Bali Sunset


They had talked, dreamed, fantasized, and mused about it for a year. What would it be like to meet, even once? They knew a tryst was risky on many levels. Both were faithful and committed to their partners. Would they risk it all to taste the sweet nectar of desire?

Patrick had business in Bali that would require him to stay for a weekend. When he checked into the hotel, he smiled with satisfaction. As requested, it was a suite with a patio that overlooked the ocean. He stepped out on the veranda and looked out at an ocean that was as a lovely sapphire- blue shade.

As Patrick looked out at the ocean he thought of his girl. He half-expected Isabelle to not show. He wouldn’t blame her, but the fire in his gut burned. He wanted her so badly.

She did it, and shocked herself in the process. It was a bold and ballsy move to fly to him. Isabelle deplaned and taxied to his hotel, still keeping the exact arrival time a secret.

The cabbie opened the trunk and a bellboy quickly carried her luggage to the lobby.

She looked into the hotel bar and there he was. He had a drink in his hand and he canlı bahis was looking at his phone. When he glanced up, she smiled at him and Patrick’s heart pounded in his chest so loudly, he thought people near must hear.

They approached each other and embraced deeply. He pulled the lovely girl to his chest and lifted her into a bear hug that made her giggle.

He quickly tipped the bartender and secured a bottle of wine. With his hand on the small of her back, Patrick guided her to his room.

He opened the wine as she gazed out at the view. Pouring her a glass he walked up behind her and wrapped one arm around her waist. The other hand raised the glass to her lips.

She sighed and settled back in his warmth.

He began to nibble at her neck and whisper soft words of love, and sexy phrases in her ear.She slowly pressed her bottom back into his groin. What started as spark was quickly turning into conflagration.

Kissing her neck and shoulders passionately made her nipples harden in the cooler air of dusk. He lowered the straps of her pretty dress.

Patrick kneaded her firming bahis siteleri nipples between his fingers. She pushed her curvy ass back deeper and teased him with subtle wiggling. His hardness grew until he was pulsating.

If Isabelle thought he was going to sweep her off her feet and carry her to the bed, she was sorely mistaken.

He pressed her body forward and slowly raised the hem of her sundress dress. Isabelle’s panties were lowered by inches as he exposed her on the balcony.

Isabelle was nervous and excited at the prospect of getting fucked in public.

He bared her pretty bottom as her panties dropped to her ankles. Patrick knelt to retrieve them and placed them in the pocket of his jeans.

After leaning Isabelle forward even more, she rested her elbows on the wooden rails. He parted her legs and exposed her pussy lips to his ravenous gaze. Patrick knew what he wanted.

Easing in, he slowly traced his tongue around the edge of her labia. Isabelle tasted of rare honey. Patrick zigzagged his tongue across her outer and inner lips and her moisture grew. He then used the tip canlı bahis siteleri of his tongue to spell out his name across her clit.

Issy began to writhe and moan.Feeling her belly twitch and tremble she knew it wouldn’t be long. She rubbed her pussy back and forth, pushing it into his eager mouth. He responded by curling up his tongue like a cock.

Patrick tongue-fucked her pussy and reached around to tease her clit. Isabelle grabbed his hand and showed him all her secrets until she exploded with an earthshaking orgasm.

Patrick stood and freed his thick cock from he Levis. Rubbing the head back and forth across her damp pussy, she moaned softly until he fed his dick to her damp opening.

Another time he would make love to her slowly and sweetly; not this night.

Patrick began to fuck her with intensity. His penis pounded her tight pussy hard and deep. Isabelle grasped the rail as he fucked her like a man possessed.

His balls slapped her swollen bud and he kept time with a few well-placed smacks to her bottom. The pace grew to a crescendo until the passion overtook them.

His loins erupted a torrent of warm cum and her sex contracted and throbbed into another orgasm When their passions cooled, he lifted her into his strong arms and carried her to the bed.

This would be the start of a great weekend.

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