white boxer briefs. The teen just couldn’t ever get enough! Ryan quickly assumed his duty of cleaning cum stains off the rug and furniture. It was a long, arduous job but soon they had the house set back to rights. Miles retired to his man cave/office with a glass of expensive Scotch and relaxed into his favorite chair. While they hadn’t yet counted the money he was certain it had been a lucrative evening. As with every party he had suffered pangs of misgivings but, once in the action, they quickly passed. What he was engaging his boys and their buddies in might be considered wrong by some. But, what was that old saying about desperate times and desperate measures? No one was being hurt at the Baldwin parties. All left having had a good time. As for legal ramifications, just look at the guest roster: police officers, Sheriffs, district attorneys, lawyers and Judges. With their presence Miles could hardly be considered culpable for his actions. And as for Trey’s always popular collegiate athletes, many brought visiting out-of-state family members to indulge in the activities. Fathers, uncles and grandfathers reveled in the pleasures of male flesh, often for the first time with their own son/nephew/grandson. Miles, himself, had never fucked or been fucked so much in his life since these events had begun. Just the thought of it was making him hard all over again. Miles’ introspection was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Jedediah. The sexy looking backwoods stud bare feet trod across the room and flopped down in a chair in front of Miles, tossing one long leg over an arm rest. Miles’ cock sprung to full hardness. Jed hadn’t yet shaved and a manly stubble darkened his ruggedly handsome face. He’d thrown a ragged once-white tank top over his strong chest, so threadbare that his big nipples practically poked through. His tattered jeans were just as shopworn, leaving nothing to the imagination in the crotch area. “Don’t even tell me you’re gettin’ all squirrely again?” the ex-con drawled. Miles smiled, leaned back in his chair and stroked his cock. “Just reminiscing about some hot sex I had last night.” Jed smiled knowingly, revealing the chipped front tooth that always turned Miles on. “Well you’d best put your big boy away for now. We can take care of that later.” “What’s the matter?” Miles taunted. “Is a big, hot stud like you all fucked out?” “Never,” Jed grinned. “But you, you got some comp’ny down to the front door.” Miles straightened up, suddenly alarmed. “Company? Who?” “Decent enough lookin’ guy. Got that deer in headlights look when he seen me in the doorway.” As scantily clad as Jed was, Miles could only imagine why. Jed went on, “Got a young’n with him. Maybe about Ryan’s age.” Just the mere mention of the over-sexed teen caused Jed to grope his bulge. “Good lookers. Both of ’em. I’d fuck ’em both in a heartbeat.” His curiosity aroused, Miles asked, “But who are they?” Jed smiled crookedly and lazily dragged himself up from the chair he’d been inhabiting. “Looks like it’s time for a fam’ly reunion. He says he’s your brother.” Miles froze, his eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. “Brian?” he gasped.

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